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THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JULY  14,  1945           PAGE 7
      A-fiO/Nfi JAP  NIJNT/Nfi •••                                Sptce4 oJ .f;Je '  ~
                                                                  With  two  bare  hands,  I'd  like  to  ~

                                                                                                                  ,,,.t"\  ~,'
                                                                  And  gladly,  too,  the  bore                   I': l t. ~~ \
                                                                  Who  reads  this  column,  and  re-              ,,, ..  ""'
                                                                                                                    , .. .-
                                                                      marks,                                       ~  "  '  ,
                                                                  I've read these gags before.                 ""'-~'11  --=
                                                                              □    □
                                                                    A  gorgeous  blonde  crowded  her-          ~       (     C
                                                                  self  into  the  telephone  booth  with
                                                                  the  sailor  and  demurely asked,  "Is                ~ '----
                                                                  this call necessary ... big boy?"             / \l"~
                                                                              □    □
                                                                    Next to a  beautiful wife,  sleep is
                                                                  the  most  wonderful  thing  in  the
                                                                                                                      ()               .        •        i
                                                                              □    □
                                                                    Little  dog,  looking u'p  at a  park-            .h                        ~  ,~
                                                                  ing  meter:  "Hell!  Ya'  gotta  pay
                                                                  now."                                                ··· -             --....~~-  ~
                                                                              □    □              ''W<?l\.J-\e  CL~\\V\S  ~ e  WA.~  JU~T
                                                                    Gert:  "And then  he  and I  talked
                                                                  about  the  weather."            ~OR GOrTeN  t=OQ  E\C:r\11Y-S\:VEN
                                                                    Gert:  "Yea;h,  weather  to  or  D~YS  \N  "THE..  BULL PEN 1 ''
                                                                    Flirt:  "The  weather?"
                                                                  not to."
                                                                              □    □
                                                                    He stole a  kiss:  "Don't you know   New  Regs  Will  Give
                                                                  any  better  than  that!"  she  de-                         Rear  Admiral  Davis
                                                                  manded  indignantly.  And  he  re-  Honorable  Discharges   Assumes  Post  With
                                                                  plied:  "Sure,  but  they  take  more
                                                                  time."                        To  Certain  Veterans         Western  Sea  Frontier
                                                                              □    □
                                                                    Satan  (to  new  arrival  in  Hell):   A  considerable number of former   Rear  Admiral  Glenn  Benson
                                                                  "You  act  like  you  owned  this  enlisted personnel discharged from   Davis,  USN,  relieved Rear Admiral
                                                                  place."                       the  Navy  on  or after December  7,   Burrell  C.  Allen,  USN  (Ret) ,  as
                                                                    Sailor:  "I do. My C.  0. gave it to                       Chief  of  Staff  and  Deputy  Com-
                                                                                                1941,  with  certificates  of  discharge
                                                                  me  before I  left."                                        mandant  of  the  Western  Sea
       LEATHERNECK-DEVIL  DOG  CONFERENCE-Marine  Private  Aub-                                 "under  honorable  conditions"  or
       rey  L.  Martin of  Macon,  Ga.,  and  the  highly-trained  war  dog  assigned   □   □   "under  satisfactory  conditions,"   Frontier on July 6.
      to him, comprise a unique pair in the history of ·the United States Marine   "Say,  Pop,  did you go to Sunday            Rear  Admiral  Davis,  former
      Corps.  Private  Martin  and  the  husky devil  dog  are  members of the first  School  when  you  were  a  boy?"   are,  upon  application,  now  entitled   assistant  Chief  of  the  Bureau  of
       Marine  war  dog  land  mine  detection  team  in  the  history of the  corps.   "Yes,  son,  regularly."   to receive honorable discharge cer-
      The battle-wise  Marine leatherneck and  his canine friend ar.e  now in  the               tificates,  as  a  result  of  change  in   Ordnance,  Navy  Department,  has
      Pacific  theatre  of  warfare  where  they  are  slated  to  see  early  action   "I bet it  won't  do  me  any  good   instructions affecting discharges re-  had  31  months  of  sea  duty  since
      against the enemy Japanese. The graphic picture was taken  by a  Marine  either."                                        May,  1943,  as  commander  of  a
       photographer at Treasure  Island before the pair embarked.             □    □             cently approved by the Secretary of   battleship division.  He reported for
                                                                    Sailor:  "I  don't  believe  in  Dar-  the Navy.           duty  as  General  Inspector  of  the
      'LOST  and  FOUND              J . W.  'Schmueler,  H.  E'.  Powers,  G.  win's theory of evolution."   Certificates will be issued to  en -  Western  Sea  Frontier  in  March
                                     E.  Cole,  Richard  Hodson,  R.  Hut-
                                                                    Wave:  "Neither  do  I.  I  think  listed  personnel discharged for  the
                                     ton, Garrett Kerby, J. D. Schneider,  some woman m·ade the first monkey  following  reasons:  Convenience  of
        Gear  and  articles  bearing  the                                                                                       A  graduate  of  the  Naval  Acad-
      following  names  have  been  turned   W. M.  MacDonald, R. L. Oiffeoding,  out of man."   the  government,  individual's  own   emy,  class  of  1913,  Rear  Admiral
                                     M.  C.  Knudtson,  Flc;  H.  A.  Bene-                      convenience,  dependency  existing
      into  the  lost  and  found  property                                   □    □                                           Davis  holds  the  Navy  Gross,  the
      bureau  located in the  Security Of-  dict,  S2c;  C.  Dayton, B.  L. Hender-  He:  "I'm  a  bank  examiner."   prior  to  enlistment,  dependency   Legion  of  Merit,  the  Gold  Star in
      fice,  Building No.  222, Treasure Is-  son,  AOM3c;  J. J.  McKenna,  M. V.   She:  "Well  I'm  no  bank!"   arising  s-ince  enlistment,  minors   lieu  of  a  second  Legion  of  Merit,
      land. This property will be returned   Olson,  FClc;  J. Bard.                             enlisted  without  consent  who  are   the  Haitian  National  Order  of
      to  the  owners  upon  proper  identi-  The  following  articles  and  gear  wallets,  3  ID  bracelets,.  watch,   under  18  years  of  age  at  time  of   Honor and  Merit, Commander,  the
      fication.                     were reported as lost: Seabag, suit- book  of  traveler's  checks,  train   discharge,  and  under  age  of  au-  Juan  Pablo  Duarte  medal,  the
        F. A. Horn, MM(S)3c; I.E. Rice,  case,  Val-Pac,  parachute  bag,  33  ticket.           thorized  enlistment.  To  comply,   Order  of  Merit  'and  the  Grand
                                                                                                 however,  the  individual  must  not   Cross  of  the  Dominican  Republic.
                                                                                                 have  been  convicted  by  general
                                                                                                                                Rear Admiral Allen, who came to
                                                                                                 court-martial,  and  not  more  than
                                                                                                                               San Francisco as Naval Liaison Of-
                                                                                                 once  by  summary  court-martial   ficer  between  the  Western  Sea
                                                                                                 during  the  • period  of  enlistment
              ACROSS         48.-Youthful                                                                                      Frontier  and  Western  Defense
       1.- Rough hair        49.-Muddle                                                         from which the individual was dis-  Command in 1942,  became Chief of
                                                                                                 charged. Final average marks must
       5.- Pronoun           50.-Aye                                                                                           Staff  and Aide  to the  Commander,
       8.- Disguise          51.- Dispatched                                                     be  at  least  3.0  in  proficiency  in   Western  Sea  Frontier  in  April,
                                                                                                 rating  and  3.25  in  conduct.
      12.--Couple                    DOWN                                                                                      1943.  He  assumed  the  additional
      13.- Put down           1.- Mast                                                            Enlisted  personnel  discharged  duties  of  Deputy  Conimander  Oc-
      14.- Medicinal herb     2.- Well                                                           under  the  above  conditions  may  tober 7,  1943.
      15.- Allot              ·3.-Distresses                                                     make  written  application  to  the   A  native of Ottawa,  Kans.,  Rear
      17.- Auction            4.-Rut                                                             Bureau  of  Navy  Personnel,  Navy  Admiral Allen was a  member of the
      18.-Determine           5.-Serf                                                            Department, Washington, D. C., for  Naval Academy's class of 1901. His
      19.-Sharpen             6.- Abominate                                                      review  of  their  records  to  deter- commands afloat have inclucled two
      20.--Compete            7.-Watch                                                          mine  if  they  are  now  entitled  to  destroyers, a  cruiser, and Destroyer
      21.- Exclamation        8.- Slave owner                                                   receive an honorable discharge cer- Division  Four.  Among  his  shore
      22.-Presented           9.- Trouble-borrower                                              tificate.  All  applications  should  be  a(lsignments  were  three  tours  of
      25.- Philanthropy      10.-Lone flight                                                     accompanied  by  the  certificate  of  duty  at  the  Naval  Academy, Chief
      28.-Night before       11.-Hold                                                           discharge under honorable or satis- of  Staff  of  the  Eleventh  Naval
      29.-Mohammedan Bible   16.- Dead coals                                                    fa<:tory  conditions.  Changes  in  District  in  San  Diego,  Calif.,  and
      31.-Witness            19.- Shacks                                                         character of discharge will be con- Commanding  Officer  of  the  Naval
      32.- Murder story      21.- Exclamation                                                   sidered only upon application of the  T_,:aining  Station  at  Norfolk,  Va.
      34.-Giant              22.-Jewel                                                          individual concerned.           He  holds  the  Navy  Cvoss,
      35.-Grasps             23.-Vine                                                             Those  who  have  received  dis- awarded  for  outstanding  perform-
      36.-Ripped             24.-Traces             37.-Rids              41.-Woody plant        charges  under  honorable  or  satis-- ance  of  duty  aboard  destroyers  in
      37.- Flipper           25.-Shed tears         38.-Harsh             42.- Level            factory  conditions  for  reasons  of  the first World War,  in addition  to
      40.- Having top-knot   26.-Beverage                                                       inaptitude  or  unsuitability,  and  the Nicaraguan Pour Le Merite and
                                                    39.-Contest           43.-Indentation
      44.-Anger              27.- 100 sen                                                       those who received undesirable, 'bad  the  Mexican  Merito  Naval.  His
                                                    40.-Indian            45.-Workat
      45.-Save               30.- Natural mineral                                               conduct, or dishonorable discharges  campaign  medals  include  th e
      46.- Freezer           33.- Sots                            -Courtesy Dell Publishing Co.   are  not  entitled  to  any  change  in  Spanish - American  War,  Cuban
      47.-U. S. Ge:qeral     35.-Gores                                                           certificates of discharge as a  result  Pacification,  Second  Nicaraguan
                                                                 (Solution  on  Page 5)
                                                                                                of this change in  regulations.   and  World  War  Victory.
           Male Call                          by Milton Caniff, creator of "Terry and the Pirates"                  Target of Opportunity

                                                IT5. SEEN  50                                                      HE  CAPTAIN'5  COMPLIMENTS
                                               L-ONti  I  ALM05r                                                   IEUTENANT-AI-JD  WOUL
                                              FO~ET WHAT nlEY                                                      OU  TAKE  YOUR  PARTY
                                               LOOK  LIKE!. ••                                                         W - FOR TJ.lE  t;AF
                                                                                                                       F  THE FLEET2
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