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PAGE  4           THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JULY  7,  1945

                                                                                                                             Treasure  Island  Band
        SPORTS  SCHEDULE  FOR      ''GI  Oscar"  Winner,  Eddie  Bracken,  Heads  Starlit  Review
              THIS  WEEK                                                                                                     Transferred  to  Chicago,
        Treasure  Island  vs.  Camp                                                                                          Kerr Heads New Ensemble
      Parks,  Saturday,  July  7,  here
      at 1400.                                                                                                                 After  32  months  at  this  naval
        Treasure Island vs. Bay Mead-                                                                                        base,  the  Treasure  Island  Navy
      ows  All-Stars,  Sunday,  July  8,                                                                                     band  was.  transferred  Wednesday
       away.                                                                                                                 to  Great  Lakes  Naval  Training
        Treasure  Island  vs.  Alameda                                                                                       Station, where they will r-emain for
      Naval  Air  Stati'on,  Wednesday,                                                                                      reassignment.
      July 11,  away.
                                                                                                                               During  their  tour  of  duty  here,
       Intra-Mural  Athletics
                                                                                                                             members of the popular Navy band
        July  9  starts Treasure  Island
                                                                                                                             played  concert  and  dance  engage-
       Intra-Mural Program.
                                                                                                                             ments  for  service men  and  women
                                                                                                                             stationed  near  the  San  Francisco
     BASEBALL                                                                                                                bay  cities;  and  was  a  regular
                                                                                                                             featured  attraction  at  San  Fran-
                                                                                                                                    famous  Stage  Door  Can-
     Big  Six  in  T.  I.  Batting
       Five men are batting the pill well
     over the .300  mark while two, Dick
     Bartell and Fred Tauby,  are in the
     selected circle of .400 marksmen.
       Bartell is  slamming the ball at a
     .418  clip  while  Tauby  is  18  digits
     less  at  even  .400.
     As they stand:    G
     Bartell,  ss  ... . ..... 39  141
     Tauby, of ... ....... 30  112
     Williams,  lb  ...... 36  149  .369
     Olsen,  of  ... .. ..... 29  136
     Lowe,  3b  .......... 38  162
     Durdon,  of  ....... . . ·29  112  .295

     Imagine  a WT2c
     Being  Tagged  by  a
     T.  I.  Peanut  Vender                                                                                                       New  T.  I.  Band  Leader

       James  Baston,  WT2c,  had  just                                                                                        Leaving  with  the  band  were  an
     returned from  the  Pacific war.  His                                                                                   array  of  talented  musicians,  in-
     many  months  aboard  ship  had                                                                                         cluding composer-arranger Braxton:
     taught  him  a  lot  about  machinery                                                                                   Patterson,  ex-Noble  Sissie  and
     - things  about  the  most  modern                                                                                      Andy  Kirk,  sax  man;  ba,ndleaders
     mechanisms  which  would  have                                                                                          Raymond  Brown  and  William
     taken  him  years  to  find  out  about                                                                                 Fitzpatrick,  both  trumpeters;  and
                                    "THAT'S  THE  SPIRIT"-Mix  the  mad  antics  of   act  that  brought  the  house  down  was  that  of  the
     in  civilian  life.  But  to  heck  with
                                   funny  man  Eddie  Bracken  with  the  "hepsational"   c-omedy-acrobatic  feats  of  Gilbert  and  Lee,  (top  Melvin  Saunders,  former  drummer
     that.  He  was  back  in  the states-- dance  routines  of  cheerful,  light-hearted,  charming   right)  a  grey-haired,  sedate,  sober  balancing  artist  with  Earl  Hines.
     ready for  leave. The  things he  had  Peggy  Ryan  and  y,ou'II  get  a  gay,  sportiv-e  musical   and  his  beauteous,  curvesome  partner.  From  the   Taking over the spot vacated by
     gone  through  to  1-earn  about   comedy  that "clears today ,of  past  regret and  tomor-  throng  -of  bluejackets,  lower  left,  came  the  "lucky"
                                                                                 seaman  who  is shown  with that "I'm so  happy" stare  the Navy band is a newly-organized
     mac]J.inery  were  behind  him.  He   row of future fears." Two sardine-packed sail-or audi-
                                   ences  vi-ewed  -one  of  the  best  Hollywood  Victory   as  he fondly demonstrates the  manly maneuvers that  Navy  ensemble  1 e d  by  ace
     could relax and plan his leave while  shows  ever.  staged  at  Theatre  No.  3,  Wednesday,   swept pretty Peggy off her feet while she was singing   trumpeter  and  former  bandleader
     he  was  waiting.             when  Eddie  Bracken, "GI  Oscar" winner,  brought his   "I'm  so  in  with  a  Sail-or  Boy."  Bracken  and   Clyde  Kerr,  Muslc,  composer-ar-
       At  last  the  word  came.  He  was   overseas-bound  Hollywood tr,oupe here. ·Easy-to-look-  "Roberta",  torrid  interpretive  dancer,  ar-e  shown  in
                                   at  Maxine  ·Com'ad,  ·top  left;  sings  while  attractive   the  inset.-This  must  be  wonderful  work  if y,ou  can  ranger  and  graduate  of  Xavier
     leaving  for  home  right  after  noon
                                   Shirley Grey  accompanies  her with  an  accordion.  An   get it.                         University.  Bandleader  Kerr's  ho,t
     chowdown.  Only four  hours  to  go.                                                                                    musical ensemble was organized in
     He  didn't  act  nervous  or  even   machine  was • going  to  cramp  his  med,  "Put a  Penny In the Slot .  .  .   b  h   I   Chicago prior to being transferred
     anxious  about  shoving  off.  That   style.  His  finger  felt  the  release.  for  Five  Salted  Peanuts ... "  but  Bar  er s op  B ues •..   to  this  naval  base.  Constituents of
     was  -old  stuff.  He  sat  down  and
     wrote  a  letter he figured he  would  It moved  aside.  He  turned the  nob   Baston  didn't  lose  composure.  He   When I  first  arrived in  boot camp,   the  swing  aggregation are  former
     beat home.                    again  and  peanuts  rolled  out.  A   just  sat  there  quietly  whispering   The "old salts" sneered and taunted;   members of name  bands.  Featured
       A shore patrol showed him where   smile   flickered   over   Baston's   sweet somethings to those  peanuts   Some  yelled,  "You'll  be  sorry!"   soloists include Clarence Anderson,
                                                                                                                             young  prolific  pianist;  Emanuel
     the post office was. Inside he picked   triumphant face.  "Told  ya!"   scatte;red over the floor.   But I  tried  to  look  nonchalant.   Crusto,  trumpeter  and  arranger;
     out the right slot for the letter and   He  confidently  turned  back  the   Chief  Storekeeper  Alfred  and  a         Ernest  McDonald,  colorful  tenor
     threw it in.  On his way out he sud- nol:r-"Ouch!"   His  finger   was  Carpenter's  Mate  came  in.  They  But when  they saw my curly locks   i,ax  man;  Johnny  Board,  alto-sax
     denly stopped.                pinched.  He  tried to remove it but  worked  cautiously  but  only  after  And  they all  called  "Barber bait!"   product  of  Coleman  Hawkins  •and
       A  little  peanut  vendor  enticed  something  wouldn't  let  •him.  His  the  machine  was  torn  apart  did  I  couldn't fathom what they meant,   runner up in  the Esquire Pon;  and
     him.  He  always  liked  peanuts-  finger pained and it was caught. He  Baston get his finger  back.  During  But I  didn't have long to wait.
     hadn't eaten  any for  what seemed  kicked  the  vendor-pulled  it- be- the  operation the  crowd  parted  to           alto-sax man,  Thomas  Johnson.
     years  either.  Bette,r  get  some.  In  gan  to  pound  it  on  the  side  and  allow  a  Wave postal  clerk  to view   I was hardly more than seated   Fronting the Navy military band
     went a  penny. He waited as nothing  shake  it  to  and fro,  but  his  finger  the  proceedings.   She  quipped:   When the hair began to fly-  is Leo Dejan,  Muslc, former direc-
     happened. ".Come on, ya gyp, give!"  stayed  put-inserted in  the  slot.   "Tom  Thumb  stuck  in  his  thumb  And  thirty seconds later,   tor of music  at Xaxier University.
     He  irritatedly  forced  the  nob   Half  an  hour  later  Baston  was   . . . "  "Aw, nuts," returned Baston,  "Next man,"  the barber cried .   W.  J.  Nelson is Chief Bandmaster.
     around.  A  little  success--one  pea- sitting on the floor. The vendor was   "who ever let you in the Navy any-  When  I  looked  in  the  mirror
     nut  reluctantly  rolled  out.  Baston  beside  him- his  finger  still  in  the   way?"   I  was  filled  with  deep  chagrin,   "Where  is  the  bayonet  instruc-
     began  grumbling.  "Wise  guy,  ~h,  machine.  He was trapped  all right                  For what was once a head of hair   tor?"
     well,  we'll  see!"           and a  lot of sailors were gathering   "What   were  poor  John's  laS t   Was  now a  head  of  skin.   "He's  out  to  lunge."
       _He  jammed  his  finger  into. the  around  making  fun  of  the  situ- words?"
     slot.  He· knew  all  about  this  stuff.  ati,on.   Someone  called  him  a   "It  sure  tastes  like  the  real
     After what he had learned no penny  Scotc,hman.  Another  sailor  hum- stuff."
                                                                                                 The Wof} .                             -by Sansone
     NEW TYPE OF THEATRE ENTERTAINMENT fi/VEN HERE                                               Copyri&ht  19-45  by  Leonard  s~n,one,  distributed  by  Camp  Newspaper Service



     CARNIVAL OF CHAMPS  PRESIDE  AT THEATRE       fencing  exhibition.  Bela  parries  a  thrust  his
     N-o.  1-Pretty  Norma  Heslop  adds  pl,easant  scenery   agile  partner.  Insert  finds  golf  magician,  Jack  Red-
     to  the  horse  shoe  thl'lowing  of  Jimmy  Risk,  as  the   mond, in a discussive mood.  Bag punching champ, Joe
     former  national  champ  wings them  over  her shapely   Pasco,  pounds  bags  with  elbows,  head,  legs  and
     form for ringers. What makes it ev-en  tougher is that   hands.  Holder  of  endurance  record,  Joe  challenges
     she  is  within  his  ey,e  vision.  Bela  and  Joanna  De   anyo,ne  t-o  att-empt  his  record  of  a  very  strenuous
     Tuscans  (center)  combine  grace  and_ agility  in  their   eight  hours.
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