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PA:GE 8          THE MASTHEAD, SATURDAY, MARCH 24,  1945
         THE  WORLD  FEELS  ALL  RIGHT  AGAIN                             ~~~~~~~~~ - ~ FINAL  PLAY  ENDS  ·1N  12ND  TROPHY

                                                                       Information is  wanted leading
                                                                      to  the  apprehension  of  anyone
                                                                     having talent for stage shows on
                                                                     Treasure  Island.  If  you  have  a
                                                                      shipmate • who  can  sing,  dance,
                                                                      act  or  do  anything  in  that  line
                                                                     of  entertainment  cont_act
                                                                      Sp(A)s Paige or Wise in the of-
                                                                      fice  of  Theatre  No.  3,  located
                                                                      across  from  the  new  Recreation
                                                                      Center,  or  call  Extension  15.  All
                                                                     'those with previous stage experi-
                                                                      ence and those without are equal-
                                                                     ly welcome.

                                                                     R.  M.  S.  Red  Cross
                                                                    War  Fund  Drive

                                                                     In  Full  Swing
                                                                      At  Radio  Materiel  Schools  all
                                                                     hands  have  pitched  in  with  a  will
                                                                     to support the American Red Cross
                                                                     in their 1945 War Fund Campaign.
                                                                     The  RMS  goal  has  been  set  at
                                                                     $2000  and  to  date  $1500  has  been
                                                                     contributed  by the  officers  and en-
                                                                     listed  personnel  of  this  command.
                                                                     The  campaign  for  funds  extends
                                                                     through March 31. In the Regiment,
                                                                     Barracks  17  leads  the  list  of  con-
                                                                     tributors  with  over  $300  closely
         MARINE  BATAAN  HEROES-First  leathernecks  returned  from  Cab-  followed  by  Barracks  21  and  19.
         banatuan  prison  camp  in  the  Philippines  gather  on  the  steps  of  the  Specialists  (A )  Tucker  and  Cas-
         Marine  Barracks,  Treasure  Island,  to  discuss  the  experience  of  getting  lavka who supervise Companies 53,
         back in  the  U.  S.,  more  important to  them  now  than  nearly  three years   54, 55  and 56,  have set a  fast pace
         of  imprisonment.  From  left  (top ):  Pvt.  E.  S.  Gordon,  Pvt.  C.  J.  East-on,
         Sgt.  Major  J.  B.  Kelly,  Pfc.  D.  E.  Forrest,  Gunnery  Sgt.  Harry  Arnold.   in the competition and have  served
         (Center) :  Staff  Sgt.  K.  W.  Mize,  Master  Tech.  Sgt.  E.  C.  Commander,  notice  on  their  fellow  company
         Cpl.  D.  D.  Rainwate r,  Cpl.  N.  P.  1-ovino.  ( Front) :  First Sgt.  S.  E.  Bronk,  commanders  that  they  expect  to
         Platoon Sgt. H.  W.  Pinto, Platoon Sgt.  M.  A.  Englin, Quartermaster Sgt.   lead all other barracks in the total
         W.  P.  Smith,  Pfc.  J .  C.  Ostrom,  Pfc.  F.  S.  Vint-on,  and  Cpl.  E.  L.  Berry.
                                                                     amount  contributed.  Lt.  William-
                                                                     son's  Tenth  Month  of  Instruction
                                       scribed  that wonderful  night when  is  setting  the  pace  in  the  Instruc-
        VETERANS  OF  FOURTH           the  Rangers  struck:         tion  and  Administrative  Divisions.
                                        "We were sitting around batting  The  officers  and  enlisted  personnel
        MARINE  REGIMENT               the  breeze,"  he  began.  "Suddenly  of  RMS  recognize  the  splendid
                                       shots rang out and we hit the deck.  work  the  American  Red  Cross  is
        ARRIVE  AT  T.  I.             All  of  us  thought  our  time  had  doing on all the battle fronts of the
                                       come- that  the  Japs were going to  world to help our fighting men and
          Sixteen  U.  S.  Marines,  most  of
        them  veterans  of  the  famous  old   murder every prisoner in the camp.  alleviate suffering among the civil-
        Fourth Marine  Regiment,  have ar-  Then I  raised my head just in  time  ian population.
        rived  here  by  air,  after  spending   to  see  a  big  guy  come  tearing
                                      across the yard. He  was tall- must
        almost three years in the notorious   have  stood  at least  seven  feet.  As  Ammunition  Handling
        Japanese  prison  camp  at  Cabana-
                                      he  nea red  us  he  shouted,  'We're
        tuan on Luzon  Island.        Yanks.  All  you  Americans get out  And  Fueling  at
          Their liberation came as a  result
        of  the  celebrated  raid  on  the  Ca-  of here. Head for the main gate!'   Sea  by  0. T.  S.
        banatuan  camp  on  January  30  by   "Needless to say, we didn't waste   On Wednesday of  each  week the   FIGHTING  FOR  FIRST  PLACE f.our  women's teams  met for the final
        U.  S.  Army  Rangers.  More  than   any  time  clearing  out.  The  whole                 night of play in  the 12th  Naval  District Tournament,  March  19,  at Gym
                                      gang  took  off  like  a  herd  of  wild  winch  operators  devote  the  entire
        500  American  prisoners  were  re-                         day  to  the  safe  handling  of  am-  No. 2. A  bit of floor play is seen  in  the picture at t.op  as a  member of the
        leased  from  their  Jap  captors  at   mustangs.                                          District  Headquarters team takes the count from  the white-clad  Moffett
                                       . "Then  followed  a  tough  25-mile  munition.  They  give  lectures  on  Field  quintet.  Examples -of  some  serious  guarding  are  seen  at  bottom.
        that time.                                                                                 Three  teams  from  Moffett  Field,  Mar,e  Island  and  the  D.istrict  He·ad-
                                      hike  across  rice  paddies,  up  into  safety precautions and the different
          Some of the Marines fell into Jap                                                       quarters  are tied  for total  points  and  will  play off the championship  at
                                      the  hills.  It was a  march that none  methods  of  handling  and  stowing
        hands  on  Bataan  soon  after  war   of  us  ever  dreamed  we  could  en- ammunition.  The  men  are  taught   Moffett  Field  during  the coming  week.
        was  declared,  whil-e  the  other   dure.  But  the  fact  that  freedom  to  load  properly,  cargo  net,  skip
        Fourth  Regiment  men   fought   awaited us at the  end of our jour- boxes,  salmon  boards,  slings,  etc.   Fight  Pictures  Form   Bob  Pastor,  former  heavyweight
        against  overwhelming  odds  on  the   ney  kept us  going.   With  the  different  types  of  am-                       contender,  and  another  picture  is
        beach of Corregidor as the invading   "About 9  o'clock  the  next morn- munition, emphasis is put on safety   Interesting  Display   of the first fight on Trea_sure Island
        Japs stormed ashore.          ing we reached an Army assembly  and careful handling. Lt.  (jg) H. V.                    fought  in  the  "round  ring"  when
          Now at the  Marine  Barracks  on                                                                                       it  was  brought  here  early  in  No-
        Treasure  Island,  the  16  leather-  area. There we were given  our first  Friedle  of the Deck  School,  wishes   At  Gym.  No.  1   vember of last year.
                                                                    to  congratulate  his  boatswain's
                                      real  meal  in  about  three  years.
        necks  are  awaiting  orders  which   "Later  we  were  loaded  into  mates  on  their  ingenuity  and  me-  Attracting no little amount of at-  Rounding out the display are ac-
        will send them back to their homes   trucks and taken to a  larger camp.  chanical ability ... In another area   tention behind the punching bags at  tion  shots  of  outstanding  bouts  at
        on furlough.                  There  we . received  clean  clothes,  of the Deck School, Herschel Wiece,   Gym  No.  1  is  a  display  of  boxing  past  smokers,  together  with  pre-
          Gunnery  Sergeant  Arnold  de-                                                          pictures.                     war  pictures  of  our  own  athletic
                                      cigarets, and more food.  It was the  "Little  Kaiser"  of  O.T.S.,  is  just
                                                                                                    Prominent in the series is a photo  department  personnel  who  were
                                      second stop  of our 6,000-mile  jour- about  ready  to  launch  Hull  No.  2   of  the  famous  Dempsey-Tunney  prominent in  their field  before  en-
                                      ney back home."               in  the  West Yard.  This second bow
              ~ vuudtv,,'I  o/J         Pfc.  Vinton described the  days in  mockup will be used in conjunction   fight at Chicago in 1927.  Nearby is  tering  the  Navy.
           Se/UJ.iceJ, lfu,  ~ !J.    the  prison camp.             with  the  mockup  No.  1  in  demon-                                   by  Sansone
                                                                    strating the fueling of ships at sea.  The W9lf
                                        "Cabanatuan was worse than hell
                p~e/,                 itself,"  he  recalled.  "The  place   E.  "Drydock"  Bedatsch, Cox;  T. R .   Copyri&ht  1945 bf Leonard  S.nsoH. distributed  by  Camp  N1w1p1per Serwice
                                      reeked  with  malaria,  dysentery,   P epper, BM2c; C. J. Miller, Cox, are
                      *               beri-beri,  and other diseases.   others who have done a splendid job
             BANKING FACILITIES                                     in making this training as realistic
                                        "We had no water during the first
                                                                    as possible.
              WESTERN  UNION          few  days.  Later  there  was  a  little
                                      water  to  drink  but we  had  to  rely
                 PosT  O FFICE                                        "The world feels all right again,"
                                      on  the  frequent  rains  for  bathing.
             WAR B oND  OFFICE          "Our food  consisted  of rice- and   Gunnery Sergeant Arnold declared.
                                                                    "It's  like  being  left  a  million  dol-
           At! 4 services located in Bldg.   a  weak  soup  made  of  greens.  But   lars.  You  know,  we  never gave  up
             258, Ave.  H,  near 4th St.   mostly  it was  rice.  Sometimes  we   hope  of returning,  and that is  why
                                      would  get  only  two  meals  a  day.
                      *               Each meal consisted of about a cup-  we  are  here  today."
                SMALL  STORES
                                      ful  of  rice  per  man.  You  could
            Bldg. 215,  10th St.,  between   hold  a  whole  day's  ration of  rice  in   Cross-Word  Answers
                Aves. M and N.        both  hands.  None  of  us  weighed
                      *               more  than  130  pounds.  We  lost
              TRAVELERS'  Arn         about 50 pounds on  the  skimpy ra-
                                      tions at Cabanatuan.
              RAILW A y  EXPRESS
                                        "The Japs worked  all the  prison-
          Both  located in Bldg.  221,  IIth   ers, the sick and the lame included.
           St., between  Aves.  G and H .   I  was  detailed  to  take  care  of  the
                      *               prison power  plant. Others  worked
            SmP's .SERVICE  No.  r    in  the  fields- there  was  a  job  for
          Bldg.  152,  9th  St. and Ave. C.   each  man.  We  worked  hard,  and
                                      still  the  Japs  would  yell  'Speedo!
                      *               Speedo!'  You  can't please  them· no
            Smp' s  SERVICE  No.  2.
                                      matter  how fast  you  work.   L I
          Bldg. 8,  ;th St., between  Aves.   "If I  live  to be 100 years  old  I'll
                  M and N.
                                      never forget  those  days at Cabana-
                                                                                                             "Try again- guess the empty hand and win  a  kiss!"
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