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PAGE6            THE MASTHEAD, SATURDAY, MARCH 31, 1945  ----------------------------------------

                                Naval Training

                                Wedding  in  San  Rafael
                                  On Sunday, March 25, Miss Grace
                                Wolfe  of  San  Rafael  became  Mrs.
                                Flannery,  wife  of  Noian  B.  Flan-
                                nery, Mlc, and instructor in Under-
                                water  Cutting  and  Welding.  The
                                ceremonies  took  place  in  San  Ra-
  Perhaps  you  think  our  jokes  are   fael,  where  the  Flannerys  plan  to   CHAPEL   •   •   •   •
     bad                                                                                       New Movie
                                make  their  home  after  the  war.
  But  you'd  quickly  change  your   All  NTSchs  friends  wish  them  a   Divine  Services
     views,                                                   Treasure  and  Verba  Buena  Islands   Schedule
  If you'd compare the jokes we print  long  and  happy life  in  "Marvelous
  With  those  we  couldn't  use!   Marin.''.                                                    MATINEES  SUNDAY
                                Well  Done                                                   All  Three T. I. Theatres at 1400
            *  * *                Chief  Metalsmith  William  H.
    "Our chief is  really democratic,"
                                                                                                          *  SHOWS
  the  boot  wrote  home.  "Regardless   VanErp this  week  received  formal                      EVENING                   Tl'easure  Island  Theatre  No.  1
                                commendation by Commander J. H .
  of  race,  color  or  creed  he  treats   Falge  for  the  excellent  workman-                   All  Three Theatres
  everyone  alike-miserably."                                                                   -  First  Show  at 1745-  Last Showing T-0night
                                ship  and  his  time  contributed  in                           -  Second  Show  1945  -        ".HOTEL  BERLIN"
             *  *  *            making  two  brass  vases  for  the
    The  honeymoon  is  over  when  altar of the Treasure Island Chapel,                                                             *  *  *
                                                                                             (Theatre  doors  *  are  opened  15   Sun.-Mon.,  April  1-2
  the  little  woman  starts  complain- a  fire  screen  and  fire  tools  for  the
                                                                                             minutes  before  starting  time,   "A  SONG  TO  REMEMBER"
  ing  about  the  noise  her  husband  Officers'  Recreation  Center,  and
                                                                                             and at the end of the first show   Merle Oberon   Paul Mimi
  makes  getting  breakfast.    work  in  the  metalsmith  art  for      Pro.testant         theatres will  be  emptied of per-
                                                                                                                                     *  *  *
             *  *  *            Naval  Training  Schools.     Easter  Sunrise  Service--0630   sonnel  and  refilled  with  those   Tuesday,  April  3
                                                               (Broadcast  on  KGO  and  Blue  Network)
    Mac :  "I  can't  marry  you.  We  It's  a  Girl          S1111day  Worship  Services-0930  and  1030   wishing  to  attend  the  second   "WHAT  A  BLONDE"
  have nothing in common. Why, you   At  Oak  Knoll  Hospital  at  1330   Runday,  Holy  Communion,  1130  (Chapel)   show)   Leon Errol   Veda Ann Berg
                                                              Sunday  Worship  Service--1030  Th eatre
  wouldn't  even  know  the  starboard  on March 22,  Judith Evans Kippen-  No.  3.                                                  ,c  *  *
  from  the  port.''            han was put in commission for her         Catholic                                        Wednesday,  April  4
    Gal:  "Couldn't I  look at the label  life's  voyage.  Tonnage  is  seven   Sunday  Mass-0630  (Theatre  No.  1 )   Lost  and Found   10TH  HOLLYWOOD  VICTORY
                                                              W eekday  Masses- 0630  ( Sm all  Chap.el)
  on  the  bottle?"             pounds  twelve  and  a  half  ounces  Su.nday  Masses- 0720,  0820                                    SHOW
                                                                      1                       Gear  a nd  articles  bearing  the  Stage  Show,  Two  Performances
             *  * *             and she is a  mighty fine little craft,  Sund~;h;fa~2-1030  (Theatre  No.  1)
    Girl's  father:  "Did  I  hear  the   according to Lt. Charles J . Kippen-  Weekday  Confessions-Daily  in  the  Small  following  names  have  been  turned   1745  and  2000
                                                                 Chapel,  Saturday  1400  to  2000.
  clock  strike  three  when  you  left   han.  Congratulations  to  her  par-              in  to  the  lost. and  found  property   *  *  *
  here  last  night?"           ents,  and  our  best  wishes  for  her   Saturday-Jewish  Service--lSOO  Hospital  bureau  located in  the  Security  Of- Thursday,  April  5
    Sailor:  "Yes sir.  It was  going to   journey.              Chapel                     flee,  Building  No.  222.  This  prop-  "FRISCO  SAL"
                                                              Sunday  Service--083_0  Chapel  Reception                   T  h   B        S
  strike eleven,  but I  stopped it so it  Good  News            Room                       erty will be returned to the owners   ur  an  ey   usanna  Foster
  wouldn't wake you up."          News  has  come  that  Miss  Inez                                                                  *  *  *
                                                                          Mormon            upon  proper  identification.
             *  *  *            Struckmeyer  is  now  recuperating  Sunday  Study  Group-0930   (Theatre                  Fri.-Sat.,  April  6  and  7
                                                                 No.  2.)
   ·Machinist:  "When anything goes  at her home in Arbuckle, following                       W.  J. Matthews,  S.  M. Hamilton,   "THE  UNSEEN"
  wrong  around  the  house,  I  always  an  operation.  Miss  Struckmeyer   U.  S.  NAVAL  HOSPITAL   W.  J.  Casteel,  W.  K.  Mau,  H.  W.  Joel  McCrea   Gail  Russell
  fix  it."                     has  ·been  with  the  stenographic  Sunday  Worship  Service-1000  Hospital  Heckman,  J.  J.  Ru th '  O.  L.  Marg-  Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  2
    Wife: "Oh yeah? Since you fixed  staff  of  Naval _ Training  Schools   Chapel          heim,  P.  S.  Dixon,  C.  L.  Brown,  M.
                                                                                            J .  Uribe, D. Reed,  M.  W.  Ruediger,  Last Showing  Tonight
  the  clock,  the  cuckoo  backs  out  since  November,  1942.  Last  week   Sunday  Masses-0680  and  0900  Hospital  D  A  S  ·th  R  N  S   ·   D
  and asks,  'What tiine is it?' "   her  resignation  was  accepted  be-  Chapel            •   .   m1  ,   .   .  wam,   .  B.    "SUDAN"
                                cause  of  doctor's  orders.  All  our   Weekday  Masses-0645  Hospital  Chapel  Ardison, R. B. Ahlgren, C.  0. Wood.   *  *   *
             *  * *             best wishes for her quick recovery.   Confessions-Saturday 1800-1900 Hospital             Sun.-Mon.,  April  1-2
    Wonderful  indeed  is  a  woman,                                                          The below listed articles. were re-
                                From  the  Far  Pacific                                                                   "ROUGH,  TOUGH  AND  READY"
  shopper. In a  department store she                            PRE-EMBARKATION  CENTER    ported as  being lost:        Chester Morris   Victor McLaglen
  can hurry through an 18-inch aisle   Enroute from Iwo Jima to Wash-  Daily  and Su.nday  Worship Services-1430   2  handbags,  16 wallets,  1  ring,  1
  without brushing against the glass- ington for duty,  Commander F .  M.   (Ship ' s  Service  Librar y)   seabag, 1 peacoat, bonds.   *  *  *
  ware piled on both sides,  but when  Falge,  brother of our Commanding  Christian  Servicemen 's  League  -  1900       Tuesday,  April  3
  she  drives  home  she  can't get into  Officer, paid a  visit to Naval Train-                                             "LEAVE  IT TO  BLONDIE"
                                                                          Catholic          held at 1000 in the. Hospital chapel,  Penny Singleton   Arthur Lake
  a  12-foot garage without knocking  ing Schools.  Commander Falge has  Daily  and  Sunday  Masses-1 600  (Ship 's   1030  in Theatre No .. 3, 0930  Wed.-Thurs.,  April 4 and 5
  the  doors  off.              been  seeing  action  continuously   Service  Library)      ·in the Yerba Buena theatre.             *  *  *
             *  *  *            since  December  7,  1941,  at  Pearl   WEEKLY  CHAPEL  ACTIVITIES                               "HOTEL  BERLIN"
    When  the  lady  of ·  the  house  Harbor. Since then he has served on  Monday-Blessed  Virgin  Sodality  (First   Catholic  Services   •   F   E   H
                                                                 Monday  of  the  Month)  1800  (Small
  answered  the  door,  the  junkman  several battleships, participating in   Chapel.)        The  0630  Mass  and  the  Solemn   aye  merson   elmut Dantine
                                                                                                                                     *  *  *
  asked,  "Any  old  beer  bottles  you  the  bombardment  of  Casa  Blanca,  Tuesday-Wave Singers Rehearsal  (Chapel  High  Mass  at 1030  Easter Sunday
                                                                 Reception Room)  1630·1800,
  want to sell,  ma'am?"        and  subsequently  in  other  action  Tuesday-Miraculous  J\<fodal  Novena,  1830  will  be  held  in  Theatre  No.  1.  Fri.-Sat.,  April  6  and  7
    The  elderly  spinster  drew  back  with BB's in the Pacific. His eleven  Tuesdttgch?t~r:!·>science  Group  1800  Masses  will  be  held  Easter  in  the   "THUNDERHEAD,  SON  OF
  indignantly. "Do I  look like I  drink  stars  tell  the  story  of  major  en-  Tuesday  ~ Holy  Name  Society  1915   Treasure Island chapel at 0720 and   Roddy McDowall   Preston Foster
                                                                 (Ch apel  Reception  Room)
  beer?"                        gagements  during  his  four  years   (~mall  Chapel)       0820.  Other Masses  will  be  held at
                                                              Wednesday  -  Christian   Servicemen's
    "Sorry,  lady,"  returned  the  junk  at sea.                League  1830 ·  (Ch ape 1  Reception  t)le  usual  times  at  the  Hospital   Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  3
  dealer.·  "Got  any  vinegar  bottles                          Room)                      chapel  and Yerba Buena theatre.
                                                              Thursday  -  Chapel   Choir  Rehearsal                      Last Showing Tonight
  you want to sell?"                                             ( Chapel  Gallery)  1800
                                  Definition:  An Indian squaw is a   Friday-Wave  Singers  Rehearsal  (Chapel                 "A TREE  GROWS  IN
             *  *  *            pistol-packing  mama  with  a  rear   Reception  Room)  1630-1800   w k!  G  s h d I               BROOKLYN"
                                                                                                ee  y  ym  ( e  U es
    BMlc:  "My wife  leaves me  with   gunner.                Friday  -  Mormon  Study  Group  1900
                                                                 (Chapel  Gallery.)
  a  feeling  that  when  we  bury  the                                                           Gym  Schedule-No.  1               *  *  *
                                                                    YERBA  BUENA  ISLAND                                  Sunday,  April  1
  ba.tchet she marks the exact spot.''
                                                                         Protestant            Skating-1300-1600 and  1800-  "HAVING WONDERFUL CRIME"
             * ·*  *               WANT  ADS                  Sunday  Worship  Hervice--0930  Theatre   2100.             Pat O'Brien       Geo.  Murphy
  .  Definition  of  the  Week:  Mal  de                      Sunday  Mass-0830  Theatre       Bowling-0800-2100.
                                                                                                                                     *  *  *
  mer- French for "You can't take it                          Sunday  Confessions  in  'l'heatre  Office  -  Boxing-0800-2100.   Monday,  April  2
  with you."                    LOST-One sterling silver cigarette   All  Service  Personnel  Are  Welcome.   Ping  Pong-0800-2100.   "WHO GOES  THERE"
             *  *  *              case,  engraved · J.  M.  H.  Lost  at                       Badminton-0800-2100.                USO  Unit  201
    Elderly  spinster  to  the  burglar:   Frontier  Base  or  BOQ.  Reward.                                                Stage Sho~, Two  Perf.ormances
  "Gracious, yes,  I  have money. Well,   Finder  call  Lt.  J.  M.  Howell,   ~t The  Chapel ...   Body Building-0800-2100.      .  1800  and  2000
  don't  just  stand  there  -  frisk   RAndolph  8099  or  Treasure  Is-                      Basketball-0800-2100
  me  . . .  "                    land Extension 580.                Protestant Services                                             *  *  *
                                                                                               Volleyball-0800-2100       Tuesday,  April  3
                                                                Easter Sunday will be ushered in   Trampoline-0800-2100   "THE  SONG  OF  BEijNADETTE"
   The Wolf                                 by Sansone        at the Treasure Island chapel with   Tumbling-0800-2100     Jennifer Jones   Charles Bickford
                                                              Sunrise services at 0630-0700 which
                                                                                                                                     *  *  *
   '  Copyricht  \9-\5  by, Leonard  S1nsone,  distributed  by  Camp  News~pcr Servi"   will  be  broadcast 'over  KGO  and   Judo-0800-2100   Wed.-Thurs.,  April 4 and 5
                                                              stations of the Blue Network.    Tennis- 0800-2100           "KEE~  YOUR  POWDER  DRY"
                                                                                               Swimming -
                                                                                                          0800-1500,  week
        .·. ..  : : ·: ,: .<,-:?·   -,  '                       Special  music  will  include  "Hal-  days,  Warfare  Aquatics;  1500-  Lana Turner   Laraine Day
     ,,c                                                      · bv  Beethoven  sung  by  the  Chapel   1600,  week  days,  Officers  only;   *  *  *
                                                              lelujah" from the "Mount of Olives"
                                                                                                                          Fri.-Sat.,  April  6 and  7
                                                              Choir and conducted  by Hugh Fol-  1600-1800,  week  days,  Colored   "ROUGH,  TOUGH  AND  READY"
                                                                                             personnel;  1100-1500,. Saturday,
                                                              kins,  Sp(W)lc.  The  Jubilee  Choir   Recreational swimming for Col-  Chester Morris   Victor McLaglen
                                                              will  sing  "Just  Couldn't  Be  Con-  ored personnel.
     ,I                                                       tented"  (Negro  Spiritual)  and  the   Sunday-Pool secured.  ·   VERBA  BUENA  MOVIES
                                                              Male Quartet will sing "In Joseph's
                                                              Lovely  Garden"  (Dickinson).       Gym Schedule-No. 2         Shows Start at 1715 and 2000   \
     ,:,:.                                                      "The  Easter  Message"  will  be   Recreational Swimming, 0800-  Last Showing Tonight
     ::.                                                      delivered by Chaplain' H.  G.  Gatlin   1600,  1700-1900,  2000-2100  ( en-  "SONG  OF  BERNADETTE"
     ·.·                        7~~~               .  it·     who  will  be  assisted in  conducting   listed);  Saturday,  0800 - 1600,   .Jennifer Jones   Charles Bickford
     :- · .  ..                                    t, \IL
      ::•. ..                                     J:;   I:    the  service  by  Chaplain  E.  M.   1700-1900  (enlisted);  Sunday,   Sun.-Mon.,  April  1-2
      Y?L       r~~~~~                            ni , ,i     Reighard.                      1300-1600, 1700-1800 (enlisted).   "THUNDERHEAD, SON  OF
                                                                Regular  Easter  Sunday  services
                                                                                               Recreational Swimming, 1600-
     -f;~'K                                       u.1   •1'   1  will  be  held  at  0930  and  1030  in   1700,  1900-2000  ( Officers  and   FLICKA"
     ~~                                           "11/i       the  chapel.  Chaplain  Robert  W.   Waves)';  Saturday,  1600-1700   Roddy McDowall   Preston Foster
                                                                                                                          Tuesday,  April  3
                                                              Towner  will  speak  at  0930  and
                                                                                              (Officers  and  Waves);  Sunday,
                                                                                                                           1700--"Two  Girls  an-d  a  Sailor"
                                                              Chaplain  H.  G.  Gatlin  will  !!,gain
                                                                                                                                 2000-USO  Show
                                                              speak at 1030. The chapel choir and   1600-1700  (Officers and Waves).   "Who Goes  There"
                                                                                               Boxing,  0800-2100.
                                                              male  quartet will  be  heard at both   Body  Building,  0800-2100.   Wed.-Thurs.,  April 4 and  5 ·
                                                              services. The Wave singers will also
                                                                                               Basketball, 0800-1900.
                                                              offer  a  special  anthem  "Glory  to   Volley  Ball,  0800-2100.,   "A TREE  GROWS  IN
                                                              God"  (Pergolesi).               Badminton,  0800-2100.              BROOKLYN"
                                                                Amplifiers will be installed in ad-  Judo-0800-2100       Dorothy McGuire   Joan Blondell
                                                              joining  rooms  for  those  who  may                        Fri.-Sat.,  April  6 and  7
                  "Er-are  you  sure  it's  Miss  D'Arcy?"                                     Tum bling-0800-2100
                                                              not find·seats in the large chapel.   Trampoline-0800-2100            "SUDAN"
                                                                Other  Easter  Services  will  be                         Maria Mqntez          Jon Hall°
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