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letter On One Foot Tl,on Most llre On Two  Federal  Tax Exemption                      THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  DEC.  15,  1945       PAGE  5
                                                                 On Enlisted Man's Pay        Jeweler Has  Eight  Years  Experience;

                                                                  New  legislation  effecting  vet-
  ',,../                                                                                      Finds  Job  To  Match  Civilian  Pursuit
                                                                 eran's  payment of Federal income
                                                                 tax  is  the  content  of  Public  Law   William  Hughes,  MM3c,  has  discharge,  the  machinist  figures
                                                                 214,  approved  November  8,  1945,   good  reason  to  be  a   clock  it will be about four more months
                                                                 and  released  to  the  Navy  via   watcher.              of  Navy  blues  for  him.  He
                                                                 Alnav 388.                    He's  the  Optical  Shop  watch  wouldn't  mind  staying in the out-
                                                                  It  provides  that  all  compensa-  repairman   in   the   Industrial
                                                                 tion  received  for  enlisted  service   Building.  Since  "time"  is  his
                                                                 in  the  U.  S.  Armed  Forces  is  ex-  business.  and  he  still  owes  the
                                                                 cluded  from  gross  income  for   Navy  four  more  months  as  a
                                                                 Federal income tax purposes dur-  frozen  machinist mate,  he  is  bus-
                                                                 ing  the  period  beginning  after
                                                                                              ily engaged at his civilian pursuit.
                                                                 December  31,  1940,  and  ending   Long  Experience
                                                                 with the  termination  of  the  pres-  Hughes  finds  watch  fixing  an
                                                                 ent war.                     interesting  job.  Back  in  his
                                                                   Any Federal income tax already   hometown  in  Charleston,  West
                                                                 filed  on  such  compensation  will
                                                                                              Virginia,  he  had  eight  years  ex-
                                                                 be  refunded  if  a  timely  claim  for   perience  in  that  line  of  work,
                                                                 refund is made on Form 843  with   and  when  he  leaves  the  Navy  he
                                                                 the Collector of Internal Revenue
                                                                                              pl:ms  to  open  his  own  jewelry
                                                                 to  whom such tax was  paid.  This
                                                                 claim should be filed  before Janu-
                                                                                               In  the  Optical  Shop,  the  29-
                                                                 ary  1,  1947,  with  the  following
                                                                                              year  old  repairman • takes  care  of
                                                                 exception.  Taxes  alveady  paid  on   stop  and comparing watches sent
                                                                 enlisted  compensation  for  1943   in  for  repairs  by  local  vessels.   fit,  but  home  in  West  Virginia
       AFTER VOCALIZING "l'M  A ONE-LEGGED JITTERBUG,"  Jimmy  and subsequent years  may be  re-                          there's  a  lovely  wife  waiting  for
       Valentine  proceeded  to  prove the  point ,of  his  song.  Accompanied  by   funded  if claims are filed  prior to   "It's  mostly  precision  work,"   him, and the prettiest little 3-year
        Miss  Rita  Challman  in  a  recent  Hollywood  Victory  Show  at  T.  I.,            Hughes explains. "The usual trou-  old  girl  in  the  world.  They  just
       Valentine  is  shown  doing  a  "boogie"  routine.  Bluejackets'  applause   the  expiration  of  a  three  year   ble  is  in  broken  balance  staffs
       brought the couple  back to the stage four times to  perform.   period  beginning  on  the  date  the              wouldn't like  it!
             I                                                                                or fouled  mechanism. The  job be-
                                                                 return  was  due  to  be  filed.
                                                                                              comes difficult  when  haiz:  springs
                                                                   The  fifteen  hundred  dollar  ex-
       ~~ Ch a n g e Ma de                                       clusion  from  gross  income  of  ac-  have to be straightened or balance   Broadway Will Be
                                                                                              work  set.  All  in  all,  watch  re-
       DEMOBILIZATION  In  Rules  For                            tive  service  pay  of  commissioned   pairing  is  a  job  I  really  like  be- Brighter Than  Ever
              Fact and  Fantasy                                  officers,  for  years  beginning after   cause it ties  in  with my old  civil-  (SEA) .- New  York's  Broads
                                                                 December 31,  1942, and before the
                                    Vehicle  Passes              termination of the present war, is   ian  job."          way is  in  for  a  face  lifting  soon.
                                                                                              Great  Lakes  Days          Changes scheduled for the famous
        By  Ships'  Editorial  Association   Visitors  wishing  to  enter Trea- continued.
                                    sure Island or-Yerba Buena Island  Unpaid  Taxes           Hughes has some sad memories  street  include:  electrical  anima-
         Navy spokesmen have informed                                                         of his training period at the Great  tion  simulating  the  growth  of
                                    by  automobile  will  be  issued  a   The  Act  also  authorizes  the
       the  Senate  Naval  Affairs  Com-                                                      Lakes  Station.  He  spent  two  flowers  and  spraying  scents  of
                                    daily  vehicular  permit  for  one  payment' of  the  following  unpaid
       mittee that there will be a  further                                                   months  at  that  base,  the  first  perfume  on  passing  crowds;  a
       reduction  in  the  critical  point   trip  only.  This  pass  will  be  col- Federal  income  taxes  without  in-  month  of  intensive  drilling  and  huge  coffee  pot,  spouting  steam
       score  sometime  after  1  January.   lected at the  vehicle  gate  at time  terest  to  be  paid  in  twelve  quar-  indoctrinations,  the  second  a  and  permeating  the  area  with
                                    of  departure.               terly  annual  installments.
                 *  *  *              New  regulations  require  visit-  (A)  Taxes  attributable  to  ac-  month  of_ hospitalization  becaui:!e  aroma  of  the  bean;  a  building  in
         The Navy is •using as transports                                                     of  scarlet  fever!         the form  of a  drinking glass with
                                    ing  enlisted  personnel  and  civil- tive  service  pay  whose  payment
       843  ships of  all  types  with  a  total                                               Having almost 36 points toward  orange  juice;  real  fog  and  water
                                    ians  to  be  logged  aboard  at  the  has been  deferred  while  taxpayer
       capacity  of  1,365,596.  Its  goal  is                                                                            on  the  weather  forecast  sign  of
                                    Pass  Office  between  the  hours  of  was  at  sea  or  in  foreign  service
       to  get  all  eligible  personnel  home   0730  and  1630.  Between  1630  at  the  normal  date  due.             Columbus  Circle  and  a  builqing
       by  early summer. Answering a  re-  and 0730  necessary passes will  be   (B)  Taxes  attributable  to  ac-  in  the  following  manner.   in  the  form  of  a  perfume  bottle,
       quest  from  a  Senate  investigat-  issued on the orders of the Marine  tive  service  pay  of  other  than   Taxpayers released from active   with  a  penthouse  stopper.
       ing  committee  to  stop  laying  up   O.O.D.  by . Mar-ine  sentries. · Pas- commissioned officers  of  the Reg-  duty  prior  to  De,cember  1,  1945,.
       combat  ships  while  men  are  still   sengers in  all vehicles, other than  ular  components  of  the  Army,   will  make  first  payment  oj'  quar-
       to  be  returned  from  overseas,  the                                                 terly  installments  on  May  15,   Roosevelt's Stamps
                                    drivers,  must  have  proper  passes  Navy,  Marine  Corps  or  Coast
       Navy reported it would review the   or,  if  enlisted  personnel  attached  Guard.    1946.
                                                                                               In  all  other  cases  the  fifteenth  To Go on Sale
       problem  but  said  th.;it  del<1ys  in
                                    to  Treasure  or  Yerba  Buena  Is-  (C)  Taxes  for  years  1940  and                  (SEA).- The  personal  stamp
       decommissioning  combatant ships   lands,  I.D.  cards  and  proper  lib- 1941  which  became  due  subse-  day  of  the  sixth  month  following
       might  slow  up  the  Navy's  own                                                     the  month  in  which  the  taxpayer  collection  of  the  late  President
       demobilization  program.     erty passes.                 quent to  entr~nce in U.  S.  Armed  is  released  from  active  duty  will  Franklin  D.  Roosevelt,  valued  at
                                      Officers  will  not  be  required  to  Forces  and which were attributa-  be  date  of  first  payment,  or  the  $100,000, will be sold in New York
                 *  *  *            log. in  at any  time.  They will  re- ble  to  income  earned prior  to  en-  fifteenth  day  of  the  third  month  early  in  1946_ because  no  provi-
         Charges  by  the  Army  news- ceive  the  daily  vehicle  permit  trance  into  the  service.
                                                                                             following  the  close  of the  taxable  sion  was  made  in  the  will  for
       paper Stars and Stripes that 1,300   after  properly  identifying  them-  Taxpayers  other  than  commis-  year  in  which  he  is  released,  direct disposal.
       high  point  veterans  were  forced   selves  to  the  gate  sentry.  These  sioned  officers  of  the  Regular   whichever date is later. In no case   One  unusual item in the  collec-
       into  KP  duty  for  1,500  civilian   provisions  do  not  alter  existing  Army, Navy or Marine Corps who   may  payment  of  the  first  install- tion  is  a  White  House  invitation
       passengers   on   the   transport   regulations governing issuance of  are  entitled  to  make  payment  as   ment be made subsequent to June  sent to President Roosevelt on his
       Monterey en  route from Honolulu   the  permanent  vehicle  pass  as  outlined  above  may  disregard   15,  1947,  unless  by  reason  of  sea  birthday  in  1943,  autographed  by
       to  San  Fra..'1cisco  brought a  reply   provided for  in Tadcen Order No.  compensation  for  active  service   or  foreign  duty,  in  which  case  him  and  bearing postmarks from
       from  Maj.  Gen.  Homer  J.  Gvon-  85-45.                in preparing a  declaration of esti- normal  due  date  is  deferred  be- President,  Pa.;  Franklin,  N.  J.;
       inger.  He  revealed  that  an  order
                                                                 mated tax.  Installments come due  yond June 15, 1947.   Delano,  Pa.,  and Roosevelt,  N .  Y.
       had  been  issued  barring  such  also  to  decommission  ships.  If all
       practices on Army transports. The  ships  are  retained  for  transport
                                                                 INTIIKE CENTER IJ/SCHIIRfiE-IJOORSTEP FOR  THOIJSIINIJS
       order had not been received when  services,  he  said,  it wm  delay  de-
       the  Monterey sailed.        commissioning,  thus holding their
                 *  *  *            crews  that  much  longer.  On  the
         The  Navy  was  19,726  behind  in   other hand,  Senate Naval  Affairs
       its  announced  discharge  rate  as   Committee  members  have  com-
       of  13  November,  having  demobil-  plained  that  laying  up  combat
       ized  562,041  enlisted  personnel   ships  is  slowing  the  transport
       and  63,224 officers  by  that date.   service.
                 *  *  *              Fleet  Admiral . King  expressed
         Navy  V-12s  may  now  transfer  alarm that demobilization  is  pro-
       to  other  duty  at  their  own  re- ceeding  at  such  a  rate  that  the
       quest  and  become  eligible  for  Navy  could not fight  a  first  class
       mustering out pay and the GI Bill  battle  today..:._while  families  of
       of  Rights  after  serving  90  days  men  in  Navy  service,  according
       of  general  enlisted  duty.   to  a  national  straw  poll,  were
                 *  *  *            38%  convinced  that  the  demo-
         Enlisted  Leathernecks discharg- bilization  system  needs  overhaul-
       ed  since  VJ  day  may  enter . the  ing,  35%  convinced  that  it  is  a
       Volunteer  Marine  Corps  Reserve  fair  system,  and  27 %  undecided.
       and  retain  their  wartime  rate      *  *  *
       while  on  inactive  duty.  Enlist-  To  date  1,387,241  World  War
       ments  are  for  periods  of  three  or  II  veterans  have  asked  for  disa-
       four  years  and  have  the  same  bility  pensions,  swamping  the
       requirements  as  the  regular  Ma- Veterans  Administration  to  the
       rine  Corps.                 point  that  there  is  a  backlog  of
                 *  *               210,000  claims  pending.  The  vol-
         Reaction  to  the  progress  of  ume  of  cases  disposed  of  jumped
       Navy  demobilization  is  varied.  from  an average of  3,000  cases  a
       Rear Admiral William Callaghan,  month to 122,687  in October.  But
       USN,  Assistant  CNO  for  trans- the   volume   of   applications
       portation,  has  explained  that  jumped  even  higher- to  176,921   HORDES  OF  NAVY  ELIGIBLES  PACK  T.  l.'s   eighteen  ~eparation  centers  thr,oughout  the  coun-
                                                                 INTAKE  CENTER,  the  West  Coast  stepping-  try.  At  left,  outgoing  draft  is  about  to  board  bus
       Naval personnel is needed to man  cases,  a  sign  that  the  VA  is  los-
                                                                 stone  to  civilian  life.  Daily,  3,500  men,  after  an   for  train  connection.  The  boys  at  the  right  are
       ships  bringing  dischargees  and  ing ground.            average  four  day  wait,  receive  transportation  to   waiting  their turn.   (Story on  Page 1)
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