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PAGE  4        THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  DEC.  15,  1945
                                                                  T J.  Sailors  Turn          Feeding  34,000 Sailors  Is  Problem
        All A/Jot1rdl ll/Jerty Pt1rty Slloves Off                 Woodcutters;  Chop           But Menu-Planner Says,  "Routine"

                                                                  250 Trees  for  Island                                      How  would  you  like  to  please
                                                                                                                            34,000  hungry  .sailors  every  day
                                                                        ( Picture -on  Page  1)   There'll Be More to Eat  of  the  week?
                                                                    Distributed  throughout  Treas-                           Not a pleasant thought, but that
                                                                  ure  Island,  250  Christmas  trees   Then Ever, in  1946   is the  job which Wave Lieutenant
                                                                  serve  to  bring  the  Yuletide spirit   (SEA).-Americans  will  have   Lucille  R.  Clark  has successfully
                                                                  closer  to  the  sailors  away  from                      shouldered  during  the  past  two
                                                                                               more  food  in  1946  than  at  any
                                                                  home.                        time  in  their  history  despite  a   and  a  half  months.
                                                                    The  trees  were  chopped  at So-  shortage in a few consumer items,   In  charge  of  menu  planning
                                                                  nora, Tuolumne County, 130 miles                          for  the  "longest  chow line  in  the
                                                                                               according  to  the  Department  of
                                                                  from  San Francisco,  by a  15-m:an                       world,"  the  Lieutenant  has  a  job
                                                                  working  p a  rt y  from  Armed   More  ice  cream,  cheese,  cream,   which  combines  the  interesting
                                                                  Guard,  Transportation,  and  Wel-  canned  vegetables,  and  fish  will   with  the  difficult.
                                                                  fare.  A  three-day  trip  was  re-  be  available.  Scarce foods  include   "Things get to  be  routine  after
                                                                  quired  by  the  choppers  in  order   pork,  better  grades  of  beef  and   a  while,"  she smiles. "Perhaps the
                                                                  to fill  the  quota.  Trees  have  been   veal,  fats  and  oils,  sugar.   most  difficult  part of menu  plan-
                                                                  given to the hospital, dispensaries,                      ning  is  consideration  of  the
                                                                                                 Some meats and fats will  be  in
                                                                  recreation rooms, theatres, offices,                      amounts  of  food  to  be  obtained,
                                                                                               larger supply than before the wa.r
                                                                  and  individual  commands  on  the   but will  still  not  satisfy  demand.   and  the  varieties  required.
                                                                  Island.                      During  1944  the  average  civilian   "Then  too,  we  are  sometimes
                                                                    A  second trip, 70  miles north tc   consumed  150  pounds  of  meat,   forced  to  change  a  menu  because
                                                                  Occidental  in  Sonoma  County,   "the  highest  rate  in  over  30   of  other  problems,  such  as  elec-
                                                                  brought fine  results in the discov-                      trical  troubles,  which  mean  that
                                                                  ery  of  a  huge  60-foot  fir,  which                    some  foods  are  unable  to  be
                                                                  has  been  pla::ed  in  front  of  the   ----------       cooked  on  time  and  substitutes
         Craft  Unit  No.  61  (continental)  provides small  craft to carry .ashore   Administration  Building.  A  pro-   are  needed."
         liberty  parties  from  ships  in  the  Bay.  Established  in  mid-October,  fessional  wood  chopper,  Alphonse  Soldier Offers Eye   Menus . are  planned  two  weeks
         SLCU-61  has  16  LCM's  such  as  the -one  pictured  above,  16  LCP(L)  Daccorozza, located the fir and di-     in  advance  and  are  submitted  to
         formerly  used  as  rescue and  salvage  barges and  a  large complement   rected  the  cutting operation  by  a  To  Blinded  Sailor
         of  motor  boats.  In  additi.on  to  carrying  liberty  parties,  the  SLCU-61                                    the Menu Board for approval. The
         boats are used to carry supplies to ships in  the harbor.   Navy working party.         (SEA) .- A  42-year-old .  ex-GI   issuance  of  food  is  set  up  by  a
                                                                                                                            government  law  which  allows
                                                                                               with  no  dependents  has  offered
                                                                                                                            each  man  certain  foods  a  day.
         LIBERTY HUNGRY SAILORS TAKEN CARE  BEAUTIFUL  GIRLS,                                  one  of  his  eyes  to  a  blind  sailor,   Three  meals  constitute  a  day's
                                                                                               William  Bingham,  that  he  might
         O F BY T I  LAND[NG CRAFT UNIT                           SWIMMING,  DANCING           see.  Said  the  ex-GI :  "I  was  one   Leaves  Service  T•oday
                                                                                               of  the  lucky  ones  and  I  get  sick
                    •  •
                                                                  AT  YMCA  TODAY
                                                                                                                              Lt.  Clark  leaves  the  Navy  to-
                                                                                               at heart seeing some of the young-
          There  is  a  unit  on  T.I.  which  ice  these  ships  as  is  necessary.   Today  the  Army  and  Navy   sters  who  will  go  around  crip-  day  on  points,  having  been  in
         provides  large  ships  in  the  B_ay  In case repairs are needed for any  YMCA  at  166  Embarcadero,  San  pied  or  maimed  for  life."   uniform  38  months.  After  receiv-
                                                                                                 Bingham  contracted  a  blinding
        with  liberty  launches.  At  the  be- of  these  liberty  barges,  SLCU-61  Francisco,  provides  a  wide  vari-
         ginning of the war practically all  is  fully  equipped  with a  complete  ety  of  entertaining  features  for  eye  disease  in  the  invas.ion  of
         small  craft  were  removed  from  repair  unit.         men  and  women  of  the  Armed  Okinawa.  His  New  Zealand  wife
         the larger ships, leaving their per-                     Forces.                      and  two  small  children '  were
         sonnel without any means of get-                           At  0700  the  "Y"  will  open  its   rushed by the Navy to  the  states
        ting ashore for  liberty.  Anticipat-  T. I.  PERSONNEL   mammoth  swimming  pool  and  it   to  be  with  him.  They  had  previ-
        ing  the  return  of  many  ships  to                     will  remain  open  for  use  until   ously been refused a  visa because
        the Bay area in October, Standard   MAY  NOW  HAVE        2130  tonight.  In  addition  there   the  father  was  disabled.
        Landing Craft Unit  No.  61  (con-                        are  game  rooms  containing  ping
                                      DENTAL  TREATMENT           pong,  billiards,  and  pool  facili-
        tinental)  was installed at T.I.
         Continental  Duty                                        ties.  A  fully equipped gymnasium   'Hershey Bar' Stumps 4  {
                                       Minor  dental  treatment  is  now  and  hand  ball  courts  are  other
          During hostilities, non-continen-  3,vailable  to  all  personnel  on  athletic features  of  the YMCA.  On Information Please
         tal  units  resembling  this  one   Treasure  Island.   This  also  in-
         were  used  in  invasion  areas.                           Sit  and  listen  to  Stan Scott at
                                     -::ludes  men  on  ships  in  the  Bay  the  piano  while  enjoying  refresh-  NEW  YORK  (CNS)- Two  ex-
         After beachheads had been estab-  :i,rea. Until this time dental chairs  ments  from  the  fountain  or  res- Gis  of  this  war  and  two  vets  of
         lished  these  small  craft  would
                                     were loaded to capacity with men  taurant.  Shower  rooms,  laundry,   the  last,  all  appearing  on  the  ra- ing  her  training  at  OTS,  North-
         shuttle  back  and  forth  carrying
                                     in need of treatment, but recently  and  telephone  service  are  all   dio  program  Information  Please,  ampton,  Massachusetts,  she  was
         supplies  and  personnel  to  the
                                     the  number  has  slacked  off  and  available.           were  asked  w.l:lat  a  "Hershey  transferred to Great Lakes where
         beach from the larger ships. They
                                     Islanders  may  now  have  their   Feature  movies  will  be  shown   Bar"  is.  None  of  them  knew.  she  was  placed  in  charge ·of  the
         had as constituents such branches
                                     cavities  filled.            at  1800,  and  at  2045  come  the   They  were  Ex-Sgt.  Bill  Mauldin,  galleys.  She  arrived  on  Treasure
         as  gunnery,  medical,  and  com-                                                     cartoonist; Ex-Pfc.Frank  Loesser,  Island  September 19  of this year,
         missary,  SLCU  No.  61,  which  is   With  the  exception  of  pros- beautiful junior hostesses. At this
                                     thetic  cases,  personnel  in  need  of  time  the  Saturday  Nite  Club   songwriter  of  WW  II,  and  Ex- and  since  then  has  been  the  Is-
         assigned  continental duty and at-
                                     dental  care  should  report  imme- opens featuring  a  floor  show  and   Capt.  Franklin  P .  Adams,  and  land's  chief  menu-planner.
         tached  to  some  es.tablished  naval
                                     diately  to  Dispensary  No.  1,  and  of  course,  dancing.  Informality   Ex-Sgt. John Kiernan, steadies on   Upon her discharge, Miss Clark
         base,  has  no  need  for  these
                                     in  most cases they will be  tended  and  a  homey  atmosphere  are  in   the  program  and  vets  of  wy,r  I.  will visit her hometown in Fargo,
         branches.  In  that  way  it  differs
                                     to  at  once.  If  immediate  treat- order at the YMCA so come early   (Ed.  Note:  You  may  be  in  good  N.D.,  then  return  to  her  pre-war
        from  the  invasion  units.
                                     ment  cannot  be  given,  appoint- and  spend  an  entertainment-  company if you too don't know but  job  as therapeutic  dietician in St.
         Amusing  Stories            ments  for  futur.e  dates  will  be   filled  day.       anyway,  here's  the . answer:   A  Paul,  Minnesota.
          Men of the unit tell some amus- made.                                                Hershey . Bar,  named  for  the  Se-  Her  civilian  job may not be  as
        ing  stories  about  their  experi-  Dental  offices  are  open  daily                 lective  Service  director,  is  a  gold  large  as  her  service  one,  but  at
        ences.  Of  the  474  men  attached  from  0800  until  2100.  Get  your  OPA ALLOWS SLIGHT   sleeve   insignia   denoting   six  least she won't have 34,000 sailors
        to  SLCU No.  61,  almost  half  are  dental  work  done  now  while  thir   PRICE  BOOST  ON   months  overseas · duty.)   to  worry  about!
        straight from boot camp. Perhaps  se-rvice  is  available.
        these  little  ancedotes  are  exag-                      1946 AUTOS
        gerations,  but  since  "boots"  are                                                   Welles Conducts  T.  I.  1Jedlct1tory II/ring
        concerned,  it will be  realized  that                      (SEA).- New 1946 automobiles
        there  must  be  some  truth  behincl  Sea  Duty  No      now  beginning  to  appear  in
        them.                                                     showrooms will cost from 1 to 9 %
                                     Longer  Penalty              more  than  the  January  1942
        Sea  Sick                                                 prices,  OP A  has  announced.
          One  of  the  favorites  the  boys   For Summary Court    Dealers'  margins  will  be  cut
        tell is about two seamen from the                         2½%,  but  slight  increases  have
        Mid-West.  They  had  never  seen   The  Twelfth  Naval  District   been  allowed  manufacturers.  .  .  .
        salt  water  before  and  purely  by  rescinded  an  order  issued  earlier  except Ge~e'~al Motor which faces
                                                                          •  ! "
                                                                         · .
        accident were assigned  to  an Ad-  this  year  regarding  enlisted  per-  a  2 ½ %  'cutback.  Most  of  the  re-
        miral's barge. The  barge was, em- sonnel  who  had  received  sum- tail   increases   reflect   higher
        ployed to bring ashore a  group of  mary  court martials.   taxes,  freight  charges  and  han-
        officers,  including  _ the  Admiral.   Formerly  men  who  had  been  dling.   .
        Well,  it seems that the short voy- before  a  .summary  court  were   Retail  ceilings  for  Ford  and
        age  to  shore  was  too  mucli  for  made  immediately  available  for  Studebaker  were  the  first  an-
        the  country boys  arid  they  began  sea duty. This policy was changed  nounced.  The  prices,  not  includ-
        to  suffer  from  mal-de-mer,  com- by  the  issuance  of  12ND  M.emo.  ing  taxes,  transportation  and
        monly known as sea-sickness. The  No.  312-45.            handling,  are :
        Admiral  smiled  with  understand-                          Ford De Luxe Eight- 3 passen-
        ing,  but  when  the  boys  hanging                       ger coups $834; Tudor sedan $882,
        over  the  rail  fell  simultaneously   SEA  SANTAS       Fordor sedan'$9Sl. De Luxe
        into  the  Bay,  that was  the  end!   (SEA) .-The  New  York  and  Eight- 3  passenger  coups  $891,
                                     San Francisco FPOs have cleared  Tudor  Sedan· $9.40,  Fordor  sedan
         Function  of  Unit
                                     9,527,000  Christmas packages for  $989,  sedan  coupe  $977.
          When a  ship .enters the Bay the
                                     shipment  overseas,  the  Navy  re-  Studebaker- 4  door  cruising  ORSON  WELLES,  ACTOR,  MAGICIAN  AND  RADIO  COMMEN-
        operations  division  is  informed.
                                     vealed.  This  compares  with  22,- sedan  $967,  2  door  club  sedan  TATOR,  pictured  above  during  a  coast-to-coast  ABC  program  as  he
        The division then assigns as many   966,000  Yule  packages  shipped  $918  5  passenger  coupe  $916  31  dedicated  T.  l.'s  three  theatres  to  Naval  heroes:  J-ohn  Basilone,
        small craft and personnel to serv- during the  same period last year.   '   b  .   , $ 875  '   "Butch"  O'Hare and  Dorie  Miller.  Also  participating  in· the  broadcast   '-.J
                                                                  passenger  usmess coupe   ·   from  Theatre  No.  3  were  Commodore  R.  W.  Cary  and  kin •of  heroes.
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