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THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JULY  14,  1945           PAGE  3
       Bob Pickett of Pre-Com  Jack  Heid,  T.  I.  Sailor         Treasure         Island  Golden  Gloves  Start Aug.  6

      Wins  National  Laurels  Captures  Northern Calif.
                                                                                                                              16 Champs to Be Crowned
      For  Treasure  Island          Bicycle  Title,  Sunday

      .  Silken blades  of  grass gro,w  fast                                                                                  In  Five Day Mitt-Fest
                                      Jack Heid, Treasure Island sailor
       in  Maryland  but  not  so  fast  that
                                     from  New  Jersey,  captured  the                                                          Treasure  Island's  Golden  Glove
       Bob  Pickett,  Sp(A)2c,  couldn't
                                     Northern  California  bicycle  cham-                                                      tournament  will  be  held  in  Gym
       stomp them  back· into the earth as
                                     pionship  Sunday  at  Golden  Gate                                                        No.  1  on  August  6  to  August  10,
       fast  as  they  grew,  when  it  came
                                     Stadium  by  winning  three  of  the                                                      with championship bouts being held
       to  anything  athletic.
                                     four  events  in  which  he  competed.                                                    on  August  15,  starting  at  1900.
        Mastery  of  some  five  major
                                      Heid,  former eastern  states road                                                         Two  divisions  will  be  sponsored:
       sports  has  been  accomplished  by
                                     race title holder, tabulated the most                                                     Novice for beginners and Senior fo,r
       this  Pre-Commissioning  judo  and   points  by  taking  the  one,  ten  and                                            experienced amateurs. Champs will
       wrestling  instructor  who  can  also   twenty-five-mile  races.  Ferd  Gio-                                            be  crowned  in  the  112,  118,  126,
       impart a  sound knowledge of swim-  metti  of  San  Francisco  pinned  the                                              135,  147,  160,  175  and heavyweight
       ming  and  gymnastics  to  his  com-  sole  defeat  on  Heid  by  edging  him                                           divisions.
       bined  officer  and  enlisted  men
                                     in the five-mile test.                                                                     Deadline  for  all  entries  will  be
                                      In  the  final  point  scoring,  Bud                                                     August  3,  at  1500.  ·see  Charley
                                     Thorpe of  Burlingame  took second                                                        Pinzone,  boxing  instructor at Gym
                                     to  the  high-scoring Heid, while  Joe   ACTION-One word  describes  last year's thrill-packed  12th  Naval  Dis-  No.  1,  for  entries  or  details.
                                     Graf,  also  of  San  Francisco,  was  trict  boxing  championships,  as evidenced  by  above  photos,  which  were   Prizes  will  be  awarded  to  win-
                                     third.                        held  here on T.I. Treasure  Island's own  Golden  Glove tournament which  ners  and  semi-finalists.
                                                                   starts  August  6  in  Gym  No.  1,  promises  even  more  thrills  and  prizes
                                                                   than  last year's epic.                                       Come  one,  come  all  and  register
                                     Summer Handball Games                                                                     for  this  giant- show.  Take  advan-
                                                                                                                               tage  of  this  "golden"  opportunity.
                                     Start  July  23;  Entry       Camp Parks Staggered in 1S-2  Defeat
                                                                                                                              July  18th  Smoker  Will
                                     Deadline July _21, 1200       By T.1.; Touby Hits  Safely in  29 Games
                                      Handball  courts  in  Gym  No.  1                                                        Feature Boxing-Variety
                                                                    The  championship  hopes  ,of  the  Tauby -singled to score Richardson.
                                     are  being  prepared for  the  coming
                                                                   Camp  Parks  Seabees  were  given  Dunham  lined  a  hard  grounder  to   Show  In  ·Gym  No.  1
                                     Treasure  Island  Summer  Handball
                                                                   rather a  rude  jolt Saturday,  as the  the  second-baseman who juggled it
                                     tournament  that  commences  July                                                           Gym  No.  1  will  be  the  site  of
                                                                   Treasure  Island  Pirates  humbled  and  allowed  another  run  to  cross
                                     23  and  ends  August  2.                                                                 another  exciting  smoker  Wednes-
                                                                   the third  place Seabees 15-2,  before  the  plate.  Bartell  doubled,  scoring
                                      Play  is  open  to  both  officer  and                                                   day,  July  18  at  1900,  that  will
                                                                   a  crowd  ,of  some  2000  bluejackets.  Tauby  and  Dunham,  and  Sheely's   boast  the  best  in  pugilistic  circles
                                     enlisted  personnel  and  will  be  di-  Bender, ·one of T.I.'s top  hurlers,  tihree-base  clout  pushed  Bartell
                                     vided  into  "A"  and  "B"  classes.   returned to top form as he set down  over the plate.   on  Treasure  Island  and  the  very
                                     Men  qualified  for  "A"  competition                                                     best  in  entertainment  from  T.I.
                                                                   the defending champs with six hits.   T. I.  added  another  tally  to  their
                                     are  supposedly  average  or  above                                                       and  San Francisco.
                                                                   Kistler  was  banged  for  nine  hits  growing  count  in  the  second  and
                                     average  players  while  play  in  the   and  almost  the  double  amount  in  then  really  hit the  gravy  road with   Seven bouts have been carded by
                                     "B"  bracket will  be  limited  to  be-                                                   boxing head,  Charley Pinzone,  and
          PreCom  Athletic  Instructor                             runs  by T.I.,  while  his mates were  a seven-run ,outburst  in  the fourth.
                                     ginne·rs  and  men  with  no  tourna-                                                     will  be  supported  by  those  two
                                                                   giving  him  rather poor support by  Most  ,of  the  damage  was  done  by
         Bob's  main  love  has  been  wrest- ment  experience. ,                                                              hilarious  men  of  mirth,  Paige ·and
                                                                   committing five  errors.      some unsteady  pitching on  the part
       ling  and  there  is  good  reason  why.   Gear  will  be  supplied  except for                                         Wise,  who  will  bring  a  top-notch
                                                                     Fred  Tauby,  slugging  T.I.  out- ,of  Kistler, who issued walks to four
       Two  ,older  brothers  who  were  col- tennis shoes that must be  provided                                              variety  show  to  the  T .I.  athletic
                                                                   fielder,  hit  safely  in  his  twenty- men.
       legiate  and  nati,onal  titleholders,  by the  contestant.                                                             arena.
                                                                   ninth consecutive game.         Base-on-balls  to-Lowe,  Williams,
       used  to  practice  their  holds  ,on   Prizes  will  go  to  the  winners,                                               Come  early  for  the  best  seats.
                                                                    Treasure Island didn't hesitate  a  Tauby,  Bartell  and  hits  by  Olsen,
       playful  Bob.  This  went  on  ontil  and  semi-finalists  in                                              No  passes  necessary.
                                                                   moment in the scoring department,  Dunham  and  Sheely  accounted for
       Pickett  got  a  little  too  big  to  both  the  singles  and  doubles  divi-
                                                                   nicking  the  Camp  Parks  chucker  the seven runs that journeyed over
       handle.  A  parley  was  in  l()rder  for  sion.  Your  entry  must  include
        1                                                          for  five  runs  in  the  initial  frame.  the plate for T .I. in the fatal fourth.  run.  The  only  two  runs  scored  by
       the  three,  and  aft,er  a  successfully  name,  barracks number, phone and
                                                                   Lead-off  batter Richardson walked   Treasure  Island  culminated  its  Camp  Parks  came  from  Ferrell's
       planned  future,  Bob  found  . both  the  time you  are  available- to play.
                                                                   and Olsen  hit safely for  a  fielder's  scoring  in  the  sixth  as  a  result of  walk  and  Slovenski's  round  trip
       feet  set  in  the direction  of the  mat   Entries  close  July  21,  at  1200.   choice,  both  runners  advancing. 1 Dunham's triple and Sheely's home  smash in  the  sixth stanza.
       world.                        Phone  or  write  W.  N .  Sieger
        The  boy wonder gained first  rec- Sp(A)2c  in  Gym  No.  1,  Bldg.  139,
       ognition when he won the Maryland  Ext.  50,  for  entry.  ~o  not  waste   St.  Mary's  Stops  Armed
       prep  championship,  three  years  time.                    Guard  Win  Streak  With .. SPORTS ..
       running.  The  name  Pickett,  which
       has  long  been  a  tradition  at  Yale
       University,  got  its  fourth  fighting   T. I., Alameda  Top  1945  12-7  Triumph,  Saturday
       member  upon  Robert's  graduation
       from  high  school.  He  quickly  ran  Sport  Circuit;  Camp   Armed  Guard  suffered  her  first
       up  an  envious  record  until  the                         setback in  six  games  Saturday,  by
       finals in the national collegiate mat  Parks  Falls  to  Fourth   dropping  a  league  contest  to  the
       encounter,  which  he  lost  to  a  far                     high-flying  St.  Mary's  Pre-Flight,
                                      Mid-season  tabulation  on  the
       more experienced mat man.                                   12  to  7.
                                     1945   sports   calendar   includes
         In  between  seasons,  Bob  kept in                         St. Mary's entered the game with
                                     swimming,  basketball,  golf,  hand-
       trim  by  playing  football  with  the                      a  seven-game victory streak behind
       Eli  eleven.  Grantland Rice  thought   ball  and  bowling.  Rugby-football   her, having toppled the T.I.  Pirates
       him  good  enough  to  put  on  his   hasn't been  tabulated, and football,   in  their  last  contest.   A  savage
       third  string  All-American  squad   tennis  and  baseball  haven't  been   17-hit  attack  met  Stone,  Gunner
       Mind you,  this was his first year.                         pitcher,  early  in  the  second  frame  ,
                                       Treasure  Island  heads  the  list
         Bob  walked  off  with  the  AAU                          when  a  single,  a  pair  of  walks,  a
                                     along  with  the  Naval  Air  Station,
       New  England  honors  in  1941  and                         home  run  and one  error,  manufac-
                                     Alameda, with 32  points each. Far-
       the  South  Atlantic  title  in  '41  and                   tured  four  runs  for  the  men  from
                                     ther on  down the line in thirteenth
       '42.  Bob  finally  met  a  man  he                         Moraga.
                                     position  is  the  Armed  Guard  Cen-
       couldn't throw and was herded into                            From here the cadets were never
       a  temporary  retirement  by  Uncle   ter.  Pre-Commissioning  and  T.I.   headed,  piling  up  a  substantial
       Sam.                          Hospital trail with four points each.   margin  and  coasting  across  the
         Although  the  tight,  snug,  sail,or   Defending  champ,  Camp  Parks,   wire  with  a  12-7  win.  Stone  was
       togs  keep  most  men  in  harness,   has  fallen  into  fourth  place,  while
                                     the  strong  Fleet  City  contingent  credited  with  the  loss  fqi:  .f..rmed
       Bob  wiggled  loose  long  enough  to
                                     has  dropped  to  ninth;  with  16  Guard  while  Sorelle  hurled  nine
       win  the  National  AAU  crown  for
                                     digits.                       hit  ball  in  twirling  St.  Mary's  to
       Treasure  Island  in  April,  1945.
                                       First Ten in Order:    Pct.  the  triumph.
       Prl-or  to  this,  Pickett  had  played
                                     Tr~asure  Island  . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  32   ---------
       a  strenuous,  three-month  season ,of                                                    RMS  SOFTBALLERS~piling  up  an  enviable  record  in  the  American
       Rugby-F,ootball  that  rewarded  him     st ation ..........  25  Armed  Guard  Celebrates   ·League  softball  play,  the  sec~nd  place  gladiators  from  RMS  are  solid
                                     Alameda Air
       with  a  berth  -on  the  All-Service   Dist.  Recreation . . .. . ........ .             choices  for  second  half  honors  along  with  Armed  Guard  and  Tadcen.
       squad.                                                                                    Left  to  right  (top  row):  Noauck,  Walker,  coach  Matsik.  Front  row:
                                                                                                 Rice,  Hahn, Jorrisen, Stevens, Wise.
         The  clock  doesn't  stop  for  the   ~:::1 1:::i~i~;; · ~-i~ · : : : : : : : : :  ~~ Fourth by Whipping Camp
       210-pound giant.  Continuous work- Alameda  Coast Guard  . . . . . . . .  21  p  k  E  . h F  lO
       outs  with  Babe  Rodriguez  and  San  Francisco  Coast  Guard. . .  20  ar  Sj  yrlC  ans   T.  I.  Softball  Tourney  Gets  Opening  Whistle;
       "Flash" Gordon keep the  clean liv- Vallejo  Naival  Barracks .. . .... · 18   Armed  Guard·  celebra~ed  the
       ing,  early-to-bed Pickett busy with  Fleet  City,  Shoemaker. . . . . . . .  16   Fourth  of  July  in  noisy  fashion  Armed  Guard  Faces  Tadcen  In  Top  Tilt
       new tricks and valuable knowledge.  Albany  Landing  Force. . . . . . . .  16
                                                                   Wednesday  by  exploding  in  the
         Bob  can  be  found  any  afternoon                                                       First  round  pairings  in  the T.  I.  running,  throw  for  distance  and
                                                                   hands  of  an  unexpecting  Camp
       over at the Pre-Com athletic arena,                                                       Intra-Mural  softball  tourney  that  throw  for  accuracy.
                                        SPORT  SCHEDULE  FOR       Parks  baseball  nine,  8-3.   starts July 16,  on the athletic µeld,   First  Hound
       grooming  some  hopeful  in  judo or
                                              THE  WEEK             , The Gunners had hung up a  12-2  will  furnish  diamond  fans  with   Division "A"
       wrestling- the  line  he  intends  to
                                      Baseball                     win  over  the  Coast  Guard  Surf  some  hot,  initial  round  contests.   T.I.  Officers  vs.  VR-2.
       follow  at the war's end.
                                        Treasure  Island  vs.  Albany   Riders  the  day  before  and  needed  Teams  will  be  divided  into  three   Pre-Commissioning  vs.  Frontier
       T.  I. TAKES SAN  MATEO        Landing  Force,  Saturday,  July   only the  Camp Parks win  to make  divisions,  "A",  "B"  and  "C".   Base.
         Treasure  Island  continued  her   14.  Away.             their  celebration  perfect.    Armed  Guard  will  tackle  the   Armed Guard  vs.  Tadcen.
       rampage  on  the  b~ll  diamond Sun-  Navy  All-Stars  vs.  Marines,   Eyrich  pitched  brilliant  five-hit  rough  and  tough  Tadcen  ten  in   Radio  Material - Bye.
       day by pinning a  9-3  defeat on San   Seals  Stadium,  at 1400,  Sunday,   ball and wielded a  hefty bat in con- what will be the tourney's toughest   Division "B"
       Mateo. San Mateo not only fell prey   July 15.              tributing  a  pair of  hits for  Armed  opening  round  fracas,  and the T.I.   A.G.  Officers vs.  Fire Fighters.
       to  a  12-hit  barrage  but  took  it  on   Treasure Island vs.  San Diego   Guard.  Eyrich  was  credited  with  Dispensary  will  throw  its  heavy   Marines  vs.  0.T.S.  Gunnery.
       the chin  on  their own field  as well.   of  P.C.L.,  Thursday,  July  19,   10  strikeouts.   ·   artillery  at  the  Post  Office  in  an-  D.D.  Pool  vs.  Pre-Embarkation.
         A  five  run  rally  in  the  seventh   here  at 1400.                                  other  opening  day  tilt  on  the  "C"   O.T.S. - Bye.
       inning virtually put the game on ice   Smoker July 18-        A  pony  playing  sailor  made  a  bracket slate.           USS-Y vs. Rec. Ship.
       ·for  T.I.  and  allowed  the  pitching   Combined boxing-variety show   cl:assk  remark  on  his· way  to  the   Twenty-one  teams  will  vie  for   T.I.  Hospital vs.  Tadcen Officers.
       combination of Wilson  and Vallero   commencing at 1900. Gym No. 1.   track  one  day:  "I  hope  I  break  crowns in  the  three  divisions,  with   Post Office  vs.  T.I.  Dispensary.
       another  win.                                               even. I  need the money."     final day ceremonies featuring base   USS-O-Bye.
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