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                                     Service  C People  of
        Week!y Gym Schedules
            Gym  Schedule-No.  1     Jewish  Faith  to
          Skating-1300-1600 and  1800-  Observe  Passover
          Bowling-0800-2100.           Men  and  women  of  the  Jewish
          Boxing-0800-2100.          faith  of  all  ranks  will  be  the  wel-
          Ping  Pong-0800-2100.      come  guests  of  the  Jewish  com-
          Badminton-0800-2100.       munities  of  San Francisco  and  the
          Body Building-0800-2100.   bay area during the coming Jewish
          Handball-0800-2100.        holidays  of  Passover which  begins   CHAPEL   •   •
          Basketball-0800-2100       at sundown, Wednesday,  March 28,                     •   •    New Movie
          Volleyball-0800-2100       and  continues  until  s u n d o w n,   Divine  Services
          Trampoline-0800-2100       Thursday,  April  5.  The  traditional   Treasure  and  Verba  Buena  Islands   Schedule
          Tumbling-0800-2100         Passover  Seder  (pronounced  "Say-
          Judo-0800-2100             der")  opens  the festive  celebration                           MATINEES  SUNDAY
          Tennis- 0800-2100          of Passover with the reading of the                           All Three T.  I. Theatres at 1400
          Swimming -  0800-1500,  week   Haggadah,  literally,  narration  of
        ·days,  Warfare  Aquatics;  1500-  the events lea.ding up to the deliver-                      EVENING
                                                                                                               *  SHOWS
        1600,  week  days,  Offic·ers  only;   ance  of  the  people  of  Isreal  from                  All  Three Theatres
        1600-1800,  week  days,  Colored   bondage in  Egypt.                                           First  Show  at 1745-    Tr,easur-e  Island  Theatre  No.  1
        personnel;  1100-1500,  Saturday,   The  program  arranged  by  the                          -  Second  Show  1945  -
       · Recreational swimming for  Col-  USO-Jewish Welfare Board,  whose                                                      Last  Showing  T,onight
        ored personnel.              San  Francisco  offices  are  at  111                         (Theatre  doors  *  are  opened  15   "KEEP  YOUR  POWDER  DRY"
          Sunday- Pool secured.      O'Farrell  Street,  includes  group                                                       Lana  Turner       Laraine  Day
                                     Seders  which will  be  conducted  on                         minutes  before  starting  time,       *  *  *
             Gym Schedule-No. 2                                               Protestant           and at the end of  the first  show   Sun.-Mon.,  March 25-26
                                     Wednesday  and  Thursday  nights,  Sunday Worship  Services-0930 J>lld  ~03 0
          Recreational Swimming, 0800-                             Sunday,  Holy  Communion,  1130  (Chapel)   theatres will be  emptied of per-  "A  TREE  GROWS  IN
                                     March  28  and  29,  respectively,  by
        1600,  1700-1900,  2000-2100  ( en-                        Sunday  Worship  ServicA-0900,  Theatre   sonnel  and  refilled  with  those   I  BROOKLYN"
                                     Jewish  chaplains  stationed  in  this   No.  3.
        listed);  Saturday,  0800 - 1600,   area  as  well  as  private  Home  S,e-  Ca,tholic    wishing  to  attend  the  second   Dorothy McGuire   Joan Blondell
        1700-1900  (enlisted);  Sunday,   ders to which the men and women,   Sunday Masses-0630,  0720,  0820   show)
                                                                                                                                          *  *  *
        1300-1600, 1700-1800  (enlisted).                              (Chapel)              ,                                 Tuesday,  March  27
                                     who  so  desire,  will  be  welcome.   Sunday  Mass-1030  (Theatre  No.  3) :
          Recreational Swimming, 1600-  J ewish  men  and  women  in  the   Weekday  Masses-0630  (Small  Chapel)               "CRIME  DOCTOR'S  COURAGE"
        1700,  1900-2000  ( Officers  and   armed  forces  who  wish  to  observe   Weekday  Confessions-Daily  in  the  Small   Lost  and Found   Warner Baxter   Hillary Brooke
                                                                      Chapel,  Saturday  1400  to  2000.
        Waves);  Saturday,  1600-1700   the • Passover  holidays  in  any  one   Jewish                                                   *  *  *
         (Officers  and  Waves);  Sunday,   of  the  bay  area  communities,  in-  Saturday-Jewish Service--1300  Hospital   Gear  and  articles  bearing  the   Wednesday,  March 28
        1600-1700  (Officers and Waves).   cluding  s·an  Francisco,  Oakland,  Sunday  Service-0830  Chapel  Reception   following  names  have  been  turned   "THUNDERHEAD,  SON  OF
                                                                      Room                       in  at  the  lost  and  found  property   FLICKA"
          Boxing,  0800-2100.        Berkeley,  Vallejo,  Petaluma,  San
                                                                               Mormon            bureau, located in the Security Of-  Roddy McDowall   Preston Foster
          Body  Building,  0800-2100.   Mateo,  Palo·  Alto,  or  San  Jose,  Sunday  Study  Group-0930   (Theatre   fice  in Building No.  222. This prop-
          Basketball, 0800-1900.     should  speak  to  their  chaplain  or   No.  2.)                                                    *  *  *
                                                                        U.  S.  NAVAL  HOSPITAL   erty will be returned to the owners   Thursday,  March  29
          Volley  Ball,  0800-2100.   commanding  officers,  and  request
                                                                              Protestant         upon  proper identification.    "PERSONAL  APPEARANCE"
          Badminton,  0800-2100.     religious  passes  or  liberty  within  Sunday  Worship  Service-1000  Hospital   R.  S.  Palmer,  L.  E.  Owen,  R.  D.
          Judo-0800-2100             the  provision  of  circular  letters   Chapel              Pickard, Jack Munger,  Gene Hoov-       Stage Show
                                                                               Catholic                                         Two  Performances- 1730  &  2000
          Tumbling-0800-2100         go;verning  religious  observances   Sunday  Masses-0630  and  0900  Hospital  er.
          Trampoline- 0800-2100      issued  by  the  War  and  Navy  De-  Chapel                  Following  is  a  list  of  items  re-  *  *  *
                                                                   Weekday  Masses-0645  Hospital  Chapel                      Fri.-Sat.,  March 30-31
                                     partments.                    Confessions-Saturday 1800-1900 Hospital  ported -to  the Security Office  BB  be-
                                                                      Chapel                     ing lost:                            "HOTEL BERLIN"
       Naval Training                Technical  School,  NavTraCen,  San   PRE-EMBARKATION  CENTER   2  seabags  and  hammocks,  15   Faye Emerson ·   Helmut Dantine
                                     Diego.                        Daily Worship  Service-1430  Ship 's  Serv- wallets,  1  pass  book,  1  watch,  2   Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  2
       Schools                         Hite  returned  just  in  time.  This   ice  Library.     raincoats,  3  handbags,  1  peacoat,
                                                                   Christian  Servicemen's  League  -  1900                    Last  Showing  Tonight
       W-elc-ome  Visitors           week  orders  came  for  Robert  W.   Sunday                1  pair glasses.                     "THE  UNSEEN"
         Chief  Electrician  Karl  T.  Hash- Kempkes,  Slc,  who  has  been  cap-  Catholic   .
                                                                   Daily  Mass-1615  l:lhip's  Service  Library                Joel  McCrea       Gail  Russell
       man,  instructor  in  NTSch  (Gyro  ably   carrying  on  projectionist  Sunday  Mass  -  09U0  ·:;hip's  l:lervice  at  0630  to  0700  will  be  broadcast
       Compass)  for  two  years  until  his  duties  in  Hite's  absence.  Kempkes   Library                                             *  *  *
                                                                                                 by  the  Blue  Network,  originating  Sun.-Mon.,  March  25-26
       detachment  in  October,  paid  us  a  reported to the Receiving Barracks   WEEKLY  CHAPEL  ACTIVITIES
                                                                   Monday-Blessed  Virgin  Sodality  (First   in KGO, San Francisco. All person- "THE  SONG  OF  BERNADETTE"
       visit.  He  has  been  in  some  real  at  Shoemaker  this  week.   Monday  of  the  Month)  1800  (Small  nel are invited to attend this broad- Jennifer Jones   Charles Eickford
       action  in  the  Battle  of  Lingayen  Picnic,  Did  We  Say?   Chapel.)                  cast  service  as  well  as  all  others
                                                                   Tuesday-Wave Singers Rehearsal  (Chapel
                                                                                                                                             )f  'f
       Gulf sin.ce we last saw him:    'The  obvious  undependability  of   Reception Room)  1630-1800.   on Easte·r  Sunday. The Easter Com-  Tuesday,  March  27
         Fire  Control  graduate  William  the  weather  last  week  resulted  in  Tuesday-Miraculous  .Medal  Novena,  1830
                                                                       (Large  Chapel.)          munion  will  be  held  at 1130.   "WHAT  A  BLONDE"
       •W .  Joor,  of  the  December  class,  postponement of the NTSch picnic.  ·ruesday-Christ1an  Science  Group  1800   Catholic  Services   Leon Errol   Veda Ann Berg
       also visited the school. He returned  As The Masthead goes to press this   ( Chapel  lteception  Room)
                                                                   Tuesday  -  Holy  Name  l:lociety  1915   Following is the  complete sched-
       with  a  rating  already  earned,  and  week,  we  announce  with  fingers   ( Small  Chapel)                                      *  *  *
                                                                   Wednesday  -  Christian   Servicemen's  ule  for  Catholic  Services  during  Wed.-Thurs.,  March  28-29
       wearing the insignia of amphibious  crossed that this Sunday will be tp.e   League  1830  (Ch ape I  Reception   Holy  Week :   "FRISCO  SAL"
       forces.                       big day at Searsville Lake.  Please,   Room)
                                                                   Thursday  -  Chapel   Choir   Rehearsal   Monday  -  0630,  Mass,  Large  Turhan  Bey   Susanna  Foster
                                                                       (Chapel  Gallery)  18UU
       Farewell                      Weatherman!                   Friday-Wave  Singers  Rehearsal  (Chapel  Chapel;  1200,  Way  of  the  Cross,
         Ens.  Frederick  L.  Mulberry,  of  Fishing  Again           lteception  Room)  1630-1800                                        *  *  *
       NTSch  (Gyro  Compass)  has  been   N,aval  Training  Schools  person-  Friday  -  Mormon  Study  Group  1900   Small Chapel;  1800, Mass,  Sermon,  Fri.-Sat.,  March 30-31
                                                                       (Chapel  Gallery.)        Benediction- sermon  by  C.  J .  Die-  "SUDAN"
       transferred  to  duty  at  -Hunter's  nel  with  fishing  gear  must  be  be-  YERBA  BUENA  ISLAND   mer.              Maria Montez          Jon Hall
       Point, where he will continue in his  coming  a  common sight  along  the   Protestant
                                                                   Sunday  Worship  l:lervice--U93U  Theatre   Tuesday -  0630,  Mass,  Large
       · special  field  of  gyro  compasses.   coast. The avid fishermen last Sun-  Catholic                                    Treasure  Island  Theatre  N,o.  3
       Back  to  Duty                day  met  with  pounding  surf  (but  Sunday  hlass-0830  'l'heatre   Chapel;  1200,  Way  of  the  Cross,
                                                                   Sunday  Confessions  in  Theatre  Office  -  Small Chapel;  1800,  Mass,  Sermon,  Last  Showing  T,onight
         Frederick  L.  Hite,  Slc,  has  re- not  many  fish)  near  Half  Moon   U8otl
                                                                                                                                       "FRISCO  SAL"
       turned  to  duty  as  projectionist,  Bay.  The  breakers  are  reported  to   All  Service  Personnel  Are  Welcome.   Benediction-sermon by C.  J.  Keli-  Turhan  Bey   Susanna  Foster
       having   completed   a   ten-week  be  very  wet  when  breaking  too                     her.
                                                                                                                                          *  *  *
      '  course in the Sound Motion Picture  near!                                                 Wednesday- 0630,  Mass,  Large   Sun.-Mon.,  March 25-26
                                                                   At The  Chapel ...            Chapel;  1200,  Way  of  the  Cross,   "PAN  AMERICANA"
                                                                                                 Small Chapel;  1800,  Mass,  Sermon,
                                                                                                                               Philip Terry      Audrey  Long
                                                                                                 Benediction-sermon  by  H.  J.  Si-
       Duo-Awards Presented  At A. G.                                     Protestant Services    mon,  C.SS.R.                            *  *  *
                                                                     Chaplain H.  G.  Gatlin  will  speak                      Tuesday,  March  27
                                                                   on  the  theme  "The  Kingliness  of   Thursday  -  0630,  Mass,  Large   "LEAVE  IT  TO  BLONDIE"
                                                                   Christ"  at  the  1030  service  and  Chapel;  Adoration  of  the  Blessed
                                                                                                                               Penny Singleton   Arthur Lake
                                                                   Chaplain  Harold  V.  Bartz  will  Sacrament,  Small  Chapel  through-
                                                                   speak  on  "The  Kingdom  Without  out the day; 1800, Holy Hour, Large   *  *  *
                                                                                                                               Wed.-Thurs.,  March  28-29
                                                                   the  Cross"  at  0930  Palm  Sunday,  Chapel;  Sermon  by  C.  H.  Foltz,
                                                                                                                                      "THE  UNSEEN"
                                                                   March  25,  in  the  Chapel.  At  both  C.PP.S.
                                                                                                                               Joel McCrea        Gail Russell
                                                                   services the  Chapel Choir will  sing   Friday- 1200,  Way of  the  Cross,
                                                                   the  magnificent  "Lift  Up  Your  Small Chapel; · 1800,  Hour  of  Rep-  *  *  *
                                                                                                                               Fri.-Sat.,  March 30-31
                                                                   Heads,  O  Ye  Gates" from Handel's  aration,  Large  Chapel.  Sermon  by
                                                                                                                                    "A  TREE  GROWS  IN
                                                                   "Messiah,"  and  the  Wave  singers  F.  A.  Burke.
                                                                   will  present a  special  arrangement
                                                                                                   Saturday  -  1800,  Mass,  Large  Dorothy McGuire   Lloyd Nolan
                                                                   of  "Fairest  Lo'rd  Jesus,"  (Crusad-
                                                                                                 Chapel;  1400,  Confessions.
                                                                   er's Hymn).
                                                                                                 •  Easter Sunday- Mass, 0630, 0720,   VERBA  BUENA  MOVIES
                                                                     Special Protestant services in ob- 0820, Large Chapel; 0645,0900, Hos-
                                                                                                                                  Shows Start at 1715 and 2000
                                                                   servance  of  Holy Thursday  will  be  pital  Chapel;  0830,  0945,  Yerba
                                                                   held in the Chapel Thursday, March  Buena; 1030, Theatre No. 1, Solemn  Last  Time  T•oday  -
                                                                   29,  at 1930.  Holy  Communion  will  High Mass.
                                                                   be  administe•red  to  all  who  wish   Confessions-Daily  before  eve- Phillip  Terry   Audrey  Long
                                                                   it at this service.           ning Mass and after evening Mass.
                                                                                                                                          * * *
                                                                     Good  Friday will  be  observed  by   U.  S.  Naval  Hospital   Sun.-Mon.,  March  25  and  26
                                                                   Protestants  with  three  hours  of   On Good Friday, an organ recital   "HOTEL  BERLIN"
                                                                   meditation  and  prayer  from  1200  will  be  given  in  the  afternoon  in  Faye  Emerson   Helmut  Dantine
                                                                   to  1500  in  the  Chapel.  Meditations  the  Hospital Chapel  in  the Admin-  ' *  *  *
                                                                   on the  Seven Last Words of Christ  istration  Building.  Allen  Ga.stren,  Tuesday,  March  27
                                                                   will  be  conducted  by  Chaplains  E.  PhM2c,  will  present  a  program  of   "SNOW  WHITE  AND  THE
       ·WHEN  ARMED  GUARD  personnel  assemble  in  formal  attir-e  in  the  M.  Reighard,  R.  w. Towner,  H.  G.
        Recreati.on  1-ounge  it's  an  occasi,on .. And  the  occasi,on  which  pr-ompted       appropriate  music  from  Bach,     SEVEN  DWARFS"
       such  an  assemblage  recently  was  the duo-awarding  -of  the  Port  Direc- Gatlin,  J.  B.  McPherson,  C.  R.  Wagner,  Handel and  Gaul.  He will   Disney  Cartoon  Feature
       tor's cup and the P,ort Direct,or's Chartered Transport tr-ophy to _a  trans- Kelly, R. K.  Staley and H. V ..  Bartz.  be  assisted  by  Carolyn  Brown,
                                                                                                                                          *  *  *
       . port attached to the Armed  Guard  Center  ( Pacific)  under the comma,nd  The meditations will be interspersed   Y2c,  Mezzo-soprano  soloist.  The  Wed.-Thurs.,  March  28  and  29
       of  Lt.  Commander  B.  A.  Feiber.  All  speakers stressed  the exc-ellent  co- with  special  music  •by  the  Chapel   program will  be presented at 1215- "HAVING WONDERFUL CRIME"
       operati-on ,of merchant marine -officers and  men.  A short but spirited talk  choir,  quartet and  soloists.
       on  the  "civilian"  end  of  tr,oop  and  cargo  transportation  was  given  by          1300  and  repeated  at  1515-1600.  Pat O'Brien   George  Murphy
        M.  J.  Buckl,ey,  vice-pres'ident  of the  lines ,operating  the  vessel.  Captain   On  Easter  Sunday  the  usual  Elwood Gaskill,  Sp(W)2c, will pre-
                                                                                                                                          *  *  *
       J.  Y.  Danneberg,  Assistant  PD,  12ND,  made  the  presentation  of  the  0930  and 1030 services will  be  held   sent a  recital in the Hospital Chapel  Fri.-Sat.,  March  30  and  31
       Chartered  Tra,nsport  trophy.  The  Port _D!recto_r's  cup _was  presented  by  and  in  addition  a  ·.soec·i~l  Easter   Wednesday,  March  28,  at  1215- "THE  SONG  OF  BERNADETTE"
        Lt.  Commander  C.  E.  Odegaard,  Administrate-on  Assistant,  CharTrans ,   .   .   •  - :
        l..iason section . 0f the  PD office -of the 12ND.        .  Sunrise  Service held  m  the Chapel  1300.               Jennifer Jones   Charles Bickforq
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