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U.S. Naval Training and Distribution Center

        VOL.  IV -  No.  22                                  TREASURE  ISLAND,  SAN  FRANCISCO,  CALIF.                                         J U LY  14,  1945

        T. I. Invests Over Half Million Dollars in Bonds -

                                                                   leads  Entire  12ND;
        ''Sandy''  Sanderson, ce·M Observes                                                       Course Is Set lor Sailor's Press Clu/J
                                                                   Radio  Materiel  School
        Sixty-Third Year in  United  States Navy                   Tops  All  Activities

                                                                     Personnel  of  Treasure  Island
       Oldest  Man  On  Active                                      went all out in the mighty Seventh
                                                                    War Loan Drive,  ended last Satur-
        Duty  in  U.  S.  Navy                                      day, by investing over half a  million
                                                                    dollars  in  government  securities
       Stationed  On  T.  I.                                       for future  use  when  the  war  ends.
                                                                     Bond-buyers can throw out their
         The oldest man on active duty in                           chests  and  tell  the  world  that
       the  United States Navy passed an-                          Treasure Island led the entire 12th
       other  milestone  last  week.                               Naval District in  bond  sales.  Even
         Treasure Island's  George  'Sandy'                        the  customary  "well-done"  would
        Sanderson,  CBM,  quietly  marked                          not  be  the  appropriate  expression
       his  sixty-third year  in  the  Navy-                       of appreciation for the splendid co-
       forty-three  are  active  years-and                         operation put forth by personnel of
       went right back to his rather stren-                        this  large  West Coast Naval  base.
       uous  job  of  keeping  bluejackets                           "Total  purchases  exceeded  our
       flowing  through the  right doors at                        fondest expectations," stated Lt. H.
       North Galley.                                               A.  Lincoln,  War Bond Issuing Offi-
         "Sandy"  and  the  Navy  crossed                          cer.  "The overwhelming success  of
       paths away back in 1882,  when he                           the  drive  can  be  contributed  in
       enlisted  at  San  Francisco,  Calif.,                      large measure to the enthusiasm of
       aboard  the  USS  Iroquois.  He  was                        those who did the job of seliing the
       just 20 years of age at that time-  Sixty-three Years a  Navy  Man   bonds."
       he was  born  in  York,  England,  in   by for  orders  restoring him  to  ac-  Personal contact was established
       1862.                         tive  duty.  He bought a  set of store   in  every  _activity  on  the  island
         From .  1882  until  1922,  when                          through  volunteer  bond  salesmen.
       Sandy  retired,  his  career  with  the   teeth,  too,  though  it was  rumored   Each bond was promptly  delivered
                                     that  he  could  bite  wire  in  half
       Navy was  filled  with  more  adven-                        to the owner, if he so desired.   COMMANDER  H.  M.  McKinley,  personal  assistance  officer  of  the
                                     without them.                                               Twelfth  Naval  District,  cirngratulates  newly  elected  officers  of  the  en-
       ture  and  drama  than  a  fiction                          RMS  Leads  Activities
                                       In the meantime, our 83-year-old                          listed  men's  Press Club, following  a  luncheon  held  at the San  Francisco
       writer  would  ever  dare  jam  into   youngster  made  an  extensive  lec-  Although the Tadcen administra-  Press  Clu~  by  editors  and  reporters  of  28  Navy  station  papers  in  this
       one  story.  He  served  throughout   ture  tour,  and  did  a  commendable   tive  command piled  up  the  largest   area.  President of club,  Bob  Utecht,  Ptr3c,  is  seen  shaking  hands  with
       the Spanish-American war and the                            total, Radio Materiel school led the  Commande_r  McKinley  while  Robert  E.  Johnson  (center)  and  Ralph  H.
                                     job in the recruiting service. Sandy   activities.  Under  the  direction  of  Costello  (right),  both  second  class yeomen, discuss their  new  duties  as
       first World war,  and saw action on
                                     has a  good voice for speaking, and   Lt. E. M. Ziegler, the final total.for   treasurer  and  vice-president,  respectively.
       over a  dozen ships of all classes.  .
                                     that,  coupled  with  stories  of forty   that  activity  was  $103,745.75.  The
         A  volume  could. be  written  orf   years  in the  Navy  told  with  sheer
       Sandy's  experiences  during  these                         first goal was $70,000 but that was
                                     enthusiasm,  made  his  talks  thor-  soon  reached,  and it was  later ex.- Navy Journalists  Hold Press Confab
       years.  From Santiago to the Galle-
                                     oughly  enjoyable  wherever  he   tended  to  $90,000.  All  hands  co-
       pagos,  San  Francisco  to  London,   spoke.
       Montreal,  Auckland,  Montevideo--  All who have ever met or known   operated to  their utmost and made  In  S. F., Form  District Press Association
       Sandy remembers them all. He vol-  him  have  a  very  warm  and  real   this last drive one of the most phe-
       unteered  as  nurse  when · members   affe tion for  Sandy,  but why not?   nomenal successes RM•S has experi-  More  than  fifty  conscientious,
       of the crew contracted yellow fever   7                     enced  to  date.  The  Commanding   enterprising  Navy  journalists  as-
                                     Only  once  in  a  lifetime  does  one
       at Callao, Peru. When the Southern                          Officer  commends  the  RMS  drive   sembled  in  the  spacious  dining  THE  All-STATION
                                     meet a  man of such character,  sin-  chairman,  his  assistants  and  all
       Pacific  ferry  Julia  blew  up  at the   cerity and genuine patriotism.  Our             room  of  the  San  Francisco  Press
       dock  in  Vallejo,  he  was  in  the                        hands  for  their pers.9nal  efforts.   Club Thursday afternoon  to  estab- DANCE  IS  TONIGHT!
                                     hats are off  to you,  Sandy!   Frontier  Base  Is  Seoond
       rescue party. The saving of life has                                                      lish  a  Navy  press  association  for   The Treasure Island dance gets
       been more or less a  matter of ro~-                           Selling  $65,686.50  in  bonds  was   newspapers  published  at  Navy,   underway at 2000 'tonight in  Gym
       tine  with  Sandy,  who has a  whole  Pullman  Ban  To      the job accomplished by the Naval   Marine  Corps  and  Coast  Guard
       collection  of  medals  to  show  for   Boost  bay Rail  Traffic   Frontier  Base.  Their  drive  fea-  military  installations,   i n  ·  th e   No.  1.  If  you  haven't  secured
       his  heroic  efforts.                                       tured  six  bond  rallies  with  enter-  Twelfth Naval District.   your  free  ticket  from  your  wel-
                                       Curtailment  of  civilian  sleeping  tainers  gathered  from  the  Bay                   fare  officer you had better hurry
         On  July  7,  1922,  he  was  placed                                                      After  much  deliberation,  it was
       on  the  inactive  list,  just 40  years   car service, ordered by the· Office of  area.  Special  mention  should  be   unanimously  a_greed  that  the  pro-  because  other  than  Coca  Cola
       from the time he joined up. He had   Defense  Transportation  (ODT)  to  accorded Harry Maucione,  who de-  posed  press  association  would   and  sandwiches  there  are  going
                                                                                                                                to be eight hundred beautiful bay
       married  in  1918,  and  lived  for  a   provide  more Pullmans for return- signed  the  booths  and  painted  in-  function as a  great news-gathering   area  hostesses  and  several  hun-
       time  in  Spring  Valley,  N.  Y.   ing veterans,  will  result in heavier  numerable  signs.  Lt.  G.  F .  Dyer,   organization,  cooperative,  serving
                                     daytime traffic on shorter routes.   together  with  men  and  women                       dred  of  our  own  T.  I.  Waves
         The  news  of  December  7  1941                                                        all  Navy  periodicals  published  in
       shocked  San4y  into  quitt~g  hi~   This  fact  was  admitted  by  picked from each department, han-  the  confines  of  the  Twelfth  Naval   aboard  - . and  T.  l's  new  band,
                                                                                                                                with  its  hottest jive.
       job  as  deputy  bailiff  with the  Dis-  spokesmen  for  the  Nation's  rail- dled  the  actual  sales.   District,  with all members serving
       trict Court in  San  Francisco,  don-  roads,  as  the  lines  made  prepara- OTS  In  Third  Place   as a  joint repo·rter.
       ning  a  new  uniform  that  flashed   tions  to  put  the  order,  banning   Amid booming fireworks, stirring   The  journalistic  conclave  marks   "Parents  all  over  the  country
       ten gold hash marks, and standing   civilian  Pullman  accommodations   Continued  on  Page  2-  a  new  precedent  in  Navy  journal- have focused their attention on the
                                     for trips of less than 450 miles, into                      ism.  Here, f.or  the first time,. editors  Golden  Gate-it is  the  by-word  of
                                     effect tomorrow noon.                                       and  press  agents  were  aware  of  every  Am~rican  serviceman  over-
       Navy  Launches                  The order is expected to transfer   Hospitality House     the  need  for  a  strong  newspaper  seas.  Mothers  and  fathers  on  the
                                     895  Pullmans from  civilian to mili-
       3  New Craft                  tary use.                     Re-Opens July 15              net-work  entirely  devoted  to  en- homefront  best  appreciate  your
                                                                                                 lightening  the  Navy  and  Civilian  station  newspapers- they  want  to
                                       It fol1owed protests by European
         Three  mighty  naval  craft-  the  war veterans that they ware  ~ing   The  dormitories in Civic  Center,   public-on the home front and  bat- read  about  their  sons  and  daugh-
       aircraft carriers Princeton and Sai- transported  cross  country  in  dirty  San Francisco, operated by the City   tle  front-by  an  unbiased  dissemi- ters  wherever they might  be."
       pan  and  the  submarine  Tusk-  commuter  type  day  coaches ·with  and County of San Francisco, taken   nation  of  facts-facts  stated  fully   To get the machinery of the press
       splashed  down  the ways  along  the  inadeguate sanitary facilities.   over for use in connection with the   and  convincingly.   association  in  operation,  each  rep-
       Delaware  River  Sunday  to  add                            United  Nations  Conference,  were   Steering   this   history-making  resentative  discussed  the  purpose
       their might to Uncle Sam's fleet.                           re:::opened to service personnel as of  press session was able,  experienced  and  function  of  the  organization
        Highlighting  the  ceremonies  at   EARL  D.  CAMPBELL     July  7.                      Commander  H .   M.   McKinley,  and  then  proceeded  to  elect  offi-
       various  shipyards was  the  launch-                          The  Hospitality  House  will  be  Twelfth  Naval  District  personal  cials. The body of  journalists, with-
       ing  of  the  27,000-ton  Essex  class   IS  VETS'  ADVISOR   open to service personnel tomorrow.  assistance officer. Drawing from his  out a  dissenting  vote,  elected  cap-
       carrier  Princeton  before  an  esti-                                                     wide  experience,  Commander  Mc- able Robert Utecht, Ptr3c, editor of
       mated  70,000  persons,  the  largest   The Veterans Administration has                   Kinley counselled the newsmen well  Camp Parks Log, president. Utecht
       crowd ever to attend a  Philadelphia  assigned  Earl  D.  Campbell  to  the   Notice  All  Hands-  and  wisely  while  serving  in  the  is  a  pioneer  of  the  organization.
       Navy Yard launching.          Receiving Ship, Treasure Island, for   TREASURE  ISLAND     capacity of the  chair~an.    Ralph  H.  Costello,  Y2c,  editor  of
        Assistant Secretary of the  Navy  the  purpose  of  assisting  and  ad-  HANDBALL TOURNAMENT   Commande·r  McKinley lauded the  the  Beach  Buster  of  Albany,  was
       H.  Struve  Hensel  told  Navy  Yard·  vising  in · every  way  possible,  per-  July 23  through  August 2   work  done  in  the  past  by  enlisted  elevated  to  vice  president.  Robert
       authorities  the  Princeton,  a  "ven- sonnel  being  separated  from  the                personnel  engaged  in  naval  news  E. Johnson, Y2c, an associate editor
       geance"  replacement for the 10,000  service,  of  the  rights  and  benefits   SINGLES   DOUBLES   coverage  in  this vicinity.   of The Masthead was named treas-
       ton  converted  carrier  Princeton,  to  which  they  are  entitled  from   PRIZES-12- PRIZES   "It has been my duty during this  urer.  The  a,ppointment  of  a  secre-
       sunk  by  the  Japs  in  the  battle  of  the  Veterans  Administration.                  war," he said, "to help build morale  tary was  postponed  until  the  next
       Leyte Gulf, "will  be a  symbol of our   Mr.  Campbell  is  located  in  the   Entries  close  July  21  at 1200   in various activities, and I  am con- meeting which will be held at Camp
       national  unity and of our faith. She  office  of Civil Readjustment Officer              vinced  that  you  are  in  the  very   Parks.
       will  bear  within  her  not  only  our  of the Receiving Ship, Building No.   For Entry Phone or Write   best  position  to  bool?t  homefront   Prior to the conference a  "swell-
       sons  and  brothers  but  also  the  175.  He  will  be  available  to  per-  W.  N.  SIEGER,  Sp(A)2c   and  overseas  moral~,  so  vitally  elegant"  luncheon  was  enjoyed  by
       hopes  and  aspirations of the.entire  sonnel' for  approximately  one-half   Gym No. 1   Extension 50   needed  for  the  successful  con- the  press  dele&"ation  in  the  swank
       nation."                      of each  day.                                               clusion of this  war."        dining  room of  the Press  Club.
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