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PAGE  6         THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  DEC.  8,  1945
                                     T. I. Baslteteers  Hot                11 • • • Ready 10· Scalp Bears Ton/9!,t/

         For  some  obscure  reason,
        bama,  the  South's•  representative
        to the Rose  Bowl,  isn't getting all
        the  play  and  fanfare  that  is  due
        her.  It  still  is  the  consensus  of
        opinion  that  Army  and  not  Ala­
        bama  should be mingling  with  the
        Pasadena  Xmas  shopping  crowd
        over  the holidays.
         It  seems  to  us  greater  concern
        should  be  invested  in  the  Coast's
        choice.  Could  be  that  Alabama,
        with a good record, will find artis­
        tic objection to playing U.S.C. who
        is  grossly  tarnished  already.  In­
        stead  of  finding  fault  with  the  RATING  HIGH  IN  THE  TWELFTH  NAVAL  DISTRICT  BASKET­ starters.  From  left  to  right:  Cummins,  D-odd,  R•obbins,  Williams,
       nomination of Alabama, the Coast   B � LL  TOURNAMENT,  the  Treasure  Island  quint-et  last  Friday  Montg � mery, a � d �aglien. Defeating  the  S.  F.  Marine  Supply Depot
       Conference  should  get  their  own   tr1umped  -over  the  Mare  lsla. nd  Shipbui.lders  in  their  second  appear­  squad  in  their  1n1t1al  c-ontest,  the  Island  boys  bank  their  hopes  for
                                    ance.  Tonight  they  meet  the  Varsity  ·squad  from  the  University  ,of  success  on  the  fast  break  strategy  empl-oyed  by  Coach  Whitmer.  At
       house in order and offer a respec­ California  at  Berkeley,  in  what  appears  to  be  a  thrilling  floor spec­  right,  high  point  man  for  both  games,  Al  Cummins.  Smallest  man
       table  representative.       tacle.  Pictured  at  left  is  Duane  Baglien,  a  larg,e  contribut-or  t,o  the  on  the  squad,  Cummins  is  always  -one  -of  the  most  colorful  figures
         West  Point  was  the  first  and   victory  over  the  Shipbuilders.  Dribbling  down  court  are  the  T.  I.  on  the  floor,  and  should  prove  quite  a  detriment  to  the  Bear's  team.
       only  choice  of  the  Rose  Bowl
       Committee  until  as  late  as   Marines Repulsed By  FEM  LEAGUE                      ISLAND  CAGERS  SINK  SHIPBUILDERS;
       Thanksgiving day, but Army itself
       ended three weeks of  negotiations   Treasure Island­     NEAR  FINISH                 RATE  HIGH  IN  12th  NA VAL  TOURNEY
       by  announcing  it  would  rather
       wait  till  after  the  Navy  game  Pirates Cop 64-27       Big- news  in  the  Waves' ·T.  I.   The  dynamic  fast  break  strat­ 13  points  to  his  credit.  His  occa­
       before  giving  its  answer.                              Bowling  League  last  week  was  egy  employed by  the  T.  I. quintet  sional  long  shot  buckets  added
         If  Army  decided  against  com­  Treasure  Island  captured  its  made  when  Armed  Guard  No.  2  was too much  for their opponents  many  thrills  to  the  contest,  and
       ing  and  Alabama  accepted  the   initial  league  basketball  game  moved  into  second  spot,  pushing  to cope with. In their second start  his  cool,  consistent  play  held  the
       Sugar  Bowl bid which was  in the   Thursday  night  when  they  com­ their first team  into the third  po­ of the season  the Island  boys last  T. I. squad  in  perfect  coordiaa­
       offing,  then  the  Rose  Bowl  Com­  pletely  overwhelmed  the  San  sition.  Though  Armed  Guard  No.  week won a 42-31 victory over.the  tion.
       mittee  would  be  left  without  a   Francisco  Marines,  64-27  at  Ke­ 1 still garners high weekly scores,  Mare  Island  Shipbuilders.   Also  turning  in  commendable
      :  good  eastern  representative.   zar  Pavilion.         other  results  in- the  league  have   The   enthusiastic   crowd  at  performances  were  Bob  Robbins
                                                                 been  consistently  unfavorable  to  Vallejo  witnessed  an  opening  ex­ playing  the  pivot  position,  who
         Well,  it  didn't  wait  and  it  got   Sharp-shooting  Al  Cummins,   the  Barracks  D ·ladies.   hibition  game  featuring  the  "B"  rang  up 12  points,  coming  second
       Alabama. The  worst  you  can  say   property  of  Pre-Com,  edged  the                team  of  T.  I.  finding  an  easy  win  to  Cummins  in  the  scoring  col­
       about  the  Crimson  Tide  is  that   field  in  scoring  with  a  16  point   OTS  still  rides  high  in  the   over  the  Shipbuilders'  second  umn,  and  Duane  Baglien.  Bag­
       it  has  been  in  Pasadena  before.  digit  spree.  The  scrappy  forward   saddle, basking in the glory of top   team  with  a- score  of  48  to  13.  lien's  steady  play  was  a  contrib­
       It is generally conceded that Ala­ was  pressed  by  Lyle  Dodd  and   spot  in  the tourney  as the league   The  outclassed  M.I.  five  fell  easy  uting factor to the victory and he
       bama  has  the  finest  record  this  Robbins,  also  of  T. I.,  who  looped   enters  its  final  week  of  play.   prey  to  high  pointer  Stozich  who  ran  a  close  third  in  scoring  with
       season of any  college team  in the  in  six  buckets  apiece.   Laura  Ferris  of  OTS  came  away   garnered 12 points.  Other colorful  five field goals to his credit.
       nation.                        The Pirates held a commanding   with  top  honors  last  week,  top­  figures  in  the  court  play  were   In  view  of  their  victories  and
                                                                 pling  the  pins  to the  tune  of  191
         The· 90,000  that  visit  Pasadena   31-18  advantage  at  the  half  and and  giving  OTS  the  week's  high   Captain Robitaille and Cross, both  efficient  ball  handling,  the  T.  I.
       on  January  1  will  get  a  glimpse   lengthened  it  as  the  game  pro­ score  of  1988.   playing  equally  well  on  defense  squad  should  prove  to  be  one  of
       of  one  of  the  most  spectacular   gressed.                                         as  on  the  ball  handling  end.   the  major  contenders for the title
       passers  of  this  or any other foot­                       It's  a  fluid  organization,  this   Headliner  of  the  evening  was  in  the  Twelfth  Naval  District
       ball  year-18-year-old  Harry  Gil­                       female  bowling  league.  MAA   the  casaba  contest  between  the  Basketball  tournament,  though
       mer  of  Alabama.               WEEKLY  BASKETBALL        moved up two notches on the lad­  varsity  squads  of  T.  I. and  the  there  still  remains  a  long  string
                                                                 der last week when they took over
       Grid  Menu                            SCHEDULE            fifth spot,  shoving  Personnel  way   Shipbuilders. Not  finding  as  easy  of games. Tonight the team meets
         A  proposed  Victory  Bond  post­  Dec.  10,  Armed  Guard  v,s.   down  into  the  seventh  position.   a  match  as  they  had  last  week  the  California  Bears'  quintet  in
       season  game  between  West  Point   ·Marine  Supply  Depot  (A)   Commissary,  last  week  making  a   when they defeated the S. F. Ma­ a  practice  game  at Berkeley,  and
       and  Fleet  City  fell  flat  upon  Col.   Dec.  11,  T .. I.  vs.  N.A.S.  Ala­       rine  Supply  Depot  quintet,  64  to  they  will  have  a  chance  to prove
       Lawrence  "Biff"  Jones',  graduate   meda  (A & B)       hard  drive  for  fourth  place,  27,  the T. I. five found themselves  their  mettle  against a  strong  col­
       manager  of  athletics  at  West   Dec.  13,  T.  I.  vs.  Armed   dropped  into  the  number six  spot  on the short end of an 18-17 score  lege  squad.
       Point,  retaliation   that  Army   Guard  (A & B)         while  Disbursing  in  the  lowly  as  the  whistle  blew  ending  the
                                                                                              the  backboard  play,  the  M.  I. Armed Guard Scores
       would play no  post-season  games.   Dec.  18,  T.  I.  vs.  Fleet  City   eighth  position  rose  to  fourth.   first  half.  Completely  dominating
         The  Military  Academy  is  defi­  (A)                    Entering  the  final  week  of  the   boys  held  the fast breaking Island
       nitely  against any game at all for                       keg - toppling  tournament,  OTS   men  down  to  a  slow  moving  League Win Over
       the  Cadets  whose  problems  are   "B"  games  start  at  1900,   seems  quite  secure  in  their  top   game.
                                      "A"  games  at  2015  at  Gym
       · complicated  by  an  examination·  No.  2               position,  but  judging  by  previous   Together  with  a  tight  defense  St. Mary's 40-36
       schedule  which  extends  to  De­                         results,  anything  can  happen!   and  dead-eye  shooting,  the  Ship­
                                                                                                                            St.  Mary's  Pre-Flight  dropped
       cember 21.                                                                             builders  were  by  far  the  better   its first game in six starts  Thurs­
        Bowl  Line-Up               Mermen of RMS • • •   Victorious I                        team during the first half,  and  at   day  when  a  stubborn  Armed
                                                                                              one  time  held  an  eight  point  lead
         It's Alabama and Southern Cali�                                                                                   Guard  basketball  squad  that
       fornia  in  the  Rose  Bowl;  Okla­                                                    over  the  T.  I. lads.  Bud  Smith  of   wasn't  to  be  denied,  opened  up
       homa  A.  &  M.  tangles  with  St.                                                    the  M. I.  team  and  formerly  of   all  its  human  mortars  in  scoring
                                                                                              St.  Mary's  College,  was  a  stellar
       Mary's  at  New·  Orleans.  The                                                        figure  at  the  guard  spot,  while   a  40-36  league  victory.
        Orange  Bowl  will  pit  Miami  U.                                                                                  T. I. sailors  got  their first peek
       against  Holy  Gross;  the  New                                                        Fred Parsons, striving desperately_   at  the  Gunners  in  action  and
                                                                                              for  high  point  honors,  garnered
       Mexico Lo • bos scrap Denver at the                                                    nine  points  during  the  initial  pe­  the ovation Armed Guard received
       El  Paso  Sun  Bowl;  Missouri  and                                                    riod.                        when  they  left  the  Gym  No.  2
        Texas  in  the  Cotton  Bowl,  and                                                                                floor  was  more than a reward for
       Tulsa  will  meet  Georgia  for  the                                                     Half  time  get-together  must   their  efforts.
        Oil Bo,wl struggle.                                                                   have  ironed  out  the  difficulties,   Giant  Art  Burris  and  "plucky"
                                                                                              for  the  second  half  found  a  new
       Navy  Hash                                                                             T. I.  team  completely  outplaying  Bobby Anet shared a 24 point do­
         RMS is making  a  habit of  win­                                                     the  Shipbuilders.  Launching  suc­  nation  that  was  of  no  benefit  to
       ning  Intramural  sport  events.                                                       cessfully  their  fast  break  plays,  St. Mary's.  Cox  rang  the  Armed
       The  school  boys  just  tucked  an­                                                   the  T. I. basketeers literally  wore  Guard  bucket  for  10  points.
       other  title  under  their  swimming                                                   their  opponents  into·  submission.  Burris  was  particularly  effec­
       belts  by  defeating  Armed  Guard,                                                    The pace they set was simply too   tive with  his  hook shot under the
       Pre-Com  arid  OTS  for  the  T.  I.                                                   strenuous for the Vallejo boys and   basket. Anet scored all his points
       swimming crown ... Floyd "K.O."                                                        midway into the second period the   on  arched,  mid-court  shots.
       Hagen,  pint-sized  Armed  Guard                                                       sailor  boys  surged  ahead  and   DeJulio and Mathewson were a
       boxer,  boarded  a train headed for                                                    maintained  their  lead  until  the  constant  bother  to  the  Cadets
       St. Paul  this  week,  another  one                                                    final  whistle  was sounded.  with  their  outstanding  defensive
       of the  athletic  specialists  to leave                                                  Diminutive Al Cummins,  small­  Armed  Guard  will  play  host  to
       the  Navy  on  points. A  month's                                                      est  man  on  the  floor,  overcame   the  San  Francisco  Marines  Mon­
                                                                                              his  height  deficiency  and  was  a
       rest and. he'll  be ready to  don  the                                                 bulwark  of  defense  beneath  the   day night.
       gloves  .  .  .  Kenny  Clark,  last   OVERWHELMING  RIVAL  contenders  in  the  rec-ent  Commodore's  basket.  High  point  man  of  last
       year's  basketball  star,  has  re­  Tr,ophy  swimming  meet,  the  RMS  aquatics  chalk,ed  up  their  second  weeks'  Marine  game,  Cummins,   The  boys  from  the  South  Pa�
       turned  to  his  restaurant business  win.  Fiye  out  .of  eight  possible  firsts  in  add_ition  to  the  placing  of  at  found  his  eye  in  the  second  ses­ cific  have  a  new  definition.  Dust
       in  Oakland.  Kenny  was  relieved   least  two  men  in  ,each  event  gave  them  the  victory.  Double  winner   sion and once more he came away  is  mud  with  the  juice  squeezed
                                    was  Captain  Johnson  Clark  (first  man,  top  row)  taking  the  50  and
       of his military duties also.   100  meter  free-style  races.                          with  the  high  point  honors  with  out.
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