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     oyfon-Clark Top Team of f ·• ··

   Lt(ig) Magill-McGuire         ,
   In Doubles  Finale ·

    "Gpset after  upset paved the way
   w  as thrilling  a  final  round  match
   as  has  been  seen  here  in  many  a
   ·  ue  moon  as  Kenny  Clark,  hardly
   gi,en  an outsider's chance,  romped
   home  the  winner  in  bouncing  the
   heavily  favorite  Bob  McGuire,
   21-11,  21-18,  in  the  finals  of  the
   Treasure  Island  Handball  cham-
   pionsJ:\.ip,  held  Wednesday  in  Gym
   _ · o.  L
    A  capacity  crowd  that  filled
   e"·ery available corner  was on hand
   to witness  the  redhot Clark  scorch
   drive after  drive against the abused
   bulkheads   in  vanquishing  last                                                         CHAMPIONS WERE  CROWNED  last  Monday  night at the concluding
                                                                                             session  of the 1945 mixed doubles bowlirig tournament. The scenes above
  year's  champ  McGuire  in  straight  FINALISTS TO  represent T.  I.  in  12th  Naval  Disirict  Handball  Play- were taken  at the  No.  2  bowling  alleys.
  sets.                          Picture. at  left  are  Lt.  (jg)  Magill  and  Robert  McGuire,  Sp(P)2c,  re-
                                 ceiving  the  handsomely  engraved  runners-up  plaques  from  Lt.  Nash                  pins  for  the  silver  medals  pre-
    Both  lads  showed  the  strains  of
   the  nine-day  swat  fest  that  term- W.  Moylan,  right,  are "dark-horse" doubles champs who  proved  a  little·  Beniamin,  Shaffrey   sented  to  winners  in  this  division.
                                 Higgins,  Physical  Fitness  Officer.  Kenny  Clark,  S1c,  and  shy  CSP(A)
  inated  when  the  32  eager entrants  too  tough  for  Magill  and  McGuire.                                            Lt.  Wheeler  and  Lt.  (jg)  Gettle
  had dwindled  down  to the duo  that                                                       Cop  Bowling  Honors          finished  in  second  position  with  a
   took  the  floor  for  the  final  round.  tens  and  four  hard  bulkheads.   was  Lt.  Nash  Higgins,  Physical   The  1945  Treasure  Island  Hos-  pin  total  of  679.  The  team  of  Lt.
   Finalists  are  assured  spots  in  the   On  hand  to  dish  out  the  beauti-  Fitness  Officer.   pital  mixed  doubles  medal  bowling   (jg)  Brechtheisen  and  Lt.  (jg)
  12th Naval  District play-offs.                                                                                          Michela  rolled  a  score  of  638  for
                                 fully  engraved plaques  and medals   Flawless handling of the tourna- tournament  came  to  a  conclusion
    Earlier,  the  "dark-horse"  com- to  the  semi-finalists  and  finalists   ment  by  Sp(A)2c  W.  l;,ieger  and  last  Monday  night,  rolled  on  the   third place in this division.
  bination  of  Clark  and  Moylan                             Sp(A)lc  R.  Easter made  it enjoy- Island No. 2 alleys, with champions   Benjamin,  on  the  winning  Class
  pasted  a  21-9,  21-7  shiner  on  the  -                   able  to all hands.           determined in Class A  and Class B   A Mixed Doubles Team, also proved
  earnest  efforts  of  Lt.  (jg)  Magill                                                    divisions.                    the outstanding bowler in the previ-
  and  McGuire  to  nab  honors  in  the                                                      The  team  of Benjamin and  Ens.   ously  conducted  Singles  Tourna-
  Doubles  event.                                              Armed  Guard  Smacks          Shaffrey won the Class A  title with   ment with a  three  game series  565
                                                                                                                           score,  and topped this in the Mixed
    Moylan  was  impressive  with  his                         2 0-6, Loss  on  S. F.  State   a  total  of  990  pins  in  the  contest   Doubles  contest with a  568  score.
  uncanny  retrieves  while  Clark was                                                       three game series. Merle and Skid-
                                                                The  coming  of  spring  brought
  strictly  on  the  offensive  with  his                     out  more  than  just flowers  as  the   more  finished  in  runners-up  posi-
  booming  placements.  This  was  the                        Armed  Guard  dandy-lions  came   tion  with  a  917  score.  Tell  and
  second  time  Clark  was recipient of                       into  full  bloom  with a  20-6  merci-  Morelock  rolled  a  total  884  score  Receiving  Ship  Is  T. I.
  the  silverware  while  McGuire  had                                                       for third, with Johnston and Knight
                                                             ,  less  pounding  over  the  San  Fran- -a  close fourth with 860  pins.   "B'i Basketball Champ;
  to  be  satisfied  with  second  place                      'cisco State baseball club, at Golden
  honors  in  both events.                                                                    In  Class  B,  Lt.  Keist  and  Lt.
                                                              Gate Park.                                                   Notch  21  Straight Wins
    How  Clark  got  in  such  good  KENNY  CLARK  receives  singles   The  gunners  displayed  terrific   (jg)  Charles  rolled  a  total  of  817
  shape  after  three  grueling  months  winner  plaque  from  Lt.  Nash  Hig- hitting prowess in smashing 21 hits           Crowned  T.  I.'s  "B"  basketball
  of  basketball  is  still  the  question  gins  while  last  year's  winner  and  off  the  best  offerings  of  Roelling,   champs, Receiving Ship's well-oiled
  minus  the  answer.  CSP(A)  Moy- this  year's  runner-up,  Bob  Mc- State's pitcher.                                    cage  machine  hung  up  its  basket-
  lan, who spends most of his time in  Guire  looks  on.  Both  lads  emerged   Mooney,  Lewis  and  Schneider             ball  togs  for  the  season  after . a
  the water  in Gym No. 1,  had to set  unmoles·ted  from  early  tournament  spearheaded  the  assault  for  the          successful  campaign  in  which  it
  aside  his  aquatic  trunks  tempo- play with Clark coming out on  long . Armed  Guard  with 10  hits  among   League  Standings   annexed  titles  in  two  leagues.
  rarily  for  a  pair  of  leathered mit- end  •Of  a  21-11,  21-18  count.   them.          Play in  the  second  round  of  the   Treasure Island's "B" league was
                                                                                                                           the  first  to  feel  the  wrath  of  the
                                                                                             Pre-Commissioning  softball  Dun-
                                                                                             garee  League  continued  fast  and  rampaging shipmen as they waded
   Kiefer  Places  On  Rings·  Treasure  Island  Boots  11-5                                 furious  as  individual  ball  clubs  through  first  half  competition,  de-
                                                                                             showed  a  marked  improvement  in  cisioning  the  RMS  cagers  for  the
   In  Coast  A.A.U.  Meet       Baseball  Game To  Seals  In  Mud                           fielding and hitting power.   title. It was a  different story in the
                                                                                                                          . second  session,  sweeping  aside
   Held  At  Olympic  Club           An excessive fall of rain that left the athletic field  in a   Standings up to second round·:   everything  in  their  path  in  com-
                                 soggy but still usable mire,  found Bartell's Treasure Island   Team-  Won  Lost  Tied  Pct.  piling  21  victories  and  climaxing
    Some  fancy  manipulating of the                                                         Yo-Ho  . . . .. . . 2   0   0   1000  the melon season with its final win
   body  by  Fred  Kiefer  on  the  rings   belters taking it on the chin from the San Francisco Seals in   D.D-A  . . ... . . 1   0   1   1000  over  the  T.  I.  "Doc's."
   enabled  him  to  grab  second  place  an inartistic, error-committing ball game, 11-5.   USS-L  .... .. . 1   1   0   500  '  Although losing one game ' in the·
   in  the  Pacific  Coast  A.A.U.  Gym-                        The  Friday  episode,  previously  USS-G  . : .. ... 1   1   0   500  San  Francisco  Recreational  "B"·
  nastic  tournament  held  at  the        Officers'           canceled because of high waters the  USS-O . ... . .. . 1   1   0   500  league,  they  combined  s e v e'ri
  Olympic  club,  Friday.                                      day before, felt the rays of an early  ,USS-a'· . .' . · .. .. O   1   000  , straight wins  in nabbing the muni-
                                     TENNIS TOURNEY                                                           1
                                                               morning  sunshine  prompting  ath- _USS-T- . . ·.·. : .0 .   1   1   000  cipal  crown.
                                   April 23 will mark the opening
                                                               letic  heads  to  take  advantage· of  ,A-G  . . : ... ,· . . 9 .  · 1   0   000   Names found often in the scoring
                                  date of the Officer's Doubles Ten-
                                                               the  good  day and renew  hos.tiiities  USS·-R(  . ,··. , .. :0 · •.·   0   0   ooo  'column  were  playing  - coach  Lt.
                                  nis tourney scheduled for Treas-                ·     ·   ·   '  •-                      Claude  Jones,  former  Washington
                                  ure  Island  on. the  local  courts.   with  the  O'Doul  men .from  .across  !   ----- ----  high  school  basketball  mentor  and
                                   A  large  entry  is  expected   th e  bay.         ·  - ·   Vacationist:  "Any big  men  born  one-time  Eastern  Washington
                                  with  competition ·running  keen   Ten  errors,  equally  distributed· :here?''. ~       Teachers  flash;  high-scoring  for-
                                  amongst Lt.  John  Foreman,  Lt. -  among  the  two  clubs,  gave  free  '·  ·Native:  "Nope,  not  ·very  pro- ward  Jimmy  Wolfe,  Ylc ;  Eugene
                                  J . Booth, Lt. C. S.  Smith and Lt.   passage  to  at  least  five  unearned  ·gressive  around here,  best  we  can  Johnson,  Y2c;  Doug  Hardy,  S2c;
                                  Nash  Higgins.  Entries,  close   runs  and  caused  both  mentqrs  no_ ;do  is  babies.  Different· in  the  city,  and Warren Card, Ylc. Joe Dwyer,
                                  April 20.                    end  of  worry  in  the  comedy ·of  ·I  s'pose·."          Y3c,  served ably-as team manager.
                                   Enlisted  men's  doubles  will   boots  and .errors.   ·   ·
                                  commence  the  following  week
                                  with finalists  in  all  events  rep- .   T.  I.  jumped  into  an  immediate
                                  resenting Treasure Island in the   two-run  lead  when  big 'Jack' Pliii~
                                  12th  Naval  District  May  13.   lips,  New York  Yankee  first" base-
                                                               man  property,  singled  home·  Bob
                                                               Williams  and  Lloyd  Lowe.  San
                                                               Francisco got one run back in their
                                 Favorites  Advance  in        half  on  singles  by  Johnny  Trutta
                                                               and  Willie  Enos: · Four- ·more'  San
                                :12th  Naval  Handball         Francisco : runs  crossed  the · plate
                                                               in the fourth on  the not too  decep-
         Kiefer  Nabs  Second    Play  at Treasure  Island     tive  offerings  of  Frank  Wilson.
                                                                 A  two-run  splurge  in  the  fifth,
    Kiefer,  who  is  a  seaman  first  '  Play  resumed  in  the  12th Naval
                                                               helped by some awkwardness on the
   class  in  the  Armed  Guard  and  District Handball tourney  in  Gym-
   divides  his attention between there   No.  1  with  favorites  advancing  as   part  of  Dick  Bartell  and  heavy
   and Gym No. 1,  was in exceptional                          socking  by  -Enos,  splashed  two
   form in placing above some mighty  expected.                more  entrees  on  the  Seals  platter.
   good  men  in  this particular  event.   Expected  to  clash  in  the  final   Treasure  Island  scratched  in
    Other   entrants  for  Treasure  round  are  defending  champ  Bob  their half of the sixth on a  display
   Island  who  participated  but  just 'McGuire  and  Treasure  Island's  of  errors  by  the  O'Doul  men.  Fiv~
   did  finish  out of the  money on  the  kingpin, Kenny Clark'.  Entering the  boots in all accounted for the three
   horizontal  bar were  Bill  Faust and  picture  with his  spirited  play  is  J.  markers  that  crossed  the  plate,
   "Frenchy"  Allee.             Silbert of the Alameda Naval Base  three of them being racked against
                                 who  is  racing  through  opposition  the  butter  fingeredness  of  short-
    Panhandler  (to  kind  old  lady):  in  an  effort  to  gain  one  of  the  stop  Nicely.   RECEIVING SHIP'S 1 hampionship cage ag.gregation. Left to right, back
                                 berths in the finals.                                       row,  Joseph  A.  Maha;, forward;  William  A.  M,oss, Jr., center;  James  F.
   "Madam,  could  you  give  a  cripple                         Nicely's   homer  with   Sprinz  Wolfe, center; John  D.  Wetch, forward;  Douglas J.  Hardy, guard.  Front
   four bits for  bus fare?"      Bleachers  have  been  erected  to  aboard  ended  the  scoring  for  the  row,  Eugene  T.  Jghnson,  forward;  Paul  Mikels,  forward;  Commander
    Kind  old  lady :  "Oh,  you  poor  hold  the  overflow  crowd  that  will  Seals  and  brought  their  season's   F.  N.  Maas,  Receiving  Ship personnel officer;  Lt.  Claude W. Jones,  play-
   man.  How  are  you . crippled?"   be  on  hand  for  the  finals  in  both  total  to  three  vy<ins  against  two   ing  coach;  Lt.  Commander  P.  $.  Finnell,  supervisor .of  barracks;  War-
                                                                                             ren  Oard,  guard,  and  William  K.  Peck,  guard.  In  front  is  Joseph  R.
    :Panhandler:  "Financially."   singles and doubles this week.   losses.                  Dwyer, team  ma.nager.  Absent is  Darold  Thoman,  a  forward.
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