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THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JULY 14,  1945           PAGE  5
                                    the  others  will  have  to  vouch  for
      OPERATlONAl                   themselves!                   HElP  WIN  THE  8/ITTlE OF  REPIIIR
                                      Operation  Order  No.  1-45,  pub-
      TfRAHNH  G SCHOOL  lished  June  28,  directed  "Task
                                    Group  2",  which included Lt.  E .  B.
                                    Rhoads,  Lt.  T.  Hall  Collinson,  Lt.
                                    L.  F .  Macon  and  Lt.  (jg)  E.  H.
                                    Keleher, to weigh anchor and shove
                                    off  to carry out instructions as  set
      Sports                        forth  in  these orders.  "Task Force
        OTS  had  a  busy  softball  week
                                    1", which included  all staff officers,
      with four games on the docket. The   held a  brief rendezvous with "Task
      Officers'  team  defeated  PreCom by
      a  score  of  4-2  for  the  second  time   Force  2"  prior  to  their  departure,
      and retained their unbeaten record.   and  pleasant  memories  of  their
      It was a  wild, uproarious game and   joint  assignments  at  OTS  will  be
      the  "heckling three",  better known   retained  by  all,  it  was  vowed.
      as  Commander  McWhinnie,  Lt.  A.   "Task Force 2"  will not operate  as
      H.  Chechames and Lt.  F.  D.  Lang-  a  unit, but each member is directed
                                    to  separate  assignments.  Probably
      worthy,  can  claim  at le~t part of
                                    the  greatest  sorrow  at  parting  is
      the victory.  (If you don't believe it,
                                    sheltered by Lt.  "Freddie"  Friedle,
      just ask Ensign Miller-he pitched
      the game for PreCom.)         "the  sailor",  whose  "Father"  is
                                    Lt.  (jg)  Keleher.  Lt.  Friedle,  with
        The  enlisted  men's  team,  aided
                                    the  able  and  dependable  assistance
      and  abetted  by  Lieutenants  W.  R.
      Watkins,  A.  C.  Eddy  and  R.  A.   of  Lt.  Keleher,  has  organized  and
      Stock, had three wins for the week.   equipped  the  Deck  P etty  Officers'
      They  defeated  the  "Yoo-Hoo"  men   School  into  what  is  now  a  widely
      7-2  and  the  Post  Office  14-2.  The   known and co~ented upon activ-
      Gunner's  Mates,  sometimes known   ity,  which  trains  eniisted  men  for
                                    all rates of the Seaman Branch. Lt.
      as  "Jones'  Joys",  put  up  a  good   Kelehers'  Hatch and Winch School
      fight,  and  O'Neill,  FC3c,  did  a
      smooth job of pitching,  but it's  the   was  his  pride  and  joy.  .  .  .  Under
                                    the expert supervision of Lt. Macon,
      runs  that count and  the  final  tally
      was 1-0.                      the  Lookout  and  Recognition  De-  YOU ARE NEEDED to help win the Battle of Repair.   ure  Island  in  important war work can  be  put on  the
                                    partment has grown into a  smooth  Moreover,  your friends,  relatives and  acquaintances,   job today.  Direct them to the civilian employees office
                  * *  *                                                                                        in  the  Administration  Building  on  T.  I.  immediately.
        Lots of Waves a'golfing go,   running  organization,  to  which  whom  you  think are qualified  to work aboard Treas-
                                    have been added instruction in both
        Tuesdays and Fridays,  too;   Sound Power Phone and First Aid.
        You'd  be  surprised  if  you  could   Both  Lt.  Macon  and  Lt.  Keleher   Civilian -Workers
         see                                                                                        REFERRAL FOR  EMPLOYMENT ON TREASURE  ISLAND
        Their  form  and follow-thru!   are leaving for inactive duty and a   Urgently  Needed  at
                                    new  billet  called  civilian  life.  .  .  .                                             Date, ___________  _
        Wait  until  their  ten  lessons  are  And it's off to the great Northwest   Treasure  Island
      done,  fellows,  and  try  to  get  a  for  Lt.  T.  Hall Collinson, where he               I  am  referring·----------=--=------------
      match.  Sps(G)  Zink,  Ferris,  Lash,  will  report  to  Whidbey  Island,   Do you  have  a  friend or relative
      Castiglione and Cook are represent- Washington, for duty as Public Re-  who  would  be  interested  in  doing        Address
      ing  OTS,  and  nicely,  too.   lations  officer.  Lt.  Collinson,  who,   urgently  needed  work   aboard   who is interested in employment at Treasure Island as a
        And  now  we  have  three  left- we  have  heard,  was  known  as   Treasure  Isla,,nd,  to  greatly  help
      handed  right-handers!- Lt.  A.  0.  "Steamer" in his college days, gave  win  the  "Battle of  Repair" ?  If so,
      Davidson, L. W. Dudney, CBM, and  expert advice on legal matters,  in-  please  refer  them  to  the  Civilian   Trade or Profession
      W.  J .  Wasarhaley,  OEM.  We  know  come  tax and insurance,  as well as   Personnel Office,  located in the Ad-  Your prompt consideration of his application will be greatly appre-
      that  Wasarhaley  earned  his  ban- promoting  bond  sales.  Under  his   ministration  Building  here  on  the       Referred by _________ _
      dages  at  a  recent  softball  game- guidance, OTS went over the top in   island. That office  has issued a  call
                                    the recent Seventh War Loan Drive,   to all civilian employees to assist in             Shop  or  Office. ________ _
      Cross-Word  Answers           surpassing by far  all previous rec-  recruiting urgently needed workers.   To  Applicant:-
                                    ords  at  the  school.  ... Leaving
                                                                                   the  following
                                                                                                     Please bring this referral in person to Branch Labor Board, Adm.
                                    many friends  and  happy memories   trades  are  now  in  great  demand:   Bldg., Treasure Island.
                              SK .   too,  is Lt. E . B. Rhoads. He will go   Automobile mechanics, electricians,
                                    to  Harvard  University  for  twelve   machinists,  enginemen,  painters,
                                    months of special  training in com-  pipe  fitters,   plumbers,  roofers,   The civilian personnel office urges  Industrial  Department  have  been
                                    munications,  after  a  tour  of  duty   sheet metal workers, joiners, chauf- employees  presently  engaged  in  reported. The employee from Public
                                    at  OTS  as  a  communications  in-  feurs  (male  and  female),  riggers,   work on Treasure Island to contact  Works and from the  Industrial Di-
                                    structor.  Much  valuable  training   welders,  burners,  clerk  typists,  their friends, relatives, or acquaint- vision who refers the greatest num-
                                    and advice has been given by these   clerk  stenographers,  and  fiscal  ac- ances who may be qualified for any  ber of employees to Treasure Island
                                    officers  at  Operational  Training  counting  clerks.
                                                                                                of  the  above  listed  positions,  for  through this  drive will  be  issued  a
                                    School and it is with regret that we   All these positions are civil serv-
                                    say farewell,  but  the  very  best  of                     that office feels the Treasure Island  Certificate of Commendation for his
                                                                  ice  and  have  the  benefits  of  sick  employees  themselves  are  qualified  outstanding  efforts  in  assisting
                                    luck to all.  Well  done!  ... After a   leave with pay, vacation leave with  to  judge  the  ability  of  a  person  Treasure  Island  to . acquire  new
      RAG                           short  tour  of  duty  with  us,  M.  0 .   pay  and  time  and  a  half  for  all  seeking  employment.   employees and get on  with the  job
       I  C E                       Argumedo,  RMls,  was  transferred   overtime.  Good wages  are paid for                  which  has  to  be  done  in  assisting
      MES                           to Receiving Ship for his return to   these positions.  In addition all  em-  On  this  page  is  a  referral  form   to  maintain  and  repair  our  Naval
                                    "civvies". Good luck, Argumendo.   ployees who drive  from  the  Berke- for  the  potential  employee  to  fill   Fleet.  Come on,  let's go,  employees
                                                                  ley,  Oakland  and  other  East  Bay  out  and report  immediately  to  the   -see whose  picture will  appear in
                                                                  points are issued free bridge passes.  Branch Labor Board Office, Admin-  this  space  and  will  at  the  same
      Hollywood Pin-up Parade •••                                 Wholesome  lunches  are  served  to  istration Building, Treasure Island,   time  win  the  Certificate  of  Com-
                                                                  civilian workers at a  minimum cost  for  the position.  By filling  out this   mendation.  Treasure  Island  is  de-
                                                                  of  thirty  (30c)  cents  per  meal.   certificate  the  people  you  refer  to   pending on you!
                                                                    Working conditions are excellent  the  Civilian  Personnel  Office  will   .
                                                                  and  every  effort  is  made  to  assist  be  assured  of  immediate  attention
                                                                  the  employee in making proper ad- and  will  be  put  to  work  in  the   Sailor:  "Honey, I'm going to kiss
                                                                  justments to his new  job as assist- shortest amount of time possible.   you when we get to the corner."
                                                                  ing  him  in  solving  any  problems   Numerous  openings  in  both  the   Wave:  "Don't  you  think  that's
                                                                  which  may arise.             Public  Works  Department and  the  going a  bit too  far?"
                                                                  Hopeful  Sailor "Hopes"         The  Wolf                               by Sansone
                                                                                                  Copyri&hf  194S  by  Leonard  S,nsone,  distrib11ted  by Camp  Ntwip,per Serrict
                                                                  It· Isn't  "Hopefess"  · ·
                                                                    To  the  Editor:  After reading  an
                                                                  article in a  June issue of a  p~pular
                                                                  magazine  about  "Monkey  Suits  of
                                                                  the United States Navy,"  I  decided
                                                                  to  see  what  good  it  would  do  to
                                                                  stir  up  things  on  the  home  front.
                                                                    A  Senator has been trying to get
                                                                  these monkey suits of ours changed
                                                                  to  something  that  would  resemble
                                                                  a  practical uniform; one that would
                                                                  not  only  fit  the  wearer  properly,
                                                                  but would also stop making us feel
                                                                  like silly kids  when  in public.  A  lot
                                                                  of gobs are banking on the Senator
                                                                  to come through with flying colors.
                                                                    This is  a  modern  world,  so  why
                                                                  are  nearly  3,000,000  men forced  to
                                                                  walk  around  in  a  uniform  that  is
                                                                  200  years  out  of  date?  Naval  of-
                                                                  ficers  always  look  'sharp  because
                                                                  their uniforms are kept up to date.
                                                                  So what .about the  lowly gob?  Give
                                                                  him a  break  and a  uniform  he will
                                                                  be really proud of.  Let tradition go
                                                                  jump  in  the  lake.  Change  our uni-
                                                                  forms  to  something  decent,  and
      CLOUD  DRIFT  AND  WIND  SILK  and  Dolores  Moran,  lovely  Warner                                      "Beat  it,  Bub-she's  my  governess!"
      Bros.  star,  who  steps  across  the  horizon  to  make  such  a  "beautiful   sailors  will  always  be  grateful.
      morning."                                                            HOPE-FUL  SAILOR.
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