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THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  APRll..  7, 1945        PAGE  5
       lwo  a·ndc· Bonin  Is.  Naval  Training

                                    I   Commander  J:  H.  Falge  com­ What was the most interesting ex­
                                     mends  NTSchs  personnel for  their   perience you've had during your
                                     support in  Red  Cross contributions   naval career?
                                     and  in  the  war  bond  allotment
                                     d ive  . � onations  to  the  Red  Cross  E.  Willett,   F1c,  Operational
                                    I    ..                        Training School.  Right  off the  bat,
                                     represented  100, .per  cent  of  the
                                    I personnel,  a  worthy  record  for  a  I  would  say  that  the  greatest  ex­
                                     good  cause.  Percentage  for  war  perience  I've  had  since  being  in
                                     bond  allotments  at  this  activity  the  Navy  was  the  time  I  missed  a
                                     has  risen from 42 to 93 per cent.   draft from Shoemaker to Australia.
                                     Detached                        I  guess  that  was  also  my  worst
                                       Jack  T.  Gibson,  BM1c,  has  left  experience because I was separated
                                     his  MAA  post  in  Barracks  I,  hav­ from  my  buddies.  It  wasn't  any
                                     ing  been  transferred  to  Receiving  fun to watch a bunch of swell guys
                                     Ship.  Our  good  wishes  for  your  like  them  leave  the  states  without
                                     next  assignment.             leaving with them.
                                     Winter Sports                   Well,  anyway,  it  couldn't  be
                                       Three  Waves  of  NTSchs  were  helped.  And now that I'm at Treas­
                                     1.mong  the  thirty-five  on  the  ski ure  Island  working  as  a  part-time
                                     trip last weekend.  All lived to  tell instructor  and  doing  engine. main­
                                     the  enthusiastic  tale  of  a  wonder­ tenance  work,  I  think  I've  got  a
                                     ful  excursion.  into  the  beautiful good  deal  after all.
                                     Sonora mountain country.                 * * *
                                       Ice hockey spectatorship h!l,S been
         The  Bonin  (bo-nen')  Islands  lie
       along one of 2 routes to Japan from   gaining  steadily  in  popularity.  A   Geraldine  D.  Haynes,  S1c(Y),
       the  south,  the  other  being  nearer   group  of  nearly 40 officers  and  in­  Armed Guard Center. The highspot
                                     structors  saw  the  final  game  at
       the  Asiatic  coast  running  north­                        in  my  Navy  life  so far  is  my  job
       ward from the· Philippines through   Winterland,  to  see  the  San  Fran­  in the Operations Office where men
       Formosa and the Luchu Islands.   cisco Shamrocks and the San Diego   are  assigned to merchant ships  as
         There  are  97  islands- in  all,  but   team  in  a  whirlwind  game.   gunners,  radiomen and signalmen.
                                       The fishing gear is being lined up
       the total area is less than 30 square                         I've  learned  a  lot  about  ships  I
       miles.  They  are  of  volcanic  origin.   for  use  again  tomorrow.  Several   never  knew  before.  This  is  more
       The  name Bonin is a corruption  of   members of our crew are making it   like the  Navy  than  iots  of  stations
       the  Japanese   Munin,   meaning   a  habit  and  are  enjoying  their   where  you  live  ashore and  go  to  a
       "empty  of  man,"  which  was  the   weekly  sea  duty  more  and  more   Navy job each morning.
       condition  of  the  islands  when  as  spring  weather· comes.
                                                                     Yes,  I  think  my  job  is  the  most
       sighted  by  a  Japanese  explorer  in  In  the  Pacific    interesting  work  I've  ever  done
       1593.                           Two  popular  officers  who  were
                                                                   either  in  or  out  of  the  Navy.
         Both Great Britain and America  detached  from  the  Gyro  Compass   * * *
       at one time advanced claims to the  School  several  months  ago  report
       islands-Corriinodore  Perry  estab­ from  the  Pacific.  We  are  wishing
                                                                     Walter Seruby, S1c, Public Works
       l�hed  a  coaling  station  there  in  them  happy  duty.   Service  Station.  The  biggei::;t  kick  ---��=���-!!:======--"'
       1853-but  relinquished  their  rights   Lt.  (jg)  James  Hill  is  too  far
       in  favor  of  the  Japanese,  under  away  to  receive  personally  our   I've  got  out  of  this  outfit  was  the   FUTURE  SCHOOL  TEACHER is the lovely  Bernice  Spence,  18-year-old
                                                                   time I had MAA duty in boot camp  from  Vesper,  Kans.  Her  aim  is  to  become  a  kindergarten  teacher,  and
       whose control the islands have been  congratulations on his promotion­
       since 1861.                   but  his  many  friends  at  NTSchs   at Great Lakes. It's rather hard to  to  that  end  she  is attending  the teachers'  college  of  her state.  Teacher's
                                                                                                 pet  is  J-ohn  O'Toole,  HA1c,  -of  Dispensary  No.  2.  He  says  he'll  go  back
         The  largest  island,  Chichi  Jima  are happy to hear about it. Mr. Hill   put in words,  but  just  the  same,  I   to  school  after  the  war,  and  if  it's  kindergarten,  we're thinking  of  joi-n­
       (Father  Island)  is  12½  miles  in  has now embarked on his duties as   enjoyed  that  part  of  my  Navy  ca­  ing  him.
       circumference. Its harbor is  an ex­  electrical  officer  on  a  cruiser,  and   reer most.
       tinct  volcanic  crater,  now  sur­  reports  that  it  is  an  assignment   Course  this  job  isn't so bad. Tp.e   to  their  activity.  Funny  thing  most interesting thing in my Navy
       rounded  by  heavily  forested  hills   much to  his  liking.   thing  I  like  most  is  observing  the   though,  I  never  see  any  of  them  career.
       rising  more  than·  800  feet,  which   Lt,  (jg) -H�nry  A.  Redmond  has  expression on the face of customers   pushing  the  car  when  they  don't   Going from my home in Montes­
       entirely  obscures  ships  in the  har­  left these shores  for a new assign­ when  I  tell  them  there  is  no  gas.   ano,  Wash., to New  York  for  boot
       bor from outside view. The English   ment.  His  address  is  FPO,  San  Boy,  you  should  get  a  load  of  the   get  the  gas.   training,  from  there  to  Stillwater,
       name of Chichi Jima- is ·Peel Island   Francisco,  and  he  left  us  with  a  line  that  some  of  them  hand  me.   Donna  Freeman,  -Y3c,  Training   Okla.,  for  yeoman  training,  from
       and  the  harbor,  on the  west·  shore,   suggestion  that  he  would  appreci­ They always want me to scrape up  Office, o:rs. The traveling I've done   Stillwater  to  New  Haven,  Conn.,
       is called Port Lloyd.         ate news from his NTSchs  friends.  just  enough  gas  to  get  them  back  since joining the Navy has been the
         The  Bonins  consist . of  3  main  '                                                                                 for  "personal"  reasons  and  finally
       included  under  the  same. adminis­ Snapshots  From  the  Hospital  Recreation  Album . �· .                           Francisco gave me a chance to get
                                                                                                                               terminating  my  travels  in  San
       groups,  Muko-Jima;  Chichi  Jima
       and <Haha  Jima.  Iwo  Jima  also  is
                                                                                                                               a good  look at the United States­
                                                                                                                               and  all on  the Navy,  too!
       tration  as  the  Bonins.  Total  popu­
       lation  of  the  97  islands  is  about
       5,700.  The  northernmost  island  is
       about  500  miles from Yokohama.                                                                                        Hospital Recreatfon
         Climate  is  semi-tropical.  Plants
       consist,  of.  .palms,  ferns,  banyan                                                                                  Sponsors Snow Trips
       trees,  wild  beans  and  taros.  Ani­
       mals  chiefly  are · bats.  Sharks  and                                                                                   Recently conducted  tripll to both
        other varieties of .fish abound in the                                                                                 Yosemite and Donner Pass featured
        waters, as  welL.,as turtles.                                                                                          winter  sports,  in  contrast  _to  our
                                                                                                                               "Sunny California"  recreation pas­
                                                                                                                               times. The trip to Yosemite proved
        Easter  Bunny                                                                                                          of  double  significance,  with  our
                                                                                                                               Hospital  Waves  serving  as  host­
        Visits  Verba                                                                                                          esses  to  a  party  dance  for  the
                                                                                                                               patients in the hospital there.
                                                                                                                                 Sea  Biscuit,  of  yesteryear  fame
        BuenQ  Island                                                                                                          on  the  race  track, was  the  feature
                                                                                                                               attraction  at  Howard 'Ranch,  vis­
         On  Saturday,  March  31,  a  chil­
                                                                                                                               ited  by  staff  members  of  the  Hos­
        dren's  Easter  party  was  held  in                                                                                   pital.
        the  Recreation  Building  on  Yerba
                                                                                                                                 A  second  trip  to  Dqnner  Pass
        Buena  Island.  Captain  Elmer  F.
                                                                                                                               was enjoyed by staff memb_ers over
        Helmkamp, Commanding Officer of
                                                                                                                               the  last  weekend.  They:- were  ac­
        Receiving Ship, acted as host to the
       children  ·of  Receiving  Ship person­                                                                                  companied by Lt. (jg) Howard Jef­
                                                                                                                               frey,  Hospital  Recreation  Office1
        nel.  About  75  children  and  not  a
        few  parents  enjoyed  the  entertain­                                                                                 Experiences  at  the  Pass  were  de­
                                                                                                                               clared by all to be plenty .of fun.
        ment in the theater. Ice cream and
                                                                                                                                 Waves  and  Corpsmen  alike  en­
        cookies  were  �rved  later  in  the
                                                                                                                                joyed the thrills and spills of skiing
        gym.  An  .Easter  basket  consisting
                                                                                                                               and it was unanimously declared by
        of  a  rabbit  pulling  a  cart  filled
        with  colored  eggs  and  candy  was                                                                                   all that sitting around the fireplace
        the prized possession  of  each  child                                                                                 at  night  would  remain  a  long  re­
                                                                                                                                membered part of the trip to Don­
        leaving  the  building.
                                                                                                                                ner  Pass.
         Much  credit  for  the  success  of
      .  the  pa:.rty  is  due  to  Mrs.  Helm­                                                                                  Singing and enjoying the scenery
       .  kamp's  committee  of  ladies,  who                                                                                   along the way on  the  bus. came  in
        filled  the  baskets  and  decorated                                                                                    for  a  share  of  the  trip's pleasures.
                                                                                                                                The  return trip from  the -Pass  was
        the  tables.  Commander  Hake  and
                                                                                                                                started  late  Sunday  afternoon  .
        his  crew  provided  and  served  the
       '1!:astei: refreshments.                                                                                                  . One group told of fun on a hike,
                                                                                                                        when  they  had  to  pull
                                                                                                                              .  one another out of a .shoulder high
                                                                                                  ·           ·          ·  . .,··  '  sn�W  drift�at  'Don�er  Pass  the
         1f  everyone in the United  States   FOND MEMORIES for the  Waves and  Corpsmen of   braving  the  tricky  staves· was  Betty  Skelly,·  PhM3c
        stopped  saying  "hello"  at  the  be­ the  U.  S.  Naval  Hospital  on  Treasure  Island  are   (lower  left).  At  upper  right  is·  pictured  beautiful   snow is five feet  deep.
        ginning of  every telephone conver­ represented  in these  pictures  taken on recent  week­  Yosemite  Falls.  A  further attraction to  the  Howard   Another  trip  to  Donner  Pass  is
        sation,  enough man  hours could  be   end  trips.  It  was  chills  and  spills  for  James  Ryan,   Ranch  was  Sea  Biscuit  (lower  right), who  won  his  being  enjoyed  over  this  current
                                      PhM3c  (upper  left),  on  the  tr.ip  to  Donner  Pass  ..  glory  on  the  race  trac!<,  Making  friends  with  him
        saved in a year  to construct a bat­                                                                                    weeke�d,.  and  others  may  be
                                      Sharing  the  fun  are  Margaret  Williams,  PhM3c   is  Lt.  (jg)  Cheldinas, ·while  ·Dorothea  -Bender  (on
        tleship.                      (left),  and  Amelia  Monico,  PhM1c.  Another  Wave   fence)  looks on.                  planned before the thaw this June.
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