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PAGE 8            THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JULY 14,  1945
                        .                                     ·-   OVERSEii$ IJNIT IIVES lllST SHOW IN STIITES 111 T.  I.
       Awards Given at Impressive Ceremony

                                     Ch.  Pharm.  Goodall

                                     Awarded  Bronze  Star,
                                     Pres.  Unit  Citation

                                       At  an  impressive  formal  cere-
                                     mony  last  Saturday morning,  July
                                     7,  Wesley H. Goodall, Chief Pharm-
                                     acist,  attached  to  Tadcen,  was
                                     awarded the Bronze Star and Presi-
                                     dental Unit Citation by Commodo·re
                                     R.  W.  Cary.  The  Bronze  Star,
                                     awarded  in  the  name  of  the  Presi-
                                     dent -of  the  United  States  and  the
                                     Commanding General of the Second
                                     Marine Division, was won by Good-
                                     all  for  his  conduct  while  attached
                                     to  the  Second  Marine  Division
       MRS. JEAN  GEARY  HOWARD of  during  the  Solomon,  Gilbert,  and
       258  Mont,e  Vista  Ave.,  Berkeley,  Marianas Island campaigns. It read
       Calif.,  is  being  presented  the  Navy   as follows:
       Cross  by  Commodore  R.  W.  Cary,
       which  was  posthumously  awarded   "For  meritorious  achievement   LAST STOP: Somewhere in the Pacific are Jack Car-  in  the  Pacific  Area.  The  ,scene  at  above  left  shows
       her  son,  the  late  Captain  Geary  R.   while  in  service  with  the  United  son,  Chili  Williams, and other members of the tro-upe   C,omedian Jack Carson, and that super-polka-dot pin-
       Bundschu who destroyed a Japanese                                                                         up  Chili  Williams.  At  right,  Joyce  Anderson  an"d
       machine  gun  position  on  Guam,   States  Marine  Corps  forces  in  ac- that  did  its  last  show  in  the  States  at  Treasure   T,o'mmy  Wells  do  a  comedy  number.  Inset  is  Miss
                                                                   Island's  Theatre  No.  3,  Tuesday  night,  July  3.  The
       after  he  was  mortally  wounded.  tion against enemy Japanese forces   show will be overseas on tour of military installations   Anderson  in  a  little  more  glamorous  pose.
       There  were  two  other  posthumous  from  4  January 1943  to  1  August
      · awards  made.                1944.  Chief  Pharmacist's  Mate
                                     Goodall participated in majo•r  cam-  Eight  Armed          Army and  Navy Housing  Agencies
       "Tie-In"  Sales  Held         paigns of our fighting forces in the
                                     British Solomon Islands, Gilbert Is- Guardsmen  Receive
       Illegal  By  Office  of       lands,  and  Marianas  Isiands.  He                         To  Operate Jointly In New Office
                                     performed  his  duties  during  these  Citations  and  Medals
                                                                                                   Beginning July 9 the Army Hous- ·  During the last month more than
       Price  Administration         campaigns in an  outstanding man-  At  13 :30  Wednesday,  July  4,  ing Service  and the  Navy Housing  4,000 applications for housing have
                                     ner,  exhibiting  coolness  and  calm-
        The  San Francisco  district  OP A   ness under enemy fire  at all  times .   Commander  Thomas  Macklin,  ex- Service  will  operate  together  in  been  received  by  the  two  services
      . has  received  a  large  number  of   His loyalty, courage and devotion to   ecutive officer of Armed Guard, pre- new quarters at 45  Hyde Street in  from military personnel. Reflecting
       complaints  from  servicemen  and   duty were important factors in the   sented  Loyall  M.  Adee,  _Slc,  with  San Francisco in  an effort to  pro- the increased tempo of war activity
       veterans that they have been forced   success  attained  by  the  unit  to   the Bronze Star Medal, "For heroic   vide  additional  living  quarters  for  in  this  area,  increased  housing
       into "tie-in" sales of goods or serv-  which  he  was assigned.  He  served   achievement as Gunner No.  7 of the   military  personnel  and  families  in  facilities  are  required  both  by  the
       ices when buying vacuum cleaners,                                                         the Bay Area.                 thousands  of  men  returning  tern-
                                     his country skillfully and honorably  United  States Navy  Armed  Guard   Under the  new arrangement the  porarily . from  overseas  duty  and
       radios,  photographic  equipment,   throughout  these  campaigns  and   Crew attached to  the S.  S.  Marcus  two  services  will  operate  separ- many  more  who  are  in  the  area
       etc.                          his  conduct  was  at  all  times  in   Daly  in  combat  against  attacking  ately  in  their  contacts  with  mem- briefly  bef,gre  leaving  for  Pacific
        o;p A  regulations prohibit "tie-in"   keeping with the highest traditions
       sales of  any description.  No  dealer   of  the  United  States  Naval  Serv-  enemy  Japanese  planes  in  the  bers  of  their  respective  military  area duty. Many units are required
       can legally require that a  customer   ice."                Philippine  Islands  area  during  the  branches,  but  will  work  jointly  as  to  provide  temporary  housing  for
       purchase another article or turn in                         latter months  of  1944.  Courageous  the Army-Navy Housing Bureau in  families  spending  a  last few  days
                                       Fifteen  enlisted  men  were  hon- in the face  of a  terrific onset, Adee  negotiations with Bay Area apart- together in  San  Francisco  and the
       a  used  vacuum  cleaner,  radio  or
                                     ored  at  the  presentation,  being  maintained  his  station  steadfastly  ment  and hotel  owners.  The Army  Ease Bay communities, while others
       any other article  as a  condition of
       sale.                         awarded  with  Purple  Hearts  and  despite  the  fury  of  repeated  dive  group  is headed by Lt.  Richard  E.  are for longer periods to accommo-
        No  dealer  can  require  that  a   Unit  Citations.  There  were  three  and  torpedo  bombing  attacks  by  Audsley,  Fourth Air Force.  A  sue- date the families of men brought to
       customer bring in his radio in order   Posthumous   Awards:   John  T .  J apanese  planes  and  assisted  in  cessor  to  the  late  Lt.  Commander  this area to mail rapidly-expanding
                                                                                          several  R.  H.  Hibbard,  former  officer-in- military  establishments ..
       to  purchase  a  new  tube.  Dealers   Reilley,  Slc,  and Alfred H.  Ander- routing
       who  make this  request are usually   son, BM2c, were awarded individual  enemy  bombers,  thereby rendering  charge  of  Navy  housing,  is  ex-  The critical need is ·for furnished
                                     commendations  for  their  heroic  invaluable service in the defense of  pected to be named during the next  apartments  and  houses,  although
       looking  for  an.  excuse  to  tack  a
                                     work  aboard  their  ships  which  the  Marcus  Daly  and  vital  Leyte  week.            unfurnished  dwellings  also  are  in
       service charge onto the price of the                                                       The  Navy  Housing  Service  has  demand.  To  alleviate  the  present
       tube.                         were  sunk  as  a  result  of  enemy  invasion  docks.  Although seriously
                                                                   injured, Adee contributed material- occupied  offices  at  1095 · Market  shortage, the new bureau has asked
        Any dealer who makes these  re-  action.
       quirements  as  a  condition  of  sale   Wayne  Reuel  Rosemeyer,  CMM,   ly  to  the  successful transportation  Street  and  the  Army  group  was  the   co-op~ration  of   property-
      . should  be  reported  immediately  to  and Ray Clinton Funkhouser, BM2c   of Army troops and essential equip- situated  at  50  Post  Street.  The  owners'  associations  and  the  own-
       the nearest War Price and Ration- were  awarded  Purple  Hearts  for   ment to their assigned destination.  joint offices  will  be  in  the  new of- ers  and  managers  of  apartments
       ing Board.                    wounds  received  in  action  against   His  unwavering  devotion  to  duty  fice  building just completed by the  and  hotels.  Nearly  450  buildings
        A  "voluntary rationing plan" for  the  enemy.  Thomas  F.  Duggan,   and  bold  fighting  spirit  were  in  Navy  at  Hyde  and  McAllister  have  ·been  pledged,  the  operators
       camera film has been set up by the   Chief  Yeoman,  was  awarded  the   keeping with the l}i.ghest traditions  streets.  The  San  Francisco  phone  promising to list all vacancies with
                                                                   of  the  United  States  Naval  Serv-· number  of  the  new  bureau  is  the  bureau.  The  bureau's  display
       Master Photo Finishers  of America   Presidental  Unit  Citation  because
       and approved by the OP A  National   of service aboard a submarine, dur-  ice."           MArket  8459  and  the  East  Bay  card,  "Our Apartments Have  Gone
                                                                    At  the  earliest  possible  time  number is TEmplebar 3600, Exten- to War," is displayed in these build-
       Office.  Under  this  plan  a  dealer   ing its second,  fifth,  sixth and sev-  Silver  Star  Medals  will  be  pre- sions 392  and 393.
       may  require  that  a  buyer  of  film   enth war patrols. Duggan has since   sented  to  Junius  Armstrong,  Slc;      ings.
       either present a  roll to be developed   been  promoted  to  the  rank  of                 Policy of the joint operation will   Because of the  slow  turnover of
       or bring ll: his empty camera to be  ensign.                Raymond  T.  Ahlers,  Sic,  dis- be  similar  to  that  of  the  services  tenancies,  hundreds  of· additional
       loaded.                        Richard   William   Thompson,   charged from service June 22.  Four  in their previous status.  Deserving  buildings  must  be  pledged  before
                                                                   Bronze  Star  Medals  are  to  be  servicemen will be selected and pro- the military requirements are met.
        However,  it  is  not  legal  for  the  Sp(F),  Richard  J .  Brown,  PhMlc,
                                                                   awarded  to  the  following  men:  perty-owners  will  be  protected  by  So  far,  less  than  200  placements
       dealer to refuse to sell film unless a  Edward  Ray  Humphreys,  SKlc,
                                                                   Charles B.  Allen,  Slc;  J.  C.  Volley  agreements  guaranteeing  legiti- have  been  made  in  the  pledged
       roll is presented for developing. He  Joseph  Berry,  SK2c,  Aubrey  J .
                                                                   Boliver,  Slc; Byron Robinson,  Slc;  mate  damage  rental  claims.  The  buildings.  Military  authorities  are
       must  offer 'at least  one  alternative  Valentine,  SK1c,  W.  R.  Stubbie-
                                                                   Roy C.  Barron,  Slc,  and Joseph E .  bureau  will  arbitrate· disputes  and  reluctant to recommend condemna-
       plan,  as  this  sort  of  arbitrary  re- field,  GM1c,  Carles  J.  Johnson,
                                                                   Helton, Slc, will receive the Purple  will  have  authority  to  request  of- tion proceedings, however,  and will
       quirement  constitutes  a  "tie-in"  SK2c,  Angelo  J.  Banchero,  SK2c,
       sale  and  is  not  in  line  with  reg;u- and  Theodore  LeRoy  Morehead,   Heart.       fending  renters  to  move.   continue  to  attempt  a  solution
                                                                   -~~~----------,----- -~~~~~-------------~ through voluntary co-operation.
       lations.                      RDM1c,  all  received the Navy Unit
                                     Commendation.  All  these  men  llfi Seaman Receives 8111nze Star
                                     served  aboard  ship,  except  Rich-                                                     Seaheas  Who  Removed
       Marshall  Islanders           ard Brown who was attached to the
                                     First  Marine  Provisional  Brigade,                                                      Bomb  Receive  Letters
       Petition  American            and Richard Thompson, Sp (F) , who
                                     was with the Force O Salvage B!Jlle.                                                      From  Comm  Twelve
       Protection  After  War
                                     Three  P,osthumous  Awards                                                                 Fifteen Camp Parks Seabees who ..
        Marshall  Island  natives  want  to                                                                                    voluntarily  aided  Twelfth  Naval
                                      Mrs.  Jean G.  Howard,  mother of
       become  United  States nationals  or                                                                                    District  bomb  disposal  officers  in
       be  under  the  protection  of  this   the  late  Captain  Geary  R.  Bund-                                             removing  a  live  500-pound  Jap
                                     schu,  was  present  to  receive  the
       country after the war.                                                                                                  bomb  from  the  hold  of  the  SS
        Petitions  representing  43  per   Navy Cross  awarded  her son,  pos-                                                 Josiah  Snelling  July  2  were  given
       cent of the population of the islands   thumously.   Captain   Bundschu,                                                letters  of  commendation  by  Rear .
                                     after  being  severely  wounded,  at-
      now under U.  S.  control have  been                                                                                     Admiral  C.  H.  ,Wright,  Com-
                                     tacked  and  destroyed  an  enemy
       received by Naval Military Govern-                                                                                      mandant  of  the  disi:.rict,  today.
       ment officials from Marshallese liv-_  machine  gun  nest  singlehandedly.                                               The Snelling, struck by a  suicide·
       ing  on  Majuro,  Arno  and ·  Aur   Mrs. Vera E. Senger, mother o.f  the                                               plane off Okinawa May' 28, arrived
       Atolls,  asking  that  the  United   late  Private  First Class  Gerlad  E.                                             in  San  Francisco  last  week  and
       States look  after the  people,  allow   Senger,  and  Mrs.  Emma  Blumen-                                              when  damage  inspection  officers
       them to keep their native customs,   shine,  mother  of  the  late  Gunnery                                             began  clearing  away  the  plane
       and  not  give  the  islands  away  to   Sergeant  Harold  C.  Blumenshine,                                             wreckage  they  found  the  unex-
       any other nation.             were present to  receive  Silver Star                                                     ploded  bomb  imbedded  in  timbers
        "We  have  known  Americans  for   Medals  awarded  their  sons  for                                                   which  were  part  of  the  vessel's
       89  years and Americans have lived   gallantry in  action.                                                              cargo.  Lt.  R.  D.  Bartlett,  district
      with  us  since  1857.  They  are  not                                                                                   born b  disposal  officer,  called  for
       new  to  us,"  the  Majuro  Atoll  peti-  The pastor was examining one of                                              . volunteers  to help  move' the  bulky
       tion,  signed  by every person on the  the  younger  classes  and·  asked,                                              timbers and the Seabees responded.
       atoll, stated. "We want and ask the  "What  are  the  sins  of  omission?"   PRESENTED with the  Bronze  Star  Medal  is  Loyall  M.  Adee,  S1c,  who  Using  hand-operated  tackle  they
       United States o.f  America to be our   After  a  silence,  one  young  lady  was  serving  aboard  the  S.  S.  Marcus  Daly  when  the  ship  engaged  ~he  removed the  bomb successfully.
       guardian  and protector."     offered,  "Please,  sir,  they're  the  enemy  in  the  Philippine  area  during  the  latter months  of  1944.  Be~1de   Members  of  the  crew,  under
                                                                   him  are  some  of the  trophies  taken  by  the  crew.  Insert  at  lower  right
        Many of the petitioners are evac- sins  we  ought  to  have  committed                                                 Chief Warrant Officer P . F.~Henley,
                                                                   shows Comma_nder Thomas  M,;1cklin, executive officer Armed -Guard pre-
       uees  from  Jap-held atolls.   and haven't."                sent-i-ng  L. M.· Adee the··Bro-nze-Star Medal,             are all Pacific war veterans.  _
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