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       Battle-Wise  Vets  Decorated

                                                                                                    Complete  Weekly                          •   •    •   •
                                                                                                                                       Divine  Services
                                                                                                    Schedule  for  Gym         Treasure  and  Verba  Buena  Islands
                                                                                                    Number  1

                                                                                                    Skating- 1300-1600  and  1800-
                                                                                                    Bowling- 0800-2100.
                                                                             Island  Theatre  No.  1   Boxing- 0800-2100.
                                                                                                    Ping  Pong- 0800-2100.
                                                                   Continuous  Show  Starting at 1700   Badminton- 0800-2100.
                                                                   Matinee Saturday &  Sunday at 1400   Body Building- 0800-2100.
                                                                         Sunday  and  Monday        Handball- 0800-2100.
                                                                          January  14 and  15       Swimming  -  1300-1600  (en- .   Sunday Worship  Services- 0980  and  1080
                                                                     "SUNDAY  DINNER  FOR  A      listed  personnel).          Sunday,  Holy  Communion,  1130  (Chapel)
       CITED  FO~  WOUN·DS  and  intrepidity  while  performing  their  naval   SOLDIER"            2000-2100,  Sat.  1800-1900,   Sunday  W orship  Service-0900,  Theatre
                                                                                                                                  No.  3.
       duties during the defense of their country against the enemy are six ,en- Anne  Baxter   John Hodiak   Sun.  1700-1800  ( colored  per-  Catholic
       listed  men of the U.  S.  Navy presently on four of duty at this west coast                 sonnel),  1600-1700  and  1900-  Sunda.y  Masses- 0630,  0720,  0820
       naval  base.  They  are,  left  to  right,  K.  L.  Cowan,  MoM M2c,  the  Navy   *  *  *                               Sunday  Mass-1030  (Thea.tre  No.  3 )
       and  Marine  Corps  Medal;  R.  F.  Macholtz,  MoMM2c,  the  Bronze  Star   Tuesday,  January  16   2000  (officers) ,  Sat.  and  Sun.   Weekda.y  Masses-0630  (Small  Chapel)
       Medal;  R.  A.  Dewald, PhM2c, the Purple Heart; T.  Haring, Jr.,  MoMM1c,   "MINISTRY  OF  FEAR"   1700-1830  (non-swimmers) .   Reception  Room.
                                                                                                                               Weekday  Confessions-Daily  before  Mass
       the  Bronze Star  Medal;  L. L  Kuttler,  PhM1c, the  Purple  Heart; and  V.  Ray Milland   Marjorie Reynolds              and  from  0630  to  2000  (Ohapel  Of-
       L.  Sadlar, CPhM, the Silver Star Medal. The awards were  presented  by                                                    fice}
       Commodore  R.  W.  Cary,  Commander,  Naval  Training  and  Distribution   *  *  *                                      Tuesda.y-Holy  Name  Society  1915
       Center, at the  island's  periodical  Citation  Ceremonies.     Wednesday and Thursday  ,                                   (Small  Ch apel)
                                                                          January  17 and  18                                              Jewish
                                                                                                                               Saturday-.Tewish  Service-1300  Hospita.l
                                                                      "HOLLYWOOD  CANTEEN"                                         Chapel
       Six  Blueiackets  Cited       tion  which  r eads  as follows:    Warner  Sta rs R evue   ·her  friends:  "I  don't  care  if  he  is   Sunday  Service-0830  Chapel  R eception
                                                                                                   An S.  F. debutante said to one of
                                       "For  conspicuous  gallantry  and
                                                                              *  *  *
       For  Heroic  Actions          intrepidity  in  action ,while attached   Friday  and  Saturday   a  pilot,  I  still  don't  like  being  re-  Study  Group  Meeting  0930  Thea.tre  No.  2
                                                                                                                                    U.  S.  NAVAL  HOSPITAL
                                     to  a  Marine  battalion  during  an
                                                                          January 19  and  20    ferred to as the target  for tonight."   Sunda.y  Worship  Service-0900  Hospita.l
                                     engagement  wi_th  the  enemy  on
       In  line  of  Duty            Guadalcanal,  British  Solomon  Is-    "DESTINY"                       *  *  *             .   Chapel   .   Catholic
         Braving a  chilly  breeze  emanat- lands,  on  November  8,  1942.  While   Gloria J ean   Alan Curtis   "Your  stockings  seem  rather  Sunday  Masses-0630  and  0900  Hospital
       ing ·from the icy waters of the San  out  on  patrol,  the  company  with   -also-        wrinkled."                    Weekday  Masses-0645  Hospital  Chapel
       Francisco Bay,  a  platoon-throng of  which he was serving was subjected   Friday,  January  19   "You  brute!"  exclaimed  the girl,  Confessio.ns-Saturday 1800-1900 Hospital
       Waves,  enlisted  men and a  marine  to  intense enemy  artillery  and  ma-               "I  have  no  stockings on!"      PRE-EMBARKATION  CENTER
                                                                       VARIETY  STAGE  SHOW
       color  guard  recently  assembled  chine  gun  fire  causing  numerous                                                             Protestant
                                                                        1900-One Show  Only                 *  *  *            Sunday  W orship  Service  -  10-00  Ship 's
       near the bandstand where formerly  casualties  to  its  personnel.  Sadlar,                 She :  "So  you  were  hurt  in  the   Christian  Servicemen's  League  -  1900  .
                                                                                                                                                   _  .
                                                                                                                                 .  Service  Library
       stood  the  Exposition's  Sun  Tower  discovering  that  one  of  his  com-               war ?  Where were you  wounded? "   Sunday         ·   '
       to  pay  tribute  to  six  bold-spirited  rades  had  been  hit,  rushed  to  the   Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  2   He:  "Lady,  I  was hit in the Dar-  P rotestant   Communion  ·-  1100   Daily
                                                                                                                                   ''Protestant Chapel' '
       bluejackets  who  were  being  dec- aid  of  the  wounded  man  and  sue:                 danelles."                    Sunday  Mass  -  0900  Ship 's  Service
       orated for their brave,  resolute a c- cessfully  evacuated  him  to  a  near- Continuous  Show  Starting at 1800   She :  "Oh-h-h. How dreadful!"   Library
       tions  above  and  beyond the  call of  by  foxhole,  where  he  administered   Sunday and  Monday   *  *  *            Sunday  Mass  -  0900  Ship 's  Service
                                                                                                                                  L ibrary
       duty.                         medical  treatment.  His  courageous   January  14 and  15    In order  to escape  being taken to   Daily  Mass-1615  Ship's  Service  Librar y
         Recipient  of  the  highest  award,   acti,on  and  unselfish  devotion  to   "FOR WHOM  THE  BELL TOLLS"  work in Germany,  a  French work-  WEEKLY  CHAPEL  ACTIVITIES
       the  Silver  Star  Medal,  was  Van   duty  contributed to the saving  of a   Gary Cooper   Ingrid Bergman  man  donned  a  monkey  skin  and   Monda.y-Blessed  Virgin  Sodality  1830  '
                                                                                                                                 Recrea.tion  Room.
       Leslie  Sadlar,  Chief  Pharmacist's   life  and  were  in  keeping  with  the            joined the monkeys  in the ·zoo.   Tuesda.y-Miraculous  Meda.I  Novena  1830
                                                                              *  * *
                                                                                                                                 Small  Chapel
       Mate.  The  presentation  was  made   highest  traditions  of  the  United  '   Tuesday,  January  16   As  time  went  on  ·the  workman   Tuesday-Christian  Science  Group  1800
                                                                                                                                   (Chapel  Reception  Room)
       by  Commodore  R.  W .  Cary,  Com-  States Naval Service."    "NONE  BU:r THE  LONELY    learned  to  do  the  acrobatic  tricks  Tuesday  -  H oly  Name  Society  1915
       mander,  U.  S.  Naval  Training and   Other men decorated for wounds   HEART"                                              (Small  Chapel )
       Distribution  Center,  with  the  cita- and  valor  in  action  at  the  island           of the  other apes,  and one  Sunday  Wednesda.y  -  Christian   Servicemen 's
                                                                                                                                  League  1830  (C h ape I  Reception
                                                                                  Ethel Barrymore  when his wife  brought him food  he
                                     ceremonies  were  Kenneth  L.  Cow- Cary Grant   * *  *                                      Room )                '
                                     an,  MoMM2c,  the  Navy  and  Ma-  Wednesday and Thursday   decided to  show  off.        Thursday  -  Chapel   Choir  Reh earsal
                                                                                                                                   (Chapel  Gallery)  1800
                                                                                                   The  false  ape  swung  from  tree-
       Cross-Word  Answers           rine  Corps  Medal;  Raymond  F .                           top to treetop, turned triple somer-  Friday-Wave  Singers  R eh earsal  (Chapel
                                                                                                                                  Reception  Room)  1630-1800
                                     Macholtz,  MoMM2c,  the  Bronze      January 17 and  18                                   Friday  -  Mormon  Study  Group  1900
                                                                       "CAN'T HELP SINGING"      saults  and  when  eventually  ex-  (Cha.pel  R ecep tion  Room)
                                     Star  Medal;  Robert  A .  Dewald,
        AB. U                        PhM2c,  the  Purple  Heart;  Paul T.   Deanna  Durbin   Robert Paige  hausted,,  missed  his  step  and  fell  All  Treasure I sland Personnel are eligible.
        GAP                          Haring,  Jr.,  MoMMlc,  the  Bronze      *   *  *           into  the  bear pit.                YERBA  BUENA  ISLAND
        E  T  0                      Star Medal;  and Lamar L.  Kuttler,   Friday  and  Saturday   His wife began to scream, "Help!  j3unda.y  Worship - Service-0930  Theatre
                                     PhMlc, the Purple  Heart.            January  19  and  20   Help!  My  husband  is  in  the  bear   Sunda.y  Thea.tre
                                                                         "DARK WATERS"           pit!"                         Su.nda.y  Confessions  in  Thea.tre  Office  -
                                                                   Merle Oberon     Franchot Tone   While she continued her screams   All  Service  Personnel  Are  Welcome.
                                                                                                 a  white bear padded up to the work-
                                       A  sailor took his girl friend for a
                                     ride  to  romance  on  a  beautiful   Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  3   man  and  said  in  a  furious  tone,
                                     moonlit night. li'or three solid hours                      "Listen, if you don't  shut your wife   At The  Chapel ...
                                     all she  did  was  shake  her head.  It  Continuous  Show  Starting at 1800  up we'll  both get pinched."
                                     wasn't  until he pulled up before the   Sunday  and  Monday            *  *  *                   Protestant Services
                                     Waves  barracks that he  discovered   January  14 and  15     Here's  what  happened  to  Pfc.   "Digging Wells" will be the topic
        NU      -.-:=+-=+,;::+=   RSE  her  nose  was  caught  in  the  wind-  "HOLLYWOOD  CANTEEN"   Sol Katz, of the Bronx, on a  recent   of  the  sermon  by  Chaplain  H .  G.
        AN      --'-'-'-,-1-........   EED  shield wiper.                Warner Stars Revue      furlough  home:  (1)  Jewelers  told   Gatlin at the 1030 Worship Service
                                                                              *  *  *            him a  watch he  had left for repairs   in the Treasure Island Chapel, Sun-
                                                                         Tuesday, J.inuary 16    had been  lost;  (2)  H e  sent his uni•   day,  January 14.  At 0930 Chaplain
         The Wolf                               b  Sansone            "SHE'S  A  SWEETHEART"     forms  to  the  tailors  and  the  build-  William  H.  Foster  will  speak  on
         Col>Yri&ht  1944  br  leon1rd  S,n1one.  distrib11ted  br  Camp  Newspaper SerYic•   Larry Parks   Jane Darwell  ing burned  down ;  (3)  He  lost one   "The  Experiential  Discovery  of
                                                                                    *            of his  medals  on the  train  back to   Gbod."  At  both  services  Elwood
                                                                              *  *  Thursday
                                                                       Wednesday and             camp  and  his  garrison  cap  was   Gaskill,  Sp (W) 3c,  will  play  two
                                                                          January 17 and  18     stolen;  (4) He arrived back in camp   special  organ  solos,  'Sheep  May
                                                                       "SIGN  OF THE  CROSS"     a  day early.                 Safety  Graze"  (Bach) ,  " Chorale"
                                                                   Frederic March   Claudette Colbert       *  *  *            (Boellmann),  and  the  anthem  by
                                                                              *   *  *             Navy  Doctor:  "Son,  you've  got   the Chapel Choir will be "The King
                                                                         Friday  and  Saturday                                 of Love My Shepherd Is"  (Shelley).
                                                                                                 acute appendicitis."
                                                                          January  19  and  20                                 The  soloist,  John  Tremaine;
                                                                                                   Trainee:  "Please,  doc,  stop  your
                                                                    "LAKE  PLACID  SERENADE" ·                                 Sp(W)lc,  will  sing  McDermid's
                                                                                                 kidding. I  cam,e here to be examined
                                                                   Vera H . Ralston   William Frawley                          "Psalm 100."
                                                                                                    .  not admired."
                                                                                                                                        Theatre  No.  3
                                                                                                                                 At  Protestant  Worship  Services
                                                                                                                   ADS         in Theatre No.  3  Chaplain William
                                                                                                                               N .  Vincent will  speak at 0900 Sun-
                                                                         S·unday  and  Monday                                  day,  January  14,  on  the  topic  "Up
                                                                          January  14 and  15    I  WILL PAY  CASH for  a  reason- a  Tree"  and  special  music  will  be
                                                                          "DARK WATERS"            ably priced automobile in good or  by  the  Treasure  Island  "Jubilee
                                                                   Franchot Tone     Merle  Oberon   fair  condition.  Would  prefer  a  Choir."
                                                                                                   1937 model- make no object.  See
                                                                         Tuesday,  January 16      W.  C.  Butterfield,  CM,  Barracks
                                                                      "MAKE YOUR OWN  BED"         197, Treasure Island.
                                                                   Jack Carson       Jane Wyman                                iost and Found
                                                                                                 WANTED- Portable  typewriter  in  '··
                                                                       Wednesday and Thursday
                                                                                                   good  condition.  Will  pay  cash.   The  following  lost  and  found
                                                                          January 17 and  18
                                                                                                   Carolyn  Brown,  Y2c,  Room  129,  articles  have  been  reported  to  the
                                                                     " HOLLYWOOD  CANTEEN"
                                                                                                   Recreation  Building.       Security  Office,  located in  Building
                                                                         62 Hollywood Stars
                                                                                                                               No.  222.
                                                                         Friday  and  Saturday   FEDERAL  Income  Tax  Returns.  LOST-1  cha.rm  bracelet  in  coin  purse,  1
                                                                          January  19  and  20     Need help? -See your legal officer.   topcoat,  2  peacoats,  1  seabag  and  ham-
                                                                                                                                . mock,  1  foot  !pok er,  21  wallets.   ,:.!
                            "Friend  of yours?"                     "LAKE  PLACID  SERENADE"       His  name is  published  elsewhere
                                                                   Vera H . Ralston   Vera Vague   in this issue  of The  Ma sthead.   FOUND-11 wallets,  1  seaba.g,  1  pai:.i of
                                                                                                                                 rubbers,  1  pair  of  shoes.
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