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PAGE  8         THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  DEC.  8,  1945

          Flames,  Smolte,  Heat Are llre-1/gl,ters' TeNt/Joolts!




          BATTLING  STUBBORN  FLAMES,  SUFFOCATING  SMOKE  AND  BLISTERING         graduate  to  more  hazardous  and  complex  fire  conditions.  In  the  center  insert,  a
          HEAT,  students -of  Treasure  Island's  Fire  Fighting  school  condition  themselves  for   squad  struggles  with  an  oil  fire  from  outside  a  simulated  engine  r-oom.  The  flames
          the  day of possible fir-e  disaster aboard  ship.  At the  left,  preliminary students attack   around  the  hatch  cooled  down,  the  students  will  enter  the  compartment  to  put  ori
          an  oil  fire  to  demonstrate  the  ,effectiveness  of  a  high  velocity  water  fog  in  flame-  the  finishing  touches.  That  in  itself  is  no  cinch.  In  the  engine  room's  interi-or  they   ,--.,,
          quelling.  On  the  right,  the  fire  fighters  "knockdown"  a  running  gas-oline  blaze  w 'th   must  squeeze  around  dummy  pumps,  tanks  and  gadgets  with  their  100  lb.  pressure
          a  long-nosed  applicator.  Gaining  confidence  with  their equipment,  advanced  students   lines in  the face  of leaping  licks of flame.

          "G  .d  b  k"  Out  REGULARS  RELEASED  District Waves Thump  King  of  the                                               USS  SULLIVAN
              u1  e  oo
          For Marines                  FOR  RE-ENLISTMENT          Pirate  Fem's  33-12         Souvenir  Hunters              USS  The  Sullivans  will  be
            "Guidebook for  Marines"  is  the   Back  to  its  peacetime  policy,   Treasure  Island's  fem  basket-  KYOTO,  Japan  (CNS)  -  Sgt.   placed  out  of  commission  in  the   ---;
                                                                                                Ernest B.  Schnell is the champion   inactive  fleet  the  middle  of  this
          title of a  profusely illustrated 364- the  Navy  announced  this  week  ballers  dropped  their  opening          month.  The destroyer was named
          page book incorporating the latest  that  enlisted  men  wishing  to  re- night  hoop  assignment  Thursday   souvenir hunter in Japan-in fact,   in  honor  of  the  five  fighting  Sul-
         · and most accurate word  on  what  enlist in the Regular Navy might  when  an  invading  District  Head-  that's  his  military  job.  He  buys   livan  brothers  who  were  lost  in
          every Marine should know. It will  be  discharged  three  months  or  quarters  pummeled  them  mimer-  souvenirs  for  sale  in  PXs  of  the
                                                                                                6th Army,  and has procured $33,-  the  Battle  of  Midway.  The  ship
          be  off  the  press  the  first  of  the  less  prior  to  the  normal  expira- cifully,  33-12.                   carried  a  shamrock  on  her  stack
          year under auspices of the Marine  tion  of  enlistment  date  for  the   The male patrons who attended,   000  worth  so  far.  He  worked  for   and in her 18  months of sea duty
          Corps  schools  at  Quantico,  Va.,  purpose  of  immediate  re-enlist-  and  there  were  plenty,  got  more   a  Swiss importing firm  in a  sim-  participated  in  most  of  the  his-
          the Division of Plans and Policies  ment.                than  just an eye  full  of feminine   ilar capacity before the war.   toric  battles  of  the  Pacific.  She
          for   USMC   and   Leatherneck   This  provision  as  outlined  in   pulchritude.  The  sleek  six  from   trict  captured  high  point  honors I was  launched  in  San  Francisco,   "
          Magazine.                    Alnav  396  was  suspended  while   the District gave a  clever exhibi-
                                       the Navy was at war.                                     with  10  digits.            April  4,  1943.
            The  book  includes  many  mili-                       tion  of  smooth ball  handling  and
          tary lessons learned from  Marine  illustrations to  clarify the text. It  accurate  hoop  shooting  in  com-
          combat in this war,  rules and eti- will  be  put  out  in  handy  pocket  pletely  outmaneuvering  the  Pi-
                                                                     Buxom J. Wilkinson of the Dis- Hollywood P/n .. fJp Parade
          quette  for  the  well-behaved  Ma- size-made  to  fit  a  Marine  dun- rates.
          rine  and  numerous  charts  and  garee pocket.
         I Masthead  Fiction I

          DOCTOR'S  ORDERS  .                         •  •   FALL  IN  LOVE!

                 By  MAL  KLEIN       Never  a  wasted  word,  never  un- wait and make sure that her love
                                      due  deliberation  in  her conversa- is  equal  to  mine.                                                           r--.
           When  I  first  entered  the  hos-  tion,  only  words  thi:it  indicated   She's  sensible.  Never  have  I
          pital the doctors said that I  would  the  presence  of  deep  intelligent  heard  her  utter  a  word  upon
          probably be one  of those  cases of  thought.  She  always  knew  the  which I  could argue.  She's under-
          permanent  combat  fatigue.   As  right  things  to  say  and  for  that  standing. When I  speak she listens
          you  can  easily  understand  that's  reason there was never the  nerv- patiently,  occasionally dropping a
          not a  very pleasant prospect to a  ous  hesitation  that  so  often  is  a  remark,  the  resonance  of  her
          man  in  his  middle  twenties  who  characteristic  of  a  young  girl.   voice  thrilling  me  through  and
          before  the  war  had  high  aspira-  This love  of mine  has been my  through.
          tions for a  dramatic career. They  sole  consolation  during these ter-  Though  the  doctors  cannot  un-                                     \
          did offer me one ray of hope how- rifying  months  of  confinement.  derstand  my  improvement  my
          ever,  and  I  have  clung  fervently  Her  gentle  voice  has  quieted  my  nurse  knows  the  reason  for  she
          to  that  hope  these  past  eleven  fevered  spirit  and  now,  for  the  has  heard  my  loved  one  speak.
          agonizing months.  "You must de- first time since I  entered the hos- Each  afternoon  I  have  her  listen
          velop  faith  in  someone  or  some- pita!,  the  doctors  say  that  I  am  to  reassure me of the fact that it
          thing ... ",  they told me when I  showing  definite  signs  of  im- is  not I  alone  who  recognizes  the
          first  arrived,  a  critical  case  of  provement. Strange how the mere  gentle  benevolence  in  her  voice.
          shattered  nerves";  .  .  .  find  new  love  of  someone  can  restore  the  Wait,  the  nurse  is  here  now.
          interests,  develop  a  hobby,  fall  in  lacking physical energy and vital- "Nurse,  will you  dial  the  number
          love  ... "                 ity  as  well  as  restoring  faith  in  again?"
           It's her voice with which I  have  mankind.               My  heart  begins  to  beat  with
          fallen  in  love.  Sq  melodious  and   My  jealous  nature  has  often  such rapidity and vehemence that
          tender,  and  yet  firm  enough  to  been  aroused  at  the  thought  of  I  can hardly hear the click of the
          denote a  quality of sensibility and  others  having  recognized  this  telephone  dial  as  the  nurse  spins
          stability. Not a  sugar sweet voice  same singular quality of compas- it,  bringing  me  closer  and  closer
          dripping with the trite quotations  sion  in  her  voice.  She  constantly  to  the  girl  who  has  made  these
          that might come from  the mouth  turns a  deaf ear to my proclama- many  months  exciting  and  filled
          of a  schoolboy in love, but a  voice   tions  of  love  and  devotion,  but  I  with  anticipation.  "Can  you  hear
                                      feel  that  that  is  merely  further  her?"  The nurse  nods in affirma-
          capable  of  rendering  sympathy,
                                      evidence  that  she  possesses  the  tion  as  she  hands  me  the  phone.
          understanding,  and  love.
                                      highest  degree  of  consideration  "Hello,  darling."  Then  from  the
           Wise?  Oh,  yes;  no  one  could   for my feelings. Rather than make  phone came,  "When you ·hear the
                                                                                                EXEMPLIFYING AMERICAN  BEAUTY is Frances Rafferty,  Holly-
          deny  that  fact  after  listening  to  a  hurried  acceptance  of  my  ro- tone,  the  time  will  be  5 :43  and
                                                                                                wood  starlet.  Frances  is  currently  finishing  a  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
          her  speak  for  only  a  moment.  manticisms,  she  has  decided  to  31 seconds ... Bong!"
                                                                                                film.  Besides  looks,  La  Rafferty  has  acting  ability, too.
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