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PAGE6             THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  APRIL  7;  1945

     OPERAT~ONAL                   Navy's  Rehabilitation

                 1 G SCHOOL Program Inaugurated  on
                                   Captured  Pacific  Bases

                                     In the interest of humanity it has
                                   become  the·  Navy's  task  to  help
     Visitors                      patch  up  the  destruction  which  it
       Last  Friday  members  of  t)1e  spends  so  much  time,  training and
     audio-visual  aids  class  from  the  money to achieve in the Pacific.   CHAPEL
     University  of  California  and  the   Rehabilitating  shell-shocked  and   •   •            New Movie
     Chairman  of  the  City  and  County   homeless  inhabitants of newly-won   Divine  Services
                                   Pacific  bases  is  the  function  of  Treasure  and  Verba  Buena  Islands
     Audio-Visual Aids Department vis-                                                            Schedule
     ited  the  Visual  Aids  Department  military government, which accom-
     and  other  activities  of  the  school.  plishes  the  task  with  the  help  of
                                                                                                    MATINEES  SUNDAY
     After  inspecting  our  school,  they  Advance  Base  Section of the  Serv-                All Three T.  I.  Theatres at 1400
     considered  our  training  in  Visual   ice  Force,  Pacific  Fleet.
     Aid~  one  of  the  most  impressive   Thus, once our forces have landed                        EVENING
                                                                                                             *  SHOWS
     they  hav-e  yet  seen.  Our  organiza-  on  a  military  objective  and  have                  All  Three  Theatres      Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  1
     tion  and  methods  employed  in   secured  it,  specially  trained  Navy                     -  First  Show  at 1745-
     teaching  by  visual  aids  was  most   military government personnel sur-                    -  Second  Show  1945  -  Last showing Tonight
     effective and they have emphatical-  vey  the  shambles  and  begin  the                                                       "THE  UNSEEN"
     ly  decided  to  incorporate  Audio-  task of cleaning and healing, work-                               *               J oel  McCrea      Gail  Russell
     Visual  Aids training in  their meth-  ing  rapidly,  methodically  and                    (Theatre  doors  are  opened  15        *  *  *
     ods of teaching. This trip was made   scientifically  to  erase  the  horror   Protestant   minutes  before  starting  time,   Sun.-Mon.,  April  8  and  9
     possible  through  the  effqrts  of  Lt.   that belched from warship batteries  Sunday  Worship  Services-0930  and  1030   and at the end of  the  first  show   "SUDAN"
                                   and  dropped from  planes.    Sunday,  H oly  Communion,  1130  (Chapel)   theatres  will  be  emptied of per-
     Zeck,  a  member of  the  class.                            Sunday  Worship  Service-1030  Theatre                      Maria Montez         Jon Hall
                                                                    No.  3.                     sonnel  and  refilled  with  those
       Back to his old stamping grounds                                     Catholic                                                   *  *  *
     last  Friday  came  "Red"  Stephens  ~igars" ;  and  the  promise  of  invi-  Weekday  Masses~0630  (Small  Chapel)   wishing  to  attend  the  second   Tuesday,  April  10
     and  he  was  sprouting  a  new  first  tations to all from Miss Baker upon  Sunday  Masses- 0630,  01720,  0820   show)   "THE  SONG  OF  BERNADETTE"
     class  crow.  "Red"  dropped  in  to  her wedding  date.  Formal publish-  Sunday  Mass-1030  (Theatre  No .  1)        Jennifer Jones.   Charles Bickford
     say  so-long  to  all  his  old  friends   ing  of  advancements,  reading  of  W eekday  Confessions-Daily  in  the  Small        *  *  *
                                                                    Chapel,  Saturday  1400  to  2000.
     at the  school as he  soon expects to   Article 1275,  Navy Regs.  and alibis   Jewish    Lost  and Found               Wed.-Thurs., April 11  and 12
     be leaving the states. After leaving   from  the  "Gals"  will  take  place  at   Saturday-Jewish  Service-1300  Hospital   "BRING  ON  THE  GIRLS"
     the  school  some  months  ago  he   completion of  today's  inspection.   Sunday  Ser vice-0830  Chapel  Reception   Gear and articles bearing the fol- Veronica Lake   Sonny Tufts
                                                                                                                                        *  * *
     joined the  crew of a  new CVE and   Another of. our bluejackets gives   Room             lowing names  have  been turned in
     at  the  moment  "Red's"  greatest   the  "ol'  heave  ho"  to  the  bell  bot-  Sunday   Study   Mormon   (Theatre   to  the  lost  and found  property bu-  Fri.-Sat.,  April  13 and 14
     worry  is  how  he  can  successfully   toms  and now  dons  the  apparel  of   No.  2. )   reau,  located in the Security Office,   "ROUGH,  TOUGH  AND  READY"
     organize a  rugby team on the decks   a  Chief  Petty  Officer.  We  wish   U.  S.  NAVAL  HOSPITAL   Building 222,  Treasure Island. This   Chester Morris   Victor McLagle11
     of  a  rolling  flattop.      furthe r  success  to  Chief  Gunner's   Protestant         property  will  be  returned  to  the
                                   Mate W . Hill.                Sunday  Worship  Service-1000  Hospital  owners upon proper identification.   Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  2
     Deck  School                                                   Chapel
       The  Deck  School  reports  that   Physical  Training                 Catholic            Ronald B.  Fenske, C.  K. Kinsolv-  Last showing T-onight
     during  the  past  year  the  rigging   Compliments  to  Lt.  (jg)  R.  N.  Sunday  Masses-0630  and  0900  Hospital  ing,  J . M. Vogel, C . E.  Smith, D. G.   "THUNDERHEAD,  SON  OF
     loft  has  made  a  total  of  22,604  F asick  and  crew,  the  boys  in  the   Weekday  Masses-0645  H ospital  Chapel   Romane,  J.  R.  Noyes,  T.  L.  Cross-  FLICKA"
     wire  splices  of  all  types  and  sizes,  carpenter  shop,  and  J immy  Coats,  Confessions-Saturday 1800-1900 Hospital  land, J . J . Flynn, M . A.  Schwimley,   Roddy McDowell   Preston Foster
     which  will  be  sent  for  immediate  Sp (A )3c, who is striking for Ptr3c!   PRE-EMBARKATION  CENTER   J . Feeney,  F . H . Martin,  G.  P . Lub-  *  * *
     use  to the various units of the fleet.  -for the  swell  job  done  in  install-  Protestant   insky,  C.  E.  Roberts, R.  M.  Stacey,   Sun.-Mon.,  April  8  and  9
     This  has  been  accomplished  under  ing  two  basketball  backboards  in  Daily  and Sunday Worship Services-1430  F .  Messina,  D.  D.  Martin,  V.  R.   "PAN  AMERICANA"
                                                                   (Ship's  Service  Library)
     the  supervision  of  CBM  W .  R.  the  Deck  School  Annex.  .  .  All   Christian  Servicemen 's  L eague  -  1900   Blomstrom,  A.  T .  Strickland,  T.  G.   Phillip  Terry   Audrey Long
     Craig  and  his  crew  of  instructors.  hands  who  are interested  in  play-  Sunday    Albert,  L.  M.  Koffell.                *  *  *
     Students  under  instr:uction  in  this  ing  softball  should  contact  the   Catholic     The  below-listed articles were re- Tuesday,  April  10
     school have contributed a great part  Physical  Training  Department  as  Daily  and  Sunday  Masses-1600  (Ship ' s  ported as  bei·ng lost·.   " A  TREE  GROWS  IN
                                                                    Service  Library)
     in  the  actual  making  of  these  plans  are  in  the  making  for  an   WEEKLY  CHAPEL  ACTIVITIES   1  watch,  8  wallets,  1  camera,  1   BROOKLYN"
     splices  and  under  the  capable  in- OTS  team  which  will  soon  be  en-  Monday-Blessed  Virgin  Sodality  (First  ring,  1 · picture  folder,  1  govern- Dorothy  McGuire   Lloyd  Nolar.
     struction of A.  J .  Feliciano,  BM2c;  tered in the Treasure Island  league.   .Monday  of  the  Month)  1800  ( Small   ment check.   * *  *
     H.  T.  Houser,  Cox;  H.  L .  Wiece,  Jack  Davis,  Sp(A)lc,  has  just  of-  Tuesday-Wave Singers  Rehearsal  (Chapel   Wed.-Thurs., April  11  and 12
                                                                    Recep tion Room)  1630-1800.
     Cox;  A.  A.  Canepa,  BM1c ;  and  B.  fered  to  devote  all  his  spare  time'   Tuesday- Miraculous  Medal  Novena.  1830   I   " HAVING WONDERFUL CRIME"
     Williams,  Cox,  they have learned  a  to those wishing volley ball instruc-  Tuesday- Christian  Science  Group  1800   W A N J  A D S   I P  t  O'B  rien   Geo.  Murphy
                                                                    (Large  Chapel. )
     valuable phase of seamanship train- tions!! ?  It  comes  from  reliable   (Chapel  R-eception  Room )                             *  *  *
     ing,  which will prove a.n asset dur- sources  that  Jack  promises  to  be   Tuesday  -  Holy  Name  Society  1915
                                                                    (Small  Chapel)            •--------------• Fri.-Sat.,  April  13 and 14
     ing  their  naval  careers.   the  star  player  for  Lt.  Wendell's  Wednesday  -  Christian   Servicemen 's   SALE- Golfing  outfit:   2   " KEEP  YOUR  POWDER  DRY""
                                                                    League  1830  (Ch ap e I  Recaption  FOR
     New Cl'ows and  Crow Tracks   sixth  division  team.           Room)                                                    Lana Turner       Laraine  Day
                                                                 Thursday  -  Chapel   Choir   Rehearsal   woods,  5  irons,  and  bag.  $15.  In-
       Followed  by  last  week's  deluge  Maternity Matriculation   ( Chapel  Gall ery)  1800     ·   t    fi  d   ffi   B  'ld
     of  "feathers  for  femmes"  comes   The Collinson "stork stock" went   Friday-Wave  Singers  Rehearsal  (Chapel   qmre a  range  n  er O  ce,   Ul  -  Treasure  Island  Theatre  N-o.  3
                                                                    Reception  Room)  1630-1800   ing  No.  166,  Naval  Training
     another  wing  of  "boids"  to  alight  up  another point  when Lt.  (jg)  T.  Friday  -  Mormon  Study  Gr oup  1900   Schools.   Last showing Tonight
                                                                    ( Chapel  Gallery.)
     in  our midst for station keeping on  Hall  Collinson  and  Mrs.  Collinson                                             " ROUGH,  TOUGH_ AND  READY"
     the  a rms  of  five  of  our  Slc(Y)  became  the  proud  parents  of  a  6   YERBA  BUENA  ISLAND                     Chester Morris   Victor McLaglen
     Waves.  Yours truly says thanks  to  lbs.  4  oz.  b!l,bY  girl,  Ann Elizaheth.  Sunda:,  Worship  Servict>-09ao  Theatre   Week!y Gym Schedules   *  *  *
     Donna  Freeman,  the  only  one  to  This is  the· second  dividend  on  the   Catholic                                 Sunday,  April  8--1745  &,  2000
                                                                 Sunday  Mass-0830  Theatre
     pass out the stogies to the boys and  Collinson  · ''stock"  and  the  proud  Sunday  Confessions  in  Theatre  Office  -  Gym  Schedule-No. 1   "BRING  ON  THE  GIRLS"
     accepts excuses from  Mabel Hayth  papa says they're only patriotically                                                 Veronica Lake      Sonny Tufts
                                                                   All  Service  Personnel  Are  Welcome.   Skating- 1300-1600  and  1800-
     who says, "I'm broke"; Janeth Keen  upholding  the  propagation  of  the                                                 "CALIFORNIA  CHORISTERS"
     who  says,  "But  I  don't  smoke  race.                                                                                     One  Appearance-1400
                                                                 At The  Chapel ...               Boxing-0800-2100.                     * *  *
                                                                                                  Ping  Pong- 0800-2100.     M-onday,  April  9
                                                                   Easter  Sunday  was  fittingly  ob-  Badminton-0800-2100.    " !:IRING  ON  THE  GIRLS"
                                                                 served  as  the  climactic  day  of  a   Body Building-0800-2100.   Veronica Lake   Sonny Tufts
                                                                 great Holy Week  observance,  with   Handball-0800-2100.               *  *  *
                                                                 all  the  beauty and  majesty  which   Basketball-0800-2100   Tuesday,  April  10
                                                                 accompanies this greatest of Chris-  Volleyball-0800-2100   "CRIME  DOCTOR'S  COURAGE"
                                                                 tian celebrations. The chapel's  main   Trampoline- 0800-2100   Warner Baxter   Hillary Brooke
                                                                 altar  was  backed  by  a  solid  bank   Tumbling-0800-2100            ,c  *  *
                                                                 of hundreds of cala lilies and  other   Judo-0800-2100      Wed.-Thurs.,  April  11  and  12
                                                                 Easter  blooms  decorated  all  parts   Tennis-0800-2100          "HOTEL BERLIN"
                                                                 of  th,e  chapel.  Three  masses  and   Swimming -  0800-1500,  week   Faye Emerson   Helmut Dantine
                                                                 three Protestant services were held   days,  Warfare  Aquatics;  1500-  *  * *
                                                                 in  addition  to  the  special  Sunrise   1600,  week  days,  Officers  only;   Fri.-Sat.,  April  13 and  14
                                                                 service  at  0630,  broadcast  by  the   1600-1800,  week  days,  Colored   "A  SONG  TO  REMEMBER"
                                                                 Blue  Network.  Three  choirs  pro-  personnel;  1100-1500,  Saturday,   Merle Oberon   Paul Muni
                                                                 vided  the  music  for  the  morning   Recreational swimming for Col~
                                                                 services and the chapel was crowded   ored personnel.       VERBA  BUENA  MOVIES
                                                                 to capacity in every quarter . Ampli-  Sunday- Pool secured.   Shows start at 1715 and 2000
                                                                 fiers  carried  the  services  to  over-  Gym Schedule-No. 2
                                                                 flow  congregations  in  the  sm all   Recreational Swimming, 0800-  Last Showing Today
                                                                 chapel, reception room and Hostess   1600,  1700-1900,  2000-2100  ( en-  "SUDAN"
                                                                 House.                         listed);  Saturday,  0800 - 1600,   Maria  Montez   Jon Hall
                                                                        Protestant Services     1700-1900  (enlisted);  Sunday,         *  *  *
                                                                   "But Some Doubted,"  will  be  the   1300-1600, 1700-1800 (enlisted).   Sun.-Mon., April 8 and 9
                                                                 subject  of  Chaplain  H.  G.  Gatlin's                       "KEEP YOUR  POWER  DRY"
                                                                                                  Recreational Swimming, 1600-
                                                                 sermon  at  the  1030  service,  and   1700,  1900-2000  ( Officers  and   Lana  Turner   Laraine  Day
                                                                 Chaplain R.  C.  Kelly  will  speak on
                                                                                                Waves);  Saturday,  1600-1700           *  *  *
                                                                 "What's  in  a  Name"  at  the  0930                        Tuesday,  April  10
                                                                                                 (Officers  and  Waves);  Sund·ay,
                                                                 service. At both  services, the chapel                              "PIN-UP  GIRL"
                                                                                                1600-1700  (Officers and Waves) .
                                                                 and  Jubilee  choirs  will  sing.  Ross   Boxing,  0800-2100.   Betty Grable   Joe E. Brown
                                                                 McK~e  will be  the  organist for  the                                 *  *  *
                                                                                                  Body  Building,  0800-2100.
                                                                 morning.                                                    Wed.-Thurs.,  April  11  and 12
                                                                                                  Basketball, 0800-1900.
                                                                        Catholic  Services                                      "BRING  ON  THE  GIRLS"
                                                                                                  Volley  Ball,  0800-2100.
                                                                   Attention  of  Catholic  personnel   Badminton,  0800-2100.   Veronica Lake   Sunny Tufts:
                                                                 is  called  to  the  announcement  of                                  *  *  *
        LOVELY SONG  BIRD.  Frances Langford,  idol of the air lanes, is  the  femi-  regular  daily  masses  in  th~  small   Judo-0800-2100   Fri.-Sat.,  April  13 and 14
        nine  lead  in  IU(O  Radio's  '49'er musical,  "The Girl Rush,"  in  which  Wally        Tum bling-0800-2100
       Brown and Alan Carney are co-starred.  Miss Langford has just signed  a new   chapel. Complete schedules of serv-  Trampoline-0800-2100   "A SONG TO  REMEMBEFJ"
                          contract with  the studio.             ices are found on this page.                                Merle Oberon        Paul Munt
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