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THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JULY  7,  1945           PAGE  5

                     EX                                          THEY HELP SELL                                               Navy  Announces
                                                                     WAR  BOND'S  AT
                                                                      INDUSTRIAL  RALLY                                      Policy  for  Trials
                                                                                                                             Of  Wartime  Offenses

                                                                                                                               Policy  of  the  Navy  Department
                                                                                                                             in  regarqs  to trials  of wartime  of-
                                                                                                                             fenses  involving  absences  and  de-
                                                                                                                             sertions,  and  mitigation  of general
                            \                                                                                                court  martial  sentences  was  an-
      RADIO  MATERIEL  SCHOOL                                                                                                 nounced today by the Navy Depart-
                                                                                                                              ment. This order cancels and super-
      War  Bond  Drive                                                                                                       sedes  all  other  exisiting  directives
       The  RMS  War  Bond  Campaign                                                                                         in  conflict  herewith.
     'is  in  full  swing  and  very  good                                                                                     The  policy,  established  to  pro-
     progress  is  being  made,  but  Bond                                                                                   mote  uniformity  in  disposition  of
     purchases  are  still  very  much  in                                                                                   absence offenses; are to be  adhered
     order,  so  make  sure  our  goal  is   JACK  DEMPSEY,  Ray  P.  Cmnin,  Joan  Michi,el,  the   100,  and  500  dollar  denominations.  In  this  pictur,e  to except  in  cases where  prelimin-
     reached.  The  Bond  office  in  Build- Jinx  sisters,  Tom  J-ones,  and  interviewer  Curley   you  see,  at  left,  Jack  Dempsey,  Commander,  USNR,  ary  investigation,  or  evidence  ad-
     ing  28,  Room  107,  will  welcome   Green ,of the  San  Francisco Chr,onicle,  were  all  pr,es-  and  -one-time  heavyweight  champion  -of  the  w,orld.   duced  at the  trial  indicate  circum-
                                    ent  at  the  Industrial  D,epartment  War  Bond  rally   In  the  center  is  Ray  Cr,onin,  Associated  Press  war
     you  until July 7  for  such bonds  as                                                                                  stances in the particular case which
                                    held  for  the  U.S.  Naval  Frontier  Base -on  Saturday,   correspondent,  who  was  r,ecently  liberated  fr-om  the
     you  may desire to purchase.  Come  June  30.  Sparked  by  the  new  Treasure  Island  Band,   Japs  in  the  Philippines.  At  the  right  are  the  Jinx  in  the  opinion  of  the  commanding
     in  at  any  time.             the  fast-moving  troupe _ helped  raffle  bonds  ,of  25,   sisters,  wh,o  just  finished  a  7,000  mile  morale  tour.  officer  or  convening  authority  in-
       The  quota  for  RMS  which  we                                                                                        dicate . the ends of  justice would  be
     have  set up  is  $90,000  and we  can  heard  emanating  from  the  local   Priority  Rating   Lost  and  Found         better served by a  lesser o,r  greater
     accomplish  this  objective  if  more  Dempster Dumpster on several oc-                                                  punishment  than  that  prescribed
     sma  11 b  db on   uyer  S W1 ·11  respond  Try  casions  of  late.  Further investiga-     Lt. Commander William J . Quinn   herein, such action is authorized.
                                   tion  revealed  that  the  contents  of  For  Admittance
     hard to buy a  bond at next pay line                                                      of the Security Office  has gear and   The  reason  for  the  departure
     which will  be  on  Saturday,  July  7 .  the gadget had been enriched with                articles,  bearing  the  following  from  these  policies  will  be  affirm-
                                   some  human  cargo.  First  of  the   To  BOQ  Changed
       Your  Bond  Officer  Wl .shes  to                                                        names, which have been turned in to  atively  stated  by  separate  letter
                                   victims  was  company  clerk  L.  G.   A  Tadcen  order  affecting  the  the  Lost  and  Found  Property  attached  to  the  record  case.
      thank  one  and  all  for . the  grand  Howell,  RTlc,  and  later  the  mail
     and magnificent  job you have done  clerk,  R.  L.  Hoy,  RT2c.  Members   priority  rating  for  admittance  to  Bureau located  in  the Security Of-  First offense: Absence over leave,
                                                                  the  BOQ  of  Treasure  Island  was  flee,  Building  222.  This  property  less  than  11  days- mast  •or  deck
      to  date.  We  have  asked  a  great  of  Co.  76  won't  suggest  the  exact
     deal  of  you  a nd   you  have  come  circumstances of the incidents,  but   issued  last  week  because  of  the  will be returned to the owners upon  court;  between  11  and  30  days-
      through. It would be simple to say  it  is  rumored  that,  for  one  thing,   increased  occupancy-load  of  tran- proper identification.   summary  court;  over  30  days-
     we  have  done  our  share,  which  to                      sient officers.                 Wells,  Orville F .;  Reed,  Lyle H.;  general  court.  Absence  without
                                    mailman  Hoy  had  "failed  to  pro-
     all  intents  and purposes,  we  have.                        Under the new order, which com- Pritchard,  Geo.  A.;  Mason,  Elton  leave,  less  than  1  day-mast  or
                                    duce  enough  letters."
      But it would be a  real achievement                         pels compliance with the provisions  W.;  Brassil,  Wm.  Geo.;  Jennings,  deck  court;  between 1  and 10 days
                                    RMS  Softball                 under  which  the  Bachelor  Officers'  Robt.  D.;  Fauteck,  Lyman  C.;  - summary  court;  over  10  days--
     if  RMS  could  attain  the  unprece-  Our softball team defeated Fron-
      dented  total of $90,000.  We can do                        Quarters  were  erected,  all  officers  Kempton,  Farrel H.;  Hardy,  Ohas.  general  court.
     it if we pull  together!  Let's go!   tier  Base  in  a  10-inning  thriller   in  transient will  be  given first pri- Daniel;  Knapp,  Stanley  W.;  Holt,   Desertion:  All  men  ab.sent  over
                                    by  the  score  of  4-3  when  Rice,
                                                                  ority.  Single  officers  attached  to  Bernita;  Knife,  Francis  C.;  Locke,  leave  or  without  leave  fo,r  more
      Company  "Scuttlebutt"        shortstop,  drove  in  Ha:hn,  Co.  85,
                                                                 Treasure  Island  as  ship's  company  James  Wm. ;  Schuberg,  -Oscar  S.;  than  45  days  will  be  tried  for · de-
       M-odel  Guide-If Co. 76B has been  for  the  ~nning  run  with  a  <irive
                                                                  are given second rating, while mar- Creighton,  C.  L.;  Turrezano,  A.  R.  sertion.  The  charge  of  desertion
     getting  to  its  destinations  post- down  the  right  field  line.  RMS
                                                                  ried  o·fficers  of  ship's  company  are   Lancaster,  Edmund  H.;  Butler,  shall  be  made  in  cases  involving
      haste these days, notably chow, the  came  from  behind  a  3-1  score  in
                                                                 listed with a  third priority. Further- Chas.  F .;  Bowers, Theo.  S.;  Mason,  less  than  46  days  if  there  is  evi-
     fellows  can  attribute  the  speed  to  the last half of the seventh inning   more,  married  officers  can  only  be  Daniel E .; Williams,  Benj.; Robert- dence  of  desertion  other  than
     pacesetter  Dwight  ·Payne,  Slc.  with Johnson and Wise scoring.  In
                                                                  accommodated for a  brief period of  son,  Theo.  I.;  Felts, T. W.;  Bishop,  length  of  absence  .and,  or  appre-
      Towering a  full 65  inches in height,  the  eighth  inning,  Luley,  Co.  79,
                                                                  time while finding quarters ashore.  J.  G.;  Broderick,  J. W.;  Mussen,  R.  hension and,  or breaking arrest.
      right  guide  Payne  makes  the  tall  saved the game with a  spectacular,   During  this  short  and  temporary  J.;  Ball,  John;  Park,  Billy  H. ;   Second  absence  offense:   Of-
      men  hustle  to  keep  up.  Section  diving, rolling catch of a  hard drive
                                                                  occupancy,  they  will  be  assigned  Green,  R.  L.;  Rosenbaum,  Paul B.;  enders  who  for  first  absence  of-
     leader  Nel  Nelson,  Slc,  claims  to  short left field  for  the third out
                                                                  only  to  BOQ  stations  No.  44  and  Jetton,  W .  C.;  Rode,  B.  W.;  Mc- fense  have  been  punished  at  mast
      Dwight  has  fastest  stride  in  regi- wit)l  a  man in scoring position for   No.  239  on  Yerba  Buena  Island  Cann,  J.  G.;  Hansen,  F.  F .;  Car- or  convicted  by deck  court,  will  be
      ment.                 '       Frontier Base.                when space is  available.     li.sle,  R.;  Peek,  G.  W .;  Skimmel,  tried  by summary court. -Offenders
       Rivals- Ever  since  the  large  in-  In  spite  of  a  well  pitched  game
                                                                   Commanding  officers  who  have  Nile  E.;  Harper,  Archie  Howard;  who  for  first  absence  have  been
     flux  of  Co.  73  members  into  the  by Stevens,  striking out 10 men,  it
                                                                  ship's  company  married  o,fficers,  Murphy,  Thos.  Henry;  Chaiss,is,  convicted  by  summary  court  will
      roster  of  Co.  75  recently  consider- was  the  brilliant  fielding  by Wise,
                                                                  who,  by  nature  of  watch  standing  Robt.;  Graef,  Myron H.;  Wilson,  C.  be tried by general court unless the
     able  good  natured  rivalry  has  ex- Luley  and  Rice  that  prevented
                                                                  or -other duties which requires them  O.;  Ray,  C.  E.;  Esterline;  High- second  offense is absence  less  than
     isted  between  the  neighbor  com- Frontier  Base  from  scoring  more
                                                                  to  be  on  call,  will  make  arrange- tower, Harrell R.;-Trahan, John D.;  48 hours, in which event the type of
     panies.  Survivors  of  the  sep.ior  often.  As  usual,  we  supplied  our   ments  with  the Assistant  for  Per- Dougherty, A.  J .   court  will  be  discretionary  but not
     group are referring to 75  as "Com- quota of errors to help  out the op-  sonnel for quarters.   Along with a  suqi of money which  less  than  a  summary  court.
     pany  73-C."  Undismayed,  native  position,._but in  the  end,  fine  team   All  married  officers,  ship's  com- was found and will be returned up-  Third  absence  offense:  Third
     75'ers  counter  the  taunts  by  call- play won  out for us.  Luley,  Co.  79,
                                                                  pany, below the rank of commander  on  certain  identification,  the  fol- offenders  shall  be  tried  by  general
     ing the other organization "pre-75."  and  Rice,  SC,  along  with  Johnson
                                                                                               lowing is a  list of other articles re- court  unless  the  absence  is  less
       Sighted Sub- The Jap submarine,  and Wise,  both of  Co.  66,  were in- 2A- Company 70A  ...... 5   0  ported as  being lost:  Wallets,  sea- than  48  hours,  in  which  event  the
     on  exhibition  at  the  Section  Base  strumental in our victory.   2B- Company  66B  . ..... 7   0  bags  and  hammocks,  handbags,,  type of court shall be discretionary
     recently,  attracted  many  enthusi-  Up  to  the  time  of  this  writing,  3A-Company 77 A  ...... 6   1  TraveJ:er's  cheques,  suitcases,  Val- but not less than a  summary court.
     astic members of the RMS fratern- RMS  has  played  9.  league  games  3B-Company 69B  . ... .. 5   l  Pac shaving kit, watch, ID bracelet,   For  detail  information  conce•rn-
     ity  bent  on  scrutinizing  its  elec- with  one  more  remaining  against  4A- Company 72A  . . . . .. 7   1  pair  of  sun  glasses,  dispatch  case,  ing the policy of Navy Department
     tronic contents.  However,  they  did  the Armed Guard. We have used 30  4B-Company  68B  .. . ... 7   0  peacoat,  Wave's  purse,  pen  and  in  regard  to  trials  of  wartime  of-
     not  reckon  with  the  cramped  players up  to now  due to the- con- RMS  Boxing  Smoker   pencil set.                 fenses  involving  absenses  and  de-
     quarters existent in the radio room,  stant change of RMS personnel due   RMS  local  followers  of  biff  and          sertions,  and mitigation of general
     which  was  at  the  bow  of  the  11- to  graduation  and  in  some  cases  bash  who  like  to  see  their  ring  and  who  have  occupied  Bachelor  court  martial  sentences,  it  is  ad-
     man  vessel.  Bill  Brucker,  RT3c,  transfer or leave. We have lost the  gladiators  rough  and  tough  had  Officers'  Quarters  for  a  period  vised  that  Treasure  Island  per-
     erstwhile  wit  of  Co.  75A,  when  services of our two  best fielders  in  -their appetites satiated on the night  longer  than  one  week  will  vacate  sonnel  refer  to  "Training and  Dis-
     asked what he thought of the sound  Hylton,  sc,  who  is  on  leave  and  of  July  2  in  the . RMS  gymnasium  these  quarters  by  July  10.  All  tribution  Center  Order No.  77-45.''
     and radio gear upon his emergence  Lt.  (jg)  Jessup,  who  has  been  re- where  seven  all-star  bouts  were  others,  unless  quartered  by special  A  copy'  of  this  order  should  be
     from the room on hands .and knees,  sponsible for the team itself among  presented.       authority, must vacate by August 1.  posted  on  all  bulletin  boards.
     retorted, "All I  could see was RT's."  his  many·  other  accomplishments  :._, ____________________________________________ ~
                                                                                                                          M.  t  ~,, 000
       RT  Einstein-The  colleagues  of  and  who  has ·been  transferred  for
                                                                                                          D  d  O  II.
     Irving  Reed,  Slc,  Co.  76B,  were  outside duty--truly a  loss for RMS  Pu/Jllc  Worlts  v19ant1c  ""'' 11'0n  ""'''' . ,r'(/  '$ 'I'.,.,,
     quite  astounded  recently  when  he  and a  gain to where he  may go.
     dashed off an impromptu derivation   Top  men  in  the  hitting  column
     of Thevenin's Theorem while a  sur- are as  follows:
     prised  Sonar  instructor  looked  on.  Name--  Avg.     GP
     Explanation: Irv is a  mathematical  Barnett  . .. . . .. .. . .. 667   1
     physicist of U.  of Alaska and  Cal.  Hobbs  .. . . . .. . ... . .. 416   4
     Tech.  origin.                Hylton  ... .. . . ... .. . 364   7
       "Eager"  P.O.'s-Although  most  Wallen  .. .. ... . ..... 333   4
     of  our  company  petty  officers  are  Johnson  .... ... .. . .. 333   4
     enthusiastic about their work,  sev- Graunazel  . ... .... . . 333   3
     eral of Co.  76's "officer clique" were  Ackenbach  .... . .... 318   7
     recently "carried away"  with their  RMS  D-ouble  R,ound  Robin
     jobs.  It seems that strange sounds  V,olleyball
     of  mysterious  origin  have  been   The RMS double round robin vol-
                                   ley ball  tournament is moving into
     Cross-Word  Answers            the  second  round.  The  school  day
                                   being  divided  into  eight  sections,
                                   eight separate tournaments are be-
                                   ing  conducted  with  six  and  seven
                                   teams  in  each  group.
                                   ..  At the  completion  of  the  double
                                   round robin schedule a  single elim-
                                                                  MIGHTY  SEVENTH__:Throwing  their  full  support
                                   ination  tournament  will  be  con-  behi-nd  the  mighty  seventh  Navy  Independence  Day   George  W.  Gr,osser,  Sheet  Metal  Works'  Interna-
                                                                                                               tional  Association  of  Alameda;  Ens.  W.  B.  Sharp
                                   ducted  among  the  eight  section   War  Bond · Campa'ign ·ar-e  members  of  Public  Works   of  P·ublic  W-orks;  and · J.  C.  Reynolds,  Alameda
                                   champions  to  determine  the  Regi- Division,  both. Navy  and  civilian,  who -g_rossed  more   C-ounty  Building Trades Council.  Rev.  S.  L. McCaskill,
                                   mental  Champions.  The  leading  than  $30,000  in  cash  purchases  at  their  war  bond   Oakland  missionary  worker and  civilian  mechanic  at
                                                                  rally.  Instrumental  in  boosting  the  bond  sales  was   Public  Works,  introduced  his  victory  composition-
                                    teams in section as of June 29
                                                                  Daniel  W. Shaw, 17-year Chicago newspaperman  and   "Uncle  Sam's  Flying  Song"-to  the  bond  boosters,
                                   are as follows :               electrician  at  Public  Works,  who  sold  $28,500  worth   accompanied by the crack Armed Guard  band. Copies
                                                       Won  Lost  ,of war bonds. Trade uni-onist from  the San  Francisco   of the song  wer-e  later sold,  with the  proceeds turned
                                   lA- Company 79A  . . . . .. 6   0   Bay  cities,  while  attending  the  bond  rally  and .lunch-  over  to  the  chairman  of  the  war  bond  drive.  After
                                   lB-Company  63B  . .. ... 4   1   eon,  made  generous  purchases.  These  bond  buyers,   the bond  rally,  Lt.  C.  R.  Bennett-and  Ens.  Sharp con-
                                                                  left  to  right,  included  auto  mechanic  Clark;  Com-  ducted  the  trade  unionists  on  a  tour  of  Treasure
                                   Company 71B  .. .. .. ... .. 4   1  mander  A.  L.  Kuykendall,  Public  Works  officer;  ..  Island.
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