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Lost  and  Found               WAN T  AD  I THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  DEc.  15,  1945                     PAGE  1
                                     Gear  and  articles  bearing  the, _____________ _, f'~•"'  A~ HELEN  HIGHWATER
                                   following names have been turned                          ~•                 .,l;,1
                                   into the Lost and Found Property  WANTED  -  Ride  to  Berkeley                        .             •         ,
                                   Bureau  located  in  the  Security   (Virginia  and  Shattuck   st -)   She :  "My,  my,  what  slim  ex-
                                                                  from  Treasure  Island.  Contact
                                   Office,  Building  222,  Treasure Is-                     pressive hands you have. They be-
                                   land.  This  property  will  be  re-  Wave  Fitzgerald  at  Supply.   long on a  girl."
        In  spite  of  what  you  read  and   turned to the owners upon proper  FOR  SALE--Motorcycle,  Indian   S2c:  "Okay,  baby,  I  never pass
      hear,  the men are not doing quite  identification.                                    up an opportunity."
      all  o;:  the  holiday  decorating              2           4,  1938.  Reconditioned  motor.     *  *  *
                                     Jonas, Albert,  MoMM c;  Davis,   New tires.  Contact  L.  J.  Weci-
      around  the base.  Handy girl with   E.  H. ;  Galligan,  M.  J .,  Kieth,  J .   ver  EMlc.  USS  PC  _ Phone   All  the  guys  think  twice  now
      paint  and  brush  is  Betty  Bier.  A.,  Hulings,  R.  P.,  Blakemore,  R.   Thornwall   _   788  before they ask a Wave for a date.
      She  has  decorated  the  glass  par- R .,  Crowder,  Mark,  Tharp,  F.  A.,  __________ ___ _   Marriage, y'know, now makes the
      titions  of  the  Armed  Guard  Op-  Chilcoat,  W.  B.,  Ramstead,  G.,  WANTED-Ride  daily  from  39th  gals  eligible  for  r.elease.
      erations  office  with  a  large  snow   Peterson,  J.  I.,  Jones,  H.,  Griggs,   and McDonald,  Richmond, to T.   On  the  other  hand,  the  Waves
      mural  and  the  other  girls  put  in   G.  H.,  Lysaght,  J.  W.,  Patton,  J.   r.   Call  E.  Martinsen,  T.  I.  think  twice  before  they  accept  a
      their  bid  for  fame  by  hanging   S.,  Howard,  W.  C.,  Barela,  J.  B.,   Extension  53.  Working  hours  date  with a  man.  Three  children,
      wreaths  and  evergreen  boughs.   Norman,  R.  P .,  Unker,  Wm.  R.,   0800 to 1630.   y'know,  makes a  man eligible  for
      The place really looks like  winter  Reddic,  A.  K.,  Shelton,  E.  R .,  _________ _____ r.elease.
      wonderland.  Drop  in  and  take  a   Gingas,  Wm.  R.,  Walker,  G.  H.,  WANTED-Ride  to  Los  Angeles,   *  *  *
      look.                        Kanavan,  L.  F.,  Bundy,  H.  E.,   leaving  any  time  after  1600,   She  was  the  town  belle  until
        Nearing  the  end  of  a  big  job  Hendrix,  Marvin E.,  Jones,  R.  A.,   Dec.  21.  Call  V.  Luthin,  T.  I.  someone  tolled  on  her.
      is  Gloria  Gray · who  has  been   Hollenbeck,  C.  C.,  Claeys,  C.  R.   Extension  179.      *  *  *
      working  on  cellophane  wreaths   Surprenant,  E .  H.,  Taylor;  C.  W.,  --------------  Inspecting  Officer:  "Do  your
      and  Christmas  baubles  of  all   C  owen,  .  .,   ·1   p  E  B  rt   WANTED-Light  car.  Will  pay  underclothes fit you satisfactorily,
                                         J  T  R1 ey,  .  .,  u  on,
      sizes  and  shapes  since  early  in  D  w  p   k  p  J  J   M  M   up to $200. Call Maysen Holder,  sailor?"        "That'll be all for the pres,ent ...
                                                ·  ·•  r.,
                                          ac  '
                                                         c  ena-
      November.  The  finished  products   men, J . J., Baker, C.  C.,  Cotten,  J.   T. I.  Extension  498.   Boot :  "The  undershirt  is  okay,
      will  deck  the "O"  Club and Com-                                                     sir,  but  the  shorts  are  a  little   Husband :  "This is an incubator
                                   H .,  Reynolds,  E.  D.,  Townsend,  FOR  SALE--Portable  victrola-
      missioned  Officers'  Mess.   0 .  M.,  Moon,  G.  B.,  Perry,  Carl,   $25.  Contact  Mrs.  Scott  at  snug  under  the  armpits."   chicken."
        Cubicles  ar.e  beginning  to  take   Miller, R . . G.,  Burton, Bill, Grover,   Laundry._                         Young Wife :  "What makes you
                                                                                                       *  *  *
      on  a  holiday ai-r  and  some of  the   W.,  Brazeal,  H .  M.,  Turner,  C.,          He:  "You have a  lovely figure."  think  so,  dear?"
      energetic  inhabitants  are  on  the   Jr.,  Welch.       W .A::NTEU  _:_  Ride  daily  from   She:  "Let's not go all over that   Husband:  "No chicken that had
      look  for  small  Christmas  trees.   The  following  list  of  gear  and   Berkeley to T.I. Working hours  again."   a  mother could  be so  tough."
      Betty  Walters  (~ho  is . fortunate   articles were reported lost :   0800  to  1630.   Contact  Irene  ~-----~~---~~-----~~~---~~--~
      enough to own a  door), h3.!l  deco-  Four  handbags,  9  seabags,  1   Fitzgerald, Supply Department,  The  wolf              by  Sansone
      rated  it with  a  welcoming  bunch   suitcase,  38  wallets,  1  watch,  1   T. I.  Ext.  No.  630.   -,;..,-,;-,,-, ,-.. -s-.,-l~-.-.. ,-,-•• -.,-••. -,-i,,-rib·-,,.-,-.,-C-,m-p-N,-.,-,.-,.-,,.-~-; .. ___ __; __ _,,.._ ____ __;_
      of ev.ergreen and berries tied with   pen,  travelers cheques,  money or-                                                /
      a  red  ribbon.              ders.                        FOR  SALE  -  Car 'and  trailer.
                                                                 Car-1940,  5-pass.  Dodge  con-                                   . :::--::.-.!':•~ .••.
      Christmas  Schedule          hang  from  the  evergreen  in  bar-  vertible  coupe.  Radio,  heater                           .:·~_:;/.i;:~ ... ..•
        The Christmas party for Waves   racks  square  again  this  y.ear  .  .  .   and  new  tires.   Will  sell  for
      only  will  be  held  at  Hostess   A  dummy  won't  do  because  no   $1375.  Trailer- 24  foot,  white
      House  December  21.  The  party
                                   one  can  spare  the  clothes  to  out-  cottage,  1942  model.  Sell  for
      starts  at  2000.  Expected  arrival   fit  her  .  .  .  Write  today  if  you   $1595.  Contact Lt. Coffin,  Jr. at
      is S.  Claus who will  drag himself
                                   can qualify ... A  definite  loss to   Ext. 572 or 3117 Shattuck Ave.,
      down the chimney with a  gift for
                                   all  of  us  is  Frances Souther,  who   Berkeley.
      each  girl  and  fun  for  everybody.
                                   becomes  a  civilian  this  week  .  .  .  FOR  SALE  _  (for  cash)  1940
        The  Christmas  Eve  buffet  will   During  the  months  she  was  on
      be  held  in  the upper deck  lounge   duty  at  Gym  No.  2  she  mended   Buick  sedan.  Three  new  tires,
      of  Barracks  275  and  all  Waves   both  morale  and  torn  uniforms   one good recap plus good spare.
      are  invited.  The  time  is  set  for   with  equal  ability  ... Her  plans   This car is equipped with radio,
      2100.  All  Wave  lounges  will  be                        seat covers  and has had recent
                                   include  a  course  in  tailoring  and
      the  scene  of  a  Christmas  morn-  design  at a  S.  F .  school  .  .  .  She   motor overhaul. May be seen at
      ing  breakfast  party  at  0900.   wants  to  be  able  to  cut  a  suit   Bldg.  96,  T.  I.  (Casual  Equip.
      Come  in  curlers  and  pajamas-                           Pool) . Contact Lt. Haskell, Ext.
                                   without  a  pattern  .  .  .  Isn't  that
      your  friends  will  be  wearing                           553.
                                   sort  of  risky,  Frances?  .  .  .
      them,  too.
                                   Merry  Christmas  to  the  galley  WANTED- Enlisted men to work
      Just  Between  Us            cr.ew  ... Your jokes are wonder-  in  Ships  Service  No.  1.  Pay  is
        This  is  a  plea  for  understand-  ful,  but  how  about  turning  your
      ing  ... Wave  news  is  getting   energy out on  tlie  stew and ham-  50c  per hour-anytime.  Apply
                                                                 Chief Muir,' Ships Service No. 1.
      scarce  .  .  .  The  shortage  will  be   burger,  hmmm ?  .  .  .  See  you  at
      worse  instead  of  better  ... We   the  Christmas  party  .  .  .  At  this
      are  not.apologizing but these  are  writing  there  are  only  seven   Overheard  in  Ship's  Service:
      the  reasons  for  the  famine  •  •  •  shopping  days  before  Christmas  "One of our chiefs is so dumb that
      From  more  than  800  enlisted  .  .  .  Come  on,  pull  yourself  to- even  the  other  chiefs  are  begin-  "It's  a  small  world,  isn't  it?"
      women  which  represented  our   gether!                  ning  to  notice  it.''
      peak strength, the-re are now only
      450  aboard  .  .  .  Remaining  from
      the  original  40  or  more  officers   STALEMATE                     By  Nick  Pouletsos  Sp (X) le                Birds  of a Feather
      are  a  small  25  .  .  .  Some  weeks
      this  column  will  be  as  bare  as   SIT  !>OWN,  BOYS-
      Mother Hubbard's icebox,  so bear   WE'LL..  BE  Rc.At>Y
                                     iO  GO  OUT  WITH
      with us as 1945 turns into 1946 ...   'rt:>UINA
  '-../                               MINUTE.-
      If there is printable news we will
      do  our  best  to  it  to  you  as
      usual  ... If  it's  unprintable  see
      us  on  the  outside  . .. Lois Bank-
      sto:q  made  her  leave  one  to  be
      remembered and came back to us
      as  the  new  Mrs.  Evans  ... Out
      this  week  was  Miss  Budd  of  the
  \...✓,   Printing  and  Publications  Office
      and sorely missed ... By the way,
      applications  are now  being taken
      for  any angels  who  would  like  to
        Male Call                                                                                   by Milton Caniff, creator of "Terry and the Pirates"
                    ~------------ar,;:t-:,tr-------...._.------,_,.---....:...._--.r--_____ ...., ____ _.___....,..n
        WOULDJA        HEY, BUDD    EYr CHUM, HOW       '5AY,  I'Li...  BET YOU              NY  PLACE  O   WOULD  You  Ai'Vl5E   I  60T IN~WN
       coMe AN'5EE                   NC,  WILL THEY    KNOW  ALL- THE  IZOPl:5              E PO5T  WHE    HANGIN' AROUND  THE  ToENAIL5 - Wll...L..
        IF MY  BUNK  1-:;                       . _,....._..~M<:OUND  I-IEl<E, EH ,PAL~                    BAR~C.1:::5  ALL.. THE   THEY  HOLD  ME FO/Z..
        MADI=  UP  THE                                     HOW  ARE  Tl-II=                                     TIME?          THAT ON  nlE FINAL-
        WAY  THE:Y  !...I.Ke                               DOLL?  IN  TOWN?                                                         PHY~ICAL.. ~
         IT 1-/Eli!E'?

                                                                                                                                WORLD WAR
                                                                                                                              THE:  LOW  POINT G.I. IN .: ;;,
                                                                                                                             HA~E OF- YOU~  C5/W(JP  3.
                                                                                                                              THE 5EPAf?.ATION  CENTE;;:.  ~
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