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PAGE 2            THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JULY  14,  1945

                                                                 T.  I.  Invests  Over          Most Glamorous Service  filrl In Bay Area
                                                             * Half  Million  Dollars

                                                                  In  War  Bonds                                                                       I
                                                      * cost  to  the
      *  *  Island  publication  distributed  &very  Saturday  without
      Official  Treasure
      officers,  enlisted personnel, and  employees  of Treasure Island. All  communications and
      contributions should  be directed to  The Editor, Welfare Division,  TADCEN,  Treasm·e  Continued from  Page 1-
      Island, San Francisco, California. Phone: EXbrook 3931,  Extension  69.
                       COMMODORE  R.  W.  CARY,  USN              military music, and the cheers from
               Commande1· U.  S.  Naval  Training  and  Distribution  Center   all  hands,  the  grand  finale  of  the·
                       CLYDE F. BABB,  Sp{X)3c,  USNR             highly  successful  OTS  drive  was
                                 Edito1·                          staged  in  the  school  quadrangle
             Robert E. Johnson, Y2c - Rex  N.  Olsen,  Y2c,  Associate Editors   Wednesday noon,  July 4.  Heralding
      Carolyn N.  Bro~vn, Yl c,  Waves  Editor   Robert H.  Per~ , BM2c,  Sports   the  over-the-top  contribution  of
                       Bruce  A.  Werlhof, PhM3c,  Reporter
                                                                  OTS  to  the  Mighty  Seventh,  Com-
                (The Masthead nses  Camp  Newspaper  Service  Material)   mander  H.  E.  Stone,  commanding
                                                                  officer,  expressed his hearty appre-·
      TREASURE  ISLAND,  S.  F.,  CALIF.,  SATURDAY,  JULY  14,  1945
                                                                  ciation  for  the  efforts  of  all  per-
      EDITORIAL-                                                    Highlight  of  the  festivities  was
                                                                  the  war  bond  raffle.  J_- Fi.. Varne·r,
      QJ Bdl o/t  R;.r;J,,u  dlolJt  eLaud-e                      Ylc, was the lucky $100  bond win-
                                                                  ner.  The honorable owner of "Hiro-
      <Jluit Slto.ull, Qw.e  Vea Paud-e                           hito's  White  Ho-rse"  is  now  the
                                                                  third division,  which  came through
                                                                  with  100  per  cent  participaUon.
          According to a recent issue of one of the service clip sheets,  The  biggest  news  of  all- the  final
      men  who  are  up  for  discharge  should  be  very  cautious  about  grand  total:  $39,093.75.
      applying for certain parts of the GI Bill of Rights unless they are   All  Activities  Strong
                                                                    Following  is  a  list  of  Treasure
      certain they want to take advantage of that particular feature.
                                                                  Island  activities  and  their  bond
          For  example,  a man  soliciting  additional  education  should  totals,  in  the  order  in  y.rhich  they
      make  absolutely  certain that he's  going to follow  through  com-  were turn.eel in:
                                                                  Tadcen  . .. .... . ... : ... $168,242.75
      pletely on the educational angle.                           Naval Training School. .   7,237.50
          Here is  the catch. According to the article, Congress has left  Armed Guard Center. . .  45,125.00
                                                                  U.S.  Naval Hospital. . . .   24,462;50
      itself an opening in the present bill. There is  some sort of clause
                                                                  Operational Tr. School..  39,093.75
      (neatly worded)  that allows Congress, in the case that a bonus is  Radio Materiel  School. .  103,745.75
      voted  to  veterans  of  this  war,  to  deduct  said  amount  from  the   Rec. Ship  (T.I.)  . . . . . . .  10,743.75
                                                                          (Yerba Buena)  18,962.50
      bonus figure.  It's conceivable that a man taking advantage of full   Pre-Embark.  Center  . . .   6,262.50
      collegiate  education will  draw nary  a  penny  from  that possible  Pre-Com.  Tr.  Center...   4,968.75
                                                                  Marines  . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   2,773.00
      bonus.                                                                                    THE  WINNER-Blue-eyed  Lt.  Margaret  Hitchc-ock of the  Navy  Nurse
                                                                  Frontier  Base  . . . . . . . .   65,686.50
                                                                                                Corps is "the most glamoro·us girl  in  the armed forces  in  the  Bay Area."
          That some sort of bonus will eventually be granted seems to  Naval L. Def.  Forces...  14,166.75
                                                                                                Lt.  Hitchcock wo·n the award from  Ezi,o  Pinza, opera singer, in  a  special
      be  a  gold-plated  bet. There  are  a  number  of  measures  already   Mine  Force  . . . . . . . . . . .   2,925.00  event  sponsored  by  a  local  newspaper  in  the  Civic  Auditorium  in  San
                                                                  NTS- Radio  (Y.B. Isl.).   1,293.75  Francisco  last  Sunday  evening.  With  her  selection  by  Pinza,  Miss
      pending before Congr~ss and the one with most· chance of getting   Miscellaneous  . . . . . . . . .   3,562.50   Hitchcock won a  hundred dollar war bond and a  special corsage. Among
                                                                                                the  first  group  of  nurses  to  land  at  New  Guinea,  she  has  recently  re-
      through seems to be sponsored by Representative Rankin                            turned  to  the  United  States  after  eighteen  months  overseas.   Miss
      of Mississippi, that at present purports to give each veteran a sum   Total. ..... . ..... . .. $519,252.25  Hitchcock  is  presently stationed at the Naval  Hospital, Treasure  Island.
                                                                    "With the  conclusion of this,  the
      of 1,040 sirnoleons whether he be Pfc.  Buckaroo or Admiral Al-  last  cash  drive  in  tihe  Navy,  it  is
      Nav.  Only  stipulations  are  that he be  discharged  according  to  hoped  that  all  Navy  and  civilian  TIie  Island  Trotter
                                                                  personnel will  take new interest in
      Hoyle and that he served  a  period long enough  to make him  a
                                                                  the  payroll  savings  and  monthly
      veteran. At the present this period seems to be 90  days.   allotment plans," concluded Lt. Lin-  Of an Sports activities  on 'Treas-
           But just suppose that Pfc. Buckaroo has already subscribed to   coln.  Lt.  Lincoln  has  been  War   ure  Isl.and,  what  is  your  favorite ?   ;' ... ,
                                                                  Bond  Issuing  Officer  for  Treasure                              I
      the  Educational Clause in  the GI Bill.  He has had two  years  of                                                            I
                                                                  Island since  January,  1945.   James  V.  Ursin,  Mus.  3c,  of  the
      free schooling at Government expense, at a cost of let's say $500 a                       new  T. I.  Band:  I  like pool  best.  It   I
                                                                                                is  a  relaxation for  your mind,  and   I
      year. Deduct $1,000 from $1,040 and you come up with 40 bucks.     •                      helps develop the tendency to work
      That's what Buckaroo may  be drawing down on his  bonus  as  a  Question  of  Your  NSI   on  a  hard,  or  long-shot.  I  have   J
      veteran.                                                    Insurance  Beneficiary        been  playing  the  game  for  about   11
           Buckaroo will be happy to discover, however, that in case he                         six years,  during  those  hours I  am   ·•
                                                                                                not with my baritone  trumpet.
      draws  1,500 smackers on his education, he won't be expected to   Can  Be  Complicated               *  *  *                 I
      pay  back  $460.  No sir.  He will •just  get  zero  dollars.   In  the  case  of  your  death,  your   Paul  J.  Brown.,  S1c,  R,ec.  Ship,   '
                                                                  life  insurance  is  paid  to  the  bene- likes  baseball.  I  like  it  on  this
          , Anyway,  as the article points out very wisely,  make sure of  you. have since applied for a  change  game  in  Pennsylvania,  and  Dad  ·~
                                                                  ficiary  whom. you  chose  when  you  island  or  any  other.  That  is  hard
      your ground from  competent authority before you  commit your- applied  for  your  insurance,  unless  ball,  of course.  I  grew up with the
      self.                                                                                                                       ~
                                                                  of  beneficiary.  It  is  that  simple,  was  a  real  ball  player.
          (Note:  A  news  bulletin  as  we  go  to  press  states  that  the ,G.  I.  Bill   but in some  cases it gets involved.
      has  been  stripped  of  the  bonus  provision  but  indications  are  it will  be   The National  Se·rvice Life Insur-  Wave  L-ouise  "Billie"
                                                                                                           *  *  *  Gallagher,  Who,  me?  Well  ..• I  like  to  do
      br-ought  up  later  as  a  separate  measure.)             ance  program.  has  arranged  for  a
                                                                                                SK3c,  Armed  Guard  Disbursing  nothing  better  than  take  a  daily
                                                                  permitted  class  of  beneficiaries,   Office:  Tennis  is  a  favorite,  but  I  plunge  in  one  of  Treasure  Island's
                                                                  classified  in  the  following  order:   like  ping-pong  best,  although  I  three  swimming  pools.  -  Don't  I
                                                                   (1)  Husband  and  wife,  if  living;   haven't  been  playing  the  game  look contented?
                                                                   (2)  Child  or  children,  including   much  on  the  island,  because  the
                                                                  adopted children, if living, although   hall is dominated  by the boys,  and
                                                                  step-children or children of illegiti-  a  girl  would  feel  silly  challenging   about  three  years  ago.  My  overall
                                                                  mate  birth  must  be  named;  (3)   them!  Right  now,  I  am  taking  a   average  is  about  180  now.  There
                                                                  Parents,  including parents through   body-building  course  in  the  gym   are  a  lot of guys a  lot better than
                                                                  adoption  and  those  who  stood  in   with  some  of  the  other  girls.  It is   that,  but  I  am  learning.  It  is  a
                                                                  place of parents under certain con-  supposed  to  take  you  up  or  down,   clean  game  and  the  challenge  to
                                                                  ditions,  if living;  ( 4)  Brothers and   which ever the need be.   knock  'em  all  down  in  one  shot  is
                                                                  sisters  including half  brothers and                       real  sport.  Treasure  Island  has  a
                                                                                                           *  *  *
                                                                  half sisters.  If you  did not name  a   Ted  Woolwine,  GM3c,  Armed   nice  alley for  the  fellows.
                                                                  beneficiary,  the  proceeds  will  be  Guard:  Any  kind  of  baseball.  I
                                                                  paid  to  the  first  living  beneficiary  don't play the game- football back  NAVY  "NOAH'S  ARK"
                                                                  in the above permitted class in the  in Kentucky- but hereon the island  ARRIVES  AT  GUAM
                                                                  proper  order.                I  am.  a  good  baseball  fan. ·   The first cargo of livestock to be
                                                                    You  can  name  one  or  more  of      *  *  *            shipped from  the  United  States to
                                                                  these  prospective  beneficiaries  in   Richard  Norman,  Sp(T)3c,  Pre- a  forward  area  in  the  Pacific
                                                                  any order you wish,  with any pro-  Com.  Tra.  Cen.:  Swimming  and  arrived recently,  it was announced
                                                                  portion  of  the  face  amount  of  the   basketball are best.  I  like  to watch  by the Navy Department.
                                                                  policy  you  wish.  Once  your  choice   the Treasure  Island baseball team.   Tl).e  shipment  was  delivered  to
                                                                  has  been  properly  indicated,  noth-  They  are  pretty  good,  but for  ac- Guam  by  two  victory  ships.  It in-
                                                                  ing  is  allowed  to  alter  it  in  any   tivity  I  swim,  and  played  basket- eluded  75  cows,  eight  bulls,  six
                                                                  way.  You  alone  can  change  your   ball in high ·school.   heifers, 1043 hogs, 600 chickens, 100
                                                                  beneficiary.  A  beneficiary  can  be    *  *  *             ducks  and  50  turkeys.
                                                                  named  by  last will  and  testament,   Bob Shephard,  RDM3c,  Barr. 206:   According to Marine Major Gen-
                                                                   but a  last will  and  testament  can- Football  for  me.  The  gang  of  fel- eral  H.  L.  Larsen,  Island  Com-
                                                                   not  change  a,  bep.efi.cia.ry.  Be  sure  lows  I  grew up  with always  had a  mander  for  representatives  of  the
                                                                  that the  person to whom you want  football  with  them.  Back  in  Balti- Foreign  Economic  Administration
                                                                  your  government  insurance:  pro-.  more  I  played  two  years  of  high  and  the  Military  Government  Sec-
                                                                   ceeds  to  be  paid  in  event· of  your  school  football  a,t  good  old  right  tion  of  the  Island  Command,  the
                                                                   death  is  the  one  named  as . your  half, · and  it  is  the  best  sport  in  shipment  will  assure  fresh  milk,
                                                                   beneficiary.                · the· world.                   meat  and  eggs  for  the  wounded
                                                                                                           *  * *              soldiers, sailors and marines in hos-
        "He has  just  returned  from  two· years  on  the  islands,   Tact' is ·what a  "slick  chic"  uses ·  Harry  Berndt,  S1c,  RMS:  I'll  i:>itals  on  the  island;  and  will  do
               'Treasure and Gwt,' whereve:r- they  are!'"         to make  a' slow sailor think he's  a. ta_ke  bowling  any  time.  I  learned  much  toward  assisting  the  native
                                                                  fast ·worker,                 .to. bowl  at home  in  Fresno,  Calif.,  economy.
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