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PAGE6             THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JULY 14,  1945
                                    sible  that  the  results  may  reach
                                    you  next  week.  This  is  not  a
                                    promise,  only a  possibility,  but for
                                    your  own  saf~y  we  recommend
                                    that  you  see  your  local  bulletin
                                    board  right  away.  If  they  haven't
                                    the  latest  dope  and  we  haven't  it,
                                    nobody  has.
        Do  you  feel  that  the  waltz  dis- Just  Between  Us
      plays  your tarents  more  effectively   No wonder they had to put out a
      than  the  "ten  o'clock  jump?"  memorandum concerning the hous-
      Would you rather jive than eat and  ing facilities at BOQ ... Last week  CHAPEL   •  •  •
      does  your  heart  beat  double  time  four  weary,  young,  male  ensigns
                                                                          Divine  Services
      when  they play a  rhumba?  If you  arrived at WOQ with all  their lug-  Treasure  and  Verba  Buena  Islands
      do  and would  and  it does,  then  we  gage  and  hopefully  asked  for  a
      suggest the Treasure Lsland station  room  . . .  The  flustered  sentry  at-
      dance tonight at Gymnasium No·. 1.  tempted to explain that while these
      You may do all these things and at  quarters  were  for  unmarried  of-
      the  same  time  improve  your social  ficers, still all the "bachelors" were,                          *                 Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  1
      chatter if  you  are  on hand at 2000  in  this  instance,  females  .  .  .  The             BANKING FACILITIES
      to hear  the T.  I.  dance  band when  boys  retreated  in  embarrassment,                      WESTERN UNION           Last Showing T,onight
      they  start  off  with  your  favo•rite  in haste and still homeless . .. glad                    PosT OFFICE                NAUGHTY  NINETIES
      hit  tunes.                   that it was too dark for their mis-
                                                                                                     w AR  BOND  O FFICE            Abbott  and  Costello
      Socially  Speaking            take  to  be  obvious  . .. We  are
        A  Treasure  Island  sailor  made  sorry to hear thait Lt.  (jg)  Flatebo                 Alt 4 services  located  in  Bldg.
      the  remark  last  week  that the  ac- must  leave  us  now  that  NTS  has                   258,  Ave.  H, near 4th St.   Sun.-M-0n.,  July  15  and  16
      tivity  schedule  for  Waves  looked  been  closed  ... Her  new  orders   SUNDAY  SERVICES                             CHRISTMAS  IN  CONNECTICUT
     . like the calendar of a  Park A venue  take her to San Diego .. . It's J;:lard                          *               Barbara Stanwyck  Dennis Morgan
                                                                          Protestant  Worship          SMALL  STORES
      socialite.  "Trips  and  bowling  and  to ·  keep  from  offending  MAA's  Treasure  Island  Chapel-0930  and  1030
      movies,  gee what a  life!"  Glad  you  these  days  ... They have been  so   Comm>Lnion-1130  (Chapel)   Bldg.  215,  10th  St.,  between   Tuesday,  July 17
                                                                  Hospital  Chapel-1000
      like  it,  fella!  Here  is  more  fodder  reshuffled  that  one  has  difficulty  Theatre  No,  3-1030   Aves.  Mand N.    PENTHOUSE  RHYTHM
                                                                  Embarkation  Ship 's  Service  Chapel  0700                 Kirby Grant         Lois Collier
      for  your  cannon.            telling which ones are on duty and  Yerba Buena.  Island Theatre-0930     *
        Tomorrow  a  bus  leaves  stop  39  which are only  enjoying their free   Catholic  Masses   TELEPHONE CENTERS
                                                                  Treasure  I sland  Chapel-0630,  0720  and
      at  0930,  bound  for  the  picnic  at  time . .. Who was more surprised?   0820                                        Wed.-Thurs.,  July  18  and  19
      Mare Island.  Monday night has the  Thelma  Mello  or  Eva  Bond?  .  .  .  Theatre  No.  1-1030   Recreation  Bldg.  263,  9th  St.   THE  CHEATERS
                                                                  Hospital  Cha.pel-0630  and  0900       and Ave.  H.
      regularly  scheduled  movie  for  en- "Mo"  gave  a  wedding  shower  for  Embarkation  Ship 's  Service Chapel-0600    Joseph Schildkraut   Billie  Burke
                                                                  Yerba  Buena  I sland  Theatre-0830   Bldg. 174, 4th St.  and Ave.  C.
      tertainment,  Tuesday  is  practice  "Bondie",   (she   thought)  .  .  .
                                                                  Confessions  (YB  Theatre  Office)  0800   (Band Circle)
      night for  all  lady golfers,  Wednes- "Bondie"  was  told  she  was  going   Mormon  Study  Group                      Fri.-Sat.,  July  20  and  21
      day  should  find  you  knitting  at  to  a  bridal  shower  for  "Mo"  .  .  .   Theatre  No.  2-0930   ~   *               CALL  OF  THE  WILD
                                                                         WEEKDAY  ACTIVITIES
      Barracks  232 . and  Thursday  has  What resulted was a  double shower  Daily-Mas,;es  (Small  Chapel,  Treasure   RAILWAY COACH TICKETS   Clark  Gable   Loretta Young
      only bowling, tennis and swimming  for  them both and a  hilarious time   I sland)  1150  and  1630
                                                                  Daily-Corifessions  (Small  Chapel,  Treas·   AIRLINE RESERVATIONS
      for  your  amusement.  Better  bring  for  the  guests  who  cooked  up  the   ure  Island)
                                                                  Daily-Masses  (Hospital  Chapel)  0645   TRAVELERS' CHECKS    Treasure  Island  Theatre  N-o.  2
      your  toasting  fork  to  the  wiener  "double play"  .. .. Conrad  has just  Daily-Masses  (Embarkation  Ship's  Serv-
      roast  at  Sigmund  Stern  Grove  on  received  new  orders  to  Skag's  Is-  ice  Chapel)  1600   INSURANCE
                                                                  Daily-Protestant  Worship  Service-1430                     Last Showing Tonight
      Friday. A  bus will leave stop 39  at . land ... The hospital will miss you,   (Embarkation  Ship's Service Chapel)   Bldg.  174,  4th St.  and Ave.  C.
                                                                  Monday-Blessed  Virgin  Sodality  (First                           THE  CHEATERS
      1700.  Golf  too,  next  Friday,  which  but  "Skag"  is  getting  a  lucky   Monday  of  the  Month)  1800  (Small   Bldg.  221,  11th  St.,  between   Joseph  Schildkraut   Billie  Burke
      brings us  around to another Satur- break  .  .  .  Brave  girl  is  Evelyne   Chapel)            Aves.  G and H .
                                                                  Tuesday-Miraculous  Medal  Novena,  1830
      day  and  finds  you  either  bowling,  Schwarzbach  ... She  puts  her   (Large  Cnapel)
                                                                  Tuesday-Christian  Science  Group,  1800    *               Sun.-Mon.,  July 15  and  16
      swimming  or  playing  tennis  and  blond beauty at the mercy of those   (Chapel  Reception  Room)
      waiting  for  Saturday  night  to  ar- two  unpredictable  funny  - men,  Tuesday  -  Roly  Name  Society  1915   SHIP ' s  SERVICE No. 1   BACK TO  BATAAN
                                                                     ( Small  Chapel)                                         John Wayne          Philip  Ahn
      rive  and bring "shore  liberty."   Paige and Wise ... Last week they  Wednesdays  -  Christian  Servicemen's   Bldg.  152,  9th St.  and Ave.  C.
                                                                     League,  1830  ( Chapel Reception Room)
      New  D,oghouse for  Wave  Ed.   did  three  shows  in  the  hospital   W ednesday  -  Organ  Recital  (Hospital
        That's  right  we  have  ordered  a  wards  with  Evelyne,  like  all  wo-  Chapel)  1215  and  1400   *              Tuesday,  July 17
                                                                  Thursday  -  Chapel   Choir  Rehearsal   SHIP's SERVICE No.  2
      new,  larged-sized  doghouse  from  men,  keeping them well in  hand.   (Chapel  Gallery)  1800                                BLONDE  RANSOM
      supply.  All  we  have to say on  the                       Friday- Wave  Singers  Rehearsal  (Chapel   Bldg. 8, 5th St., -between  Aves.   ponald Cook   Virginia Grey
                                                                     Reception  Room)  1800
      subject  is  this,  "We  don't  know   PhM2c:  "I  can't  find  any  cause  Friday -  Mormon  Study  Group,  1830   Mand N.
                                                                     (C.:hapel  Gallery)
      when the officers are going to play  for your troubles. It must be due to  Friday--Jewish Services  (Hospital  Ohapel)   Wed.-Thurs.,  July 18  and  19
      the All-Stars.  We don't know what  dririking."                1900                                                          NAUGHTY  NINETIES
                                                                  Saturday  -  Confessions  (Small  Chapel,
      the  score  is,  was  or  may  be.  We   S2c:  "Well,  maybe  I'd  better   Treasure  Island)  1400-2000                       Abbott and Costello
                                                                  Saturday-Confessions  (Hospital  Chapel)   Sailor's  Pipe-Bender
      haven't  the  slightest  idea  who  come  back  when  you're  sober."   1800-1900
      played and it is most unlikely that                                                                                      Fri.-Sat.,  July  20  and  21
      we will ever find out. Just the same,                                                     Will  Reduce  Repair           A  THOUSAND&, ONE  NIGHTS
      we  tried.  For  two  issues  of  The   WANT  ADS           AT THE CHAPEL                                               Corne! Wilde      Evelyn Keyes
      Masthead  we  have  attempted  to                                                         Time  By  Two-Thirds
                                                                         Pr,otestant  Services
      bring you news of this exciting and                                                                                       Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  3
      important event and all our efforts  FOR  SALE-Equity  in  new  two-  "He  Who  Travels  Best"  will  be   For designing and constructing a
      have  ended  in  hopeless  confusion.   bedroom home,  attached garage.   the title of the sermon by Chaplain  machine  that  will  save  two-thirds
        We  can only say that we believe   Near  shopping  district  and  bus   H. G.  Gatlin at the Treasure Island  of the repair time spent on bending  Last Showing Tonight
                                                                                                                              WEEKEND  AT  THE  WALDORF
      the  game  was  played  last  Thurs-  line.  Located at 2728 Humphreys   chapel  Sunday,  July  15,  at  1030.  pipe,  steel rounds and flats,  Joseph
                                                                  Chaplain Edward M.  Reighard will                           Ginger Rogers   Walter Pidgeon
      day,  July 12.  If this be so it is pos-  Ave.,  Riohmond,  Calif.                        J.  Mufich,  S2c,  of Shoemaker, Cal.,
                                                                  speak  at  0930  on  "Prices  and   received  a  Certificate  of  Com-
                                                                  Values."                      mendation from  Commodore  R.  R.  Sun.-M,o,n.,  July  15  and  16
                                                                    Special  music  for  both  services   M.  Emmet ·of  the  Naval  Training   CALL  OF THE  WILD
                                                                  will  include  the  anthem  "He  Lives  Center at Great Lakes,  Ill.   Clark  Gable   Loretta  Young
                                                                  Again  in  Me"  (Schilling),  which   A  feature of this machine,  in ad- M-0nday  only-1900  and  2015
                                                                  will  be  sung  by  the  chapel  choir,   dition  to  the  speed  with  which  it  HAMILTON  FIELD  ORCHESTRA
                                                                  and  a  teno•r  solo,  "Come,  Ye
                                                                                                dispatches  pipe  bends,  is  its  small   ON  STAGE
                                                                  Blessed"  (Scott) ,  sung  by  G.  M.
                                                                                                size,  which  would  permit  it  to  be
                                                                  Rodd, RTlc.
                                                                                                used as a  part of every ship's repair  Tuesday,  July  17
                                                                    At the Protestant service  held  in
                                                                                                department  and  especially  aboard   THE  CHICAGO  KID
                                                                  Theatre  No.  3  at 1030,  Chaplain J.
                                                                                                the  floating  dry  docks  which  ac- Don  Barry   Lynn Roberts
                                                                  A.  Alley will  speak  on  "Variations
                                                                                                company  our  task  forces.  Such
                                                                  on  a  Theme."
                                                                                                equipment  would  facilitate  repair
                                                                          Catholic Services     work at sea.                   Wed.-Thurs.,  July  18  and  19
                                                                    Catholic  personnel  are  urged  to                                JUNIOR  MISS
                                                                   consult  the  schedule  of  services   The secret of this machine is the  P~ggy A.  Gardiner   Allyn  Joslyn
                                                                  elsewhere on this page. Attention is   proper  use  of  compressed  air  in-
                                                                   called to the fact that the morning   stead  of  hydraulic  rams.  Models   Friday-Sat., July 20 and 21
                                                                   Masses are now held at 1150 in the   built  by  Mufich,  which  required   ALONG  CAME  JONES
                                                                  small chapel.                 about  three  days  to  assemble  and   Gary Cooper   Loretta  Young
                                                                                                were  made  from  scrap  materials,
                                                                          Mormon  Services
                                                                                                are  now  in  use  at  Pearl  Harbor,  'VISITS TO TREASURE  ISLAND'
                                                                    Services  for  Mormon  personnel
                                                                                                Guam  and  Great  Lakes.  The  air   1745  to  1830-Friday only
                                                                   on  Fridays  are  now  held  at  1830
                                                                                                 compressor  on  these  units  is  no
                                                                  !nstead of 1900 in the main chapel.
                                                                                                larger  than  the  ordinary  filling- YE   BUENA  MOVIES
                                                                    She:  "If  I'm  the  first  girl  you  station  size,  using only 100 pounds   RBA
                                                                   ever  kissed,  how  is  it  you  kiss  so  pressure.        Last Time Today
                                                                  well?"                          Previous  to  entering  the  Navy,  CHRISTMAS  IN  CONNECTICUT
                                                                    Slc:  "If  I'm  the  first  man  who  Mufich  was  owner  of  Calumet  Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan
                                                                   ever kissed you,  how  do  you  know   Forgings Co., Chicago, ·and was en-
                                                                   I  kiss so well ? "           gaged in  the  manufacture  of vari-  Sun.-Mon.,  J·uly  15  and  16
                                                                                                 ous  forgings  for  both  Army  and   ALONG  CAME  JONES
                                                                                                 Navy.  "We  designed  and  built  the   Gary  Cooper   Loretta Young
                                                                         TALENT WANTED           first  pipe-bending  machine  of  this
                                                                                for              type  in  our  plant at  Chicago,"  he
                                                                                                                               Tuesday, July  17
                                                                           NAVY  SHOWS           said,  "and were able  to give  deliv-
                                                                                                                                 THEY  GOT  ME  COVERED
                                                                         on  Treasure  Island    ery dates on forgings  in weeks,  in-
                                                                    Acrobats,  hand-balancers,  sing-  stead  of  the  usual  90  days  to  six   Bob Hope   Dorothy Lamour
                                                                    ers,  dancers  and  comedians   months."
                                                                                                                               Wed.-Thurs.,  July  18  and  19
       SURROUNDED  BY  CLOTHING  in  need of repair are .the sewing  ladies   needed-Navy  or  civilian  per-  Mufich is now a  member of ship's
       who  journey to the  recreation  lounge  at the  Radio  Materiel  school  e:ach   sonnel.   company  at  the  world's  largest   A  BELL  FOR  ADANO
       Wednesday  to  re-stripe about  15 jumpers and  alter and  repair over 200                naval  receiving  station  at  Shoe-  Gene  Tierney   John  Hodiak
       odd  uniform  pieces. The entire personnel of the school  join  in  expressing            maker.
       their  thanks  for  the  ladies'  untiring  eff-orts.  In  the  top  picture  (left  to   Contact Wise or Paige, Sps. (A),   Fri.-Sat.,  July 20  and  21
       right):  Mrs.  Pearl  Page, Mrs.  Lillie  B.  Bell,  Mrs. Elizabeth Zeiss.  Bottom   Theatre No.  3,  Phone Ext.  15.
       (left  to  right):  Miss  Ila  Bower,  Mrs.  Nelson  Eckert.,  Miss  Susannah                                                 BACK TO  BATAAN
       Leffler,  Miss Augusta Paulsen.                                                                                         John Wayne         Phillip Ahn
                                                                                                     Seod "THE MASTHEAD" Home
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