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                                                                                U.S. Naval Training and Distribution Center
          TN/I  WEEK'S
          NAVY                                         T                            ASTHEAD

  '---"   SSSSS%SSS\%%%%S%%%\Si'
        The  Army-Navy  merger  ques-
      tion  moved  into  its  seventh  Con-
      gressional  week  of  debate.  The   VOL.  IV -  No.  45        TREASURE  ISLAND,  SAN  FRANCISCO,  CALIF.             SATURDAY,  DEC.  15,  1945
      Navy  came  up with its own  mer-
      ge,r  program.  Principal  features
      were  a  National  Security  Council   TREE  PlllNTINfi II T TREIISIJRE  ISlllND NAVY PLAYS SANTA ROLE TO  MANY
      headed  by  the  President  and  in-
  '-../   cluding  the  Secretaries  of  State,
      :War,  Navy  and  Air,  a  committee                                                  SAILORS AS  DISCHARGES ARE  SPEEDED
      made  up  of  the  joint  Chiefs  of
      Staff,  a  National  Security  Re-                                                                                   Yuletide,  since  antiquity,  has
      sources  Board  composed  of  ci-                                                                                  been the season of miracles;  1945
      vilian  advisers  and  a  central  in-                                                Chivalry Begins At 5!        A. D.  is  no  exception.  The  Navy
      telligence  agency  and  research                                                                                  Department  turned  Santa  Claus
      agency  to  assist  the  Security                                                     Uncomfortable Child          this  week  with  the  intention  of
      Council.                                                                              Ref uses Soft Peacoat        having  thousands  of  bluejackets
                *  *  *                                                                                                  home  for  Christmas,  as  civilians.
        The office  of the Chief of  Naval                                                    From  Oakland  to  San  Fran-  Effective  last  Monday,  the  De-
      Operations  went  in  for  reorgani-                                                  cisco  by  the  Key  System  train   partment  announced,  men  and
      zation  this  week.  In  addition  to                                                 isn't  too  great  a  distance,  but  to   women on duty within the United
      the  CNO,  himself,  there will  be  a                                                the   ti r .e d,   unshaven   sailor   States' continental limits who will
      Vice  Chief  of  Naval  Operations                                                    sprawled  out  on  the  leather  seat   become  eligible  for  separation  on
      and   six   subordinate   Deputy                                                      it must have  seemed  a  long  way.   or before December 31 may be re-
      Chiefs. Three of the key spots will                                                                                leased  immediately.
  \.J                                                                                         Under  his  head  he  had  placed
      be  turned  over  to  long-impatient                                                  his  peacoat  to  use  as  a  cushion   Naval personnel serving aboard
      naval  aviators.  In  addition,  when                                                 against  the  car's  rough  jolts.   ships  now  in  U.  S.  ports  are  in-
      the  key  man  is  sea-going,  the                                                      As  the  train  neared  the  half-  cluded.
      next  in  line  will  be  from  the  air                                              way  point  across  the  bridge,  the   Most   Christmas   gifts   are
      corps and similarly the assistants                                                    sailor's  eyes  fell  upon  a  little   wrapped  with  string.  Not  to  be
      to  top-flight  aviators will be  non-                                                blonde-haired  girl  directly  across   outdone,  the  Navy's   surprise
      flying Navy braid.  The  Navy was                                                     the  aisle.  The  five-year  old  was   present has a  string attached, too.
      determined  to  demonstrate  that                                                     trying  her  best  to  get  comfort-  The  announcement  has  the  pro-
      air and sea power could work to-                                                      a ble, but the leather seat was too   vision  that  eligibles  will  be  dis-
      gether  in  contradiction  to  the                                                    hard,  and  she  changed  positions   charged only if their services can
      Army plan which  calls for a  sep-                                                    every few minutes.           be  spared and that their process-
      arate,  independent  air  arm.                                                          The sailor removed  the peacoat   ing  would  not  interfere  with
                                                                                            from  beneath  his  head,  and  of-  prompt  separation  of  personnel
                *  *  *                                                                     fered  it  to  the  little  miss.  She   previously  eligible  for  release,
        The  Navy Department answered                                                       shyly  lowered  her  eyes,  then   particularly  personnel  returning
                                                                                                                         from  overseas.
      anxious  families  with  figures  a                                                   raised  them  slowly.  She  looked
  '----  few days ago. As proof that over-                                                  at  his unshaven face and the deep
      seas  veterans  would  be  home                                                       lines under his eyes and she shook  Dope  on  Christmas
                                   SUSPENDED  FORTY  FEET  IN  THE  AIR,  a  truckman  prepares  her  head.
      soon, the Navy said that from Au-
                                   to  loose  the  binding  on  this  mammoth  Christmas  tree.  Carried  70   "No,  thank  you,  sir,"  she  said,  leave  Transportation
      gust  15  to  November  26  new   miles  to  T.  I.,  the  tree  is  shown  being  "planted"  in  front  of  the  Ad-  "I  t'ink  you  need  it  more'n  me!"
      Navy recruits had totalled 67,404.  ministration  building.  As  visitors to the  Island  enter the  vehicle  gate   All  hands  going  on  Christmas
                                   they will  be  greeted  by  this elaborately decorated tree, decked  in  the          leave  must  make  a  statement  to
      After  ten  weeks  recruit  training,
                                   true  holiday  attire of  lights,  tinsel  and  snow.   (Story on  Page  4)           their  commanding  officers  as  to
      80  per  cent  would  be  off  to  join                                                                            what  transportation  they  have,
  '-'  the  Fleet  and  send  home  those                                                   Nots Moves  To               before  they  receive  their  leave
      entitled  to  stateside  duty  or  dis-  INTAKE  CENTER  FOCUS  POINT  FOR            Moffett  Field;              papers.
      charge.                                                                                                              Plane  and  rail  facilities  to
                *  *  *            THOUSANDS  OF  RETURNING  VETS                           More Changes  Due            eastern  points  are  being  taxed
        Captain  Charles  B.  McVay,  111 ,                                                   Moffett  Field  will  be  the  even-  drastically  by  drafts  of  veterans
      USN,  stepped  up  to  hear  the   (Picture  on  page  5)   Third Fleet pulled  into  San Fran-  tual  West  Coast  base  for  all   returning from overseas. In many
                                                                cisco,  the  Center's  baggage  room                     ca~es  bus transportation will also
      charges  against  him  for  his  part   Focus  point  for  the  thousands  handled  16,900  pieces  of  luggage.  planes of the Naval Air Transport  be  unobtainable.
      in the disaster of the Indianapolis.  of  bluejackets  returning  from.                Service  (NATS) .  The  big  job  of   Because  of  this  shortage  per-
                                                                  Arriving  aboard,  a  draft  is
      The  first  charge  was  for  negli- overseas duty for discharge is the                reconversion  to  peacetime  needs  sonnel who are driving during the
                                                                orientated  by  a  "straight  dope"
      gence  in  not  ordering  a - zigzag  Intake  Center  of  the  Receiving               found  the  Navy  making  the  fol- holiday  season  are  requested  to
                                                                talk.  A  personal  interview  in-
      course  for  the  heavy  cruiser  as  Ship,  Treasure  Island.   forms  each  individual  to  which   lowing  announcements  about  the  contact, in person, Tadcen's Leave
      she  passed  through waters which   Largest  in  the  country,  the  separation  center  he  is  going.   future  of  its  air  stations  and  Yeoman  in  the  Administration
      were  still  jnfested  with  enemy  Center has received  179,074  Navy                 auxiliary  bases  in  this  district.   Bldg. At that time a  form may be
                                                                Matter  of  Waiting
      subs. The  second  charged  McVay  separatees  since  September  15,                    The  naval  air  stations  at  Ala- filled   out  stating  destination,
                                   1945,  a!ld  to  the  eighteen  sepa-  After  that,  for  the  man  him- meda,  Moffett  Field  and  Crows  points  along  the  route,  seat  va-
      with  "culpable  inefficiency  in  the
                                   ration  ctmters  throughout  the   self,  it's  just  a  matter  of  wait- Landing  will  become  permanent  cancies  and  information  concern-
      performance  of  duty."  To  be
                                   country  _ has  transferred  some   ing.  But  to  the  ship's  company  installations. Alameda and Crows  ing  sharing  of  expenses.
      proved was whether the Captain's
                                   171,809  men.                falls-the  job  of  seeing that thou- Landing will be  retained as train-  By  volunteering  such  informa-
      failure  to  order  an  "abandon                          sands  of  personnel  ar,e  fed,  quar- ing  fields  for  fleet  air  units.  The  tion,  drivers  may  make  it  possi-
                                     Regardless  of  a  West  Coast
      ship"  was  the  cause  for  the  ma-                     tered  and  given  liberty.   Moffett  Field  base  will  house  a  ble for someone to  obtain a  leave.
                                   transportation  tie-up  and regard-
      jority  of  casualties.      less of 4,000 future civilians pour-  For  example,  twelve  yeomen   lighter-than-air squadron in addi-  Persons  lacking  transportation
                                   ing  in  daily  from  far-flung  Pa- do  nothing  but  type  out  clothing   tion  to  NA TS.   may  contact the leave yeoman of
                *  *  *            cific outposts, the Center shuttles  chits.  An  estimated 35  percent of   Auxiliary  stations  at  Fallon,  their  respective  commands  for
        Congress  has  been  considering  out  approximately  3,500  men  the  men  require  clothing.   Nevada  and  Santa  Rosa,  Cali- possible  vacancies  in  cars  with
      some  18  bills  which  would  pro- every  day.  Latest  count  reveals   The  Intake  Center  has  the  or-  fornia, will  be  reduced to a  main- similar destinations.
      vide  terminal  leave  for  enlisted  7,265  men  are  standing  by  for  ganization to receive  a  man,  pro-  tenance  status  but  adequately
                                                                                             supplied  so  that they  can  be  put
      personnel.  Vice  Admiral  Denfield  transportation.      cess  him  and  have  him  on  his   into  immediate  operation  should  ADV AN CEMENT
      told  Congressional  committees   Lt.  Comdr.  R.  Craig,  officer  in  way  to  a  separation  center  in  a   they  be  needed.
      that the  cost of  90  days  terminal  charge,  and  a  ship's  company  of  minimum of 48 hours. But at pres-  The  Oakland  station will  cease  EXAMS  TUESDAY
      leave for the Navy's enlisted  per-  300  enlisted  men  and  seven  offi-  ent the  extenuating circumstance   operations  about  July  1,  when   Training  Center  pers.onnel  will
      sonnel  would  cost  at  the  least,   cers guide the routine of receiving  is  that  bugaboo,  transportation.   Moffett  Field  will  be  completed.  be  examined  for  advancement  in
                                   arrivals,  maintaining  them  and
      $1,400,000,000.                                           Even at that, the average waiting  It will  be  returned to  the  City  of  rating  at  1300,  Tuesday,  Decem-
                                   shipping them out.                                        Oakland.  Likewise  auxiliary  sta- ber  18,  1945.  Examinations  will
                *  *  *            Two-Fold  Probl-em           period  is  four  days.      tions at Vernalis  and Arcata will  be held  in the _CPO  Mess  at Fed-
        The  Hedgehog  and  the  Mouse-  A  two-fold  simultaneous  prob-  The Center operates. a  "square-  eventually revert  to their original  eral  Galley.
      trap is  not the name  of a  tavern.  lem  faces  Lt.  Comdr.  Craig.  In   deal"  system  of  assigning  men   owners,  Humboldt  County.  Aux-  _ Division officers were requested
                                                                to  draft lists.  Drafts are selected
      The  Hedgehog  is  a  Navy  depth  addition to the complications aris-                 iliary  bases  at Watsonville,  M:on- to  submit  recommendations  for
      bomb  launcher which  utilizes  the  ing  from  incpming  drafts  with  a   from  the  top  of  muster  sheets.   terey, Hollister and King City are  eligible  personnel  not  later  than
      impulse charge to hurl the bomb.   consequent  sorting  of  their  rec-  Newcomers are pla.t~ed on the bot-  now on a  caretaker basis and will  the  close  of  the  business  day,
                                   ords, processing and interviewing,   tom.  In that way, first come, first   be disposed of as surplus.   Monday,  December  10,  1945.  Let-
   J   The  Mousetrap  is  five  times
                                   there  is  the  added  consideration  served.               New runways and taxiways are  ters received  later than that date
      lighter  than  the  Hedgehog  and
                                   of handling outgoing drafts.   This  attitud1~  of  fairness  to  all  necessary  to  make  Moffett  Field  have  been  filed  for  the  following
      fires  its  depth  bomb  by  rocket
                                     The  p.ydra-headed  task  of  the  hands extend:,, even for plane seats  usable by the big transports which  month  without  acknowledgment.
      charge.  Both  devices  have  been
                                   Intake  Center  has  been  oiled  by  to Boston an'Cl New York. Seventy- belong  to  NATS.  The  completion  Recommendations  should  not  be
      strictly  the  confidential  property   weeks  of  hectic  experience.  Re- two seats are available every day.  of  this  construction  is  planned  made for  personnel who  have  not
      of  the  Navy  until  news- of  them  cently,  in  one  day  alone,  incorn- Occupants a_re chosen by the same  for  the  summer  of  1946  and  filled  requirements  as  to  service
      was  rec·ently  released  to  the  ing  and  outgoing  drafts  totalled  methor:t,  off  tlie  top  of the  muster  should see the new operating plan  in  rate,  sea  duty,  marks,  train-
      peacetime  tJ. S.            9,147  men,  In  October,  when  the  she'et..   -u:J'::-.   in  full  swing.          ing courses or service schools.
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