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THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  DEC,  8,  1945        PA:GE  5
     C•ptured J•P•nese w., 1)09 Turns Y•nlt  FRESH  WATER
                                                               BIG  PROBLEM
                                                                                               POSTWAR  TIP
                                                               IN  PACIFIC

                                                                 In  the  logistics  of  the  war  in
                                                               the  Pacific,  water was as  vital  a  People ·Have  to  Eat - Big  Food  Firms
                                                               problem as ammunition, food and
                                                               fuel. More specifically, fresh water  Making  Up  Wartime Labor  Shortages
                                                               was  needed  for  cooking,  human
                                                               consumption and frequent bathing   People have  to  eat,  which sim- increase  greatly.  That  means  a
                                                               to prevent tropical skin infections.   ply  means  that  a  large  number  change  in  the  operations  of  the
                                                                 The  only source  of fresh water   of  men  and  women  will  be  em- major  food  houses;  it  may  also
                                                               north  of  the  Equator in the  area   ployed in the food industry during  make  the  butcher  in  the  neigh-
                                                               between  Pearl  Harbor  and  the
                                                                                            the  postwar  period.  How  many  borhood market primarily a dealer
                                                               China  coast  was  the  Philippine   depends  on  the  degree  of  pros- in  packaged,  pre-cut  meats.
                                                               Islands. While large vessels carry   perity  we  enjoy.  Food  purchases   On  the  other  hand,  there  are
                                                               their   own   water   distillation   closely  follow  the  volume  of  na- those in the trade who insist that
                                                               equipment,  hundreds  of  small   tional purchasing power.   there  will  still  be  plenty  of  cus-
                                                               landing  craft  had  to  be  supplied   The  big  food  processors  such  tomers  who  want  their  meat  cut
                                                               from  outside  sources  with  water   as Hormel,  Swift,  General Foods,  before  their  eyes,  and  that  a
                                                               not  only  for  their  crews  but  for   and  especially  General  Mills  ex- frozen  food locker on every other
                                                               the  troops  which  they  landed  on   pect  high  production  levels  for  corner won't mean a  thing.
                                                               coral  atolls  and  undeveloped  is-
                                                                                            some  time  to  come.  President   As  for  candy  making,  a  most
                                                               lands. Escort vessels,  patrol craft   Harry A. Bullis of the last named  important  ingredient,  sugar,  is
                                                               and MTB's must also have a  place
                                                                                            company,  in his  annual  report to  still tightly rationed, which means
                                                               to "water up.''              stockholders,  says flatly that "the  any  anticipated  expansion  won't
                                                               Service  Squadron  Ten       outlook  is bright."         come  until  the  supply  of  cane  is
                                                                 The job of providing water was   Many of the big food companies  plentiful.  The  William  Wrigley
                                                               given  to  the  fuel  division ·  of  were handicapped during the war  Jr.  Co.  of  Chicago,  for  example,
                                                               Service  Squadron  Ten.  They  had  by  manpower  shortages ;  these  told  CNS  that  it  doesn't  know
                                                               as  equipment  eight,  four-million  outfits  are  now  making  up  these  when  rationing  will  end  and  is
                                                               gallon  tankers  and  two,  12,000- shortages,  and  some  have  hired  making no plans until it is sure of
                                                               ton water  making ships,  each ca- veterans  not  formerly  in  their  necessary ingredients for chewing
                                                               pable  of  distilling  120,000  gallons  employ for  the purpose.   gum.
                                                               from  the  sea  in  a  single  day.  Big  Exports  Loom
                                                                                                                         Restaurant  Outlook
                                                               Along  with  combat  and  assault   However,  the  food  manufactur-  Ex-servicemen  who  have  the
                                                               troops  went  Seabees,  trained  in  ers and distributors have  a  great  experience,  training,  and  ability
      ONCE  JAPANESE  NOW  AMERICAN  is "Boy," shown  here  at T. I.  distillation,  and while troops took  number of employees in the serv- have  a  good  chance  in  the  res-
      with  his  new trainer,  Marine Corporal  Carl  E.  Bliss.  "Boy" was cap-
                                                               the islands Seabee units made the  ice,  and,  naturally,  they  believe  taurant  business,  although  the
      tured  by the Second  Marine  Division  and  l'etrained to  do  patrol  work
      against  instead  of  for the  Japanese.  (See  story.)   (USMC  photo)   water  fit  for use. As soon as pos- their first obligation is to them.   chances for  failure  through inex-
                                                               sible,  vapor  compression  units,   Wages  in  the  food  line  are  perience are greater than in other
      FORMER  JAP                                              able  to produce  up  to 300  gallons  nothing like  the sky-high salaries   lines,  says  Samuel  R.  Sperans,
                                   Parents, Children           of  fresh  water  an  hour,  were  war  workers  were  supposed  to   president  of  Nathan  Straus-Du-
      DOG ADOPTED                                              moved in  on captured islands . and  have received while Gis were get- parquet,  Inc.,  one  of  the  world's
                                   To Be Entertained           atolls.                      ting  $50  per  ( or  a  little  more) .  largest suppliers of hotel and res-
      BY  MARINE                                                Manus  Had  Fresh  River    As vets are beginning to find out,  taurant  equipment.
                                   At  Christmas  Party          Manus, largest of the Admiralty  those  stories  were  _mostly  exag-  According  to  Sperans,  many
        If members of the canine world                         islands was found to have a fresh- geration.              people  got  the  restaurant  habit
      can  be  considered  traitors,  then   A  Christmas  party  especially   water  river  that  was  developed   According  to  the U.  S.  Bureau  during  the  war,  because  of  food
      the Japanese should place Marine   planned  for  the  parents and  chil-  into  a  large  watering  point.  It  of Labor Statistics, average week- or  ration  point  shortages,  and
      Corporal  Boy,  who  recently  re-  dren  of  Treasure  Island  Ship's   was  4,000,000  gallons  of  water  ly  earnings  in  the  meat-packing  some of these will continue to eat
      turned  to  Treasure  Island  to-  Company will be given in Theatre   from this source that supplied the  industry  for  a  46.5-hour  week  in restaurants now that the shoot-
      gether with other members of the   No.  3  Saturday,  December  22.   Fifth Amphibious landing on Iwo  were $43.43  in 1943.  The  average  ing is  over.  Restaurant  operation
      Second  War  Dog  Platoon  o-f  the   Two  shows  will  be  presented,   Jima.   ·    salary  for  meat  cutters  in  retail  is  a  science  nowadays,  he  con-
      Second  Marine  Division,  high  on  starting  at  1030  and  1330.  The   Okinawa  operations  were  wa- stores  ran  from  $25  to  $35,  al- tinued,  and  a  man  must  know
      their  "wanted"  list.       program consists of a  trained dog   tered  from  the  famous  Balusao  though  there  are  a  few  cases  of  menu planning, food service, mass
                                   and  pony  act,  magician,  Santa
        "Boy,"  until  his  capture by the                     water  hole  ih, Leyte · Gulf.  Guam  $75  men.           feeding,  sanitation,  area  layout
      Second  Marine  Division,  was  a   Claus,  and  three  Christmas  car-  after  recapture  was  given  fresh  From  F,oods  to  Boom   and  operation,  and  related  sub-
      Japanese  citizen  and  served with   toons.  Christmas  trees  and  ani-  water  facilities  to  supply  all  the   One  new  development  in  food  jects. If you  don't think your ex-
      the  Japanese  army  on  beach pa-  mated  reindeer  in  the  theatre   Marianas,  and  Saipan  in  this  which  may  affect  the  industry is  perience  at  KP  qualifies  you  to
      trol  work.  His  new  master,  Cor-  lobby •will  add to the Yuletide at-  group  soon  became  self-support- the  sale  of  quick-frozen  foods.  run a  Main St. hash-house,  better
      poral  Carl  E.  Bliss,  who  also   mosphere.           ing  and was  even  able  to  supply  The prediction  is that the sale  of  get  a  job in  one  before  investing
                                    As a  special  treat for  the  chil-
      served  as a  Japanese  interpreter,                      some of the forces  afloat.   such  products  after  the  war will  your savings . .
      retrained  his  four-footed  charge,   dren,  free  candy  will  be  dis-  Big  Job  Finished
      teaching  him  commands  in  Eng-                          By  the  end  of  the  war,  inven-
      lish.  Then,  in  June,  1944,  when                     tion,  ingenuity  and  discovery  of   WHATKNOTS o/~R#-7>
      the   Second   Marine   Division   7th  Fleet  Freeing   new  water  sources  found  both
      stormed Saipan, "Boy" found him-                          ships and islands with a  sufficient
      self  actively  engaged  in  night   17,000 By Dec.  10   supply of fresh water.  One of the   W~A, A SAILOR W0N'fDO/ AT OKINAWA
      patrol  work  against  his  former                        most difficult and important logis-  A SEABEE TOOi< AN  AQUAPLANE  RIDE.
      masters. On American soil for the                         tic problems of the war had been
                                     WITH UNITED STATES SEV-                                   6£1.!IND A iANDINC:1  SA126G.  'MIDSf A
      first time, "Boy" is fast becoming  ENTH  FLEET  OFF . MANCHU- successfully solved.      TERRIFIC.  NAVAL  BOMBARDMENT IN
      a  goodAmerican citizen.-(USMC  RIA.-Seventeen thousand United                           BUCKNER.  'cAY !!
      release.)                    States  Navy  personnel  and  137
                                   ships of all descriptions will have   Hundreds of Jobs
                                   been  released  from  the  Seventh
      One-Legged  Athlete          Fleet by December 10 and will be   Await  Veterans  at
                                   in the United States by Christmas,
      Aids  Rehabilitation         it  was  announced  this  week.   Employment  Bureau

        WASHINGTON  (CNS) -Wal-                                  Hundreds  of  unfilled  jobs  are
      ter  Eura,  31,  who  won  national   Inebriated?         waiting  for  veterans  at the  Vet-
      recognition  as  an  engineer  and                        erans  Employment  Bureau.
      enough  money  to  retire  despite   No,  Just  Swacked I   Any  veteran  seeking  employ-
      the amputation of his left leg five                       ment  is  invited  to  bring  his  dis-
      years ago, was named Director of   In the  recent  New  York  eleva- charge  papers  to  the  bureau
      Prosthetic  Devices  for  the  Vet- tor  strike  several  amusing  inci- where attendants-veterans them-
      erans Administration.  He'll have  dents  came  forth  at the  expense  selves- will  assist  him  in  select-
      charge  of  research  on  artificial  of  a  couple  of  drunks.  Throck- ing  a  job suited  to  his  individual
      limbs and training of men requir- morton Schwabuckle, returning to  talents  and  temperament.
      ing them in their use.  Despite his  his  hotel  after  "just  a  few  with   Located in the Examiner's want
      disability,  Eura walks,  runs,  skis,  the  boys,"  stepped  into  what  he   ad  lobby  at  Third  and  Market
      swims, shoots golf in the low 80's,  thought was  the  elevator.  It was   streets,  the  bureau  is  open  from
      goes in for fancy high diving, and  the  elevator  shaft  anyway.  He   9 a.m. to 12 noon and from 1 p.m .
      pilots  his own plane.       fell  20  stories  and  at the  bottom   to  5  p.m.  weekdays.  It  is  closed
                                   he gingerly picked himself up and   on  Saturdays and Sundays.
                                   yelled,  "I shaid up- not DOWN!"
        "Mother,"  queried the little tot,   "So  that's  Acheson,"  cried  out                                    EATTLE      DOCTORS Ai tJrc S"A~DIE6O
      "Do fairy tales always begin with  a  drunk  as  he  viewed  a  newsreel   Slc: "There are five flies in this   U1BY     n£Af +!£AD  AND T+lR0Ar
      'Once  upon  a  time?' "     shot . of  Assistant  Secretary  of  room,  three  male  and  two  fe-         P'fLY        AILMENT~  BY  ltEDING
        "No,  dear,"  replied  his  mother.  State  Acheson  conferring  with  male."   .                          Tl-IE-      VICTIMS  PENICIL.1-1/-J /Al'/.-
      ":They  sometimes  begin with  'my  two other men.  "Then those other   S2c:  "How can you  tell?"                        fD  IN  l(E<.RfAMi!
      love,  I  will  be  detained  at  the  two  guys  must  be  Topeka  and   Slc:  "Three  are  on  this  beer
      office  tonight.' "          Santa Fe.''  'Nuff said.    bottle  and  two on  the mirror."
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