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PAGE  2           THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JULY  7,  1945
                                                                 Kay  Kyser;  Onhestra,         ,,,e /slt1nd  Trotter

                                                     *       * Kollese  of  Musical              If you had to  serve  in the Navy   chow  and  liberty- and  plenty  of

      * *  Island. publication  distributed  &very  Saturday  without . cos~  to  the
      Official  Trea,sure                                        Knowledge  Here                                             both.
      officers,  enlisted personnel, and  employees  of Treasure Island. All  communications and   again would you take the same rate
     contributions  should  be  directed to  The Editor,  Welfare Division,  TADCEN,  Treasure   Inimitable  Kay  Kyser,  professor   But  if  I  had  to  make  a  second
     Island, San Francisco,  California.  Phone: EXbrook 3931,  Extension 69.                  you  have  MW ?               choice,  it would be ship's cook,  too.
                                                                 of the  "Kollege  of  Musical  Knowl-
                       COMMODORE  R.  W.  CARY,  USN             edge," paid a  return engagement to   C.  B.  Seybott, CSp{A),  Receiving
               Commander  U.  S.  Naval  Training  and  Distribution  Center                   Ship.  Being  a  former  high  school    *  *  *
                                                                 Theatre No. 3 Tuesday with a  bevy                            P.  H.  Brown, C.ox,  Receiving  Ship.
                       CLYDE F. BABB,  Sp(X)3c,  USNR            of  stage,  screen  and  radio  celebri-  coach,  I  feel  that  my  time  in  the   I'd  rather  be  a  "snip"  (MoMM)
                                 Editor                                                        service has been somewhat wasted
                                                                 ties  for  the  entertainment  of  the                      because  that's  what  I  would  like
             Robert E. Johnson,  Y2c - Rex  N.  Olsen, Y2c,  Associate Editors   sailors  stationed  on  Treasure  Is- for many reasons, including the fact
     Carolyn  N. Brown, Ylc,  Waves  Editor   Robert H. Perez,  BM2c,  Sports                  that most of my duty has had little   on the outside.
                       Bruce  A. Werlhof, PhM3c, Reporter        land.                         relation to my specialty;  too, I  am   When I  joined up, I  told 'em that
                (The Masthead uses  Camp  Newspaper  Service  Material)   Kyser,  the  saucy,  blithesome   of the conviction that I  would be of   I  like power tools and they handed
                                                                 bandleader whose name is familiar                           me  a  broom  and  piped,  "Sweep
      TREASURE  ISLAND,  S.  F.,  CALIF.,  SATURDAY,  JULY  7,  1945  to  every  radio  and  music-box  fan,   much  help  to  the  war  effort  as  a   Down,"  and told me to  show  some
                                                                 had  the  capacity  crowd  of  blue-  guide  to  high school  boys.  Besides   power.
                                                                                               the  20  months  I've  spent  in  the
      EDITORIAL-                                                 jackets  roilicking  in  rhythm  and   Hawaiian Islands,  I've only been a
                                                                 figuratively rolling in the aisles for
                                                                 a  full  hour.                boot CPO and Chief MMA.
                                                                                                          *  *  *            Shore  Patrol  Must
                                                                                                 J .  R.  McTaggert, SF1c, Receiving
                                          •  •  •                                              Ship.  Well,  I  was a  shipfitter  as  a  Be  Present  at  All
          Of special  interest to  the serviceman are the post-war plans                       civilian and so I  stayed  with it be-
      of our country and  from  a news  release from Washington those                          cause  I  got  a  rate  sooner.   Dances  and  Parties
                                                                                                 However, .if  I  could  change  my
      plans  don't look too bad.  Declaring that the United States must                        present rate from SFlc to MoMMlc,   A  district memofandum has b~n
                                                                                                                             sent out,  cancelling or  superseding
      be prepared  against  the  possibility  that Japan  will  fall  quickly,                 I  would  jump  at  the  opportunity   all  former orders pertaining to the
                                                                                               because  of  the  interest  I  have  in
      Fred  M.  Vinson  last  week  outlined  a  "Post-war  Economic                           diesel  motors.               policing  of  ship  or  shore  dances
      Charter" stressing high wages, lower taxes and public works. Vin-                          There is a  great future ahead for   and  parties.
                                                                                               a  specialty in that line of work and   The  new  order  directs  that  be-
      son, director of the Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion,                                                      cause of the conduct of some Navy
                                                                                               I  would like to be in on it.
      decbred the drop in munitions production will be rapid from now                                     *  *  *            personnel  the  commanding  officers
      on. His message, the quarterly report which OWMR must submit                               F.  R.  Hicks, S1c(RT),  Radio  Ma-  of  ships  and  stations  sponsoring
                                                                                                                             recreation o·r  entertainment parties
                                                                                                teriel  School.  Radio technician is  a
      to Congress  and-the President, for  the first  time  dealt at length                     "good  deal"  because  I  like  the   ashore  are  responsible  that  such
      with V-J Day and after.                                                                   work.  Besides  I  can  get  college   parties are policed, and will furnish
                                                                                                                             an adequate shore patrol headed by
                                                                                                credits  for the time I  am spending
          "The  American  people  are  in  the  pleasant  predicament  0f                                                     an  officer-in-charge  for  that  pur-
                                                                                               in this  Navy school.
      having to learn to live 50 per cent better than they have ever lived                       The type  of training I'm getting   pose.
                                                                                                                               Furthermore,  the  district  shore
      before," Vinson stated. The bulky document proposed lifting the                          will  serve  as  a  good  recommenda-  patrol  office  will  detail  a  liaison
                                                                                                tion  for  civilian  employment.  But
      national  minimum  wage  to  "at  least  50  cents"  an  hour  and                        if you want a  rat e in a  hurry don't   representative  to attend  each  such
      broadening· old-age  and  unemployment  benefits,  but  it  laid                          try for radio "tech."         party  held  in  the  San  Francisco
                                                                                                                              Bay  area.  The  liaison  representa-
      greater  stress  on  the  urgency  of  the  armament  production  job                               *  *  *             tive  will  be  charged  with  the  ob-
                                                                                                  E.  P.  Zachry,  M-oMM2c,  Sub
      still ahead. It also hinted at the fury to be visited on Japan .. Army                    Chaser. Well,  I'm pleased with the   taining from the shore patrol office
                                                                                                                              such  additional services  as may be
      and Navy Hiers ~ill "drop as much as 10,000 tons of bombs upon                            rate I  hold at present because  mo-  requested  by  the  officer-in-charge
                                                                                                tors and cars have always been my
      Japan  in  a  single  day,  or  double what Germany got  during  the                      vocation.  For  some  reason,  I  just   of the party and to keep  the Com-
      days  of  heaviest  assault,"  the mobilization  chief  said. "Soon  we                   like  to tinker around with mechan-  mandant  informed  of  prevailing
      shall have nearly six million men in all branches of the service in                       ical  things.                  Prior  to  the  holding  of  shore
                                                                                                 However,  if I  considered  chang-
      the  actual  theatre  of  combat."                                                        ing  my  rate,  that  is,  if  I  would   entertainment  in  this  area,  the
                                                                                                                              commanding  officer  of  the  ship  or
          For the months immediately ahead he sketched this picture                             make  the  Navy  a  career,  I  would   station  sponsoring  the  party  will
                                                                                                want a  right-arm rate~ a  quarter-
      for  our families back home:  Food-5 to 7 per cent less this year                                                       designate  an  office·r  representative
                                                                                                master  or  signalman- but  not  a
      than last;  civilian goods-within six  months  the  first  new  cars,                     bos'n  mate.                  to  confer  with  the  district  shore
                                                                                                                              patrol  officer,  w:ho  will  then  ac-
      refrigerators and washing machines will reach  the salesrooms in                                    *  *  *             quaint  that  officer  with  local  civil
                                                                        "The  Old  Professor"    R.  A.  Lee,  RM  c,  DeS royer  ·  ·  •  regulations  and  the  need  for  the
      limited  quantity;  fuel-coal may  be  seriously  short, fuel  oil  no                    I  don't think  that  I  would  like  to
                                                                   Although  without  the  service  of                        proper  supervision  of  personnel
      more plentiful than last winter;  transportation-tight for  six to                        change  rate.  If I  had  to  serve  all
                                                                  the  "moronic  quipster",  Ish Kabib-                       attending  the  party.
                                                                                                over again,  I  would  take the same
      12 months ahead; price, manpower and ration controls-they will  ble,,  poetic  witticist,  Kyser   rate again because it's a  good clean
                                                                  and  his  versatile  band  members
      continue.                                                                                 job  and  good  duty  if  a  man  is  a   Sailor: "I' just got a  haircut, does
                                                                  gave the entertainment-seeking au-
                                                                                                r eserve.                     it look  bad ?"
          Vinson listed these nine points as  a framework on which "a  dience  a  "co•rking  good  time."
                                                                                                 Another  advantage  in  holding   MAA:  "Not bad, but you'd better
      post-war  economic  charter for  a  steadily-rising American  living   Spotlight honor  beamed brightly   this rate is that I  usually find  my- stamp  your  head,  "This  End  Up."
                                                                  upon vocalist Don Lesley,  ex-Navy
      standard must be built":                                                                  self in position to get  all  the dope
                                                                  man.  His  smooth  song  styling  of
                                                                                                          *  *  *
          1-"A  complete modernization of tax laws  to  help achieve  popular song hits was well received   along with the QM and yeoman.   "My wife  says if I  don't give  up
      stable high levels of employment and production."           by the attentive listeners, Receiving   G.  H.  Gillaspie,  SC3c,  Receiving   drinking, she'll leave me."
                                                                                                                               "That's  going to  be pretty hard,
                                                                  no lesser applause were the  "Town
          2-"A program to foster  small  business  and  encourage the   Criers",  popular  choristers  who   Ship.  I'd  hang  on  to  ship's  cook  isn't  it?"
      birth of new business."                                     warbled several juke-box favorites.   because  we  always  get  the  best   "Yes,  I'll  miss her."
                                                                  Their unique arrangement  of Josh
          3-"A fair,  vigorous  anti-monopoly  program  because  com-  White's  "One  Meat Ball"  was ren-
      petition is a keystone to our free society."                dered  with  striking  brilliance.   It Was  'E-Day'  in  New  York
          4-"Measures to reduce industrial strife,  the  broadening of   The  loudest ovation  of the night
                                                                  went to that "stop,  look and listen
      the minimum wage laws and the encouragement of a high wage   gal",  gorgeous  Georgia,  Kyser's
      policy by business."                                        "commanding officer."  Combining
                                                                  charm and artful gestures with her
          5-"The breaking  down  of  artificial  barriers  to  trade  and
                                                                  vocal  renditions,  she  gratified  the
      positive measures t6 encourage world trade."                musical passion of  every bluejacket
          (This  included  a  blanket  endorsement  of  Bretton  Woods   in attendance.
                                                                   Also  with  the  Kyser  crew  were
      proposals, and repeal of prohibition against new loans to govern-
                                                                  other  guest  artists  who  shared
      ments in default of old obligations.)                       spotlight  honors  with  the  talented
          6-"The broadening and expansion of unemployment com-    array  of  celebrities.
      pensation,  old-age  pensions,  health  and  education  programs  of
      Federal, State and local governments."·                     New  Type  Lemonade  Gives
          7-"Measures to assure the farm  population an opportw1ity  Navy  Personnel  Vitamin  "C"
     · to enjoy the same standard of living, health and educational facili-  Thirsty men in the United States
      ties as the rest of the American people."                   Fleets will  drink  an estimated  40,-
                                                                  000,000  gallons  of  vitamin  en-
          8-"A long-term program of public works  tied  in with  the
                                                                  riched  lemon  beverage in  1945,  ac-
      Government's  fiscal  policy,  and  a  program  to  encourage  far  cording  to  the  Navy  Bureau  of
      greater volume of private construction for housing than we have   Supplies  and Accounts.
                                                                   This  war-born thirst quencher·is
      ever had in the past."
                                                                  a  new type of lemonade base which
          9-"A fiscal  policy aimed at maintaining the economy at or  is prepared from dehydrated lemon
      near  full  employment,  and  co-ordinating  all  Government  pro-  juice,  fruit  acid  and  pure  ascorbic
                                                                  acid  (vitamin  C).  One  12-ounce
      grams  that have  either an inflationary or deflationary effect."   glass provides more than half of a
                                                                  person's  daily  vitamin  C  require-
       "A  .sensible  man  doubts  every-  "I  would · like  to  marry  your  ment.
      thing. Only a fool is certain of what  daughter."                                          Gen  Eisenhower  happily  and  unaffectedly  acknowledges  the  cheers  of
      he says."                      "Well,  sir,  you  can  leave  your   "The little moron took some insect   4,000,000  New  Yorkers  who  turned  out  to  welcome  him  back  from  the
       "Are you certain of that?"   name  and  if  nothing  better  turns  powder with his aspirin because he   wars: Said he: "How much  better would  it  have  been  had there  been  no
       "Positive!"                  up  we. ·-can  notify you."   had such a  lousy headache.             cause  for  rejoicing,  had  there  been  no  war."   Acme
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