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THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JULY  7,  1945          PAGE  7
                                   other  boat  trip  on  the  bill  for  to-
                                   morrow.  The  bus  is  scheduled  to   Spice&- oJ ..l!;Je U/11(11/ Clleclts Out ISO 800/ts •  lltly
                                   leave Wave galley at 0930. The last
                                   boat  trip was  a  great success,  not   Gal:  "Look, sailor,  just how long
                                   only  with  the  girls,  but  with  sur-
                                                                 is  your  car  going  to  keep  stalling
                                 •  prised sailors who were more  than
                                                                 like this?"
                                   delighted  to  find  a  boatload  of . fe-
                                                                   Gob :  "Just  as  long  as
                                   males floating around the bay right
       So  your  husband  is  returning   under  their  noses.  The  Monday
     from  overseas!  If you  are a  Wave   night  movie  in  barracks  275  will   *  *  *
     who  has  been  in  the  service  one   begin  at  1800.  Pistol  class  will  be   "Doctor:  "I  don't  like  the  looks
     year or longer the Bureau has just   held at 1730 on Tuesday. The handi-  of  your husband."
      released .i,  letter which will be wel-  craft  class  will  begin  at  1830  in   Wife: · "I  don't  either,  but  he  is
      come  mail  for  you.  You  may  ask   barracks 232, Wednesday, the 11th.   good  to  the  children."
      for, and receive, up to 45 days leave   Thursday  night  will  find  every   *  *  *
      to spend with your returning serv-  loyal fan at the Athletic field when   Voice  on  telephone :  "How  are
      ice  man.  If he  is  to  be  discharged   the "All-Stars"  play the Wave offi- you this morning?"
      or  to  be  stationed  in  this  country   cers.  Tuesday  and  Friday  at  1745   Answer:  "All  right."
      you  may  request  transfer  or  dis-  the  golfers  will  tak~  off  in  their   Voice  on  telephone :  "I  guess  I
      charge  so  that  you  may  be  with   plaid  shirts,  yellow  sweaters  and  have  the  wrong  number."
      him. He may be either Army, Navy,   .other  foreign  garb,  and  we  wHl
                                                                            *  *  *  the  shape  of
      Marine  or  Merchant  Marine,  and   hope  fo  see  you  at Gym  No.  1  on   "Whatcha  got  in
      the ruling still holds, as long as you   Saturday, the 14th, for another all- tires,  Bub?"
      have been in service at least a  year   station  dance.      "Funeral wreaths, life savers and
      and he has seen overseas service.                           doughnuts!"
                                    Just  Between  Us
       If you  find  this  too  good  to  be                                *  *  *
      true,  find  out  more  about  it  from   Correction,  please  .  .  .  We  told   Lawyer:  "No~ tell the court how
      your Wave officer and see for your-  you  the  "MAA's"  were  going  to  you came to take the car ? "
      self  that  there  really  is  a  Santa   play the Wave officers ... We were   Pal:  "Well,  the car was standing
                                                                                                PETER  LaMONl~A!  PhM1c,  of  Rec.  Ship,  is  shown  checking  out  a
      Claus after all.              wrong  for  the  "All-Stars"  played  in  front  of  a  cemetery  and  nat-  book f_rom  the _main  h~rary_ for off-~ours reading.  Assisting  him  is  Mrs.
                                                                  urally  I  thought  the  owner  was
      GI  Jump                      the Officers  last Thursday,  too late   dead."             Hendrick,  assistant  librarian,  while  Mrs.  Mason  Gaffney,  librarian,
       This is advance notice that there   for our deadline .  .  .  Sorry no news              looks o-n.
                                                                            *  *  *
      will be  a  station dance in Gym No.   on, this  till  next  week  .  .  .  Bobby   There is the story of the hillbilly
      1  Saturday,  July  14.  That  will  be  Sites,  "Maid  of  Mill  Valley,"  is
      pii,rly  night for  all  Waves and  the  welcoming home her returning hus-  and  his  wife.  Came  the  war;  and
      dancing  will  take  place  from  2030  band from overseas . .. Some fellas   planes on practice maneuvers drop-  Sailors  Regard  Library  as  One
      to  2330.                     get all the breaks .. . The T .I.  bond   ped paratroopers. The hillbilly saw
                                   quota should have  gone  up  several   them  dropping  and  yelled,  "Hey,
      "All-Stars"                                                ma, get your shotgun- that blamed  Of  Most  Important  Recreations
                                    thousand ·dollars  ... Nancy Payne
       The  "All-Stars,"  who  will  make
                                    joined the Public Works Bond Show   stork is  a-bringing  'em  fullgrowed
      their  bid  for  the  district  softball                   now."                           The Main  Library on  the second  But  the  most  popular  books  are
      championship,  began  practice  this   last  S·aturday  to  just  sing  the               deck of the Recr-eation building now  ones  about  western  life,  and  then
                                                                            *  *  *
      week.  The  second  week  in  July  is   money right out of the audience . ..   Sailor:  "What's  the  difference  holds 15,000 volumes of fiction, non-  murder thrills.  Zane Grey is by far
                                    You know,  "Pennies from  Heaven"
      set  as  the  date  for  the  first  play-                  between  the blue  plate  special  and  fiction,  and  technical  books,  Mrs.   the  most  popular  author  while
      offs.  Familiar  faces  will  fill  the   .  .  .  She  did,  too . .. Dethman has   the  white  plate  special ?  I  see the  Louise  F .  Barr,  head  librarian  an-  Somerset Maugham, Thorne Smith,
      squad  and  for  the  first  time  many   left  her  star-studded  baseball  ca-          nounced  1ast  week.  Besides  these   H.  Allen  Smith,  Ernest  Heming-
                                    reer to take her place on the Gym   white  is  5-cents extra."   ·
      T.I. rivals will find themselves play-                       Waitress:  "We have to wash the  the library's reading room has over   way,  Ernie  Pyle,  and  John  Stein-
      ing  on  the  same  team.  Here  they   staff  at Gym  No.  2  on  permanent   white  plates."   sixty daily newspapers r-epresenting   beck  are  all  leaders.
                                    duty at the Wave Athletic office .. .
      are,  the  gals  who  intend  to  bring                                                   every  state  in  the  Union  and  over   The  most-read  books  are  "Lost
                                                                            *  *  *
      home  the  bacon!  Pitchers  will  be   Very nice  addition . .. Marguerite   A  sailor  in the  Pacific,  upon  re- one  hundred  and  fifty  current  Weekend,"   ·,.shore  Le ave,"
      McBride,  Kenlon  and  Schmidt,   Iverson  went  to  golf  class  and   ceiving his ballot application wrote,  periodicals  and magazines.   "Strange Woman,"  "The Sun is My
      catching  will  be  Gunland  and  Ur-  brought back of all things, a water-  "Thank you for the  ballot.  It came  Opened  With  2,000  Volumes   Undoing,"  "Hypnotism,"  "Immortal
      ness.  Filling the base positions are   melon!  . .. From actual expe·rience   as  a  welcome  and  very  flattering    Wife,"  "Brave  Men,"  "World  I
                                    we can say it was round and green,                           The first Treasure  Island  Ii brary
      Saltsman,  lb;  Dethman,  2b,  and                          surprise. This is the first time in 18  opened  with  only  2,000  books  and   Never  Made,"  "The  Robe,"  "The
                                    juicy  and delicious  .  .  .  NTS  came
      Middleton  and  McBride  changing                                                                                       Razor's Edge,"  and  "Valley  of  De-
                                    to  an  official  end  last  week  and   months  I  have  been  invited to  ex- was located upstairs in Theatre No.
     -off  on third base.  Scrable will play                                                                                  cision."
                                    forced  us  to say  goodbye  to  Klint   press an opinion on anything what- 2  building. A,t that time, May 1942,
      shortstop,  fielders  are  Walters  sf•                     so-ever."                                                    An interesting observation is that
                                    and  Shawver  who  are  now  in  the                        its seating capacity was forty men.
      Snider,  If;  Marshalko,  cf,  and Col:                                                                                 almost all men read at least one or
                                    district  ... We'll  miss  you,  so  be   *  *  *           The  present  library,  put into  com-
      line,  rf.                                                                                                              two  books  on  psychology  and
                                    sure  to  pay us a  return  visit  soon   Exercise  kills  germs,  but  the  mission  in December of 1944,  seats
      Now Playing                                                 trick  is  to  get  the  darn  things -to  500  men,  and checks out about 150   philosophy.   Current  stage  and
       This  week's  schedule  finds  an-     Continued on  page  8-,- exercise.                books  each  day.             movie productions based on a  book
                                                                                                                              causes  an  extra demand  for  it.
                                                                                                  In  addition  to  the  main  library
                                                                                                                              Three  Books  Lost  Per  Day
                                                                                                there  are  four  others  on Treasure.
                                                                                                                                Although  this  library  averages
     ·------------~ CROSS-WORD,·----------------------------.............. . Island,  one  each  at  the  Hospital,
                                                                                                                              less  losses  on  books  than  do  most
             ACROSS          3.- Peninsula  .                                                   Brig, Armed Guard Center and the
       1.-Indict             4.-Employers                                                       Pre-Embarkation  Center.  Each  of   public  and  college  libraries,  three
       7.-Fairy              5.-0cean               1   2   3   4   5   6     8  · 9   10  11  12   these  libraries  has  about  2,500   books  a  day  is  a  huge  loss.  For
      13.-Pursues            6.- Landed  properties                                             volumes.                      every one  that disappears  another
      14.- Public  Speaker   7.-Stupor              13                                                                        must be  bought.  So the fellow who
      15.-Say again          8.- Plane part         15                                          Books  From  Three  Sources   puts  books  away  in  his .seabag  or
      16.-Forces             9.-Uncooked                                                          BuPers,  through  the  supply  de-  locker  is  cheating himself  and  his
      17.-Jµg                10.- Article                                                       pots  send  the  library its main  col-  shipmates.  Mrs'.  ·Barr  asks  that if
      18.-Above             11.-Ripped                                                          lection  of  books,  while  others  are   you  find  any  books  scattered
      20.- Assembled         12.-Formerly                                                       gifts from outside sources. The men
                                                                                                                              around  the  island,  please  return
      21.-Lampoons           19.-Medal                                                          themselves give  the library a  large
      24:-Hearing  organ     22.-Seize                                                          number.  The Tadcen W,elfare Divi-  them to  the  library.  This way you
      27.-Play coop          23.-Bring action                                                   sion  has  set  up  a  liberal  fund  for   will  help  to  build  the  library  even
      28.~Of the moon        24.-The "I"                                                                                      larger  than  it  is.  She  praised
                                                                                                the  purchase of  new  books.
      32.~lutches            25.-Knack                                                                                        the  sense  of duty possessed by the
      34.-Gratify            26.-Rodent                                                         Gets  Books  Men  Want        average  sailor.  She  daily  receives
      35.-Sea animal         29.-Grab                                                             Mrs.  Barr stressed the fact  that   1etters f:riom  men who have shipped
      36.-Sooner than        30.-Peer  Gynt's  mother                                           the library gets the  books the men   out  and  mistakenly  taken  a  book
      37.-Cot                31.-Car,mine                                                       ask  for.  "You  can't  tell  a  sailor   or  two  that  belong  to  the  library.
      38.-Great fears        33.-Jellied                                                        what  he  should  read.  He  knows   They want  to  know how  to  return
      41.--'Swiss peak       34.-Remonstrate        49                                          what he  wants and no matter if it
      44.-Warmth             36.-Epoch                                                          is  murder,  a  western,  or  science,   it or pay for it.  It's better to leave
      45.- Melt              39.-Leases             53                                                                        them here.
      49.-Untie              40.-Dried  stalk                                                   if he wants it and it isn't here, we   The  books  in the  library may be
      51.--'Clothe           41.-Alack !            55 .                                        will  get it."  She  said that the   checked  out  for  one  week.  If you
      53.-Agreement          42.-Misplaced                                                      fellows  read  a  great  number  of   can't  finish  the  book  in  that  time
      54.--'Closed           43.-Attitude                                                       non-fiction  and reference books.   just  come  to  the  library  and  ask
      55.- Horses            46.-Pit                                                            M-ost  P.opular  Authors-Books   that it. be_  renewed.  You  don't even
      56.-Drying cloths      47.-Son of Adam                      -Courtesy Dell Publishing Co.   According to statistics men spend  have  to  bring  it  with  you.  The
           '   DOWN          48.-Marries                                                        a  lot  of  their  reading  time  with  main library is open from 0900 until
       1.-160 sq.  rods     50.- Understand                      (Solution  on  Page 5)         books  concerning  their  post-war  2100 daily and from 1300 until 2100
       2.-Masticate          52.-Faddist
                                                                                                professional  and  hobby  ambitions.  on  Sundays.
          Male Call                                   by Milton Caniff, creator of "Terry and  the Pirate;"
               6051-/, FEI-LE-g_,;.,,                   ND  ALL.  Tl-IE                 N' LAYIN' OU                 Y'oU6!-ITEN  TO
              C.AN  YO!I  IMAc,INE                       OTCHl5  HU                     N THEM  Wl-ll                 0  IT, JAKE - AF
               THEM  PALM  TgEE?:,?                                                                                   L, HE  WENT TH
   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12