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THE MASTHEAD, SATURDAY, MARCH 31, 1945              PAGE5
                                                                   ,.'i!F., ........ .,....,.. • ....,.. • .....,... • ....,,,, • ...,..---.---♦---·....,.·---·---·...,.·....,.,,1
       Huge  Amounts  of  Food· Go  Into                           { /SUND-TROTTER i Prayer  Lightens  Burden  Of  Leaving  .Native  Land
                                                                   ~-..• .................................. J-- "
       Preparation  of  T. I.  Easter  Dinner                      A s a result of your  naval  career,  do

           The flesh pots of Egypt had  nothing on  the local Com-   you think you will be able to  earn
       missary  Department,  to  judge  by  plans  for  E aster  Sunday   a better living after  the  war?
       dinner on Treasure Island. Tomorrow,  mess cooks will  ladle   W.  E.  W alts,  SK2c,  Small  Stores.
       into outheld bowls 790 gallons of cream of tomato soup.     For eight  months  I  worked in  the
                                                                   equcational office at Naval Air Sta-
         Considered by civilians as extinct
       as  the dodo bird, chicken -will none- I                    tion,  Corpus  Christi,  Tex.,  and  it
       theless  be  served  at  the  four  gal- Former  Member  of   was  the  best duty  I've  had.  I  took
       leys  here- 17,450  pounds  of  it,                         particular pride in this line of work
       roasted  golden  brown.   ·   Se,urity  Division            because it was in keeping with my
         On  the  total  Treasure  Island                          vocational choice in civilian life.
       tray  will  be  laid  8,200  pounds  of  Gets  New  Assignment   As  an instructor in the  remedial
       Irish  potatoes  whipped  to  an  ad-                       school,  I  acquired  a  great  deal  of
                                       Recently  graduated  as  an  honor  experience  which  I  can  use  when
       miral's  taste, 2,618  pounds of fresh
                                     student  from  the  Military  Govern- I  resume high school teaching upon
       frozen  peas,  120  gallons  of  green
                                     m~nt  school  at  Princeton,  New  being discharged from  service.
       olives,  2,880  pounds  of  celery,  and
                                     Jersey,  was  Lt.  James  Hackett.   The work there was very enlight-
       4,030  pounds  of  lettuce  which  will
                                       A  familiar  figure  to  many  is- ening  and  I  liked  it  because  most
       be  spread  over with 120 g_allons  of
                                     landers,  Lt.  Hackett  served  as  as- of  my  students  took  interest  in
       mayonnaise. If you like eggs,  there
       will be 500 dozen of them in the egg   sistant security officer from March,  their  class  work.  Aside  from  in-
       dressing.                     1942 until November,  1944. During  structor's  duty,  I  acted  in  the  ca-
         Fresh  apple  pie  is  on  the  menu,   his  stay  here  he  was  commended  pacity  as  an  advisor  for  men  who
       and  in  it  will  repci~  6,000  pounds   three  times  for  his  efficient  police  wanted to further their studies un-
                                     work,  investigation,  and  security  der  the  USAF!  program  or  select
       of apples. You can make it pie a  la
                                     on  the  island.              course_s  which would help  them ob-
       mode by  topping it with a  brick of                        tain  a  high school  diploma,  college
       ice  cream-730  ga,llons  of  this  de-
       licious  treat will  be  provided.                          degree  or  advanced  degree.
                                                                     This  kind  of Navy work will  aid
            Easter  Sunday  Dinner
           Cream  of  Tomato  Soup                                 me  when  I  study . for  a  degree  in
                Soda Crackers                                      vocational  agriculture  at Texas  A.
       Roast  Chicken    Giblet  Gravy                             &  M.  College  as  well  as  help  me
         Green Olives   Stuffed Celery                             obtain  a  job  reference  from  the
                                                                   educational office.
       Southern Style Cornbread  Stuffing
                                                                     I  find  storekeeping  work  inter-
               Lettuce Hearts
           Mashed Whipped Potatoes                                 esting-in fact, it may make a  good
                                                                   "J. C.  Penney" man out of me.
                Egg Dressing
         Buttered Fresh Peas (frozen)                                         *  *  *
       F resh  Apple  Pie   Ice  Cream                               Albria r  Byers,  S1 c,  Training  and
       Hot  Parkerhouse  Rolls   B'i:itter                         Distribution  Center.  I  wouldn't  go
                   Coffee                                          so  far  as  to  say  that  my  naval   OUTWARD  BOUND-At  Pre-Embarkat ion,  la rge  numbers  of
                                                                                                 men  dai ly  attend  w hat  a re  perha ps  thei r  last  relig ious  services  on
                                                                   career  will  help  me  earn  a  better
                                                                                                 American  soil  for  ma ny  months  to  come.  Ship's  service  libra ry  is  the
                                                                   living  after  the  war  because  I'm  scene  of  t heir  devotions.  In  the  picture  bel,ow,  Ca ptai n  H.  G.  Gatl in,
       O.T.S.  RELIEF  MAP                                         not  getting  any  practical  experi- senior  chaplai n  on  Treasure  Isla nd,  leads  the  departing  bl uejac kets  in
         Under  the  supervision  of  C.  J .                      ence  in  the· kind  of  work  that  I  prayer.
       Dalldorf,  Sp(X)3c,  of  the  OTS                           plan to do  after the war.
       Visual  Aids  Department  who  was                            Before I  was inducted,  I  had re-  A·.G.C.  LIBRARY     of  the  room.  Muttering  something
       formerly  attached  to  one  of  the    Lt.  Hackett        ceived a  scholarship to stuay voca-                        about  "how  did  I  get  involve<l  in
       amphibious  bases  making  opera-  While  on  leave  in  Chicago  early   tional  agriculture  at  A.  &  T.  Col-  IS  STUDY,  LOUNGE,   this,"  the  weakly  protesting  Wave
       tional models for invasion purposes,   this  month,  the  former  police  ser-  lege. I  shall go back to school after   was led to the study corner.
       a  five-foot  relief  map  is  in  its  last   geant of that city was upped to the   the war.   HOBBY  RO.OM              Nevertheless,  a  half  hour  later
       stages  of  completion  before  being   rank  of  lieutenant.  He  was  assis-  If I  receive  free  schooling  under   .   found  her  studying  the  yeoman
       cast.  This  relief  map  has  taken   tant to  the  commissioner of  police   the  GI  Bill  of  Rights,  ·as  a  result   As  it must  to  all  Waves,  a  diffi- th·  d   1 ass  manua  wi   rap  en-
                                                                                                                                 1r  c
       many  long  hours  of  tedious  work                        of  my  naval  service,  I  would  say  cult  problem  came  last week  to  a  th  .
                                     and  was  active  in  the  police  de-                      pretty Armed  Guard  Seaman.  Her   usiasm.
       to  make  as  it  has  been  made  to                       that  being  in  the  Navy  was  ad-
                                     partment training school before en-                         problem  consisted  of  just  how  to   She's  been  back  to  the  library
       scale  and  its  accuracy  certainly   tering the Navy.     vantageous  in  that  it  helped  me   go  about  finding  a  copy  of  that  quite  regularly  of  late  and  has  a
       will  prove  to  be  a  valuable  aid  in                   save money that I  have been bank-
       the  future  training.  It is  complete   Lt.  Hackett is now  attending an   ing  in  order  to  return  to  school.   much sought after but seldom found  determination to go up for her rate
       to  the  minutest  detail,  with  its   advanced school  at a  nearby Army   *  *  *      best-seller,  "Forever Amber."   in  April.  Mrs.  Arend  h~s  told  her
                                                                                                   After  conducting  a  diligent  poll  that there ar~ 3500 books to choose
       piers  and  docks  along  the  S.  F .   installation  and  will  leave  shortly   Mi llie  Kahler,  PhM 2c,  Hospital
       waterfront,  its  estuaries and  inlets   to  join  the  forces  overseas.   Records  Office.  My  Navy  training   of  her  friends,  she  trekked  with  from  and  new  material  is  b.eing
       that circle the East Bay area,  even                        should  certainly help  me  after  the   sheer  desperation  to  that  place  in  added  constantly,  so  our Wave  has
                                                                                                 the Armed Guard  generally known  decided  to  do  a  little  investigation
       the  marshes  and  lagoons  that   Lighting  three  cigarettes  on  a   war. I may either return to my pre-
       straddle  the  Sacramento  River.  match  isn't  unlucky- it's  unlikely.   war  job  as  telephone  operator  or,   as  the  library.  She  was  a  bit hesi- when time permits.
                                                                   with  my  Navy  experience,  go  into   tant about  going in,  having been  a   Her  faith  in  libraries  fully  re-
                                                                                                 stranger to libraries- for some un- covered, the future yeoman has also
       LEATHERNECKS  LIKE  THEM  TOO                               another kind  of work altogether.   explained  reason-for  almost  two  looked  in  on  the  craft shop  in  the
                                                                     One  thing the  Navy teaches, you
                                                                                                 years.  But once inside,  her  qualms  back of the room and plans to make
                                                                   is the ability to meet most any kind   melted under the  pleasant smile  of  a  leather wallet soon.  Her "boy out
                                                                   of situation,  and believe me around   the lady  sitting at a  desk near th~  there" is getting letters more often
                                                                   here  we  have  all  kinds.   door.                         now that it is so convenient to  use
                                                                              *  *  *              The  lady  with  the  smile  proved  the  letterhead  stationery  supplied
                                                                     Benjamin  Beverly,  CM2c,  Seebee  to be  Marjorie  B.  Arend,  who  has  by the library.
                                                                   Construction  Battalion.  I  believe   been  Armed  Guard  librarian  for   Oh  yes,  we  almost  forgot  "For-
                                                                   that I  will  be able  to earn a  better   the  past  three  years.  Noting  the  ever  Amber."  Scanning  over  the
                                                                   living  after  the  war  as  a  result  of   Wave's  puzzled  expression,  she  huge  rows  of  books,  she has found
                                                                   learning  a  Navy  trade.     asked  if  she  had  come  for  some  several that appear much more in-
                                                                     During  my  24  months  of  island   coaching for her petty officer's rate  ·teresting and certainly m~re timely.
                                                                   hopping  all  over  the  South  Pacific   and  pointed  to .a  group  of  Waves  After  all,  a  Wave  has  to  budget
                                                                   with my  old  outfit,  I  had  a  chance   poring  over  books  in  one  corner  her time  pretty closely.
                                                                   to  get  practical  experience  in  the
                                                                   rate  I'm  wearing.  But before  join-
                                                                   ing  up,  I  had  never  seen  any  car-  WHEN  OPPORTUNITY  KNOCKS . . .
                                                                   penter's  tools,  for  I  was  too  busy
                                                                   jamming with a  small musical com-
                                                                   bination  at different  night  clubs  in
                                                                   my  home  town.
                                                                     I'm supposed  to  be  up  for  a  dis-
                                                                   charge soon.  If I  get it I  may go in
                                                                   for  contractor's  work.  Perhaps  I'll
                                                                   do  pretty  good  at  it  since  I've
                                                                   picked up  the trade.  If I  can make
                                                                   enough to butter my bread on both
                                                                   sides  after  the  war,  I  can  give
                                                                   credit to the Navy for teaching me
                                                                   the trade.
                                                                              *  *  *
                                                                     Laura  K itchel,  SKD3c,  Armed
                                                                   Gua rd  Disbursing. Most women will
                                                                   benefit by their Navy training after
                                                                   the war; however, in my case, I  am
                                                                   doing the  same work for  the  Navy
                                                                   as  I  did  as  a  civilian.
                                                                     Tne  only  question  that  bothers
                                                                   me  is  whether  service  people  will
                                                                   be  able  to  successfully  make  the
                                                                   transition  from  the  kind  of  a  job
       WE' RE  NOT CERTAIN  OF  HER  NAME,  but we do  know that she  was  where  they  are  told  "what  to  do
       the  una nimous choice  to  repre&ent the  st imulat ing  collection  of  pin-ups  and when to do it" to a  civilian po-
       in  the  post  office  of  t he  Treasure  ls-la nd  ma rine  barracks.  Not  bei ng   sition  where,  if  you  want  to  get   THIS  GROUP  of  Waves  is  taking  advantage  of  the  excellent  li bra ry
       ones  to  keep  a  good  th ing  to  themselves,  we  know  the  boys  would  be          facil it ies  offered  by  the  Armed  Guard  Center.  In  this  case  oppor.tunity
       glad  to  share  the  display  with  a ll  those  interested  in  t a kin g  a  pee k.   along, you have to be a  little better   knocks  more  tha n  once,  for  the  library js open  every  day  fro m . 0830
       That  is,  if  you  can  get  past  the c rowd  of  leathernecks __ surrounding  it.  than _your. competitors.   until.  2100,  exce.pi  _S.u.nday., .. w.hen . it  .a.pens a t  1300.
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