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PAGE 6  ·        THE MASTHEAD, SATURDAY, DE_C.  15,  1945
                                                                                                                           Gunners Bounce OTS
        California  Bear  Quintet  Edges  Treasure  Island  Pir,t,es                                                       From Island Tourney;

                                                                  Robbins 'Paces  T .I.,·     rebounded  from  the  boards.   RMS Hoopsters Forfeit
                                                                                                Andy Wolfe,  California's sharp-  Armed  Guard  cleared  its  path
                                                                 w.hitmer Frets Over Loss  shooting forwa rd  who was recent- of  another  Intra-Mural  obstruc-
                                                                                              iy  discharged,  paced the Bear at-
                                                                                                                           tion  Tuesday when  it  nicked  the
                                                                   California's  Golden  Bears came  tack with  25  points.  Treasure  Is- OTS  school  boys,  34-32.
                                                                 out of hibernation Saturday night,  land's  beanstalk  center,  Robbins,
                                                                 just  long  enough  to  jerk  a  we!- was good for 15 digits while "Rab-  The  Gunners  might  have  com-
                                                                 come  mat  from  under  Treasure  bit".  Al  Cummins  pushed  12   piled  the  highest  score  but  OTS
                                                                 Island's basketball  "tootsies"  and  through the hoop.   produced the evening's top scorer,
                                                                 bury them beneath a  ciust 'of bas-  Cal surged to  an  early 4-0  lead   Jim  Ryan.  Ryan  hit  the  bucket
                                                                                                                           for  16  points.
                                                                 kets,  57-46.                w~h i c h  immediately  closed  on
                                                                   The  College  A venue  hoopsters,  Cummins' two quick baskets. Bob   Armed Guard had won  its  way
                                                                 beaten  in  their  last  start  by  the  Williams,  Pirate  guard,  sunk  one  into  the  semi-final  round  when
                                                                 Naval  Air  Station,  Alameda,  re- from  25  feet  out  and  then  Rob- RMS  failed to  appear.
                                                                 turned  to  their  home  floor  and  bins  breezed  under  tht>  bucket to
                                                                 gained  a  somewhat  meager  .con- make  it  8-4  for  Treasure  Island.
                                                                 solation  by  triumphing  over  an-  Three  quick  baskets  by  Wolfe
                                                                 other Navy team.             nullified  _T.  I.'s  early  lead  and   Armed  'Guard  Thumps
                                                                   White  hats,  sprinkled  among  from  this  point  the  Bears  were
                                                                 a  half filled stadium of tweed out- never headed.        Mare  Island - Face
                                                                 fits  and  loud  skirts,  were  disap-  By  half  time  Cal  was  out  in   T .I.  Thurs.  Night
                                                                 pointing  in  numbers  but  spirited  front  by  a  37-26  margin,  18  of
                                                                 when  it  came  to  rooting.  The  which  came  off  the  fingers  of   Armed  G u a  r d  won  its  third
                                                                 bluejacket  loss  never  dampened  Andy Wolfe. The points were still   straight  league  basketball  game
                                                                 their  hopes.                evenly  distributed  after  10  min-
                                                                                                                           Thursday  night  when  they  over-
                                                                   T.I.'s  difficulty  lay  in  its  small  utes  of  the  third  p er i o d  had
                                                                 quintet.  California  gained  com- elapsed.
                                                                 plete  mastery  over  both  back-  Cummins  and  Robbins  whittled
                                                                 boards as a  result of its towering  at  the  Bear  lead  with  successive
                                                                 center,  Smith,  who  reached  6' 7"  baskets  but  Hoge bloom,  Smith
                                                                 into  the  clouds.  The  Pirates  were  and  Wray  went  one  better  for
                                                                 good for  about one  shot and then  California.  The  Bears  decided  to
                                                                 either  Smith  or  Wolfe,  both  of  freeze the ball and eliminated any
                                                                 Cal,  would  snatch  the  ball  as  it  further scoring hope of T.I.
                                                                  Dan Jenkins Becomes 17 5 Lb. Golden Gloves
        Lyle  Dodd  ( 11),  T .  I.  guard,  goes  high  to  get  ball  from  Cal's  Wray.
                           The  Bears  won,  57-46.
                                                                  King; T.1.'s Copeland Turner Can't Make Win
        Swim Team to Prepare  DEADEYE  WAVES                       Ambitious  glove  tossers  from  valho with an educated left hand,
                                                                 just about every local base,  camp  but  failed  to  impress  the  judges
        For  12ND  Tourney,          IN  SLASHING  WIN           and town,  lived  up  to all  advance  enough  to  get  the  verdict. · Car-
                                                                 predictions  by  producing  anotlter  valho  fought  in  and  oc-
        Try  for  Second  Win        OVER M. I. HOSPITAL         successful  Golden  Glove  boxing  casionally caught the crafty Tur-
                                                                 tournament in  the  bay area.   ner with  a  few  hard blows.
          Preparations are under way for   In  a  rip  roaring  spectacle  of                   Armed  Guard  was  well  repre-
                                                                   Treasure  Island  furnished  its
        th~  12th  Naval  District  Swim  ball  play  the  T.  I.  Waves  thor-  share  of  champions  and  runners-  sented  in  the  city-wide  shindig
        Trophy  to  be  held  at  San  Bruno  oughly  trounced  the  Mare  Island   up  in placing one  man on the  top   and  put at least  10  men  past the
        in  the  early  part  of  January.   Hospital in a  gruelling basketball              quarter-finals.
          Sparking the T.I.  team are Bill  game  Wednesdp.y,  46  to  29.  This   bracket  and  two  others  in  the   Archie  Rasley, an early Armed
        Keaney  and  Clark  Johnson,  50.  was  T.  I.'s  second  league  game,   finals  circle.
        and 100 meter crawl;  Chuck Con- the first of which they lost to the   Muscular,   hard-hitting   Dan  Gua_rd  casualty,  was  decisioned
        iglio,  200  and  400  meter  crawl;  Sutter  St.  sextet  35-12.   Jenkins  waltzed  off  with  the  175  by  Dick  Young  in  the  opening
                                                                                              round.  Robert  Pease failed  to  see
        and Oliver Kugin, 50 meter breast   A terrific rivalry exists between   lb.  novice  crown  by  decisioning   a  second  round of action.   Art  Burris  (10)  Goes  High
       .stroke.                      the  T.  I.  floor  maids  and  the   his  Armed  Guard  mate,  Glen   Johnny  McBeth  and  "Dutch"
                                                                 Peck. Peck made a  rousing battle                         whelmed  the  Mare  Island  Navy,
          Several  familiar  names  will  be  Sutter  St.  backboard  squad.  Al-             Elite  both  scored  early  victories,
                                                                 of  it  for  two  rounds  but  faded                      54-43.
        missing from this year's roster of  though they are not scheduled for                 McBeth  taking  the  measure  of
        swimmers, among them Coach Al  another  league  game,  arrange- badly  in  the  third  stanza.  Peck   Louis  Gonzales  and  Elite  upset-  Playing  at  the  T.  I.  Gym,  the
        Rebstock,  speedy  breast  stroke  ments  are  being  made  to  enable  left the ring with cuts above both         Gunners dominated play from the
                                                                                              ting  Joe  Burks  via  the  T.K.O.
        swimmer,  and  Frank  McQuigan,  the  T.  I.  girls  to  have  their  re~  eyes.                                   opening whistle. At one time Mare
        national  champion  springboard  venge.                    Copeland Turner, fighting under   Don  Scriminger,  rugged  mid-  Island  was  one  point  from  tak-
        diver.  McQuigan  may  be  dis-  Preceding  their  first  league  the  colors  of  Treasure  Island,  dleweight,  fared  well  in  the  first   ing the  lead.
        charged  prior  to  the  swim  meet.  game,  the  Island  ladies  tangled  took  ev.ery  round  from  his  op- two  rounds  of  the  tourney  but   Art Burris, lanky Armed Guarcl
          Treas.ure  Island  is  J,n  need  of  with  the  Fort  Mason  Wacs  in  a  ponent  but  failed  to  get  the  ref- was  unable  to  continue  in  the  center, was good for 14 points and
                                                                                                           because  of  two  is  expected  to  be  the  big  gun  in
        swimmers in the following classes:  knock  down,  drag  out  affair  in  eree  and  judge's  decision.  Turner  semi  - .finals
       · 50  meter  breast  stroke  and  back   which  the  bluejac~ets  came  out   continually  peppered  Harry  Car- smashed  ribs.  He  was  unbeaten.  Thursday  night's  local  "natural"
        stroke;  50,  100,  200,  and  400  triumphant  with  a  score  of  8
                                                                                                                           against T.I.
        meter  crawls;  relay,  and  one  to  to the GI's  5.  Since that time  the
        three  meter  board  divers.  Last   girls  have  found  their  eye  and   Jen/tins Captures fiolden  filove Crown
        year,  the  Islanders  went  to  a  have  become  quite  proficient  in
                                                                                                                           T ., I. 'B's' Snap Losing
        smashing  victory  over  16  rival  sinking  the  casaba  in  the  old
        stations  in  the  12th  ND  Swim- hoopla.
        ming  Championships,  totaling  47   In  their  practice  second  game                                             Streak with Bruno Win
        points  to  their nearest  rival's  26.  with  Camp  Parks  the  dribbling
          With  the  addition  of  several  damsels were once more victorious                                                T.  I.  unheralded  "B"  team
        fast  breast-strokers  Chuck  Con- in  a  neck  and  neck  race  until                                             copped  its  first  basketball  win
        iglio  has  good  hopes  for  a  sec- the  final  whistle.  The  final  score                                      of  the season  Tuesday when  they
        ond  District  championship.   I was  T.  I.  32,  Camp  Parks  29.                                                ::::nowed  an  outclassed  San  Bruno
                                                                                                                           five  under,  59-16.
                   ·         -        In  the  12th  Naval  District
                                                                                                                             Strange as  it  may  seem  a  pair
        P ·,rates Tr·1p San Bru'no  league  competition  the  Island                                                       of  sharp-shooting guards waltzed
                                     Waves  have  a  record  of  one  win
                                                                                                                           off  with  the  scoring honors.  Rob-
        Hoopsters 66-33,· Play  and  one  loss.  Sharpshooter of the
                                     team in the Mare Island game was                                                      itaille  and  Cross,  men  in  ques-
        Fleet City Tuesday           Gloria  Dethman  who  rang  up  18                                                    tion,  were  responsible  for  23  of
                                     points.  The  usual  starting  lineup                                                 the  Pirate  points.
          Despite  a  slight  delay  in  game
                                     is  Dethman,  Hall  and  McBride,  a
        time Treasure Island wasted little
                                     winning combination at forwards,
        playing  effort  in  running  rough-
                                     and Henry, Scrable and Douseman
        shod  over  San  Bruno  Tuesday                                                                                    Richter  Paces  Hospital
                                     at the  guard  positions.
        night,  66-33  at  T.  I.
                                      The  next  league  game  takes
        ·  The Buccaneers used the entire                                                                                  Win  Over  Fleet  City;
        bench  in  running  up  a  score  that   place  December  19  at  the  Mare
        doubled  that  of  their  opponents.   Island-Navy  Yard.                                                          League  Tilt
         Frank  Montgomery  and  · Al                                                                                                                   \..._,
        Cummins,  a  couple  of  pony-sized   Girl:  "Does  your  boy  frienc'                                               T. L's  Hospital  five  scored  a
        forwards,  paced  the  T.  I..  league   have  ambitions?"                                                         surprising hoop victory over Shoe-
        triumph  with  14  and  12  point   Gal:  "Yes,  ever since  he's  bee:1                                           maker's  quinine  quintet  Wednes-
        contributions.   Frericks,   S an   knee-high."          I                                                         day when they over-ran the· Fleet
        Bruno  rambler,  rang  the  bell  13   *  *  *                                                                     City defern~es  55-34.
        times.                        Clothes  make  the man-with a   TWO-FISTED  DAN  JENKINS,  Armed  Guard  clouter,  annexed  the   Richter,  center  for  the  Doc's,
                                                                  175  pound  title  by  decisioning  teammate  Glen  Peck.  Jenkins  (left)
          Fleet  City  invades  Treasure  woman they reveal just how she'-                                                 led  the  scoring  parade  with  25
                                                                  reaches  out  with  a  long  left while  Peck  paries the  bl,ow  and  counters
        Island  Tuesday  night.      made.                       with  a  left hook that shook  Mr.  Jenkins considerably.   tallies.
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