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                                                                                                                                Pre-Flight Homers Beat
                                                                                                                                Treasure  Island, 15-4;

                                                                                                                                Camp  Parks  Tilt  Today

                                                                                                                                  St.  Mary's  Pre-Flight  proved  a
                                                                                                                                surprise package Saturday, as they
          Seldom  has  there  been  such
                                                                                                                                swept  past  Treasure  Island  in  a
        array  of  "sporting  goods"  under
                                                                                                                                flurry of hits and runs in scoring a
        one  overhead  as  there  was  in
                                                                                                                                15-4 league victory at T. I.
        Theatre  No.  1,  Friday  night.  The
                                                                                                                                  Both  teams  belted  the ball  pretty
        long,  the  short  and  the  beautiful                                                                                  heavily,  St.  Mary's  socking  four
        were  all  there.  Variations in talent
        stuck  out  like  cream  in  black  cof-                                                                                homers  and  T.  I.  contributing  one.
                                                                                                                                On  the error side  of the  ledger, the
        fee.                                                                                                                    Pi rates  were  buttery-fingered  on
          One  thing  about  referee  Arthur
                                                                                                                                five  occasions  while  Pre-Flight had
        Donovan,  he  certainly  knows  how                                                                                     a  clean  slate.
        to duck when  G. I.'s start throwing                                                                                      Bender,  T.  I.  pitcher,  had  an  off
        questions  at  him.  Asked  what  he                                                                                    day at the mound and was pounded
        thought  of  Billy  Conn  in  his  first                                                                                mercilessly  by  the  cadets.  Condon
        fight with Joe  Louis,  he  responded,                                                                                  relieved  him  in  the  seventh frame.
        "Billy  is  a  great  fighter  and  it  is
                                      HIT  OR  BE"  HIT-Bill  Ellis  ducks  a  right  hand   Fr,ontier  Base  battler,  goes  through  the  r,opes  from  Their  combined  efforts  failed  to
        possible  he  will  be  even  greater   thrown  by  L.  F.  Evans  and  gets  a  good  l,eft  hand   one  of  Hal  Fortner's  powerful  left  hooks.  Both  lads   stop an 18-·hit attack.
        after  he  gets  out  of  the  Armed  lick of  hi·s  ,own  in  to  the  face  of  the  Fr,ontier  Base   put on  a  whale ,of  battle  and  repeated  the  perform-  Treasure  Island's defeat knocked
        Forces  because  of  his  increased  boy.  Ellis got the decision  in  Tuesday night's smoker.   ance .on the  U. S.  Naval  Frontier Base  bond  rally last
        weight  stature,  but  those  who   ( Photo  at  right)  Scottie  Chapman,  stout-hearted   Sunday.                     them  into  a  second  place  tie  with
                                                                                                                                Camp  Parks,  who  will  tangle  with
        figured  he was leading Louis  by a
                                                                                                                                T.  I. today.
        night,  were  all  wrong.  To  win  a  INTRA-MURAL  ATHLETIC  PROGRAM  STARTS  MONDAY                                    Two  runs,  one  in  each  of  the
        substantial margin on that historic
                                                                                                                                first  two  innings  gave  Pre-Flight
        championship  you  must  mix  it  up                                                                                    an early lead.
        with your man.  Conn was hit while                                                         Lt. V.  Gilcrease, officer-in-charge   T.  I.  bagged a  run in the fourth
        doing  this.  Billy  stood  up  well   Fire  Fighters  Edge  D.  D.  Marzalec Turns  In  No-  of the Treasure Island intra-mural
        under  those  powerful  punches  but                                                      sports program, has announced that   on Lowe's base-on-balls and Olsen's
                                                                                                                                double.  St.  Mary's  nullified  this
        how  long  can  a  175-pound  battler   Pool  6-4; Practice  Tilt  Hitter  For ·Armed  Guard   the  Commodore's  Trophy  Intra-  rally  with  one  of  their  own  by
        stay  up  under  a  barrage  of  215                                                      Mural program will  start Monday,   blasting  a  pair  of  homers  in  the
        pounds,  especially  when  Joe  Louis   D.  D.  Pool  tried  desperately  to   Armed  Guard's  first  no-bit  per-  July 9.   sixth stanza.
        is on the throwing end.''  Joe Pasco,   extinguish  the  winning  blaze  cre- formance was turned in by pitcher   Badminton,  tennis,  volley  ball,
                                                                                                                                 A  two-run  outburst in their half
        bag punching  champion  who  holds   ated  by  the  Fire  Fighters  but  fell  Marzalec,  Friday,  as  the  Gunners   swimming,  hand . ball,  horseshoes,  of  the  sixth  put T.  I.  back  in  the
        endurance and speed records for as
                                      prey to the softballers  in  an extra  came from  behind in defeating the  softball, bowling and basketball will  game,  momentarily.  Lowe  doubled,
        long  as  eight  hours  without  stop-  inning contest Friday,  6-4.   Pre-Commissioning  softball  ten,  be handled in a  three-month period.  Olsen  doubled scoring Lowe,  and a
        ping,  interrupted  the  backstage   This is as close as any team has  2-1.               During  the  three-month  period  single  lined  over  the  head  of  the
        conversation between Donovan and
                                      been  to  the lossless  Fire  Fighters,   Fire  works  began  and  ended  in  champs will be crowned in the dif- first  baseman  by  Williams,  chased
        yours  truly.  "Do  you  think  any  of   who have rung up  a  win streak of  the third frame when Marzalec beat  ferent  activities,  winners  scoring  Olsen over the plate.
        those  palookas could  punch one  of   four straight.       a  slow  roller  to  first  base.  Sheely  eight  points;  second  place,  six   Seven  men  paraded  acr,oss  the
        my  bags  fo·r  just two  hours?"
                                       "Tex"  Damerall,  ace  hurler  of  singled and Peccia tripled to drive  points;  third place, four points and  plate  for  the  cadets  in  the  fatal
                                      the  fire  bugs,  won  the  game  by  in the pair of tallies that beat Pre- two  points  for  competing.   seventh.  Palmer  doubled,  Bradford
                                      tripling home the winning runs.   Com.                                                    doubled,  scoring  Palmer  and  then
                                                                                                   This  will  be  a  year-around  ac-
                                                                                                  tivity  divided  into  four  series  of   scored  himself  •On  Sabo's  double.
                                      .. SPORTS ..                                                                              filled  the  bases  with  his sl,ow  roller
                                                                                                                                McD.owell  walked  and
                                                                                                  three months  each,  with the Com-
                                                                                                  modore's  Trophy going to the win-
                                                                                                                                that  allowed  no  play  at  either  bag.
                                                                                                  ners  of  each  series.  This  trophy
                                                                                                  will  be  kept  until  the  termination   This  set  the  stage  for  Brown's
                                                                                                  of  the next series.          round  trip  clout  that  cleared  the
                                                                                                                                b~ses  of  men  and  the·  mound  of
                                                                                                   An individual award will be made
                                      FOUR  DOUBLE  PLAYS  FEATURE  TREASURE                      to  the  player  amassing  the  most   Bender.  But  the  scoring  didn't ,end
                                                                                                  points  in  the  three-month  period.   here.  Al house furthered the damage
                                      ISLAND  TRIUMPH  OVER  L.A.;  TAUBY  HOM~RS                 Team members will be scored in the   with  a  walk, advanced ,on  a  fly ball
                                                                                                                                and  scored  on  Scarboroughs  single.
                                                                                                  same manner as the above scoring
                                                                                                                                 St. Mary's added insult to injury
                                                                     Treasure  Island  unleashed  her   for  activities.  There will  also  be  a   by scoring four  more  in  the  ninth.
                                      Fleet  City  Drops  6-5       big  guns  on  Los  Angeles  of  the   permanent team trophy to the com-  Alhouse's  homer  with  two  aboard
                                                                    Pacific  Coast  League  and  silenced
         Sports  Ed.  Perez  and  Donovan                           Lou  Novikoff  and Rip  Russell,  two   mand winning the different events.   featured  the  rally.
                                      Contest  to  Gunners                                         In sports such as badminton, ten-
         Although  Donovan,  one  of  the                           of  the  southland's  big  bertha's,  in   nis,  handball and horse shoes, there
        greatest  referees  of  all  times  and   One  of  the  major  upsets  of  the   trimming the Angels at T . I. Thurs-  will be one doubles match and two
        third  man  in  countless  champion-                        day,  6-5.                    singles with a  player limited to one  Armed  Guard  Wins  First
                                      present baseball season was turned
        ship bouts,  speaks roughly to fistic                        Jodie  Phipps,  mainstay  of  the   event.  A  team  will  consist, of four
       · contestants, he certainly is the pic-  in  by  Armed  Guard  Wednesday,   Angel  team  and  winner  of  23             Half; VR-2  Clinches
                                      when they defeated the third-place                          players.
        ture  of  modesty  when  it  comes  to                      games last year, was on the mound                           Title With  13-2 Win
                                      Fleet  City  nine,  6-5.  It  was  the                       With  the  exception  of  the  soft-
        talk about himself.  Most of the in-                        for  L.  A.  and  gave  up  11  hits  to
                                      Gunners'  third league win.                                 ball  league  now  in  progress  the
        formation  on  Donovan  was  ob-                            the  Pirates.  Lou  Novikoff,  "mad   Commodore's  Trophy  is  restricted   Termination of first  half play in
        tained  from  Jack  Redmond,  man-  Under  the  reins  of  Lt.  (jg)   Russian" and Rip Russell, hard hit-  to enlisted personnel. The program   the American League and continua-
        ager  of  and  golf  player  with  the   Abbey,  Armed  Guard  turned  in   ting  first  . baseman,  were  both   is open to all  commands on Treas-  tion of the National League marked
        troupe.  Jack  is  a  former  Navy   their best performance to  date.   limited  to  one  hit  while  the  com-         this week's  action  in  the Treasure
                                                                                                  ure Island.
        man himself and learned the game   The  Gunners  were  trailing  as  bination  of  Bartell,  Dunham  and                Island Softball tourney.
        while  in  the service  of Uncle  Sam.  they  went  into  their  half  of  the  Williams of T.  I.  were making four   AMERICAN LEAGUE-
         States  Redmond,  "Besides  being  seventh   when   pitcher   Eyrich  double  plays.                                    Armed Guard  came from  behind
        tops in the referee circle, Arthur is  boomed his own cause with a  single.   Tauby homered in the second in- Cincinnatti  Rookies  Fall   to  defeat  RMS,  3-2,  winning  the
        a  very good master of ceremonies.''  Shulte  came  to  bat  and  produced   ning  for  T.  I.  and  started  the       first  half  of  the  American  League
        Just then Joanna de Tuscan popped  the  tying  run  with  a  triple,  scor-  parade of runs that marched across  Before  T. I.  Pirates, 10-6  pennant. An earlier Tadcen victory
        in after finishing her fencing num- ing Eyrich.             the  plate  in  the  next  two  stanzas.                    over  Armed  Guard  had  set  the
        ber.  "Arthur,  I'll bet you never got   Larrieu started the eighth stanza  Dunham  doubled  and  Bartell's   Treasure Island cut loose with all   stage  for  the  RMS-Armed  Guard
                                                                                                  its pent up fury as a  result of Sat- "natural."
        this  hot  when  you  handled  one  of  in bad fashion for the Armed Guard  single  brought the  Pirates total  to   t  t   h   f
                                                                                                  urday's shellacking a   he  ands°   Frontier Base turned in the only
        your  boxing  bouts."  He  replied,  by  fanning  out.  Rose  singled  and  two in the second.
                                                                                                  St.  Mary's  Pre-Flight,  in  over- other win  of the week witlr a  sur-
        "And  I'll  bet  I  never  looked  as  Moore  hit a  short fly  ball  that  f.ell   T. I. added one in the third frame   ·   th   ·  'ti   c·  ·   t ·
        pretty."                      good  for  another  single.  Correll                        commg    e   v1s1  ng   mcmna  1  prising  6-4  victory  over  the  Ma-
                                                                    when  Olsen  was  issued  a  base-on- Rookie nine,  Sunday, 10-6.   rines.
         Joanna  is pretty handy with the  flied  out  to  right  field  and  then   nd
                                                                    balls, stole seco  and scored on an   Terranova limited the Rookies to  NATIONAL LEAGUE-
        foil  or  epee,  as  it  is  called  by  the  Eyrich's timely  single  pushed  Rose
                                                                    L.  A-:  error  of  Williams'  slow  seven  scattered  hits  while  his   VR-2  scored  a  1-0  win  over the
        French,  having been captain of the  across  the  plate  with  the  winning
        1936 Olympic team and is the pres- run.                                                   mates  were  pouncing  on  the  Cin- Yo-Ho  Men  in  a  protested  game
        ent  Women's  Professional  Cham-                            Los Angeles finally made a  score  cinnati hurler for  eight hits and 10  that  will  be  continued · from  the
        pion.  Her cat-like agility while  go-                      of their own in the first half of the  runs.                fifth  inning.  The  outcome  will  be
        ing through a  series of parries and   cerning  his  superiority  ove·r  past  fourth  on  Tyack's  walk,  Elko's   T.  I.  scored  three  runs  in  the  decided  from  there.  VR-2  almost
        thrusts with her partner and coach   champions  were  flung  at Donovan  single  and  Vier's  slow  roller  to  second,  fourth  and  sixth  inning  clinched  the  first  half  with  a  13-2
        are  as  noiseless  as  a  murmuring   with piston-like precision. "I figure   Lowe.      after  a  one  run  outburst  in  the  triumph over the Hospital.
        sound.                        Billy  Conn  gave  him  his  toughest   The  Pirates  came  right  back  in  first.        Post Office came out of the cellar
         Jimmy  Risk,  horse-shoe  slinger   fight although Tommy Farr pressed  their half of  the fourth frame with            to  defeat  the Yo-Ho  Men,  4-1,  and
        deluxe,  entered  the  picture  at  this   him  to  the  very  limit.  But  then  a  single by Dunham, Bartell's base-  repeated  over  the  Hospital  crew,
        stage  and  prompted  Donovan  on   again  Farr  was  more  or  less  a  on-balls and pitcher Wilson's double   Slide, Kelly, Slide   12-4.
        the  subject of  boxing in  the Navy.   punching  bag,  whereas  Conn  was  down the right field  line,  all adding   Scanning an old  sports  sheet we   How they finished:
        Donovan had nothing but praise for   tagged and counted out without too  up  to two runs.   re_call  a  ball  game  once  played  in   AMERICAN  LEAGUE
        the  men  in  blue,  figuring  the  next   much  facial  punishment.  Arturo   T.  l.'s rally had  hardly died down   Mississippi.  It was played in a  cow   Won  Lost  Pct.
        title  holder  would  be  a  man  from   Godoy  employed  a  rather  unique   when  the  Angels  started  one  ,of   pasture and ended abruptly when a  Armed Guard  . . .. .. 8   2
        the  service.  He  only  wished  his   style  with  the  'Brown  Bomber'  in   their  own.  Wilson  walked  Phipps,   runner  slid  into  what  he  thought  Pre-Com  ....... ... 7   .800
        guessing was as easy as the ringers   their first  outing,  mainly  to estab-  first  man  up.  Otera  singled  and                          2   .700
        Risk  threw  blindfolded.  The  gear   lish a  reputation,  but was flattened   Brewster walked.  At this point T.  I.   was  third  base.   Tadcen  .. ... . . .. .. 6   4   .600
        he  had  an  opportuniity  to  view   in six heats in their second ·go. Yes,   held •up the point scoring when  Rus-    RMS  .. .. .. .. ... .. 6   4   .600
        while  passing  through  the  island   I  would  class  Joe  Louis  as  one  of   sell  hit into  a  double  play.  But this  poked  a  .hit  past the  second  base-  Frontier  Base  .. .. ,3   7   .300
        was  the  best  he had seen  in  quite   the  all  time  greats,"  concluded   was  only  temporary.  Novikoff  sin- man,  ending  the  game  in  sensa-  Marines  . ..... ... .. 0   10   .000
        some  time.  "How  can  a  boy  help  Donovan.              gled  to  score  Phipps  and  Otera.  tional fashion.
        from being anything but good with   At this point Arthur  got a  little  Tyack  doubled, driving in  Novikoff,  Scoring:   R  H  E   CPO:  "I suppose you wish I  were
        such  splendid  material  to · work  word  weary  and  vanished  into  his  and  Elko drove in Tyack to net Los  L. A.  0  0  0  1  4  0  0  0  0--5  10  2  dead  so  you  could  spit  on  my
        with,"  said  Arthur.         dressing  room.  Props  were  taken  Angeles  four  tallies.   T. I.  0  2  1  2  0  0  0  0  1-6  11  1  grave?"
          Joe Louis seemed to be the most  down  and  the  troupe  was  on  its   Big  Bob  Williams  came  to  bat   Batteries: T.  I., Vallero and Wil-  S2c :  "No,  not  me--I  hate  to
        discussed  boxer and  questions  con- way once  more.       with  one  man  on  in  the ninth  and  son;  L.  A.,  Phipps  and  Brenner.   stand in line.''
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