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·~baptl .. .                 THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY, BEJC.  15,  1945         PAGE  3
               POST  WAR  OPORTUNITIES                         l      DIVINE  SERVICES       OPERATIONAL

       --•-------------------------Ci3111 Treasu re and Verba Buena Islands                  TRAU~HNG SCHOOL
       Building  Boom  Provides  Many  Jobs

       For  Returning  Vets,  Good  Pay

         When it comes, the boom in the  figure  was  50  percent  before  the
                                                                                               OTS  started out league  play  in   Unt il  further  notice,  mat-
       building  and  construction  indus- war.                                              -good  fashion  by  annexing  win   inees  will  be  shown  at all  the-
       try  will  be  a  beaut,  but  the   Brown predicts  that if  all  600,-             · number  one.  The  victims  were   atres on  week  days starting  at
       "when"  may  not  come  for  some  000  servicemen  who  came  from                                                 1500. Sundays starting at 11.00.
  '--'   time.  A  tremendous  backlog  of  the  industry return  to  their  jobs,           SepCen  (Officer)  of  San  Fran-
       work  exists- new  housing,  fac- there  will  still  be  more  than   Sunday  Services   cisco,  and  the  final  score- 29  to
                                                                                             21.   The  game  was  played  at
       tories,  office  space,  public  works,  1,000,000 jobs to fill.  Some 450,000   Protestant  Worship   Horace Mann  Gymnasium Friday   DORIE  MILLER
       and  maintenance  work  deferred  alone  will  be  needed  as  salesmen,   Treasure  and  Yerba.  Buena.  Islands       (T.  I.  Theatre  No.  1)
                                                                 Treas,n·e  Island  Chapel-09 30  and  1030  evening, December 7.  High scorer
       on  account  of  the  war.   sales managers, office,  warehouse,  Communion-1130  (Chap el)   for  OTS  was  Ryan,  Sp(A),  with
         In  due  time,  this  boom  will  af-  and  yard  personnel.  Moreover,   Hospital  Che.pel-1000   9  polhts,  and  for  the  SepCenters
                                                                Theatre  No ,  3-1030
       ford  hundreds  of  thousands  of   Brown  continues,  . t he  1,000,000  Embarkation  Sh(p' s  Service  Che.pal  0700   it was H orsley with  11 and Whims   Last  Showing  Tonight  ._:":  ...
                                                                 Yerbe.  Buena.  Island  Thee.tre-0930
       jobs  for  ski~led  workers.-in  near-  who  worked  before  the  war  in             with 8  points.                   " HOT EL  RESERVE"
       ly  a  hundred  crafts,  and  for  a   factories  making  building  ma-  Catholic  Masses                          James Mason   Lucie Mannheim  _
                                                                                               A  special  bus  was provided for
      .host  of  unskilled  men.  But short-  terials  will  be  considerably  in-  Treasure  I sland  Che.pel-0630,  0720  e.nd   those  of  Ship's  Company  who   Sun.-Mon.,  Dec.  16-17
       ages  of  materials  and  the  hope   creased.           Theatre  No.  1-1030         wanted to  attend,  and as a  result   " BELLS  OF  ST.  MARY'S''
                                                                Hospital  Chapel-0630  and  0900
       of  many  in  the  field  to  wait  out   Brown's own company  recently  E mbarkation  Ship's  Service  Chapel  -  it  is  planned  to  provide  similar   Bing Crosby   Ingrid Bergman
       the  removal  of  price  and  rent   broke  ground  on  a  6-building  re-  Yerbe.  Buena.  I sland  'l'hoatre-0830   accommodations  for  all  games  in
       ceilings  is  causing  delay.  The   search  project  in  Bound  Brook,  Confessions  (YB  Theatre  Office)  0800   the  city.   Tu-esday,  Dec.  18
       boom t herefore may not come for   N.  J :,  the  beginning of a  $40,000,-  Mormon  Study  Group                    "SONG  OF OLD  WYOMING"
                                    000  expansion  program  which  is  Theatre  No.  2-0930   The  team  meets  San  Francisco  Eddie  Dean   Jennifer H olt
       6  months  or  more.
                                    expected  to  provide  25  percent   WEEKDAY  ACTIVITIES   College  on  Tuesday  evening,  De-
         Wartime  construction  was  be-                         Daily--Masses  ( Small  Chapel,  Tree.sure  cember  11,  and  we'll  have  the   Wed.-Th urs.,  Dec.  19-20
                                    more  jo-bs  than  the  12,000  which
       low that during the bottom of the   Johns  - Manville  provided  before  Daily-Confessions  (Small Cha.pel, Tree.s- story  on  that  game  for  you  next   " WHAT  NEXT,  CORPORAL
                                                                    Island)  1150  e.nd  1630
       depression.  But,  according  to  the                                                                                      HARGROVE"
                                    Pearl  Harbor.                  ure  Island)     .       week.  Intramural team dropped a
       U.  S.  Dept.  of  Labor,  post-war                       Daily-  Masses  (Hospital Chapel)-0645                   Robert  Walker   Keenan  Wynn
                                    Pay  May  Go  Up             Daily  -  Masses  (Embe.rke.tion  Ship 's  game  to  Armed  Guard  by  score
       construction  for  5  years  will  ex-                       Service  Chapel)  1600   of  29  to  28  and  as t he  score  indi-
       ceed the best 5-year period before   U.  S.  Gypsum,  another  impor-  Daily  -  Protestant  Worship  Service -    Fri.-Sat .,  Dec.  21-22
                                                                    1430  (Em bar kation  Ship ' s  Service  cates, it was a  tough battle.  Play-
       the  war,  which  took  place  in  the   tant factor  in  the  field,  informed   Chapel)                               " DANGER  SIGNAL"
                                    CNS  that  it  .expects  a  growth  Monday--Blessed  Virgin  Sode.lity  (First  ers  for  the  intramural  team  are
       mid-20's.  Says  the  Labor  Dept.;                          Monday  of  the  Month)  1800  (Sme.11   still  being sought,  and if you  are   Faye  Emerson   Zackary  Scott
  V    the  volume  of work will  probably   from  7200  to  10,000,  but  believes   Tuesday-Christian  Science  Group,  1800  at  all  interested,  how  about  get-
       exceed  10.9  billions,  at  1940  cost   that  its  labor  requirements  will   (Chapel  Reception  Room)   ting  in  touch  with  Lt.  (jg)   EDWARD  H.  O' HARE
       levels.  Of  this  total,  6.1  billions   be  met  by  vets  who  formerly  Tuesday  -  Holy  Name  Society,  1915     (T.  I.  Theatre  No.  2)
                                                                    (Small  Chapel)          Hawkins  right  now.
       were  reported in  the design stage   worked  for  the  company.  Otis  Wednesday -  Miraculous  Medal Novena,
                                    Elevator  Co.  writes  that  its  per-  1830  (Large  Chapa!)   No  new  news  from  the  girls'
       as of Jan. 1, 1945,  and there were                       Wednesdays  -  Christian  Servicemen 's                  Last  Showing  Tonight
                                    sonnel  needs  for installations and   League,  1830  ( Chapel  Reception  bowling  front  other  than  at time
       nearly 3  times  as  many proposed                           Room)                                                  " MY  NAME  IS  JULIA  ROSS"
       projects  which  had  not  gotten   modernizations  will  be  double   Wednesday  -  Orge.n  Recital  (Hospital   of  writing  they  still  head  the   Nina  Foch   George  Macready
                                                                    Chapel)  1215  e.nd  1400
       that far.                    that during  the  period from  1930   Thursday  -  Che.pal  Choir  Rehee.rse.l   league  and  next  w.eek  should
                                    to 1940.                        (Chapel  Gallery)  1800   bring t he  final  results.   Sun.-Mon.,  Dec.  16-17
       It's  a  Lot  of  Jobs         As for pay, the U.  S.  Bureau of  Sinirers  Rehearse.I  (Che.p- Contact
                                                                    el  Reception  Room)  1800                                " PARDON  MY  PAST"
         You can see that that represents  Labor  Statistics  reports  that  the  Friday  -  Mormon  Study  Group,  1880   New  Staff  officers  are:  Lt.  o.  F .  MacMurray   M.  Chapman
                                                                    (Chapel  Gallery)
       a  lot of jobs,  inasmuch as one out   average weekly earnings of union  Friday  -  .Jewish  Services   (Hospital  D.  Hamlin  to  the  C.I.C.  depart-
       of  17  workers  in  the  U.  S.  labor·   wage  .earners  in  the  field  were   Chapel)  1900   ·                Tuesday,  Dec. 18
                                                                . Saturday  -  Confessions  ( Small  Chapel,  ment;  Lt.  E .  F.  Smith,  Jr.,  to
       force  as  of  1940  was  directly  en-  $50.18  for  a  39-hour  week.  Today   Tree.sure  Island)  1400-2000  ·   Damage  Control,  and  Lt.  (jg)  S.   "HIT THE  HAY''
       gaged  in  new  construction  and   union  bricklayers  in  New  York   Se.turde.y -  Confessions  (Hospital  Chap•   A.  'Ensner,  Jr.,  to  Communica-  Judy  Canova   Ross  Hunter
                                                                    el)  1800-1900
       maint enance  activities.   Three-  are  making  more  than  the  union               tions.  Lieutenants  Erhardt  and  Wed.-Thu rs.,  Dec. 19-20
       fourths of t hese,  according to the   scale  of  $14  for a  7-hour  day,  in-       Worcester  and  Ensign  Williams   " DAL TONS  RI DE  AGAIN "
       American  Society  of  Civil  Engi-  dicating  the  great  need  for  their   AT THE  CHAPEL  •   for  a  tour of  temporary duty .. .  Alan Curtis   Kent Taylor
       neers,  were  skilled.  Most  impor-  services.  Ho,wevcer,- while  work         ••   Enlisted  men  reporting  in  were :
       tan_t  crafts,  in  order,  were  car-  should be steady during the  boom,   Protesta nt  Services   Dobbs,  RM3c ;  Chesley,  S2c(RM) ;   Fri.-Sat.,  Dec. 21-22
       penters,   painters,   electricians,   it  is  notoriously  seasonal  in  nor-                                          " HOTEL  RES ERVE"
                                                                  "What Is That in Thine Hand?"   Evans,  RM2c;  Aronson,  ETM3c;
       plumbers  and  steamfitters,  ma-  mal times.                                         Silverman,  ETM3c;  Horne,  FC2c;   James Mason   Lucie Mannheim
       chinery operators, and masons.   The industry is pretty thorough-  will  be  the  topic  of  Chaplain  H.
                                                                G.  Gatlin's sermon in the Treasure   ,vatters,  ETM3c,  and  Greenberg,
         For vet s,  therefore,  things  look  ly  uni-onized,  primarily  by  the   Island  Chapel  Sunday,  December   CSM.  To  all  a  welcome  on  board   JOHN  BASILONE
       good...:._or  will  when  the  building  AFL,  and  some  internationals   16,  at  1030.  At  0930  Chaplain   and join in,  we're  a  great family.   (T.  I.  Theatr•e  No.  3 )
       boom gets going. Lewis H. Brown,  make  entrance  difficult  for  ap-  Johnson will  speak on  "How Men   .. .  Comdr.  Ibach returns after a
       president,  Johns-Manville  Corp.,  prentices and other non-members.   Receive  Christ."   session with the Medics at USNH,
       one  of  the  biggest  makers  of   In  some  quarters,  there  is  a   At  both  services  the  Chapel   T. I.,  and  both  Cadle  and  Amstad   Last  Showing  Tonight
       building  ~aterials  in  the  busi- forecast of the tremendous growth   Choir,  conducted  by  Erwin  Ruff,   are  back on the jop after a  period   " DANGER  SIGNAL"
       ness,  foresees  that  4  to  5  million   of  prefabricated  housing.  Un-           of  hospitalization.  Happy  to  see   Faye  Emerson   Zackary  Scot t
                                    doubtedly,  there  will  be  an  ex-  will  be  heard  in  the  anthem  "Di-
       will  be  working  in  t he  field  by                    vine  P raise"  (Bortniansky)  and   you  back looking so good.   Sun.-Mon.,  Dec. 16-17
                                    pansion,  but  that it will eliminate
       1949,  of  which  1,270,000  jobs  will                   organ  solos  by  Ross  McKee,  Sp- Separated            '.'YOLANDA  AN D  THE ·THIEF"
                                    or  seriously  affect  normal  con-                                                   Fred Astaire   Lucille  Bremer
       be  filled,  he  predicts,  from  vet- struction is  questionable.  For one  (W) le,  will  include  "Sheep  May   Demobilization  really  took  a
       erans  alone.  An  indication of  the  t hing,  there  is  an insufficient  de- Safely Graze"  (Bach)  and "Grand  toll  of  Ship's  Company  this  week  Tuesday,  Dec.  18
       need  is  seen  in  the  fact  t hat  last  gree  of  public  acceptance.  More-  Choeur"  (Dubois) .  Guest  soloist  and  among  the  missing  are  Mar-  Broadway  Stage  Show
                                                                 will  be  Lawrence  Sherrill,  widely  kle, Eckman, McCarthy, Fountain,
       summer  75  percent  of  t he  work- over,  both  contractors  and  labor                                                 " PARDON  ME"
       men  were  over  43,  whereas  the , are  opposing  any  such  trend.   known  concert  and  radio  artist  Morgan,  Tubbs,  O'Connor  (Little   1730 - 1930
                                                                 who  will  sing  the  bass-baritone  Willie),  Carden,  Englebrecht  and
       THEIi TRE No. 1 0/lfillNIST IJISCHIIRfiEIJ                solo  "But  Who  May  Abide  the  Cadle.  Seems  like  Cadle  just  got   Wed.-Th urs.,  Dec.  19-20
                                                                                                                          "TH EY  WERE  EXPENDABLE"
                                                                 Day  of  His  Coming"  from  the  here.  Oh  well,  traffic  is  heavy.
                                                                                                                          Robt.  Montgomery   John Wayne
                                                                 "Messiah"  (Handel) .
                                                                         Theatre  No.  3             Orga n  Recit al     Fri.-Sat.,  Dec.  21-22
                                                                  At 1030  in Theatre No.  3  Chap-  All  personnel  and  their  friends  'G ETT IN G  GERTIE'S  GARTER'
                                                                 lain  Earl  W.  Riddle  will  preach   are invited  to  attend a  Christmas  Dennis O'Keefe  Marie McDonald
                                                                 on  the  subject  "We  Have  Seen   Organ  Recital  Wednesday,'  De-  There  will  be  no  Matinee
                                                                 His  Star."   William  Jorgenson,   cember  19,  which  will  be  given   Saturday,  Dec.  22
                                                                 Cox.  USCG  from  Government  Is-  by  Allan  Gastren,  PhM2c,  in  the
                                                                 land will  be  guest soloist,  singing   Hospital  Chapel  at  1215;   The   VE RBA  BUENA  MOVIES
                                                                ·"He  Cares  for  Me"  (Federleifi) .   program follows:
                                                                 Andrew  Flanders,  Slc,  will  be  at   All  Glory  Be  to  God  on  High)   Last  Showing  Ton ight
                                                                 the  organ.                   (Festival  Prelude) ...... . Bach   "W HAT  NEXT,  CORPORAL
                                                                                             Christmas  Chorales:
                                                                        Hospita l  Chapel                                         HARGROVE"
                                                                                              From Heaven  Above  to  Earth
                                                                  Chaplain  C.  H.  Loveland  will                        Robert Walker   Keenan Wynn
                                                                                              I  Come  to  Shepherds  as  They
                                                                 use  as  his  sermon_ subject  "The   Watched  by. Night   _Su!].- Mon.,  Dec.  16-17
                                                                 Fullness  of  Time"  Sunday  morn-  Christmas  Pastorale  . . . . Harker   'GETT l·NG  GERTIE'S  GARTER'
                                                                 ing  at  1000  in  the  Hospital   The  Christmas  Pipes of   Dennis O'Keefe  Marie McDonald
                                                                 Chapel.                       County Clare  .... . ...... . Gaul
                                                                  Joan  Transgrud,  soprano  from  Bohemian  Christmas  Cradle   Tuesday,  Dec.  18
                                                                 Oakland, will sing "An Old Carol"   Song  .. . .... . ....... . . Poister   "TIGER  SHARK"
                                                                 (Quilter),  and  "No  Candle  Was  Silent  Night  .... . ...... . Gruber  E dw.  Robinson  .  : Richard  Arlen
                                                                There  and  No  Fire"  (Lehmann).  Christmas  Fantasy  in
                                                                                                                          Wed.-Thurs.,  Dec.  19-20
                                                                 Organist  will  be  Allan  Gastren,   March  Form ... .. . .. . .. Diggle
                                                                                                                          " YOLANDA  AND  THI;::  THIEF"
                                                                 PhM2c,  who  will  play  as  prelude  Away in a  Manger
                                                                                                                          Fred Astaire    Lucille Bremer
                                                                 and  postlude,   "A   Christmas   (Lullaby)  . .. . .... Kirkpatrick
      - T HOSE  WHO  ATTE.NDED  THEATRE  No.  1  were  well  acquainted   Wreath"  (Cron:tiam)  and "Impro- Noel  .... . .. . . . ......... Daquin  Fri.-Sat.,  Dec.  21 -22
       with  Fred Schaffer, S1c.  He's  the man who formerly  played the organ
       selections  before  each  movie.  Today  Fred  gets  discharg-ed  from  the   visation  on  God  Rest  You  Merry  A  Christmas  Wreath  (Medley   "THEY  WERE  EXPENDABLE"
       Navy.                                      ·              Gentlemen."                   of  Carols)  .. . .... . . . Crenham  Robt. Montgomery   John Wayne
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