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PAGE  2        THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  DEC.  15,  1945
                                                                  OPA  Warns  Vets;            TIie  /1/t111d  Trotter
                                                                  Watch  Out  For
         ~  ~                                         ~
                                                                  Used  Car  Dealers             "How  do  you  feel  about  the  them,  I'm sure  that's  the  opinion
                                                                                               wearing  of  service  ribbons?"   of  most  of  the  fellows  who  ar.e
                                                                    By  Camp  Newspaper  Service
         Official  Treasure  !, land  publication,  distributed  every  Saturday  witho_ut  ~ost  to  the  offi~ers,   Francis  Patterson,  MoM2c,  To-  really  deserving  of  recognition.
         enlisted  personnel  and  employees  of  Trea~ure  Island.  All  commun1cat1ons  and  contr1bu•   If  you're  buying  a  used  car,   There's  simply  no  value  behind
         lions  should  be  directed  to  The  Editor,  Welfare  Division,  TADCEN ,  Treasure. Island,.  San   nica,  Illinois.   The  ribbons  are
         Francisco,  California .  Telephone:  EXbrook  3931,  Extension  69.  The  Mast~ead  ts  publ,shed  don't  get  stuck  by  unscrupulous   them  at  all.
         in  compliance  with  regulations  of  Sec Nav  letter  of  May  28,  1945,  and  os  produced  com-  dealers,  as  many  a  vet  has,   passed out too freely.  Theatre rib-
         mercially  from  non-appro priated  Welfare  Funds  at  no  expense  to  the  Navy  Department   bons  are  given  to  men  just  for   *  *
         or  Government.  The  Masthead  is  a  member  of  the  Twelfth  Naval  District  Press  Association,  There's no need to  be  gypped, for
         the  Ship's  Ed itorial  Association,  and  receives  material  supplied  by  Camp  Newspaper   passing  through  a  certain  area,   Horace  P.  Linkwater,  BM1c,
         Service.  Reproduction  of  credited  material  prohibited  without  permission  of  SEA  and  CN S.  the OP A  ( Office  of  Price  Admin-
                                                                  istration)  has  rigorously  con-  while  the  fellows  who  sweat  it  Austin,  Texas.  Would  you  repeat
                          COMMODORE  R.  W.  CARY,  USN           trolled prices, not only  to prevent   out  in  that  zone  for  a  year  or  that question,  please ?
                   Commander  U.  S.  Naval  Training  and  Distribution  Center               more get no more than these "fly-
                                                                   inflation,  but  to  prevent  those
                                ED  LEVITT,  SK2c                  who  need  cars  now  from  being   by-nights.'' The privilege of wear-  *  *  *
                                   Editor                                                      ing  the  ribbons  is  too  much   N-orman  Hopkins,  SKV2c,  Phoe-
                          Carolyn  Brown,  Y le,  Associate  Editor                            abused.  At  the  first  of  the  war  nix, Ariz. As far as wearing them
                                                                    Since  all  used  vehicles  have
         Bob  Perez,  BM2c,  Sports  Editor     Bill  Martin,  RM3c,  Reporter  ceiling  prices,  whether purchased   a  ribbon  meant  something  but  goes,  I  feel that a  fellow who has
                                                                                               now  every  Tom,  Dick  and  Harry  earned  them  should.  · Sub-con-
         Jack  Corrigan,  SM2c,  Reporter         Mal  Klein,  Sic,  Reporter  from  a  dealer  or  private  owner,   wears  them,  whether  authorized  sciously  every  man  wants  a
                                                                   it  is  illegal  to  sell  for  more,                    little recognition of the things he's
         TREASURE  ISLAND,  S.  F.,  CALIF.,  SATURDAY,  DEC.  15,  1945  though  there  is  no  bar to  selling   or  not.   done.  That's  human  nature.  It
                                                                   for  less.  Prices  are  based  on    *   *  *           certainly isn't wrong to wear them
                                                                   make,  year, model and body type.   J-oseph  Cooley,  M M1c,  Dallas,   if  you  are  entitled  to  them.  For
                                                                    A  seller may charge the "as is"  Texas.  If a  fellow  is  really  entit-
         Editorially Speak_ing                     •  •  •         price,  calculated  from  those  four  led to wear a  ribbon,  I  think that   the  same  reason  you'll  find  very
                                                                                                                            few  fellows  who  will  not  wear  a
                                                                   factors,  or  a  "warranty"  price,  he  should.  But  the  ribbon  has
                                                                                                                            discharge  button  if  they  are  en-
                                                                   usually  25%  higher .. In the  latter  been cheapened by misuse. Sailors
             We read  in  the papers that a serviceman struck a civilian                                                    titled  to  one.  If the  Navy  would
                                                                   case,  the  dealer  must  certify  in  fresh  out  of  boot  camp  even   issue  the  ribbons,  and  not permit
         after  accusing  him  of  being  a  4-Fer.                writing  that  he  will  pay  half  sport  a  row  of  ribbons  all.  be-  them  to  be  sold  in  public  stores,
             :rhe serviceman's  action  was  entirely  unjustified, because   the  normal  cost  for  repairs  or  cause  stores  require  no  authori-  the  whole  problem  would  be
                                                                   replacements  to  keep  the  car  in  zation  cards  for  purchase  of  the            '---'
         the person  he  struck had just been  discharged  from  the Army                                                   solved.  There  would  be  no  ques-
                                                                   good  operating  condition  for  30  bars.  The  value  of  these  ribbons   tion  about  authorization.
         after  serving  two  years  of  bitter  overseas  fighting  with  a  days  or  1000  miles,  whichever  is  rapidly  decreasing  and  it's  be-
         famous  division.                                         comes  first,               coming  no  honor  at  all  to  wear
                                                                    If the car has a  radio_,  $30  may  them.
              Cases  of  this  type  are  not  rare.  Their  occurrence  in  the  be  added,  and  $10  may  be  added   *  *   Alaska Is Cold to
         Bay  Area is  increasing  daily  as  the numbers  of  ex-servicemen   for  a  heater.  If you  want  to  pay   Charles  Pomerenke,  GM3c, Cin-
                                                                   cash,  the  seller  may  not  require                    Home-Seeking  Vets
         are  increasing-daily.  To  strike  another  person  because  that                    cinnati, 0. Some fellows are really
                                                                   time  payments,  nor  can  he  make   ashamed to wear their  ribbons and
         person is  a 4-F  is  nonsensical  in  itself, but ro  hit a person just  you finance  the  purchase through   that isn't right at alL  Wearing of   (SEA) .  _i· Veterans  hunting  a
                                                                   any particular finance company.                          new  horizon  should  think  twice
         because he wears civilian clothes  instead of a  uniform is  pure                     campaign bars has become a much   before  coming  to  Alaska  unless
                                                                     You  cannot  be  required  to
                                                                                                abused  privilege.  If  there  were
         idiocy.  Those  responsible  for  such  actions  are  nothing  more  trade in a  car to buy another, but           they  have  at  least  $2,000,  a  cer-
                                                                                                some  control  over  the  issue  of   tain job or a  definite idea of what
         than  hopeless  illiterates  who  fail  to  see  past  their  noses.   if  you  do,  the  dealer  must  give   them  it  would  be  very  simple,   they want to do.  Otherwise, warns.
                                                                   you  "reasonable  value"  for  it.  To
              Thousands of men-Army, Navy, Marine--are now wear-                                but  as  it  is  ev:ery  store  has  a   Territorial Governor Ernest Grue-
                                                                   determine  reasonable  value,  get   bucket  full  of  every  type  there
         ing civilian clothes. They have done their job, and done it well.  bids  from  other  dealers.   are  and  for  sale  to  anyone  with   ning,  they  may  be  sadly  disillus-
                                                                     Before  making  a  purchase,                           ioned.
         They were once our brothers in action who fought side by side                          the price. May I  also add that our   Officials and businessmen in the
                                                                   check  with  your local  OP A  Price   Navy  is  pretty slow about giving
         with  us,  and they are  still our brothers in peace who are now  Control  Board  for  ceiling  prices.            territory  are  worried  about  the
                                                                                                authorization?              heavy  influx  of  former  service-
         fighting for jobs instead of a nation's survival.           If you  have  already  bought  a                       men,  including  many  who  served
                                                                   car,  and  think  you  have  been      *  *  *
              They  are  not  4-Fers.  They  are  Mr.  Civilians  now,  and   overcharged,  make  the  same   B.  L.  Baeske,  ACRM,  Fort,  Ind.  in  that  theatre.  Some  have  sug-
         we' re proud  of  them.                                   check.  The  OP A  will  get  you  a   The  sense  of  honor  in  wearing  gested  that  a  screening  station
                                                                   refund  if  you  were  bilked.  It got   the  ribbons  has  been  lowered.  be  set  up,  perhaps  in  Seattle,  to
                                                                                                Too  many  unentitled  men  wear  weed  out  the  obvious  failures.
                                                                   such  refunds for fo 1 1r  vets at one
                                                                   of  its  eastern  offices  in  one  day
                RADIO  MATERIEL  SCHOOL                            recently.
                                                                   LUXURY  LINERS  DUE
          Bonds                       bowling  and  a  second  place  in
           While  the  Bond  Drive  officially  swimming.  The  only  remaining   IN CASE YOU CHOOSE
         comes  to  a  close  on  the  8th  of  event  is  basketball.  RMS  got  off
         December,  there  will  be  further  to  a  good  start in  this  last event   A POSTWAR CRUISE
         opportunity  to  purchase  bonds.  by trouncing  SLCU No.  1  on  De-
         Your  bond  officer  is  in  Building  cember 2,  by a  score  of 47  to  35.   (SEA) .-Eleven  luxurious  sup-
         28,  Room  107,  and  will  accept  Both RMS and Armed Guard have   erliners are planned  by the  Mari-
         such  purchases  as  you  desire  to  excellent  basketball  teams,   time  Commission  in  its  program
         make,  We  suggest  that you  keep
                                      Intramural  Basketball       for  a  postwar  merchant  fleet  of
         on with your purchases of Roose-
                                      Tournament                   about  20,000,000  tons.  Costing
         velt  Memorial  Bonds  which  cost
                                        C o m p an y  100-A,  displaying   from  $22,500,000  to  $25,000,000
         you  $150.00  and  mature  at  $200.                      each  ship  will  cruise  at  over  29
         Individual  bond  purchases  and   good t eamwork,  defeated 88-A,  20   knots-a  third  faster  than  the
         bond allotments are highly recom-  to  12  on  December  7th.  Conway,   best American  liners today. •Each
                                      Jones and Fortney were outstand-
         mended  as  the  wisest  investment                       will  accommodate  about  1,000
                                      ing  for  the  winners  and  Carlson
         for  your  future.  For  further  in-                     passengers  and  500  crew  mem-
                                      starred fpr  the  losers.
         formation  see  your  bond  officer                       bers.
         who  will  discuss  all  bond  details  Xmas  Doings        To  determine  the  design  feat-
         at any time  that  you  find  it con-  For  the  past  weeks,  RMS  has  ures of the vessels  a  canvass was
         venient.                     been  in  full  Christmas swing.  Al- made  of  travelers  and  the  ship-
          Basketball                  most  from  nowhere,  there  have  ping industry for ideas on passen-
           Led by their sharpshooting for- appeared colorful decorations and  ger  comfort.  The  ships  will  have
         ward,  Jack  Maby,  the  RMS  Bas- Christmas  trees  in  front  of  each  foldaway berths so cabins may  be
         ketball  Team  won  their  initial  barracks.  For  many  of  us  it will  used  as  living  rooms  by  day.
         start  in  the  Inter-Island  League  be  a  strange Christmas,  for  it  is   Two  ships  will  probably  be  al-
          by  defeating  the  SCLU  No.  61,  never quite the same when you're  located  to  the  $an  Francisco-
         47  to 35. ·                 away from home. But all of us are  Japan  run,  which  they  will  make
           The  Radiomen  led  all  the  way,  deeply  thankful  and  hopeful  for  in eight days. The liners would  be
          taking  the  lead  from  the  start.  a  future  "Peace  on  earth,  good  the  safest  in  the  world  in  fire-
          The score at half-time was 26-13.  will toward men."     proofing  and   radar  detection
           Maby and Martin were the "big   Two  "vodvil"  and  stage  shows  equipment  for  travel  by  night,
          Guns"  for the victors,  accounting  have  been  planned  for  the  18th
         for  18  and 15  points  respectively.  and  20th  of  this  month.  On  the  SOUND  INTO  SIGHT
         Robinson, Riekert and Kimball all  former  date,  "The  City  of  ~an   (SEA).-A  new  language  in
          turned in a r,,ell played floor game  Francisco"  show,  featuring  a  15  which  spoken  words  are  made
         for  the Radiomen.           piece orchestra and eight acts will  visible . in  green  light,  enabling
          Commodore's Trophy Competiti-on  be  pr.esented in  Bldg.  127 (C).  On  the  deaf  to  engage  in  conversa-
           By  winning  first  place  in  bad- the  latter  date,  "The  Shell  Oil  tions, has been devised by the Bell
         minton, volleyball  and swimming,  Company"  comes  to  RMS  with  a  Telephone  Laboratories.
          and a  third place in bowling, RMS  full  hour  show.  Those  of  you   Through  an  electrnnic  trans-
         leads in the current Commodore's  who were fortunate  to  be  present  lator,  spoken words,  music,  noise,
         Trophy  Competition  with  a  total  at  the  previous  "Shell  Show,"  dialects  and  E:ven  emotions  in  a
          of 28  points.  Close behind with 26  know  that  you're  in  for  an  eve- human voice appear as light sym-  JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED was Jack  Hill's pretty wife,
                                                                                                Victoria.  He met her while she was a student n-urse. They are current-
          points  is  the  Armed  Guard,  hav- ning of high  class amusement and  bols  on  a  small  glass  screen,  like   ly celebrating  their  fourth  month  of  marriage.  Jack  was  discharged
          ing taken first places in tennis and  entertainment.     a  television  picture.
                                                                                                this week  and  the  Hills  plan  to  make their home  in  Richmond,  Cal if ,  '-.J
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