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                                    Advancement                   Speulda,  _CGM,  USN,  h.!1,5  . been
      Naval . Training                Congratulations  to  J.  S.  Alper- transferred  to  Mare  Island;  and                  Sp(A)lc; M.  Lipsett, BMlc;  ';Red"
                                    stein, efficient projectionist at NTS  Gulielmo  Di  Marzio,  GMlc,  to   OPERATIONAL      Stephens,  Sp(A)2c;  Jimmy  Coats,
      Schools                       .since  November,  who has been ad- TADCEN for an ammunitions facil-  TRAHNH  G SCHOOL     Sp(A)3c;  and  Johnnie  Verducci,
      Future  Wings                 vanced to E'.M3c.             ity billet.                                                  CSp(A).
        In response to the recent re-open-                          The  Fire  Control  School  misses
                                    Hail  and  Farewell                                                                         Last week the  boys from Opera-
      ing of the flight  training program,                        three  instructors.  Melvin  C.  Peter-
                                      It  is  with  regret  that  we  bid   l                                                  tional  Training  School  played  the
      Naval  Training  Schools  discovers                         son,  FC2c,  USNR,  and  Vincent  F.
                                    adieu to Ens. C.  Harty,  (W)  USNR,                                                       "Docs"  fron:i  Shoemaker and  Oak-
      many  aviation  enthusiasts  among                          Costanza,  FC3c,  USNR,  are  on
                                    Masthead  reporter  during  the  past                        . Congratulations  to  our  popular   land  Naval  Hospitals  on  the home
      its PO's. Eight Gunner's Mates have                         their way to Advanced Fire Control                           hardwood.  In  the  first  game  we
      thus far proved to be well qualified,   seven  months.  A  new  assignment   School ·in  Washington,  D.  C. ;  Sig-  commander,  C.  J.  McWhinnie,  who   found  Operational  Training  School
      and are looking forward to careers   takes her not  too far  away  to  the   mund P. Wondolowski, FClc, USN,   had another stripe added to his cuff
      as Naval aviators.            U.  S.  Naval  Barracks  (WR) ,  609   will have duty as instructor in San   last  week  and  also  donned  a  new  suffered from a  bad case of vertigo
                                    Sutter  Street.                                              chapeau  trimmed  with  the  Navy's  due  to  the  deluge  of  buckets  from
      Investigating  Exec                                         Diego.  Good  luck  to  you  all.
        Lt.  D.  R.  Upson,  our  Executive   Departures  from  the  Gunner's  To  Be  Commissioned   salt  water  taffy.  We  also  extend  their  opponents'  top  ball  surgeon,
      Officer,  has  been  acting  this  past  Mates School include Harol!i Greg-  John Maker, Jr., M2c, USNR,  re-  our best wishes  to  Warrant Boats- Starr,  who  made  a  total  of  seven
      week as Recorder of a  board of in- son,  CMM,  USNR; Owen E.  Down- tained  as  instructor  following  his   wain,  C.  J.  O'Donnell,  who  traded  buckets  from  the  floor.  The  final
      vestigation  concerned  with  the  in- ing,  CGM,  USN;  Glen  McCormick,  graduation  from  NTS  (Welders) ,   the  crow  and  cross  anchors  for  a  whistle  found  the  digit  decipher
      juries  to Naval  personnel  as  a  re- CGM,  USN;  and  Philip  Erickson,  has  been  advised  that his  applica-  new  uniform  with  a  broken  gold  reading,  Operational  Training
      sult  of  the  tragic  train  wreck  of  GMlc, USN,  all having reported to  tion  for  commission  has  been  ap-  stripe.   School  32,  Shoemaker  Naval  Hos-
                                                                                                                               pital 40.
      the  Pacific  Limited  near  Ogden,  U. S.  Naval Repair Base, San Diego,  proved  by  BuPers.  He  will  remain   We're  mighty proud  of  our  Mrs.
      Utah.                         for duty as instructors. Kenneth L.  at NTS  pending its  receipt.   J .  P .  Keen,  Slc,  who  will  sing  an   Thursday  night  found  the  team
                                                                                                 aria  from  the  "H.M.S.  Pinafore,"   completely convalesced- a  result of
                                                                                                 Thursday night, at the intermission   the thorough nursing on the part of
                                                                                                 of  the  Gilbert  &  Sullivan  opera,   coach,  Lt.  Langwort_hy,  and  ready
                                                                                                 "Ruddigore,"  now  playing  at  the   to write a  one way prescription for
                                                           ACROSS                 DOWN           Bush  Street  Music  Hall  in  San   their  guests,  the  Oakland  Naval
                                                     1.  Border on         1.  Generations       Francisco.  From all  reports,  if the   Hospital.  The  team  showed  great
                                                     5.  Gone  by          2.  Diminish          audience  hears  Mrs.  Keen,  Opera-  improvement on their ball handling,
                                                     9.  Determined        3.  On                tional Training School may loose a   with  Ryan  and  Woods "taking  the
                                                    12.  Stare             4.  Tautens                                         top honors on the forward positions
                                                    13.  Afloat            5.  Out-of-date       good yeoman striker.
                                                    14.  Also              6.  Serpent            A  popular visitor  at Operational   and  Sweaney  and  Reed  holding
                                                    15.  Short jacket      7.  Washington  city   Training 'School last week was Ens.   down  the  guard  spots.  Demdinger
                                                    16.  Scarcest          8.  Vetch             Bob Stone,  son of our commanding   was high man for the evening, mak-
                                                    18.  Feelings          9.  Star-like                                       ing five out of seven foul shots from
                                                    20.  Recount          10.  Dawn  goddess     officer,  H.  E.  Stone.  Ens.  Stone   the floor.
                                                    21.  Put forth        11.  Child             shoved off for the South Pacific and
                                                    23.  Lackaday         17.  Dr,oss            his  ship,  a  YDG.  Good  luck  and   H.  Falk,  Sp(A)lc,  is now acting
                                                    26.  Heeled over      19.  Spare             happy  sailing,  Ens.  Stone.   as  assistant  coach  to  Lt.  Lang-
                                                    29.  Refined          22.  Repulse                                         worthy. W. A. Kearney, RdM3c(T),
                                                    31.  Electrified  particle   24.  Soon       Rugby                         is  the  team's  very  efficient  score-
                                                    32.  Mature           25.  Let it stay·!      The Operational Training School
                                                    34.  Digit            26.  Ven ti I ates     rugby team tied the "Pigskin Punt-  keeper -and timer.
                                                    35.  Rose-colored     27.  Booty             ers"  from  the  University  of  Cali-  These men take several evenings
                                                    37.  Concerning       28.  Impudent                                        a  week away from thei.r  families to
                                                    39.  Pack away        30.  Growing  out      fornia,  3-3, in a  practice game. The   practice and play scheduled games.
                                                    40.  The cream        33.  Repeat            Treasure  Island  rugby  team  is
                                                    42.  Look  askance    36.  Wide-mouthed  pitcher  coached  by  Operational  Training   This attitude  of the team members
                                                    44.  Named            38.  Gives courage to   School's Johnnie Verducci, CSp(A).   is  highly  commendable,  as  evi- .
                                                    48.  Go  astray       41.  Short articles                                  denced  by  the  fact that they have
                                                    51.  Dingle           43.  Historical . periods   Coach Verducci  is  in  need  of  more
                                                    52.  Sister           45.  Colt's  ma        men  and  is  encouraging  all  hands   the  wholehearted  support  of  their
                                                    53.  Particle         46.  Besides ·         at the  school  who have  had  either   commanding officer, Commander H.
       (Reprinted  from  Spring,  1945,  issue  "P,ocket  Cross-  54.  Gaelic   47.  Exploit     football  or  soccer  experience  to   E .  Stone,  and  their  executive  of-
      word  Puzzles,"  copyright,  1945,  by  Dell  Publishing   55.  Social  insect   48.  Literary scraps   work  out  with  the  team.  Present   ficer, Lt. Commander R . A. Ibach.
       Co.-Solution  on  page  8.)                  56.  Uses needle      49.  Sweet  roll                                     Blessed  Events
                                                    57.  Sow              50.  Drag              members  of  the  team  are:  A.  V.
                                                                                                 Calosi,  SP(A)2c ;  George  Davis,   Although he had very little to do
                                                                                                                               with  it,  the  baby  doesn't  know his
       FLYING  SPARKS                                • • •    Radioman  McNaughton  vs.  Radio  Technician  Lovell             name,  and  if  she  did  it  wouldn't
                                                                                                                               mean a  thing to her,  Lt.  (jg)  L.  F .
                                                                           (In  Answer to  Last  Week's  Cartoon  "T.  I.  Waves")
                                                                                                                               Macon, claims to be the grandfather
                                                                                                                               of the most beautiful and smartest
                                                                                                                               baby in the world. The baby, Helen
                                                                                                                               Janelle  Whitt,  arrived  last  week,
                                                                                                                               weighing  6  lbs.  and  8  oz:  CMM
                                                                                                                               "Shady"  Lane  and  MMlc  Nick
                                                                                                                               Todera  became  fathers  of  boys
                                                                                                                               weighing  6  lbs.  each.  Congratula-
                                                                                                    .. ~~~  \                  tions to all of you and we hope the
                                                                                                  ..->--                       mothers are all doing fine.
                                                                                                                               Track  Number  Four
                                                                                                                                Headed for home last week for a
                                                                                                                               few  days  well-earned  leave  were
                                                                                                                               Arthur  L.  Peters,  SAD(MG)3c;
                                                                                                                               Evelyn  Louise  Zink,  Slc;  Howard
                                                                                                                               Francis,  Slc ;  Charles  Earl  Van-
                                                                                                                               Buski'rk, CWT, and Margaret Cook,
                                                                                                                                We  were  glad  to  hear  that  Lt.
                                                                                                                               (jg)  W.  F.  Dewey's  wife  is  now
                                                                                                                               convalescing  at  her  home  after
                                                                                                                               breaking  her  arms  several  weeks
                                                                                                                               ago. It is our information that Mrs.
                                                                                                                               Dewey  showed  a  decided  improve-
                                                                                                                               ment  last  week  when  she  saw  the
                                                                                                                               addition  of  another  strip.e  to  her
                                                                                                                               husband's  arm.  Congratulations  to
                                                                                                                               you Lt.  (jg)  Dewey and a  swift re-
                                                         -                                                                     covery to your wife.
                                                     ~-                                                                        Things We Didn't Know
                                                                                                                                . . . .  that Lt. Don C.  Schwartz  is
                                                    ~   -                                                                      an expert salad-maker.Lt. Schwartz
                                                      '.i;'         .                    /he  'lu'i  whQ  ho.tes  \NAVES       makes all the  salads for his  house-
                                                           ©   &                                                               hold  and  whenever  the  "gang"
                                                                                                                               gathers Lt. Schwartz is called upon
                                                        , ne  bones                                                            to  prepare  the  salad.  He  has  his
                                                                                                     "'· 4;!A'~Jrow~R,--1~ Vf~.
                                                                                                                               own formula for  the dressing  too.
           Male Call          by Milton Caniff, creator of ''Terry and the Pirates"   Daddy, Would They Bust A  Marine For This?

              M15G  LACE  I  THEY TELL   WELL, THAT';   SHALL WE GET DOWN   LOOK ,            ITS  A MAG61E,                  DON i  TAKE  IT 50 HARD,
             ME  YOU  HAVEN'T SEEN   MIGHTY  WHITE   To  LA'5HIN'  LIP~   c;YgENE,            BeA66Y •••  YOU                 PAl<:D ••• I  WON'T TELL A
            ~ 51:eN  M~OUND  Wini   OF  YoU,GENEl<:AL!   g1c,HT AWAY-orz..   WI-IEN  YOU     ,;EVENED  OUT . ••                      ~OUL ...
              MANY  MARINEG-~O     -FIND Youg?ELF   WOULD  You  WANT   BUILD  UP                NO  DEAL!
              I  THOUGHT  I'D COME   A  BATTLE  •STATION   ME To 61VE YOU  A   THIS Kit-JD OF
              Al.ONGGIDE  AND 61VE   WI-IILE  I  ~16  To   !=IL.L-IN  ON MY RUF!=   PR'E¼UIZE
               YOU  A  Blc:EAK •••   R'EPEL  BOARDER<;!   L.06 '? .•. L.g5EE,   <;OMETHIN6~
                                                    THEeE  WM,  THAT   60T TO  61VE-
                                                    TR'IM BIM  IN  DAGO ...  AND  ITl; NOT
                                                                     GOING  TO  65
                                                                        ME •..
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