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PAGE  6           THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JULY  7,  1945

      f. ~ .-Th~ -Gi;/ B~~k-iio~; :. ~ f

       ---------------- ------·

                                                                           Divine  Services            ~i/ied<Yl,'I °"
                                                                   Treasure  and  Verba  Buena  Islands
                                                                                                    SelUJ.ic,e,d,  lfvz,  .:J.  1.

                                                                                                     BANKING FACILITIES          Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  1
                                                                                                       WESTERN  UNION
                                                                                                         PosT OFFICE           Last  Showing  Tonight
                                                                                                                                 "THE  TOWN  WENT  WILD"
                                                                                                      w AR  BOND OFFICE
                                                                                                                               F .  Bartholomew   James  Lydon
                                                                                                   Alt 4 services  located  in  Bldg.
                                                                        SUNDAY  SERVICES             258,  Ave.  H, near 4th St.
                                                                           Protestant  Worship                                 Sun.-Mon.,  July  8  and  9
                                                                   Treasure  Island  Chapel-0930  and  1030    *                      "JUNIOR  MISS"
                                                                   Communion- 1130  (Chapel)
                                                                   H ospital  Chapel-1000               SMALL  STORES          Peggy Ann Garner   Allyn Joslyn
                                                                   Thelttre  No.  3-1030
                                                                   E mbarkation  Ship's  Service  Chapel  0700   Bldg.  215,  10th  St.,  between
                                                                   Ye1·ba  Buena  I sland  Theatre--0930   Aves. Mand N .
                                                                            Catholic  Masses                                   Tuesday, July 10
                                                                   Treasure  I sland  Chapel-0630,  0720  and                       "BLONDE  RANSOM"
                                                                     0820                                      *
                                                                   Theatr e  No.  1-1030             TELEPHONE  CENTERS        Donald Cook      Virginia Grey
                                                                   H ospital  Chapel-0630 and  0900
                                                                   Embarka tion  Ship's  Ser vice  Ohapel-0600   Recreation  Bldg.  263,  9th  St.
                                                                   Yer ba  B uena  I sland  Theatre-0830
                                                                   Confess ions  ( YB  Theatre  Office )  0800   and Ave. H.   Wed.-Thurs.,  July  11  and  12
                                                                          Mormon  Study  Group                                 "A THOUSAND&. ONE  NIGHTS"
                                                                   Theatre  No.  2-0930            Bldg. 174, 4th St. and Ave.  C.
                                                                         WEEKDAY  ACTIVITIES              (Band Circle)        Cornell  Wilde   Evelyn  Keyes
                                                                   Daily- Masses  (Small  Chapel,  Treasure
                                                                     I sland)  0630  and  1 630
                                                                   Daily- Con fessions  ( Small  Chapel,  Treas-  *            Fri.-Sat.,  July  13  and  14
                                                                     ure  I sland)                 RAILWAY COACH TICKETS
                                                                   Daily-Masses  (Hospital  Chapel)  0645                          "NAUGHTY  NINETIES"
                                                                   Daily- Masses  (E mbarka tion  Ship's  Se·rv-  AIRLINE RESERVATIONS   Abbott and  Costello
                                                                      ice  Chapel)  1600
                                                                   Daily-Protestant  Wor ship  Service--1430   TRAVELERS' CHECKS
                                                                      (Embarkation  Ship 's  Service  Chapel)
                                                                   Monday-Blessed  Virgin  Sodality  (First   INSURANCE          Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  2
                                                                     Monday  of  the  Month)  1800  (Small
                                                                     Chapel )                      Bldg. 174,  4th  St. and Ave. C.
                                                                   Tuesday-Miraculous  Medal  Novena,  1830                    Last  Showing  Tonight
                                                                      (Large  Cnapel)              Bldg.  221,  11th  St.,  between
                                                                   Tuesday-Chr istian  Science  Group,  1800   Aves.  G and H.          "NOB  HILi,.."
                                                                      (Chapel  Reception  Room)
                                                                   Tuesday  -  H oly   Name   Society  1915                    Joan Bennett       George  Raft
       WINSOME GRADUATE-Beaut.eous Erma Molder,our Girl  Back Home    (Small  Chapel)                          *
       featurett.e this week,  is  back  in  Kansas  City,  Kans.,  where she  rec,ently   Wednesdays  -  Christian  Servicemen 's   SH1P's SERVICE No .  1
                                                                     League,  1830  (Chap el  Reception  Room)
       graduated friom  Wyandotte  High  school. While awaiting  the safe return  W ednesday  -  Organ   R ecital   (Hospital   Sun.-Mon., July 8  and 9
       of  her  sailor,  Donald  Corp,  S1c( EM)  ,of  Naval  Training   Chap el)  1215  and  1400   Bldg.  152,  9th St. and Ave. C.   "WITHIN  THESE  WALLS"
       Schools, she following a  business professi,on  and will  major  Thursday  -  Chapel   Choir  R ehear sal
                                                                      ( Chapel  Galler y )  1800
       in  Busin,ess  Administrati,on.                             Friday-W ave  Sing-er s  Rehear sal  (Chapel   *            Thomas Mitchell   Mary Anderson
                                                                     Recep tion  Room )  1 800       Smp's SERVICE No. 2
                                                                   F r iday  -  Mormon  Study  Group,  1900                    Tuesday, July 10
                                                                      ( Chapel  Galler y )
       High  Praise  Given                                         F r iday--J ewish  Ser vices  (Hospital  Chapel)   Bldg.  8,  5th St., between Aves.   "THE  CHICAGO  KID"
                                       THE  BATTLE  OF             Saturday  -  Confessions  ( Small  Chap el,   Mand N.       Don Barry        Lynne Roberts
       Ship's  Crew  at                                            Saturday- Confessions  (Hospital  Chap el)
                                                                      Treasure  I sland)  1400-2000
                                          SHIP  REPAIR                1800-1900
       Trophy .Presentation                                                                                                    Wed.-Thurs.,  July  11  and  12
                                        Bay  Area  ship  repair  yards,                                                           "OUT  OF  THIS  WORLD"
         At  Treasure  Island's  Armed   both  government  and  private,                                                       Eddie Bracken      Diana Lynn
       Guard, June 25,  at 10:00, Comman-  face  an acute  manpower  short-  __ w_A_N_T __ A_D_s __ l,  AT  T~:t=~~:~v7c;s •  •
       der A.  L.  Weymouth,  port director,   age  in  skilled  workers.  Battle-  -              "Life's  Lost  Causes"  will  be  the   Fri.-Sat., July 13  and  14
       presented  Lt.  John  F .  Conway,   damaged  vessels,  in  increasing   FOR SALE:  Maple secretary desk  subject for Chaplain H.  G  Gatlin's   "THE  CHEATERS"
       commanding  officer  of  the  Armed   numbers,  are  returning  to  the   Phone  Ext.  462  or  see  Mason  sermon  at the  1030  chapel  sez:vice   Joseph Schildkraut   Billie Burke
                                                                                                 on  Sunday,  July 8.  Chaplain  H.  0.
       Guard  unit  aboard  the  S.S.  Sea   West Coast ship repair yards for   Owens,  Y3c,  in  Barracks 203.   Egertson's  sermon  subject  for  the
       Flasher,  with  the  port  director   speedy  repair.       LOST-A brown wallet, containing   0930  chapel  service  will  be  "Holi-  Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  3
       trophy for  troop  class  ships.   In  order  to  win  the  battle  of   ID  card,  work permit and seven   ness Unto the Lord."  At both serv-
         Commander E . D. Flaherty, com-  ship  repair  4,965  skilled  crafts-  dollars.  Finder  may  keep  the   ices  in  the  chapel,  the  Jubilee   Last  Showing  Tonight
       manding  officer,  Armed  Guard,  in-  men  are  needed  immediately  in   money but return wallet and oth-  Choir will sing one of their beloved   "THE  FIGHTING  GUARDSMAN"
       troduced  Commander  A . . L.  Wey-  Bay  Area  ship  repair  yards-  er  contents.  Return  t<>  Lester   spirituals, "Precious Lord, Take My   Willard  Parker  "   Anita  Louise
       mouth  who  addressed  the  officers,   1,629  machinists,  2,499  electrici-  Haynes,  Slc,  Recreation  Center   Hand,"  and. the  Chapel  Choir  will
       and  43  men  in  the  Armed  Guard   ans,  837  sheet  metal  men,  and   building.      be  heard  in  O'Hara's  "I  Walked   Sun.-Mon., July 8  and  9
       crew  of  the  Sea  Flasher.  In  a   500 miscellaneous skilled crafts-                   Today  Where  Jesus  Walked."  Or- 'CHRISTMAS  IN CONNECTICUT'
       short  speech,  Commander  A.  L.   men.                      An officer,  home from  strenuous   gan  numbers  will  include  "Ber- Barbara Stanwyck  Dennis Morgan
       Weymouth  complimented Lt.  J.  F.   Workers  are  urged  to  apply   service  overseas was assigned to a   ceuse"  by  Iljinsky  and  "March"
       Conway and his  crew upon the  ex-  at  once  at  the  nearest  U .  S.   desk  job in the Pentagon  building   from  "Parsifal"  by  Wagner,  John  Tuesday,  July  10
       cellent condition of their ship,  bat-  Employment or U. S.  Civil Serv-  Each day for a  week he shifted the   Tremains,  Sp (W) le at the organ.   "RHYTHM  ROUND-UP"
       tery,  quarters,  material  and  disci-  ice office.        location  of  his  desk,  and  finally                      Ken  Curti,s     Cheryl  Walker
       pline.  Stating  that  no  other  ship                      wound up in the men's wash room      Catholic  Services
       has  received  a  mark  equal  to  that                       "Must  be ,  shell-shocked,"   his   Catholic  personnel  are  urged  to
       awarded  the  crew  aboard  the  Sea   Upon  rece1vmg  the  trophy,  Lt.  associates guessed.   consult  the  schedule  of  services  Wed.-Thurs.,  July  11  and  12
       Flasher,  it was  his  pleasure  and  a  Conway expressed his thanks to the   But the  officer explained grimly,  listed in the chapel column. New re-  "A  BELL  FOR  A DANO"
       compliment  to  the  Armed  Guard  43  men  under  his  command  for  "It's  the  only  place  around  here  Crt\its  for  the  Catholic  choir  are  Gene  Tierney   John  Hodiak
       Center  (PAC)  to award the trophy  their cooperation and excellent per- where  people  seem  to  know  what  needed.  Rehearsals  are  held  on
       to Lt.  Conway and crew.      formance of duty.             they're  doing."              Tuesday  evenings  at  1730  in  the  Fri.-Sat.,  July  13  and  14
       ~--------------~---------------------------~ Hospital Chapel.,                                                          'WEEKEND  AT THE  WALDORF'
       SHIP'S CREW  RECEIVES  HIGH MARK                      •••                                         Jewish  Services      Ginger Rogers   Walter Pidgeon
                                                                                                   The  regular  Jewish  service  is   Friday  only
                                                                                                 held at the Hospital Chapel at 1900   'VISITS TO  TREASURE  ISLAND'
                                                                                                 on  Friday of  each week.  Chaplain     1745 to 1830
                                                                                                 A.  M.  Shulman,  Jewish  chaplain,
                                                                                                 may be found at Building 174 Chap-
                                                                                                 lain's  office  during  regular  office  VERBA  BUENA  MOVIES
                                                                                                 hours  to  interview  Jewish  person-
                                                                                                 nel.                          La~~F~~~;.~i~a~UARDSMAN"
                                                                                                         Mormon  Services      Willard  Parker   Anita  Louise
                                                                                                   Two  services  for  Mormon  per-
                                                                                                 sonnel are held on Treasure Island  Sun.-M.on.,  July  8  and  9
                                                                                                 each week.  Chaplain Richards con-  "THE  NAUGHTY  NINETIES"
                                                                                                 ducts a  service in the Treasure Is-  Abbott and  Costello
                                                                                                 land  chapel  each  Friday  at  1900
                                                                                                 in addition  to the regular Mormon   Tuesday,  July  10
                                                                                                 Sunday service in Theatre No.  2 at   "SUN  VALLEY  SERENADE"
                                                                                                 0930.                         Sonja Heine        John Payne
                                                                                                          Theatre  No.  3 L
                                                                                                   At the Protestant service in The-  Wed.-Thurs.,  July 11  and  12
                                                                                                 atre No. 3 at 1030 on July 8,  Chap-  "  ""tHE  CHEATERS"
                                                                                                 lain E. M.  Reighard's sermon topic   Joseph  Schildkraut   Billie  Burke
                                                                                                 will  be,  "So,  What?"  The  soloist
       PRESENTED -with  the  Port  Director  trophy  for   son,  Master,  Gust  Jonsson,  Lt.  J.  F.  Conway,  Com- for  the  service  will  be  Lois  Koch,
       troop class ships is the crew ,of 43  men of the S.S. Sea   mander A.  L.  Weymouth, Commander E.  D.  Flaherty   Di'vi'ne  Re-  Fri.-Sat.,  July  13  and  14
       Flasher. Officers attending the presentati,on, from  left   and  Lt.  E.  Jacques.  No  other  ship  has  received  ~  Y 2 c,  who  will sing  "0,   'CHRISTMAS  IN  CONNECTICUT'
       t.o  right are,  Lt.  (jg)  L.  W.  Watcher,  Lt.  G.  W.  Nel-  mark  equal  t.o  this  award.   deemer" by Gounod.    Barbara Stanwyck  Dennis Morgan
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