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PAGE2            THE MASTHEAD, SATURDAY, MARCH 31, 1945  ---------------------------------------

                                                                   TELES                 G     ''THE  LONEWOLF"  •  •  •
                                                                   ·, , ..
     * *            T.ASTHEAD                        * *          -----....... ~        e
                                                                    '  '
                                                                     '  '
     Official  Treasure  Island  publication  distributed  every  13aturday  without  cost  to  the   s
     officers,  enlisted  personnel,  and  employees  of  Treasure  bland.  All  communications  and
     contributions  should  be  directed  ta  The  Editor,  R ecreation  and  Entertainment  Di-  0
     vision,. 'l'reasure Island,  San Francisco,  California. Phone:  EX brook 3931, Extension 69.
                                                                 Self-Propelled  Car  Floats
                      COMMODORE  R.  W.  CARY,  USN
              Commander  U,  S.  Naval  Training  and  Distribution  Center   Floating  wharves  in  San  Fran-
                                                                 cisco  Bay.  That is  what  the  Navy
                        CLYDE  F.  BABB,  Sl c,  USNR            .has  in  the  two  new  self-propelled
                                                                 car  floats  now  busily  engaged  in
            Robert  E.  Johnson,  Y3c  -  Rex  N.  Olsen,  Y3c,  Associate  Editors   loading  cargo  ships  off  the  Marin
     Carolyn N. Brown,  Y2c,  Waves Editor   Robert H. Perez, BM2c,  Sports  County  shores.
                      F rederick  Drimmer,  SK3c,  Reporter        The  first  of  their  kind,  they  are
                                                                 the  result  of  the  Navy's  program
               (The  Masthead  uses  Camp  Newspaper  Service  Materia l)
                                                                 for safe handling of explosives and
     TREASURE  ISLAND,  S.  F.,  CALIF.,  SATURDAY,  MARCH  31,  1945   other dangerous freight. By loading
                                                                 in  a  safe  anchorage  directly  from
     EDITORIAL -                                                 the freight  cars  the  danger hazard
                                                                 in loading operations is reduced.
                                                                            * * *
     tadu.          • •                                            Literally  and  figuratively,
                                                                 Navy  Hits  Pay  Di~
                                                                 Navy  has  begun to hit pay dirt  in
                                                                 the  Central Pacific.         STATESIDE  FOR  THE  first  time  in  two  years,  "The  Lonewolf"  has
         Easter  is  the  most  joyous  day  in  the  Church's  calendar.  As
                                                                   For  the  first  time  since  the  docked  at  Treasure  Island  to  await  further  orders.  Standing  beside
     Christians we  celebrate this· day  in memory  of Christ's resurrec- seizures  of  the  Jap  islands  began,  the stack, on  which  is  painted the emblem  of  her  lone  patrol  and  esco~
     tion.  It  is  claimed  by  some  that  Easter  is  the  name  of  an  old  the Naval Military Government has   duties,  are  ( left  to  right)  Henry  E.  Litchfield,  CM,oM M  of  Kittery,
                                                                                               Maine,  Ens.  John  F.  Bianchi,  Canaan,  Conn.,  and  the  captain,  Lt.  (jg)
     Saxon  goddess.  As  a  time  of  celebration  Ea~ter  goes  back  to   found  on  Saipan and Tinian  tracts   Ray  S.  Metzger,  Jr., of Toledo,  0.  ·
                                                                 of tilled and fertile land. And it has
     great  antiquity.  It  is  not  known  exactly  when  it  began.  The
                                                                 set out to  utilize it, first to supply
     earliest  Easter  hymns  of  which  we  have  any  record  date  back  American sailors and troops in that              Navy  Mail  Men  Set
     to the fourth century.                                      far distant outpost with fresh fruits   ~~~~RQNTIER
                                                                 and vegetables,  and  second to feed                        Up  Post  Office  in  Jap
         Easter  is  more  than  a  spring  festival  or  flower  show-the
                                                                 the natives.                      -~eef;li~
     resurrection  of  Jesus  represents  a  belief  in  the  supreme  worth   Most of the land-more than 25,-  and          Snipers'  Front  Yard
     of  personality.  Loyalty,  honor,  beauty  and  goodness  are  more  000 acres- is devoted to sugar cane   LOCAL  DEFENSE
     than mere words.                                            which  the  Japs  paid  five  cents  a                        And the mail  "flowed  like  wine."
                                                                 pound to produce for their empire.                            Less  than  a  week  after  Marine
        , It is  the purpose of  Easter to  bring  to  light those  qualities   A  large  variety  of  vegetables   Serving  in  waters  where  even  a   invasion  forces  had  established  a
     that  are  eternal.  The  concept  of  immortality  is  ageless.  But  it  and fruits will grow on the islands,   battleship looks small, was the task   beachhead on a  Western Pacific  Is-
     is  at  the  empty  tomb  of  Jesus  that  the  world  finds  hope,  and   and  there  has  been  some  success   assigned to many commercial fish-  land, the Navy mail men had letters
                                                                 with  corn.  Among  other  products                         from  home  in  the  Marines'  hands.
     without  that  hope  it  would  be  most  difficult  to  carry  on  with                  ing craft at the outbreak of World   Six  weeks  after  D-Day  the  post
                                                                 found  in  cultivation  are  sorghum,   War  II.  These  courageous  little
     the  burden  of  despair  in  the  midst  of  chaos.  Easter  is  God's  soybeans,  castor  beans,  coffee  and         office  was  handling  more  than  50,-
                                                                                               ships are being replaced by fighting
     promise to man.  Perhaps the world needed another Gethsemane  cotton.                     vessels  so  sorely  needed  ip.  1942.   000  letters  daily,  selling  stamps.
     and  Calvary-since hope  is  eternal  in  the breast of man-there      *  *  *            They  "come  home"  now  as  quietly   registering  letters,  insuring  mail,
                                                                 Navy "Joe"-A Custom?                                        selling  and  cashing  postal  money
     is  sensed  the  dawn  of  a  new  life  for  the  sons  of men.  For out                 as  they left.
                                                                   A  cup of coffee on office hours, if                      orders.  Regularly  a  mail-loaded
     of the bitterness and agony of a world in travail there will come   not drunk too leisurely and if drunk   The Golden  Gate looked "mighty   jeep  headed  toward  an  airfield  to
                                                                                               good"  to  one  of  these- a  North
     a  new  life.  For  out  of  the  tomb  of  our  sorrows  the  flower  of  for  health  reasons,  is  permissible       meet  a  plane  and  returned  with
     hope blooms  and emits its fragrance.                       for naval and civilian personnel, the   Atlantic beam trawler, built for the   parcels  and  letters  for  the  island
                                                                 Navy Department says.         General  Foods  Boston  Fish  Fleet   forces.
         The  Easter  message,  pulsating  with  love  and  radiant  with   Nothing  irks  the  Navy  topkicks   in  1936.  The  occasion  was  the  re-  Scarcely  had  the  little  band  of
     hope,  challenges  man  to  great  and  fearless  and  adventurous  more than saying "it's an old Navy   turn of the trawler from two years   men forming Navy 3252  Fleet Post
                                                                 custom."  Departmental  personnel   duty  in the hottest  combat waters   Office,  San  Francisco,  headed  by
     living.                         -Chaplain H.  G.  Gatlin.                                 of the Pacific.
                                                                 were  notified  thus:           Christened  the  "Tide"  and  later   Ens.  J.  J .  Costello,  arrived  in  the
                                                                   "A brief interruption of work f.or                        theatre  of  operations  when  they
                                   of an auto accident and is progress-  coffee  is  permissible  for  healtt!,   named  the  "Squall",  she  was  com-  were  ordered  to  a  landing  craft
     OPERATIONAL                   ing very  well  and will  soon  return   though -not for tradition,  especially   missioned  in  1942  in  the  Atlantic   where  huge  stacks  of  mail  were
                                   for  duty.                                                  Yard,  Boston,  Mass.,  and  given  a
                                                                 during  the cold  weather and  in  the                      waiting  to  be  processed.
     TRAJ[NH~tG SCHOOL  Facets of OTS                                                          Navy. YP  number.
                                                                 midst  of  difficulties  with  inade•                         As  soon  as  the  air  strip  on  the
                                     W.  L.  Brown,  Y2c,  of  the  Engi-  quate  heating  systems.  But  there   Serving as a  patrol craft off  the   island  was  secure,  the  postal  unit
                                   neering Department received a  tele-  is  no  excuse  for  a  general  work   Atlantic coast when the enemy sub-  moved  ashore  and  set  up  an  office
                                   phone call from the Wave Barracks   stoppage  nor  f.or   noisy  social   marine menace was at its peak, the   less  than  100  yards  from  the  hill
                                   to  this  effect:  "Hello,  this  is  the   gatherings."    YP  was  caught in  a  hurricane  off   caves  of sniping Nipponese.
                                   Wave Barracks.calling. We're both-                          Cape Hatteras. Life boats were lost
     C.  I.  C.                                                             *  *  *            and  the  ready  boxes  were  ripped
     ·  Lt.  H.  J .  Hoffman  leaves  the   ered with  a  bad  case of fleas.  Will  Big  Bank  Assets  at Guam   from  the  deck.  Passage  from  the   Commander  Riner  was  a  member
     C.  I.  C.  Department  to assume his   you send something over to get rid   The  Navy  Bank  at  Guam  base,   bridge, forward was impossible but   of  ROTC.  Commissioned  in  June,
     new duties as assistant to the First   of  them  for  us?"  Brown  replied,  with  total  assets  of  $1,500,000,   she  weathered  a  storm  that  sank   1931,  he  served  for  two  years  as
     Lieutenant,  Lt.  F .  D.  Langworthy.   "Sorry,  Madam,  the  best  we  can  formally  opened  recently.   many a  larger ship.   commander of the Oakland Division
     ... Lt.  Robert Taylor has reported   do  to accommodate  you  is  to  send   Owned by the naval government,   Ordered to the South Pacific,  the I of  the  Naval  Reserve.
     aboard  as  a  new  member  of  this   you  a  few  wolves- this  is  the  En- the bank has capital funds of $100,-  YP  arrived in Noumea,  New Cale-
     department  but  we're  sorry,  girls,   gineering Office" ... R. L. Lindquist,   000  and  a  special  war  emergency   donia,  in March of 1943.  On  patrol
     he's  not  "The"  Robert  Taylor.  .  .   RM2c,  is  now  on leave  and will  be  fund  of  $300,000.  Its  other  assets   and  escort  duty,  she  served  in  the
     The  stork was  last reported  flying   married  while  at  home.  .  .  Miss  include cash and government bonds   Guadalcanal  area  and  shuttled
     toward  the  home  of  F .  M.  Boeck,   Arlene Pearson,  civilian,  joined the  and loans.   cargo  in  the  Solomon  Island  area.
     RTlc,  but  due  to inclement  condi-  Training  Office  last  week,  as  did   Perhaps  the  only  bank  in  the   Al ways travelling alone she earned
     tions the boys weren't able to get a   Wave  J .  L.'  Price,  S2c(Y),  whose  world  housed  in  Quonset  huts,  its   the  nickname  "The  Lonewolf''  and
     "fix"  on  the  bird  so  we'll  have  to   father,  incidentally,  is a colonel  in  savings  accounts  are  open  to  both   her crew claims she has spent more
     guess  at the  date . .       the U.  S. Marine Corps.      military  personnel  and  natives.   time  among  the  Solomon  Islands
     Gunnery                                                       One  per  cent  interest  is  paid  on   than  any  other Navy vessel.
       A  flight  of  crows  will  be'  seen   Charley  Noble  Means   savings up  to $5000.     After rehabilitation at Auckland,
     taking  rendezvous  in  the  gunnery                        New  Device for Sea  Survivors.   New  Zealand,  in  the  later  part  of
     department  next  month  as  the   Galley  Smokestack·        A  new  device,  designed  to  in-  1944  she went back to  duty  in the
     "femmes"  have  just  cleared  the                          crease  the  chances  for  survival  in   Guadalcanal  area  until  she  was
                                                                 life  rafts  of  downed  aviators,  is
     last  hurdle  before  flashing  their   A  British merchant service  cap-                 ordered to  San  Francisco  in Janu-
     new  Sp(G)3c  ratings . . .  The  girls  tain,  Charles  Noble,  is  said  to  be   being installed by the assembly and   ary of 1945.
                                                                 repair  department  of  the  U.  S.
     all  did  a  4.0  job  in  their  General  responsible  for  the  origin  about             Two  of her original  commission-
                                                                 N:aval Air Station at Alameda.
     Qualifications  Tests,  which  meant  1850  of  this  nickname  for  the  gal-            ing  crew  are  still  aboard:  Chief
     burning  the  midnight  oil.  In  fact  ley smokestack. It seems that Cap-  The  device  is  the  invention  of   Motor  Machinist  Mate  Henry  E.
     Margaret Cook was seen fast asleep  tain  Noble  discovered  that  the   Chief Specialist  (A)  Mark L.  R.en-  Litchfield  of  Kittery,  Maine  and
     under  a  hair  dryer with a  copy  of  stack of his ship's galley was made   nert,  former  New  York  University   Perry W.  Fletcher,  Soundman first   Lt.  Commander  John  D.  Riner
     the Bluejacket's Manual in her lap  of  copper,  and  ordered  that  it  be   swimming  instructor.   class  of  Newton  Qenter,  Mass.   Called to active duty in October,
     last week!  Don't forget the  cigars,  kept bright. The ship's crew started   It consists of 20 feet of one-inch   The  commanding  officer  of  the  1940,  Lt.  Commander  Riner  was
     girls.·  .  .  Vi,rginia   Lee   Baker,  referring to the stack as the "Char- webbing strap  attached  to  the  lif_e   YP,  Lt:  (jg)  Ray  S.  Metzger  of  stationed  on  Yerba  Buena  Island
     Slc(Y),  is  down  to  three  anemic  ley Noble,"  and the practice spread  raft at one  end and fashioned  into   Toledo,  0 .,  came  aboard  as  execu- and instituted the first Nayy Guard
     fingernails  and  at  the  rate · they  throughout  the  British  merchant  a  loop·  at  the  loose  end.  Before   tive  officer  in January of 1944  and  on Treasure Island in 1941.  He has
     have  been  going  lately  we  advise  service.  It  later  was  taken  up  by  abandoning a  disabled plane on the   was assigned captain in September.  servedascommandingofficeraboard
     her  to  wear  either  gloves  or  try  the British and American navies.   water or before inflating a  life raft   * * *   two  newly  commissioned  mine
     gnawing  on  those  of  R.  L.  Brown.   Other Navy terms with interest- dropped  to  him,  a  downed  flier   ,r+.,,._comrian5'~r •. Jo_hn  D.  -Riner - sweepers __ l)-!lc\.  as g;:o.up  cqmmander
     Why?  Well,  she'll soon become the  ing ·origins  include  "captain,"  and  would place the loop  over his hJlad   ·began  d1,1.ty  this  week  as  the  new  of mine sweepers in the 15th Naval
     wife  of  Second  Lt.  Kenneth  Mc- "lieutenant."           and under his arm which will make   commanding officer  of Mine  Force,  District, Alaska.
     Knight,  U.  S.  A.  A.  F.     Captain comes from  "caput,"  the  it more certain and much ·easier for   Northern ,California  Sector,  West-  Lt.  Commander Riner makes his
     Engineering                   head or chief, and "thane," a  Saxon   him  to  pull  himself  into  the  life   ern  Sea  ·•Frontier.  He  came  to  home  with  his  wife  and  son,  John
       R.  W.  Staton,  MMlc,  and  Mrs.  title  of  honor  first  conferred  by   rafts.      Treasure Island from Norfolk, Va.,  D., Jr., at 316 St. James Drive, Pied-
     Staton  are  celebrating  the  arrival  King Athelstan.       Rennert  has  been  formally  com-  where-he  had been  serving as  Op- mont,  Calif.  In civilian  life  he  was
     of a  new baby boy and members of ·  The  title  "lieutenant"  was  first   mended for  his  invention.   erations  0fficer  of  a  mine  craft  schedule  supervisor  of  the  Key
     ship's  company  wish  to  congratu- used in the British Navy 350 years                   shake  down  group  and  Senior  Op- System, was a  member of the Oak-
     late  "Pop"  and  send  their  best  to  ago.  It  comes  from  the  French-  Man  buying  a  new  tire:  "Leave   erations  Trainin'g  Officer.   land Junior Chamber  of Commerce,
     the Mrs . . . We  understand that J.  "in  lieu  of"  (to  replace  the  cap- the  wrappings  on.  I  might  get a
                                                                                                 A  graduate  of the  University  of  the  Athens  Athletic  Club  and  the
     E.  Masquelier,  Flc, was the victim  tain if he  be. killed or disabled) .   couple  of  miles  out  of  them."  ,/   California,  Berkeley,  Calif.,  Lt.  Emeryville Industries Association.
                                                                                                 ,-,~-~~va·":"•,~czy.1. ~-- ._ .......  \~, ... /:
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