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THE MASTHEAD, SATURDAY, MARCH 24, 1945              PAGE7

                      CROSS-WORD ~-----------" ____ " ______ " __ " ______  Once  Gave  First  Aid
                                                                                                                             JOHN  CHARLES  THOMAS
                                                         ACROSS         51- Lather             To  Japs,  Now  Helps
                                                  1- Belonging to her   52- Part of a  circle
                                                  5- Feminine  pronoun   53- Actual  being                                   TO  APPEAR  HERE
                                                  8- Ages                                      Strike  Death  Blow
                                                  12- Baking kiln               DOWN                                         MARCH  28
                                                  13- Period of time     1- In what manner       Fate plays  queer tricks on all  of
  !..I                                            14-Knob                2- Elusive            us.  H-ere  is  the  one  it  played  on   John  Charles  Thomas,  famous
                                                  15- Diminish           3- Fails to follow suit   Commander W. E. Gist, new assist-  baritone of opera,  radio  and  con-
                                                  16- Food fish          4- Jeer               ant  for  supply on  Treasure  Island.
                                                  17- Bird               5- Withdrawal                                         cert  stage,  will  make  a  personal
                                                  18-Sowed               6- Garment for head     In 1923 he aided the earthquake-  appearance  at  Theatre  N-o.  3,
                                                  20- Loud noise         7- Finish             smitten  Japs  of  Yokohama  to   March  28.  The  single  perform-
                                                  21~ constellation,     8- Encompass          climb  to  their  feet  again.  Twenty   ance  will  begin  at  1800  and  tic-
                                                     The  Lynx            9- Dewy  (rare)
                                                  22- Combined  with     10- Be v,ery fond  of   years  later,  as  ships'  logistics  offi-  kets  will  be  pro-rated  to  Tadcen
                                                     others              11- Stitched           cer of one of our amphibious forces,   divisi-on  heads  and  the  Welfare
                                                  23- Evening            19-Cease  to  live     h-e  helped  prepare  the  campaigns   officers -of  the separat,e  activities.
                                                  24- Tries              20- Lad               'that  steam-rolled  them flat  on  the·
                                                  25- Bird's home        21- Two times five     islands  of  Leyte  and  Luzon.
                                                  28- Electrified  particle   22- Eulogistic  oration
                                                  29- Otherwise          25- Turf                                             Gi.rl  Back  Home
                                                  83- Wore away          27- Bank employees
                                                  36- Atmosphere         30- Youths
                                                  37- Dropped            31- Short  sleeps                                      The  Masthead  featurette  "The
                                                  40- Sex                32-Mistake                                           Girl  Back Home,"  is  being omitted
                                                  42- Images             34- Thing in law                                     from  this  issue  due  to  a  bad  film
                                                  43- Ecclesiastical     35- Lair                                             when  the  picture  was  taken  of
                                                      councils           37- Makes full
                                                  44- Exist              38- Goodby  (Fr.)                                    the  bluejacket  to  appear  with  the
                                                  45- Ev-er  (poet.)     39- Adored                                           luscious gal.  More pictures for this
              Courtesy Harle  Publications,  Inc.   46- Religious  ceremony   41- Scandinavian                                featurette  are  also  needed,  so
                                                  48- Look  askance      43- Prophet                                          come  on,  mates,  don't  hold  out  on
                  ( Solution  on  Page  8)        49- Hawaiian  wreath   45- Guido's high note                                us  and  our  readers.  Just  bring  us
                                                  50-Withered            47- Before
                                                                                                                              the  picture  of  your  one  and  only
                                                                                                                              and  we  will  do  the  rest- of  course
                                    down  the  deck  and  Mildred  Weed,   WAVES  RESTRICTED
      OPrERAT~ONAL                  Slc,  dreaming  about  her  past  ca-                                                     you  know · we  take  your  picture
                                    reer  as  a  school  teacher.  .  .  S.  E .                                              free  of  charge  too.  The  Masthead
                  1                                               TO  STRAIGHT  AND                                           office  is  located  on  the  top  deck  of
      TRAn~n~ G SCHOOL  Holland,  GM3c;  A.  E.  Stremmel,
                                                                                                                              the  new  Recreation  building.
                                    GM3c ;  O.  "Y"  Henson,  GM3c;  and   NARROW  ON  T.  I.
                                    Peter  Kostyke,  GMlc,  spending  a
                                                                                                                                For  several  months  Commander
                                    day  at  the  aquarium.  Wet  wasn't   All  women  on  Treasur,e  Island                  Gist crisscrossed the Pacific by air-
                                    it?  ... Lt.  (jg)  W.  F .  Dewey and  must observe  the latest regulations   Commander  W.  E ..  Gist   plane  to  arrange  that  provisions
      Physical Training             Elect.  H.  W.  Pruitt  each  shooting  governing their travel while  on the              and materiel should be available to
        Congratulations to CSp(A) John- 98  out  of  100  at  the  pistol  rang-e.  base. Daylight is  considered as be-  "I  was  aboard  the  armored  the  vessels  of  his  force  when  and
  v   nie  Verducci  and  bouquets  to  Mrs.  Incidentally  Mr.  Pruitt,  what  has  tween 0730  and 1830.  During these  cruiser  Huron  off  the  Chinese  where it should need them.
      Verducci  on  the  arrival  of  another  happened  to  the  proposed  O.T.S.  hours women  may walk  anywhere  coast,"  recalled  the  commander,   Aboard  the  flagship  of  this  unit
      baby  girl.  This  is  the  second  girl  Rifle Team? All hands are waiting.  within  the  following  rectangular  who  has  relieved  Captain  George  in  October,  1944,  the  supply  corps
      for  the  Verduccis  but  from  the  Facets  ,of  O.T.S.    area.  Starting  at  the  Administra- C.  Tasker as coordinator of supply  officer saw our landing craft swarm
      proud  papa  comes  these  famous   W.  A.  O'Connor,  QM2c,  protest- tion  building,  Second  Street,  is  au- and  allied  activities  here,  "when  toward  the  beaches  of  Leyte,
      last words, "It's only the beginning  ing  about  it  but  still  reluctantly  thorized for  walking  as  far  as  the  word  came  that  Tokio  and  Yoko- dodging shrapnel  and  divebombers
      folks, only the beginning" .. . Place:  doing  the  square  dance.  You  see,  Industrial  shops  and  northward on  hama  had  been  hit  by  an  earth- as  he  watched.  Later  he  went  to
      YMCA;  Date:  Any  Thursday  eve- John's  partner was  about  six  feet,  Avenue  M.  The  boundary  is  then  quake  and  a  tidal  wave.  We  were   the  Southwest  Pacific  to  round  up
      ning;  Who:  Vincent  Calosi  and  so  she  just  hoisted  him  aboard  extended to include the three streets  order-ed  to  proceed  to  Japan  and   more  supplies  for  his  unit.  The
      feminine  muscle  builder;  Theme:  and shoved off ... S.  L. Morris, Slc,  on  either  side  and  behind  Ship's  give  every  assistance  we  could.   Japs  who  fe-11  during  the  invasion
      Discussing  the  .art  of  how  to  do  telling Logan Sweaney,  BMlc,  "I'll  Service  No.  2  and  proceeds  north-  The  sky  was  dark  with  smoke   of  the  Lingayen  Gulf  bear  mute
      more  deep  knee  bends  per  minute.  be  around  if  you  need  me."  Might  ward on Avenue  M  to  Gym  No.  2,  as  we  steamed  into  Yokohama   witness  to  the  importance  of  this
      Yes  "chillen"  it's  sad  but  true,  add  Morris  is  doing  a  fine  job  in  making  a  left  turn  up  10th  Street  Bay.  About us,  corpses  and  rubble   task.
       Calosi  is  "she  shy"  so  how's  about  the Training Afloat Department ...  to  Ship's Service No.  1. This forms  floated  in  the  water.  We  went   It was  as  a  "landsman  for  yeo-
      some  help  from  one  or two of  you  Congratulations  are  in  order  for  'the  third side of the rectangle. The  ashore  into  Yokohama,  and  I  saw   man"- yeoman striker-  that Com-
       waves?  . . .  :{.,t.  (jg)  R.  N.  Fasick  E.  T.  Maston,  WTlc,  who  is  now  fourth side is formed  by A venue  C,  only  one  building still standing in-  mander Gist began his naval career-
       and a  new two tone suit of tans.   the father of a  5½  pound baby girl.  and  is  extended  beyond  the  band  tact in  the  wrecked  city.   in  1917.  Subsequently  he  attended
       Damage Control                . . . Understand that Lt.  (jg)  H.  V.  circle  to·  include  Armed  Guard,   "Going  through  the  streets  to   the  Naval  Academy,  served  as  a
        We understand that "Rocky" De- Friedle  and  Lt.  (jg)  E.  F .  Keleher  Hostess  House  and  Chapel  build- succor the injured," the commander   line  officer  in  the  Pacific,  and
       Werff  has  just  signed  a  post-war  are starting a  new business of "Re- ings.  Dispensary  No.  1  may  be  continued,  "we  passed  many  Jap-  turned  to  specialization  in , aero-
       contract  with  Ringling  Brothers,  bright~ning  Tatoos" ! ! ?  .  . .  H.  C.  reached via A venue E.   anese  sitting by  the  ruins  of  their   logy,  the  branch  of  physics  which
       Barnum  and  Bailey  to  guess  Stearns, GMlc, and R.  L.  McClean,   Women who  wish to  reach other  horn-es.  They  wore  armbands  of   treats  of  the  atmosphere.  From
       weights  for  them  after  the  war.  RdM2c,  ·striking  for  new  rates;  parts of the  island should do  so  by  mourning,  but they were all polite-  1929  to  1935  he  performed  im-
       "Rocky" kept in practic-e all the way  "Cliief  Hayburners"  .. .  J.  T.  Gil- intra-island  transportation  when  ness and smiles as they thanked us   portant  aerological  duties  afloat
       from Mount Olive, Ill., to San Fran- bert, WTlc, of the Engineering De- possible, or if in the course of their  for  our help.  In  the  midst  of  that   and ashore,  on the  carrier Lexing-
    .i  cisco,  Calif.  .  .  "Gyrine"  Chastine  partment,  leaving the  ranks of the  duty they find it necessary to walk  horrible  devastation  their  faces   ton  compl-eting  one  of  the  first
       is  having  trouble  with  the 'officers·  bachelors  last  week  and  getting  outside  the  authorized  area,  they  ·showed  no  sign  of  sorrow  what-  studies  ever  made  in  forecasting
       and  enlisted  men  in  his  diving  married.  Congratulations  "J.  T."  should  take  the  shortest  possible  ever.  That's the kind  of people  the   the  density  of  air  in  connection
       class.  Seems  they complain to him  and  don't  forget  the  stogies.  .  .  route to their destination.   Japanese  are."   with  the  resistance  it  offers  to
       about not being able to swim!!??   Rumor  has  it  that  "Cousin"  Kon-  Waves and nurses  on station lib-  A  far  different  role  was  played   shells  fired  from  long-range  guns.
       C.I.C.                        icke  is  engaged  and  is  acting  the  erty  after  1830  should  in  all  pos- by the commander in 1944.  Now he   In this type  of  gunnery such fore-
        Lt.  (jg)  Bob  Tannenbaum  just  part of an introvert about it. What  sible  instances  use  station  trans- was  attached  to  an  amphibious   casts· are  now  considered  of  great
       returned· from  Hollywood where  he  say,  John?  .. .  With  Dotty  Good- portation,  and  otherwise  only  the  force,  and  he  had  the  arduous  job   value.
       is  technical  director  for  a  new  rich, SK3c, taking over in the Com- following ·streets  before  2200.  Sec- of  solving  its  problems  of  supply   In  1935  Commander  Gist  re-
       training  film ... New  CIC  equip- munications Department, we should  ond Street between  Barracks C and  for  the  impending  invasion  of   sponded to a  Bureau of Navigation
       ment being installed will soon bring  have  the  low down  about this  clan  D  may  be  used  in  reaching  the  Leyte,  which  was  to  give  us  our   call for officers of the line to trans-
       this  school  into  No.  1  place  in  the  next  issue . .. Did  you  know  that  Chapel  area.  Av-enue  C  is  author- first  foothold in the  Philippines.   fer  to  the  Supply  Corps.  As  a
       United  States.  .  .  "Doc"  Petrik  George Ryan was, c9nsidered one of  ized for  walking · as far  as Theatre        member  of  this  branch  he  served
       reading  "The  Care  of  Your  New  the  best  car  docs  in  the  school?  No.  1.  The  route  then  runs  east   All women  returning from  shore   aboard  several  flagships  in  the
       Born  Baby"  during  free  periods.  Yep, he changed th-e  oil in his Ford  to  Theatre  No.  3  turning  south  in  liberty must take either intra-island  Pacific,  qn  one  of  which  he  wit-
       How  soon  "Doc,"  and  do  you  still  last  week  and  it  hasn't  run  since.  front  of the  theatre  till  it  reaches  transportation  or  the  special  bus   nessed  the  first  shelling  of  the
       want  triplets?  .. ,  Send  our  best  . .. Dorothy Bakits blushing about  Wave  barracks  square.  Fourth  which  leaves  from  the  San  Fran- Marshall  and  Gilbert  Islands  irr
       of  Bev.  .  .  Lt.  M.  F.  Green  now  her new hair cut. Why;, because she  Street may be  used for  travel from  cisco  bridge terminal at 2330,  0030  February,  1942.  Commander  Gist
       acting head of the  department and  cut  it  herself!!      the  band  circle  to  Ship's · Service  •or  0130.  Shore  liberty  expires  at  later  rendered  the  Navy  another
       Lt.  H .  Whitebook  just  back  from                       No.  2, an'd Averiue H  from the Rec- 0200 unless an overnight pass. Com- signal service when he helped com-
       Washington  with  the  latest  infor-  Mrs.  Box:  "Yes,  our furniture is   rea.tion  building  to  the  Post Office,  plete  details  and  information  re- mission  Moffett Field as  a  lighter-
       mation.                       very antique. This bed, for instance,   providing entrance to Wave square  garding  the  new  order  will  be  than-air  station.   '
       Gunnery                       goes back to Louis the Fourteenth.j'   from  the  rear.  Waves  returning  found in TADCEN Order No. 33-45
         Field  day  in  the  new  gunnery   Mrs.  Knox:  "Oh,  well,  don't  fe~l  from the  last movie  at Theatre No.  with its  enclosed  maps  illustrating   A  Virginia  kennel  with  dachs-
       shed  with  Evelyn  Zinc,  Slc,  and  so •bad- our whole living room ou ;_  1 will use island transportation .and  authorized travel routes for women  hund  puppies  for  sale  advertised:
       Thelma   Smith,   Slc,   swabbing  fit  goes back to Cohen the 30th."  !  must be  in their barracks  by 2315.  on Treasure Island.   Git a  long little  doggie.
            Male Call  by Milton Caniff. cr~ator of "Terry and ;the Pirates"  Crilled Chicken on Three-Decker~ Well Browned

             WHAT  ARE  ALL.   Tl-llS  I<.;  THE  1-llND  El-JD   WELi.., DoN'T-1..ET  IT FL.ING  You,
             You  6ENEl<AL~   OF- Tl-IE  PAY  LINE, MIS>   FIVE-STAR! ••• PASS  THE  WOl<:.D  Tl-lAT
             DOIN6 OUT  IN    L..ACE .•• AND  WE  <.;URE   I'M T05SIN6  A CHOW-DOWN TONloHT
            i  Tl-llS  l<AIN?   AIN'T  6ENEl<!ALS- •• TJ.IE   -EVEt;::YTHING  ON  SEPAl<:ATE  PL.ATE,!
                              FIIZ.ST TJ.112EE  e:,gADE-5
                              AL.WAY<.;  HEAD  Tl-IE
                               L..ETTUCE  DETAIL J
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