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THE MASTHEAD, SATURDAY, MARCH 24,  1945              PAGE5
                                       more,  all of us  had a  great deal of
         Costs  $6.00  Per  Second  satisfaction in the fact that we had    Scenes  From  the  Newly  Remodeled  Main  Officers'  Mess          •  •  •
         To  Carry· on  American       contributed  in  past years to  make
                                       this  help  possible  to this organiza-
         Red  Cross  Work  ·           tion.  The  Red  Cross  was  our  rep-
                                       resentative,  actually  working  for
                                       us  to  aid,  cheer,  and  comfort  the
           One  evening  last  week,  several
         thousand  people  met  in  the  San   men in prison camps.
         Francisco Civic Auditorium to hear   Mention  is  made  of  this  phase
         eight  service  men  tell  about  some  of  the  work  because  it is  so  much
         of  their  experiences  while  they  in  our  minds  these  days.  That  is
         were  prisoners  in  German  and  only one of a  hundred types of serv-
         Japanese  prison  camps.  E  a c h  ice  which  the  American Red  Cross
         speaker  paid  high  tribute  to  the   is  rendering  in  this  war.  In  each
         work  of  the  American  Red  Cross.   piece  of  service  which  the  Ameri-
         The  general  conclusion  was  that   can  Red  Cross  gives,  they  repre-
         these  men  had  had  a  very  grim   sent those  who  cannot serve  them-
         existence while prisoners. However,   selves,  but  give  in  order  that  the
         there  was some  brightness  even  in  American Red  Cross  may serve  as
         the  gloom;  namely,  the  supplies  their  representative.  It costs  $6.00
         and  services  received  from  the  per second to carry on the  Ameri-
         American  Red  Cross  lent  a  little  can  Red  Cross  work.
         cheerfulness  to  them.  One  could   The  San  Francisco  Area  of  the
         not  listen  td  their  stories  without  Twelfth  Naval  District is asked  to                  ****
                                                                     250  PERSONS  may  n-ow  be  accommodated  in  the   enlarged  galley.  The  mess,  located  adjacent  to  the
         feeling grateful that there is an In- give  $36,500 for  the  American Red  new  dining  rooms  of  the  Main  Officers'  Mess,  which   tennis  courts,  re-opened  its  doors  on  Thursday,
         ternational  Red  Cross.  Further- Cross  this  year.       formerly  se·ated -only 50.  Another impr-ovement  is  an   March  15.
         "The  Gibson  Girl" - Air-Sea  Rescue  Unit                                               Main  Officers'  Mess         Still  Time  To  File
                                                                       s~~~                        Re-opens  with                For  Rooms  in  Berkeley

                                                                                  and              New  Schedule                 Naval  Housing  Proiect
                                                                       LOCAL  DEFENSE
                                                                                                     Keeping  pace  with  the  increase  Continued from page 1-
                                                                                                   of  officer  personnel  on  Treasure
                                                                                                                                 Island;   Frontier  Base,   Armed
                                                                       Captain George C. Tasker, veter-  and Yerba Buena Islands,  the Main   Guard Center;  Chapel, Barracks E .
                                                                     an  staff  supply  officer  and  one  of  Officers'  Mess,  located  next  to  the   This form will be completed by the
                                                                     the first officers assigned to Treas- tennis  courts  on  Treasure  Island,
                                                                                                                                 applicant and turned in to his divi-
                                                                     ure  Island, has been released to in- was  re-opened  on  March  15  after
                                                                                                                                 sion  officer  for  certification.
                                                                     active  duty  as  result  of  a  medical  undergoing  substantial  alteration
                                                                     survey.                       and  enlargement.  Among  the  im-  Applications  submitted  on  or
                                                                       Captain  Tasker,  who  was  as- provements  are  two  spacious  new  after  March  26  will  be  considered
                                                                     signed to Treasure Island in Febru- dining rooms and a  larger galley.   with all others whenever a  vacancy
                                                                     ary of 1941 shortly after the  island   No  breakfast  is  served  at  the  occurs.  Factors in  determining the
                                                                     was . procured  by  the  government,  Main Officers' Mess, which is more-  priority  of  assignment  will  be  the
                                                                     entered  the Navy in 1913  and was  over  closed  all  day  Monday.  To   total  amount  of  sea  duty,  the
                                                                     on  continuous active  duty until  re- bring  guests  for  the  noon  meal,   number of dependents,  and the  pay
                                                                     tirement  in  1939.           members  of  the  Commissioned Of-  grade  of  the  applicant.  P ersonnel
                                                                       During  World  War  I  he  served   ficers'  Mess  must first  secure  per-  may  at  any  time  ascertain  their
                                                                     as  supply  officer  aboard  the  USS   mission from  the management,  but   standing  on  priority  lists  by  con-
                                                                     Maine and later the USS  Colorado.  after  1700  they  may  bring  three   sulting  Lt.  H.  C.  Durkee,  station
                                                                     Just prior to his  retirement in 1939  guests. On Wednesday evenings the   housing officer, Room 123, Adminis-
                                                                     he  was  assigned  as  supply  officer   mess remains open till 2300 and on   tration  Building.
                                                                     of  the  Atlantic  fleet.     Saturdays  till  2400.  Otherwise,
                                                                                                   closing time  is  2200.         The  project,  located  in  the  area
                                                                       Captain  Tasker  was  recalled  to                        bounded  by Grove,  Ward,  and Mil-
                                                                     active  duty  in  1941  when  for  the   Other units of the Commissioned   via Streets,  and Dwight Way,  con-
                                                                     second  time  in  his  long  and  meri- Officers'  Mess  are the  Mess  Annex   sists.  of  two-story  buildings  con-
                                                                     torious  career  war  again - threat- adjacent to  BOQ,  and  the  Officers'   structed  like  those  in  less  ex-
                                                                     ened  the  nation.  In  the  dual  capa- Recreation  Building.  At  the  an-  pensiv.e  housing  projects  through-
                                                                     city  of  supply  officer  for  Naval  nex, all three meals are served daily   out  the bay area. It has no garages,
                                                                     Local Defense Forces and Training  except  Sunday,  when  only  break-  although parking spaces  are avail-
                                                                     and  Distribution  Center,  he  played  fast  will  be  served.  To  entertain   able.
                                                                     an  important  role  in  the  develop- civilian guests at the annex for any
                                                                     ment  of  Treasure  Island  from  its  meal,  permission  of  the  manage-  Rental  of  the  units  varies  with
                                                                     inauspicious  beginning  to  its  im- ment  is  necessary.  The  Recreation  the  number  of  bedrooms- one  to
                                                                     portant  current  status  as  one  of  Building  has  no  messing facilities,  three- and  is  adjusted  to  the  dif-
                                                                     the  nation's  major naval  bases.   and is closed on Tuesday. Its hours  ferent  pay  grades.  The  lowest  is
                                                                       The  veteran  officer  plans  a  long  are  temporarily 1600 to  2200,  with  about  $20,  the highest  $45.  Cost of
                                                                     rest  with  his  family  in  Berkeley  the  exception  that a  dance  is  held  utilities  is  extra.
                                                                     before  resuming  work  in  civilian  at  the  building  every  Wednesday   Units  are  basically  furnished,
                                                                     capacity.                     till  2300  and  every  Saturday  till   and have ice boxes, gas stoves, and
                                                                                                   2400.                         gas  heaters,  but  no  silver.ware,
                                                                               *  *  *
                                                                      Receipt  of  orders  assigning  him                        cooking  utensils,  linens,  blankets,
                                                                     to  overseas  duty  as  commanding   as  a  radio  electrician  in  the  Naval  and  floor  lamps.  A  community
                                                                     officer  of  a  squadron  of  mine   Reserve  during  the  last  war  and  building contains a  hall for parties
                                                                     sweepers  has  been  announced  by   has  also  been to  sea as a  quarter- and  a  game  room,  and  there  is  a
                                                                     Commander  John  M.   Wyckoff,   master  on  commercial  ships.  Prior  play  field.  Less  than  four  blocks
                                                                     commanding  officer,  Mine  F orce,   to  assuming  his  new  duties  afloat,  from  the  project  is  a  grammar
                                                                     Northern  California  Sector,  West-  Lt.  Commander  Saylor  is  attend- school,  and  two  shopping  districts
                                                                                                   ing  Precommissioning  training  on  are  nearby.  It is  also  convenient
                                                                     ern  Sea  Frontier.
                                                                                                   Treasure  Island.             to  transporation.
                                                                      Commander Wyckoff  has  served
                                                                     in  his  present  command  for  the
                                                                     last five  months.            COPS  TOURNAMENT  TITLE                       •  •
                                                                      "I have enjoyed my tour of duty
                                                                     here  very much and regret leaving
                                                                     this  command,"  the  veteran  naval
                                                                     officer  asserted.
                                                                      Prior to being assigned to Treas-
                                                                     ure  Island  Commander  Wyckoff
                                                                     had  served  four  years  afloat.
                                                                               *  *  *
                                                                       Lt. Commander Edward B.  Gam-
                                                                     ble,  Communications Officer of this
                                                                     command  has  recently  been  as-
                                                                     signed  additional  duties  as  Com-
                                                                     munications  Officer  of  the  Naval
                                                                     Training  and  Distribution  Center,
                                                                     Treasure  Island. ·
                                                                               * *  *
                                                                      Lt. Commander Robert M. Saylor
                                                                     has  been  detached  from  duty  at
                                                                     Section  Base,  Treasure  Island,  to
                                                                     assume  new  duties  as  executive
                                                                     officer  aboard  an  AP.  Commis-
                                                                     sioned  a  lieutenant  in  1942,  he  re-
                                                                     ported for duty at the Section Base
                                                                     and has  since  served  as  officer-in-  HARDWOOD  ACES-The hustling  Armed  Guard cagers recently  made
         THE  HOUR  GLASS  FIGURE  of  the  " Gibson  Girl,"  emergency  radio,   charge  of  a  sailing · yacht,  com-  a  clean  sweep  of  Commodore  Forster's  Invitational  Basketball  tourna-
         enables  the  user  to  hold  it  strapped  between  his  knees  so  that  the  manding  officer  of  a  large  patrol  ment  in  Shoemaker's  New  Drill  Hall  by  trouncing  Camp  Parks,  59-46
         crank  is  in  a  comfortable  position.  As  long  as  it  is  cranked  it  sends  yacht and as commander of a  task  and  hammering ,out  a  49-40  win  over the  Fleet  City  bl·uejackets  in  the
         out an  automatic  distress  signal  or can  light  a  small  lamp.  In  a  good   unit  on  patrol  duties.   cage  finale.  Conquerers  -of  the  tourney  foes  are  pictured  above.  Front
         breeze,  a  box  kite  holds  the  antenna  in  the  air  and  in  readiness  for         row-left t,o  right-Morris,  DeJulio,  Merchant and  Roberts.  Back row-
         calm  days,  a  balloon  is  packed  in  the  radio  kit for  the  same  purpose.   A bay area sailing and racing en-  left to  right-Lt. G.  A.  Marsh,  Lt.  (jg)  Bob  Anet,  CSp(A)  Harry Wine-
         The  ground wire is thl'Own  over the side  into the water.   thusiast for  many years he  served  roth,  Miller,  Evans,  Burris,  Rhine  and  Bailey  (see story -on  page three),
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