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                                                                                                    11,e  Island  Trotter
                                                                   ~ SEPTEMBER
                            .ASTHEAD                       l:f                                        What effect will the At omic Bomb  bomb  were  kept  in  the  dark  as
                                                                       DRAFT  QUOTA
                                                                                                    have on world peace?  ,;>    to  what  they  were  producing-
                                                                         WASHINGTON-The Navy to-                                 it  shouldn't  be  much  trouble  to
              Official  TreJ!SUre  Island publication,  distributed every Saturday without  cost to  the   John  J.  Healey,  EIVi2c,  Receiv-  conceal  the  secret  formula  from
              officers,  enhsted  personnel,  and  employees  of  Treasure  Island.  All  communications  day  slashed  its  September  draft   ing Ship. With a world police force
              and  contributions  should  be  directed  to  Th•  Editor,  Welfare  Division,  TADCEN,   quota  from  22,000  to  13,000  and   others.       ~
              Treasure  Island,  Snu  Francisco,  California.  Telephone:  EXbrook:  3931  Extension   having  a  weapon  like  the  atomic
              69.  The  Masthead  is  published  in  compliance  with  regulations  of  SecNav  letter  announced plans for  speeding the   bomb at their disposal,  the future   *  *  *
              of  May  28,  1945,  Bnd. is  produced  commncially  from  non-appropriated  Welfare.                                Ira  Sanders,  AM M 1 c,  Hospital.
              Funds  at  no  expense  to  the  Navy  Department  or  Government.  The  Masthead  is  a   release  of  personnel  ·eligible  for   of  all  nations will  be safe.  It will
              member of -the Twelfth  Naval  District Press Association,  the  Ship's Editorial  Asso•  discharge.               As long as we  control the  patent
             . ciation,. and  receives  material  supplied  by  Camp  Newspaper  Service.  Reproduction   not  only  prove  valuable  as  a
             · of  credited material  prohibited: without  permission  of  SEA  and  CNS.   It also revealed that it is asking  means to insure lasting peace, but   we will be in a  position to dictate
                                                                                                                                 the peace of the _world and there-
                                                                       President  Truman  to  revoke  the  also  for  the  further  development
                              COMMODORE  R.  W.  CARY,  USN                                                                      by avert wars. The aggressor na-
                      Commander U.  S.  Naval Training and Distribution  Center   executive  order  which . bars  re- in the field  of transportation. The
                                                                                                                                 tions  won't_ plunge  into  another
                              CLYDE  F.  BABB,  Sp(X)3c,  USNR         cruiting  of  men  from  18  to  38  atomic  bomb will  bring  about  an
                                        Editor                         years  of  age.  It said  it  could  re- entirely  new  fl.era  of  study  and   war with ·such a  horrible weapon'--'
                                                                                                                                 poised  again.~t  them.
                     -.-J    Rex  N.  O)sen,  Y2c,  Ass.ociate  Editor   duce  its  draft  quota further  if  it  jobs.
                                               '<                  ..  ~                                                                   * *  *
              Carolyn  N, .Brown,  Ylc,  Waves -Editor   Robert  H .  Perez,  B)f2c,  Sp~rts  could start recruiting again.   *  *  *
              J3ruce  A.  Werlhof,  PhMSc ...,...  Edw;a;rd, L.  Levit~.  SK2c -  Howard. Skidmore,  Y3c   Elaborating  its  demobilization   Robert  Hei.sler,  FC3c,  Pre-Com-  Jo.seph  C.  Snowdall,  CMoMM,
                                       1:~Pf rte rs  ,      · ·   ••  /                                                          Receiving  Ship.  A  powerful  club
                                                                       plans, the Navy said that by Sep- missioning. As long as one nation   is  now  in  our  hands  to  keep  the
                                                                       tember  15,  it will  have  in  opera- harbors ambitious designs for an-
              TREASURE  ISLAND,  S.  F.,  CALIF.,  SATURDAY,  Al::iG.  25,  1945                                                 peace.  If we  keep  the  exclusive
                                                            /, .. •:•'.   tion 18 separation centers capable  other,  there  will  be  wars.  The   control  of this weapon,  othef na-
                                                                       of  releasing 16,000  men  a  day  or  atomic  bomb  will  not  stop  this   tions would. npt da,re venture into
             ,JUST  PATTER                    Let's  Go  11.;ine       500,000 a  month if the need arises.  condition.          another  conflict:· . ..
                                                                                                              *  *  *
                                                                       Five other separation centers will
                                                                                                                                           ,·*  *  *
                                                                       be  set  up  for  Waves.       Thomas A.  Brunotte,  Ptr2c, Re-  Eugene  L.  Keenan,  RT3c.  If we
               (Statements and opinions herein are  the  return  to  conditions  of  peace          ceiving Ship. If we keep the secret
              those of the writer  and  are not to  be                  Maximum  Need                                            keep  the  formula  of  the  atomic
              con_strued  as  re.fleeting  the  views  of  will  create  problems  taxing  pa-  The  Navy  disclosed  this  week   of  the  bomb  we  can  contvol  the
             '·the  Navy  Department.)   ·   tience and control almost as great                     peace  of  the  world.  I  firmly  be-  bomb from getting into the wrong
                                                                       that  it  will  release  1,500,000  to                    hands,  peace  for  a  number  of
               The war is over .. .  and need- as the tensions of war. I  ask that   2,500,000  within  the  next  18   lieve  we  can  do  just  that,  and   years  will  be  in  the  offing.  No
              less  to say we are  going home- .the discipline which has served so   months.  The  Army  hopes  to  re-  thereby  have  lasting  security   nation would try to invade another
             · when, no one can say,  but we are  wen ,  to  bring  this  democracy                 against  wars.  If  the  people  who
                                                                       lease  5,000,000  within  the  next                       with the threat of this destructive ~
              going.  Thi? fiew ·Navy  point  sys- through  hours  of  great  crisis  be   year.    helped  manufacture  parts  of  the   weapon ov~r them .
             . tern  will  leave  some  of  us  maintained to  the  end that noth-  The  Navy's  September  draft                         .... *  *  *
              stranded for:  many, many months,  ing  shall  mar  the  recorq -of  ac-              military  commitments  permit.
                                                                       call comprises 10,000 men for the  Overseas  Service        Leonard.S. Youngs, RT1c,  RMS.
              but the  time will  come when we,  complishment and glory.that now
                                                                       Navy  and  3000  for  the  Marine                         What's good for the goose is good
             ·too,  will  be  headed in  that direc- belongs  to  the  Navy,  Marine   Corps.  The  Army has reduced its   Replying  to  criticism  of  the  for  the --·gander.  If  we  have  the
              tion.  We  will  all  get  there  much  Corps 'and- Coa~t  Gu~d."   draft  calls  from  80,000  to  50,000   Navy point system for not allow- .for.fi1U!~(  fcir  the  atomic  bomb,
              sooner  if ·'we  tackle  the  job  as-                   a  month. The Navy did not project   ing  credit  for  overseas  service,   what•·s  · to  prevent  other  nations
              signed  us with full  vigor and  en-  The  fact  that  Treasure  Island               Jacobs  explained  that  the  Navy  from  also  developing  the patent?
             ·thusiasm,  :So  that  those  now  on  and _the  cities  in  the  Bay  Area   its draft needs beyond September.   did  not have the  records in shape  The  peac,,e .of  the  world  lies  not~
                                                                       But  the  13,000  apparently  repre-
                                                                                                                                         ,.  ···  ,,. "  ·
              the  way  otit  may  get  home  and   have  been  completely  protected   sents  a  meximum  which  will  be   to  determine  how  many  men   with  a  "':.e~.I>~.q,·· ?~t _·rather  with
              then our chance Will  come.  If we   from  enemy  submarines  was   lowered  if  permission  is  granted   would __ be immediately eligible~- the cooperatioh'o(aJr'nations. The
              do  a  poor_ job  and  shirk  our  re-  brought  to  light  this  week  with   to  resume recruiting.   der  thIS  system.  He  ascribed  this  recent Unit~d Nations Conference
              sponsibility now it will o~y cause   the removal of the 6000-ton, three               to  the  secrecy  which  surrounded  ~as  the  beginning· of the  end  of
              the  time_ for  our discharge  to  be   and a  half mile long anti-subma-  Vice . Admiral  Randall  Jacobs,   the  m,_ove;r.ient  of  a  great  many  \vars.   ·   .  ·
             :pushed  further  into  the  future.   rine  net  off  the  floor  of  the  bay.   chief of the Navy's Personnel Bu-  Navy  men. ·  And  he  said  c.tttat •
              Let  us  all  ''get  on  the  ball"  and   The  net has  silently  and  secretly   reau,  said  the  327,000  Navy  per-  forniuiatior.i,  of  the  Navy  :~~int · 111111llllllll!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
             '. stay  there,  doing  a  much  better   guarded us from  enemy undersea   soruiel  now  eligible for  discharge   system  would  have  been  delayed   BLOOD   '---'
             :job than we have 'ever done before;   craft  since  December,  1941.   It   would  be released within the next   by  60  to · 90  days  had  ·the  Navy
             · so  that· w~,  too,  can  get  home   h,mg  from  1200  buoys  ·and  was   120  days.   waited  to  bring  overseas  service   Urge,ntly Needed!
                                                                         He  also  said  that  the  Navy's
             · to . our  loVJ,fi  ones.  The  Masthead   anchored  to  hundreds  of  14  to   discharge  point  score  ( 44  for  en-  records  up  to  date.
              will try to bring_ to you each week  25-ton  sunken  concrete  anchors.                 Jacobs  also  said  that  later  on   Blood  donors  ·are , needed  to
              fuU. details  . on  discharges  and  The net was: made  of steel cables   listed  men)  would  be  reduced  as  some  Navy personnel  groups will  bring the wounded home.
              other  impoflant news  concerning  spliced  together  in  sections  at                be  released  without  reference  to   Navy  officials  explained  more
              youf  present life in the Navy. Ac- the  Tiburon  Navy  Net  Depot.  S  ffl  b f   f   the  point  system.  These  will  in-  whole blood is now required daily
              curacy  in  reporting  this  news  is  Under . constant  pres.sure  from  CU  e U f  VS.  GCf:   clude aviation personnel, many of   than  for  several  weeks  prior  to
             .ou~  by-word  so  don't  believe  all  th,e.  bay's  five-knot  current,  the  o·  h   D t  F   whom would not be eligible under   the  surrender,  for  there  is  now---
              the  scuttlebutt  yoµ  hear.  SOW;~   net ...  at  various  times  snared   ISC  arge  a a  rom   the  point system,  but who are no   increased  movement  of _wounded
              may  be  true,  but nine  times  o'tit                                                longer needed.            ,   men,  some requiring almost daily
              of ten the  important facts  of the   ;::~~in:~;e~~:nt~t~a~f :o1!in; ·Tadcen Personnel Office   He  said  enlisted  men  and  offi-  transfusions,  from  hospitals  out
              story  are  deleted  by  the  story  timber  and  debris.  Up  to  ° Continued from page 1-  cers  who  had  been  c11lled  out  of   in  the  Pacific  to  the  'United
              teller.  Look  to The  Masthead for  ships a  week have passed through                retirement for active duty will be   States.
              your official  news.  .  .  .  Secretary  its  three  gates  near  Treasure  wise  eligible  shall  not  be  consid- among  the  first  to  be  released.   I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I II I I II I II I I I I II 1111111111111111
              of  the  Navy  James  Forrestal  Island,  and  as  many  as  10  ves- ered fully eligible until discharged
              made  the  following  statement  at  sels  armed  with  depth  charges  from hospitalization or treatment.
              the  close  of  the  war:  "All  hands  have  constantly  patrolled  and   Personnel in a  probationary pe-
           ,  of the United States Navy, Marine  guarded  the  net.  It took  a  large  riod  as  the  result  of  disciplinary  . WHATKNOTS blj-l(cl?IJ-
              Corps and Coast Guard may take  crew to maintain  the  huge  net-  action are not eligible for separa-
              satisfaction  in  the  conclusion  of  70  officers  and about 800  enlisted  tion  until  the  disciplinary  period
              the  war against  Japan and pride  men.  This  was just another large  has been completed.
              in  the  part  played  by  them  in  activity  right  outside  our  back  Release  May  Take  120  Days
              accomplishing  that  result.   The'  door  which we knew little  about,   In some cases it is necessary to
             . demobilization  of  the  Armed  and  another  story  that  now  can  retain personnel otherwise eligible
              Forces  of  the  United  States  and  be  told.           for  separation  for  reasons  of
                                                                        military  necessity.  In  these  in-
                                                                        stances,  commanding  officers  are
              HELEN  HIGHWATER                                          directed  to  immediately  secure  a
                                                                        replacement via established chan-
                                                                        nels.  Such  personnel  will  not  be
                                                                        retained  in  excess  of  120  days
                                                                        awaiting  replacement,  unless  the
                                                                        eligible  man  requests  longer
                                                                         Eligible  officers  who  desire  to
                                                                        postpone  their release must write   •suEJAR"T~TJ'ElfS'iJRGEJ.J  •
                                                                        requests  to  the  Chief  of  Naval   MARINE  WAS:.IES  l-llS  WA
                                                                        Personnel  via  official  channels.   OUT  OF  A PROBLtM  BY
                                                                                                       TAKING  IN  LAUNDRY ff
                                                                        Office·rs  intending  to  transfer  to
                                                                        regular  Navy  may  apply  for  re-
                                                                        tention  on  active  duty in the  Re-        MORE  PROOF OF 'CAN oo·,
                                                                        serve until they have made appli-           SEABtf:  EDWARD  E.  •
                                                                        cation for transfer.                        BOUR6AULT SC.3c. MAD&·
                                                                          In  releasing  personnel  eligible        '. A ''FOXIIOL& SIZE" .RADIO.
                                                                        for separation to  inactivP duty or         FROM  A SAFETV PIN, A
                                                                                                                    LOOP  OF WIRE,  AND  A
                                                                        discharge, preference in the order           RA'ZOR  BLADE/./
                                                                        of  return  will  be  given  to  those
                                                                        men who have been longest over-
                                                                        seas-afloat or ashore.
                                                                        Score  Will  Be  Lowered
                                                                          Further  steps  towarrl  orderly
                                                                        demobilization  will  be  taken  by
                                                                        reducing  the  score  when  condi-
                                                                        tions  permit.  All  forward  plan-
                                                                        ning  should  take  ac--"-0unt  of  this
                   "Good Thing You're  a First Class  Water Tender?"  ,   factor.

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