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PAGE  4           THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JULY  14,  1945
                                                                                 EX             Twln1 M11/te 8/9 Hit at RMS Smolter


                                                                  RADIO  MATERIEL  SCHOOL
                                                                  Navy  Hour
                                                                   Attention  is  invited  to  the  fact
                                                                  that,  over the  National  Broadcast-
                                                                  ing  Company,  the  first  network
                                                                  radio series to be written  and  pro-
                                                                  duced  by  the  Navy  Department,
                                                                  will have  its premiere  in Washing-
                                                                  ton, D. C.
                                                                   Format of subje.ct series will fea-
                                                                  ture the  90-piece  U. S.  Navy  Sym-
                                                                  phony  Orchestra,  a  high-ranking
      DON'T FENCE ME  IN  might be the tune they are playing, poised under  Navy officer in a  report of the  cur-  ,
      one  of  the  giant  airships  of  their  unit.  The  Hamilton  Field  group  is   rent  war  news,  a  pick-up  from  a
      scheduled for an  engagement at Theatre  No.  3  next week.  Missing  from   ship  of  the  Pacific  Fleet,  and  an
      the  picture  is  lovely  Henrietta  Hartmann, the  band's feminine  vocalist.
                                                                  especially written dramatic tribute
                                                                  to a particular branch of the service
      Hamilton  Field  Orchestra  to  Appear                      with  a  name  guest  star  and  espe-
                                                                  cially  arranged  music.  Lt.  Robert
                                                                  Taylor will  act as  master  of  cere-
                                                                  monies for the first'three programs.
      At Theatre No. 3 Monday Nite, July 16  RMS  Softball
                                                                   In a  close,  hotly contested game,
       Marking their  second  recent ap- OWI  as  well  as  a  series  of  pro- Armed  Guard  retained  first  place
      pearance  at  Treasure  Island,  the  grams  entitled  "Yank  Bandstand,"  and dropped RMS into a  third place
      popular  Air  Transport  Command  for  the  Armed  Forces Radio Serv- tie with Tadcen. A  win over Armed
      Band from Hamilton Field will play  ice, also designed for the entertain- Guard  would  have  caused  a  two-
      at Theatre No.  3  on  Monday,  July  ment of our men overseas.   way tie for first place  between  the
      16.  No  tickets  are  required for  the   Incidentally,  the  ATC  band  is  two teams but Armed Guard came
      two  performances,  slated  for  1900  one  of  the  very  few  service  units  out on  top,  3  to 2.
      and 2015.                     featuring  a  feminine  vocalist-  This  terminated the first  half  of
       Joe  StabHe,  brother of Dick  Sta- lovely  Henrietta  "Hank"  Hart- the  tournament  and  we  should  do
      bile,  famous  bandleader,  directs.  mann.  "Hank,"  a  government  em- much  better  in  the  second  half  as
      From  "name"  bands  come  trum- ployee  at  Hamilton  Field,  finds  our  team  is  perhaps  the  strongest
      peters  Cpl.  Tris  Haver  and  Cpl.  time  to  sing with the  band  during  in  the  league  and  should  prove  it
      Benny  Stabler  (Charley  Spivak  her off-duty hours- a  neat trick  if  by  winning  the  softball  tourna-
      and Woogy  Herman,  respectively) ,  you  can  do  it.  On  special  numbers  ment.
      trombonist  Sgt.  John  Shuman  "Hank"  is  joined  by  three  of  the  RMS Smoker
      (Glenn  Miller) ,  drummer  Sgt.  Bob  bandsmen to form the "Vocatones,"   Roars of approval from some 600
      Santomissino  (Tony  Pastor) ,  and  a  quartet  styled  after  the  Merry  boxing  fans  greeted  the  decisions
      others.                       Macs.  Novelty  and  "scat"  vocals  of  the  judges  at  the  RMS  Smoker
       The Hamilton Field band is rated  are  handled  by  trumpeter  Benny  held  in  the  RMS  gym  on  Monday
      one  of  the  finest  service  units  in  Stabler.          night,  July  2,  1945.  Results  of  the
      the  United  States.  The  band  can   Chief  arranger  for  the  band  is  bouts  are  as  follows:
      play  a  full  length  stage  show,  an  Sgt. ·Joe Carnell.  He,  together with   (a) Dale Martin and Don Malin-
      evening's dancing, or a  formal mili- trumpeters  Hauer  and  Stabler,  Exhibition  bout.  No  decision.
      tary  function  with  equal  facility.  have  written  about  two  hundred ,   1.  Jess French, Co.  77,  decisioned
      Its  seventeen  members  were  pro- special arrangements. "V-Mail Spe- Norman Schneider, Co. 73.
     fessionals before entering the serv- cial," "P-T Bounce," and "Hamilton   2.  Bob  First,  Co.  71,  outpunched
      ice,  some  of  them  with  top-flight  Hop"  are  some  of  the  tunes  com- Tex Wallace,  Co.  82.
      "name" organizations.         posed  by the boys themselves.   3.  Carl  Bush,  Co.  73,  outbattled
       Besides  extensive  performances   ---------               Bob Shuttleworth,  Co.  80.
      for the Red Cross, USO, and Amer-  A  flirt  is  a  woman  who  believes   4.  Stuart Allen, Co. 75,  won from
      ican  Theatre  Wing,  the  boys  play  it's every man for herself.   Charlie Best,  Co.  69.
      hospital shows, servicemen's dances   -  -  -  -  -A-~---    5.  Frankie Brann,  Co.  79,  TKO's
      and military functions-a total au-  Medical  Officer:  "How  is  tha,t  Gale  Bryan,  Co.  72.
      dience  of  well  over  fifty  thousand  seaman  who  swallowed  the  half   6. Bob Jungles, Co. 70, outslugged
      listeners  monthly.  Weekly  they  dollar?"                 Eddie Benson,  Co.  79.
                                                                                                DALE  AND  DON  Malon,  (top  photo)  age five  years, twin  sons of Chief
      record  an  overseas  broadcast  for   Nurse :  "No  change  yet,  sir."   Six of the seven bouts of the In-  Malon of  North  Galley,  made  a  big  hit with  the fight  fans  at the  RMS
                                                                  dependence  Day  fight  show  ended
                                                                                                Smoker show July 2.  Among  the  exciting  bouts at the smoker was  the
                                                                  in  decisions  and  one  bout  was  one  between  Bob  First  and  Tex  Wallace  (center  photo).  First  misses
                                                                  stopped  via  the  TKO  route  by  the  with  a  hard  right  just  as  the  photographer  snaps  the  picture.  "Bar-
                                                                  referee.                      barina"  and  her trained  puppy  (lower left)  make the show  more  inter-
                                                                                                esting,  and  (lower  right)  one  bluejacket  swoons  over  the  ropes  as  a
                                                                   The best fight of the evening was   song·stress singers her tenth song  for the  RMS  boys.
                                                                  the third bout which saw some very
                                                                  clever in-fighting by Carl Bush and                         insurance  policies  issued  to  service
                                                                  Bob  Shuttleworth.  Refreshments  Your  NSL  Insurance      men  prior to  January  1,  1946,  and
                                                                  consisted  of  cokes  and  apples  to                       as  yet  not  converted,  shall  be  ex-
                                                                  "all hands."                  Can  Be  Carried  Into        tended  automatically  an  additional
                                                                   Hitting a  new high on the enter-                          period  of  three  years.  This  amend-
                                                                  tainment  program  was  what  was  Civil  Life              ment does not change the premiums
                                                                  probably  the  best  group  of  artists                     of  the  policy,  and  there  will  be  no
                                                                  we  have  yet  secured  from  the   When  discharge  time  comes  the   change  in  the  amount  of  Nati-onal
                                                                  beach.   Consisting  of  acrobatic   final  session  with  the  paymaster   Service  Life  Insurance  allotment
                                                                  dancing,  lovely  singers  of  lovely   means  all  allotments  will  be   for  insurance  so  extended.
                                                                  songs,  a  clever novelty dog routine   stopped.  You  are  paid off and once   This means that the policy,  orig-
                                                                  and · orchestra  interludes,  the  eve:   again  you  don  those  good  old
                                                                  ning  was  wildly  acclaimed  with   "civies".  You  begin  to  realize  your  inally  issued  for  a  period  of  five
                                                                  loud  applause from  the spectators.   insurance  is  one  of  the  finest  tan- years  before  it was  to  have  been
                                                                  Everyone is looking forward to the   gible  assets derived  from  your life  converted  has  now  been  extended
                                                                  next  monthly  smoker  with  eager   in  the  service.  But,  to  keep  it  in  to  eight years.  For instance  if you
                                                                  anticipation.                 effect  the  monthly  paymenJs  ( or  are discharged two years after you
                                                                  Company  Scuttlebutt          premiums)  must be  made  by mail- obtained  your  policy  and  if  you
                                                                   "EAGER"  75 - The  scuttlebutt   ing  them  to  the  collections  sub- obtained  it  after  the  NSI  Act  of
                                                                  making  the  regimental  rounds   division,  Vete·rans  Administration,   1940  and  before  January  1,  1946,
                                                                  these  days  regarding  "that  eager   Washington,  D.  C.  A  money  order   you would have six years of civilian
                                                                  Co.  75"  seems  to  have  backfired,   or check  must  be  made  out  to  the   life  with  the  l?ame  protection  and
                                                                                                                             at the same  cost before  you  would
                                                                  or  at  least  proven  that  being  "·on   "Treasurer  of  the  United  States."   have  to  convert  your  policy.
                                                                  the  ball"  pays  dividends.  Sections   The  policy  may  be  converted,
                                                                  A  and  B  of Company 75  have each   being made into a  form  of  savings
                                                                  copped  regimental  top  honors  in   for  you,  in  that your policy  can be
                                                                 successive  weeks,  and  the  entire   changed  into  an  Ordinary  Life,  or  Have  You  Heard  This  One?
                                                                  company  has  been  rewarded  with   a  twenty  or  thirty  payment  life   A  sailor reported  back  from  his
                                                               ·  a  ·1ong  liberty,  making  Bks.  22  an   policy  instead  of  merely  being  leave  24  hours  late.  He  explained:
                                                                 empty place last week end.  This is  straight insurance protection.   "I'm  returning  from  my  leave
                                                                 a  rather  unusual  occurrence,  but  NSI  Act  Extended    and ready to  board the train when
                                                                  to  top  it  off,  while  75B  was  busy   Lt.  G.  Allen  O'NeaJ,  Coordinator  a  band  on  the  station  platform
                                    m  · . -·\                .  had  come  through again,  this time  n-ounced  that  the  P·ublic  Law  118,  ner.' I  freeze to attention, I  salu_ted.
                                                                 winning  its first  place  award,  75A  of  Benefits  and  Insurance,  an- strikes up the 'Star Spangled Ban-
                                                               •  with  third  spot  on  the  list.  H .  approved on July 1, further amends  •And  while  I'm  saluting  what hap-
                                                                 Thorne,  CSp(A)  in  charge  of  the  the  National  Service  Life  Insur- peRs  but the train pulls out of the
                                                                 company,  is  proud  of  his  "eager''  ance  Act of 1940 to the extent that  station  right  in  front  of  my  eyes,
                                                                 lads.                         all  five  year  level  premium  term  with nothing I  can do ·about it."
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