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PAGE4            THE MASTHEAD, SATURDAY, MARCH 31,  1945

                                                                 West  Coast                     .. ♦ ' ♦• ♦• ♦  ♦  ♦.; •••• ♦  ♦• ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦ ••••••• ,
     HERE'S  SOMBODY               Distinguished  Visitors                                       ... The Girl Back Home ... J
                                     Operational Training School was  Telephone  Talker        l
                                   highly honored March 20 when Ad-                             • • •  •  • • • • • •  •  • • •  • • • • •  •  •  • • • • • • • • • •
     GET  A HOTEL. ROOM            miral F. C. Denebrink,  Commander  School  Inaugurated
                                   Fleet  Operational  Training  Com-  With the emphasis of more sound
       Mayb-e some hotel  clerks in town  mand,  P acific,  and  Admiral  A.  F .   powered phone instruction for fleet
     don't  know  it.  Maybe  Treasure  Carney,  Chief  of  Staff  to  Admiral   personnel, Admiral F. C. Denebrink
     Island  bluejackets  and  their  fami- Halsey,  visited  this  activity.  Other   of  COTCP ac,  requested  that  the
     lies  don't  know it.  But-   officers  who  accompanied  our  two   Operational  Training  School  pro-
       San  Francisco  is  ,one  city  where  distinguished  guests  were  Captain   vide  facilities  for  conducting  a
     milita ry  personnel  and  their  fami-  Whipple,  gunnery  and  training  of-  West  Coast  Telephone   Talker
     lies  can  get  hotel  accommodations   ficer  for  Admiral  Halsey;  Com-  School.   This   new   department
     a ny  hour  of  the  day  every  day   mander  S.  H.  Evans,  and  Com-  headed by  Lt. B.  F .  Swope will not
                                   mander D.  Brown.  For Admiral  F .
     without  having  to  s,~arch  to  find                      only instruct  combat  teams  in  the
                                   C.  Denebrink,  it was  another  in  a
     them.                                                       p_roper  use  and  handling  of  sound
                                   series of many visits  that his pres-
       The  reason  is  simple.  A  central                      powered  phones  but will  also  train
                                   ence has honored our school but for
     bureau  takes  care  of  the  whole                         and  qualify  men  who  will  soon  be-
                                   the  others·  it  was  their  first  at-
     situation.                                                  come  future  instructors.  Its  loca-
                                   tendance  to  our  "College  of  the
       The  pureau  is  the  Hotel  Emerg-                       tion  is  on  the  fourth  deck  of  the
                                   Sea."  All  wer,e  greatly  impressed
     ency ~ousing Bureau, located at 50                          OTS South Annex,  a  spot that was
    · Post  street,  sponsored  and  sub-  with our  training program and Ad-  once  secluded  from  the  daily  ac-
     sidized  by  hotel  and  businessmen   miral  F.  C.  Denebrink  displayed   tivities  of the  school.  It has  trans-
                                   much pleasure at the progress that   formed  this  dismal  area  with  its
     of  San  F rancisco.  It  is  the  only   has  been  accomplished  since  his
     bureau  of  its  kind  not only in the   last visit.        walls  of  blank  expression  into  a
     city but in the nation, and has been                        network  of  compartments  and
     operating for more than two years.   '                      spaces  that  are  dotted  with  sound
       A  serviceman is anxious to spend   WACS  MAY  FOLLOW     powered  phones.  Under  the  super-
     a  few  days  in  San  Francisco.  He   HUSBANDS  HOME      vision  of  Lt.  B.  F .  Swope,  ship's
                                     Washington  (CNS)-A  woman  crews  will  re-enact  the  drama  qf
     wants  a  hotel  room  but  makes  no
     reservations  in  advance.  He  sees   in  the  Army serving overseas may  intercommunications that  is played
     and  finds  out  which hotel  is  avail-  request  duty  in  the  U.  S.  if  her  in  the  fleet  with  every  ship  the
     able  within his  budget range.   husband is returned to this country  stage,  and  under  the  guidance  of
       A  sailor's  wife  and  child  come   from a  permanent overseas post for  his staff of capable instructors, men
                                   reassignment,  hospitalization  or  and  officers  will  return  to  sea
     into  San Francisco a  few days  be-
     fore  his  ship  is  in.  They  arrive  in   honorable  discharge.  The  ruling  trained  and  competent veterans  of
     town,  call  at  50  P ost  street,  and   (WD BPR 28  Feb. 1945)  applies to  telephone  talker procedure.  Assist-
                                   members  of  the  Women's  Army  ing  Lt.  Swope  are  Lt.  (jg)  John
     are promptly quartered. As easy as
                                   Corps, Army Nurse Corps, hospital  Heyer,  A.G.  Thomas,  CEM;  V.  F .
     that.                         dietitians  and  physical  therapy  Bastian, CQM; T. J. Dee, MoMMlc;
       Of  course  in  the  middle  of  a
     peac-e  confe rence  the  system  may   aides.  Theater  commanders  are  K.  C.  Carlson,  WTlc;  A.  H.  Sim-
                                   authorized to approve the requests.  mers,  Flc;  R.  J.  Williams.  SMlc ;
     not  work  like  that.  And  on  Satur-
                                                                 R.  C.  Jackson,  BM2c;  D.  R.  John-
     day  nights  the  quest ion  of  hotel   The staff of five  civilians,  repre-
                                                                 son,  GM3c;  and  R.  G.  McGarry,
     rooms  is  a  bit  more  difficult.   senting  the  hotels,  and  11  repre-  Slc.
       By  and  large,  however,  service- sentatives of  the  military keep  the
     men  and  their  families  have·  been  bureau  open  at  all  times.  Office
     easily  placed  in  hotels,  according  hours  are  from  9  a.m.  until  mid-  Frontier  Base  Sponsors
     to Harry Troupe,  general manager  night,  including  Sunday.  After                       IN  THE  SPOTLIGHT  of  "The  Girl  Back  Home"  featu rette  th is  week
     of  the  bureau.  Just  a  month  ago  those  hours  travelers  are  serviced  Dance  for  Personnel   is  Marion  Rudinsky,  cha rming  brunette  from  Chicago.  She  waits  for
                                                                                               J a mes  Buchan,  PhM3c, of  Dispensary  No. 2.  You'll  fi nd  their  in it ials on
     the  Army,  Navy  and  Marines  set  by an all-night phone exchange.                       ma ny  a  tree,  because  they  grew up  in  the  same  neighborhood.
                                                                   Gayety  and  fun  were dished  out
     up  departments  in  the  bureau  to   The bureau is smooth and prompt
                                                                 in  double  portions  to  the  U.  S.
     establish  certain  priorities  where  in its functioning, Troupe declared,   Nav_al Frontier Base personnel Sat-       known as  "Carolyn's Castle." They
     necessary,  Troupe said.      because  of  the  cooperation  of  the   urday night in San Francisco, when               enjoyed  their picnic  lunch  later in
       Military personnel who arrive  in  great  majority  of  San  Francisco's   the  annual  gathering  of  gobs  and      the  afternoon  in  spite  of  the  con-
     San  Francisco  on  business  or who  hotels.  Thirty of  the  largest hotels                                           stant  drizzle,  and  anyway  what  is
                                                                 gals  frolicked  together  amongst
     have  been sent here "for no  reason  are  members  of  the  bureau  and                                                better than a  genuine water-soaked
                                                                 the  colorful  surroundings  of  the
     of  their  own"  obtain  number  one  contribute  a  percentage  of  their   Scottish Rite Hall.                        picnic ?
     rating.                       transient  rooms  daily  for  the  use   Refreshments, sending music and                  Just  Between  Us
       In  any  case,  quarters  are  ob- -of military personnel.  One hundred
                                                                 entertainm·ent were woven together                            Last week the news came in like
     tained  for  all.  There  is  no  reason  additional  hotels  are  listed  as  co-
                                                                 by the  popular czar  of sock,  "Ski"   If  you  are  awake  tomorrow  a  rip tide, this week too few of you
     for  any  member  of  the  armed  · operating hotels,  to  be  called  upon
                                                                 Dynkowski,  who  traded  in  his  morning at 1115  tune in on station  have  done  anything  interesting
     forces  to sleep on a  park bench or  when  needed,  generally  Saturday
                                                                 gloves  for  a  mike  in  bringing  fun  KGO and listen to your shipmates.  (which  we  can  print).  Please
     in  a  hotel  lobby,  according  to  nights.
                                                                 to the bellbottoms and their guests.  As a  part of a  series of broadcasts  oblige  so  that next week's  column
     Troupe.                         Besides  the  military,  the  Hotel
                                                                   More than 1200 dance lovers were  designed to enlist civilian personnel  can  be  brimful  of  breath-taking
       He  estimated  that  as  many  as  Emergency  Housing  Bureau  helps
                                                                 in  attendance  at  this  gala  affair.  for Treasure Island jo·bs, this  tran- news . . . Hats off to Eleanor Atkin-
     500  servicemen of  every  rank  and  to  quarter  members  of  the  mer-
                                                                 Among  them  were  Commander  M.  scription  was  made  from  the  top  son who will don the blue stripe and
     branch  of  the  service  manage  to  chant marine and uniformed repre-  E.  Carlson,  Commanding  Officer,  deck  lounge  in  Barracks  232  and  deserve our salute very soon.  She's
     secure  hotel  rooms  on  week  days  sentatives  of foreign  governments.  U. S. Naval Frontier Base, and his  featured  Waves,  Wave  songs  and  off  to  supply  school  in  the  near
     through the  services of the  bureau  It  has  most  recently  assisted  re- party.
                                                                                               interviews.             ,     future.  .  .  The  Armed  Guard  Rip-
     and, on Saturday nights, frequently  patria.tes  and  discharged  service-
                                                                   The American Red Cross was re- W ashington  Visitor        pies  team,  now  playing  basketball
     some  1500  men  and  women  are  men with their hotel housing prob- sponsible  for  the  large  number . of   Lt.  Commander  Eleanor  McKay,  in the Women's  City League, found
     housed.                       !ems, Troupe said.            hostesses  who  turned  out  to  "trip  W-V(S)  has been an official visitor  lady Marines  tough competition . . .
                                                                 the  light fantastic"  with  the  Fron- in  the  Twelfth  Naval  District  this  "They were all six feet tall," wailed
                                                                 tier  Base  bluejackets.      week.  Miss  :iyrcKay  is  the  Bureau  Eva Bond.  .  .  "They didn't need  to
                                                                   Music  for  the occasion  was dele- representative  for · Women's  Re- throw  the  ball,  they  just  dropped
                                                                 gated to  the hot swing band of  the  serve  in  Welfare  and  Recreation,  it in!"  ... Most excited girl  of  the
                                                                 Frontier  Base  along  with  another  and has been making an inspection  week  was  Rosie  Gallagher  trying
                                                                 musical  ensemble.            of recreational facilities in this dis- to  make  up  her mind  whether  she
                                                                                                trict. Tuesday, March 27, she made  would  have  to  go  to  Washington,
                                                                                               a  tour of  the  island  with WR  rep- D.  C.,  or  whether  her  returning
                                                                 Draft  of 1400  Men            resentatives,  and  WR  welfare  of- hero  would  be  able  to  get  a  plane
                                                                 Quickly  Processed            ficers  of  the  district,  and  was  the  out  here . .. Called  off  on  account
                                                                                                speaker  at  a  dinner  given  for  the  of  rain  have  been .  the  softball
                                                                 At  Receiving  Ship           group  at  Commissioned  Officer's  games planned by the girls at Pre-
                                                                                                Mess by Lt.  (jg)  Dorothy Kaufman  Commissioning  and  OTS ... Don't
                                                                   Large numbers of battered brown  and  Lt.  Irene  Williamson.   worry,  spring  is  just  around  the
                                                                 sea bags and  hammocks that were  Did  You  Kn-ow            corner ... "Just ·like  boot ,school,"
                                                                 seen  heaped  in  the  shed  next  to   Just to keep y-ou  up to date they  moaned  Eileen  Hamilton,  Mary
                                                                 Building 221  on March 22  belonged  have now  decided that we have re- Saltsman,  Phyllis  Wood  and  most
                                                                 to  1400  men  newly  returned  to  leased  approximately  46,483  men  of  the  rest  of  us  who  were  busy
                                                                 American  soil  under  the  Navy  for  active  duty  and  at present  we  taking  booster  shots  this  week ...
                                                                 rotation plan.                are  serving  at  some  500  shore  ac- Lady  with  a  smile  was  Bobbie
                                                                   The  bluejackets  were  in  the  tivities  not  to  mention  Hawaii.   Wallace  waiting  to  hear  that  her
                                                                 Pacific from eight to 40  months, on  Good  Skates           brother,  recently  released  from
                                                                 ships and at advanced bases.  Many   The Twelfth Naval District gave  Geiman prison  camp,  had  returned
                                                                 participated in the actions at Leyte,  a  skating  party  for  Waves  last  to  the  States . .. "It's  absolutely
                                                                 Luzon,  and  Iwo  Jima.       Tuesday  night  and  several  of  our  true  what  they  say  about  Hawai-
                                                                   They  departed  on leave  at noon,  lassies  seemed  quite  proficient  on  ian  moonlight,"  says  Natalie  Neff,
                                                                 March 24,  after the  Receivi_ng  Ship  the  roller  rink.   who  left supply for  the  tropics and
                                                                 had set another record of speed and  Skiing  Ton ight        is  now  engaged  to  a  boy  she  met
                                                                 efficiency  in  processing  incoming   A  group of hopeful winter sports  over  there .. .  Sad  fact,  gals,  you
                                                                 _personnel.                   enthusiasts  will  take  off  tonight  Jannot  marry  outside  the  contin-
                                                                                               for  a  Wave  ski  trip  to  the  Sonora  ental  limits  without  waiting  six
                                                                                               Mountains. Some are making boast  months  and  obtaining  the  permis-
                                                                  1945      APRIL  \  1945
                                                                                               of  their  ability  on  skis  and  others  1ion  of  practically  everybody from
                                                                   SUN  MON   TUE   WED  THUR   FRI   SAT   only  smile,  but  we  hope  you  all  the  SecNav  on  down .. .  P oem:  I
                                                                   I  2  3  4  6  6  7         have  a  JiOOd  time  a,nd  get home  in  don't believe  in  Easter rabbits,  but
                                                                                               one piece to tell us all about  it.   even if  I  did ... What would  I  do,
                                                                   8  9  10 11  12 13  14
        POLKA  DOT QUEEN.  Chili Williams who  ran a  polka dot bra and  panties   IS 16 1 7  18 19 20 21   Carolyn's  Castle   if like other girls, he left me a  new
                                                                                                 Soaking  in  local  color,  a,  group  Easter  lid?  .  .  .  (Bawl,  wouldn't
        into. a screen contract  via a  picture  in  a  national  magazine,  appears  in  RKO
        Radio's  "Having  Wonderful  Crime,"  which  stars  Pat  O'Brien  and  George   Z2 23 24 26 26 27 28   of  hospital  Waves  took  a  b~s  trip  you? )  .  .  .  Our  apologies  for  the
        Murphy.  She  has  also  been  signed  by  Samuel  Goldwyn  to  appear  in  "The       to Hillsboro last week-end and went  poetry and a very nappy Easter to
                     Wonder  Man."  starring  Danny  Kaye.        2930                         through  the  ninety  room  mansion  all  of you,
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