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                                                                                                   High  Work  Level  to  be  Maintained
                                                                      Directs  Resumption  of
                     CIVILIAN  PE.RSONNEL
                                                                      40-Hour  Work  Week  At  West  Coast  Naval  Activities
                                         mine  whether  the  absence  shall
             Facts  About Your  Job      be charged to emergency leave, or  For  Civilian  Employees   Due  to  the  need  for  maintain-  "At  Navy  yards,  o·rdnance  de-
                                                                                                   ing support of Navy forces  afloat  pots,  air  stations,  supply  depots
             Annual  Leave  Policy        to  absence  without  authority.
                                                                        Nearly 100,000 civilian employes  and ashore in the Pacific, a  large  and  at  other  Navy  facilities  es-
              Listed  below  are  the  main  Such  determination  shall  be  left   of  Navy  activities in the  Twelfth  and  continuing  job  faces  civilian  sential to preserving the fruits  of
             points cqnceming annual leave or  to  the  discretion  of  the  head  of   Naval  District  will  return  to  the  workers  and  service  personnel  in  victory,  there  is  no  prospect  of
             vacation  time  for  civilian  em- the shop or office  concerned.   40-hour  work  week  before  Sep- the  Navy's West  Coast activities,  any  major  force  r~duction,  al-
             ployees  on  Treasure  Island.  It is   Leave  may  be  saved  up  from   tember 15.   and  no  major  force  reduction  is  though  the  removal  of  the  urg-
             the  desire  of  management  that  year  to  year  until  it totals  sixty   A  directive  received  in  the  contemplated.   ency  of · wartime  demands  may
             wherever possible work Schedules  days.  After that only fifteen days   Twelfth  Naval  District from  the
                                                                                                     This was  the statement of Ad- permit  the  observance  of  less
             be  arranged  so  that  every  em- leave may accumulate in any suc-  Secretary of  the  Navy  said:  "All  miral R. E , Ingersoll, Commander,  strenuous working schedules.  Op- ..._,,
             ployee  can  have  his  vacation  in  ceeding  year.  Annual  leave  cred-  field  activities  take . action  to  re- Western  Sea  Frontier,  to  the  portunities  for  steady  · employ-
             line  with  the  policy  as  listed  be- its  may  accrue  to  a  total  of   duce  work  shifts  to  eight  hours  Commandants  of  the  Eleventh,  ment will continue for a  long time
             low.  Management  shall  make  ninety days.  In those cases where   where  not  _already  in  effect  as
                                                                                                   Twelfth,  and  Thirteenth  Naval  in  all  such Navy facilities -on the
             every effort to  do  this as long as  an employee has accumulated an-  soon  as  practicable  but not  later  Districts  Saturday.   West  Coast  while  working  and
             it  does  not  interfere  with  pro- nual  leave  to  a  total  of  ninety   than  two  weeks  from  this  date    living conditions will  steadily im-
             duction.                     days and consequently cannot ac-  (August  16).  The  basic  work   "Predictions on  the  adverse  ef-  prove  with  the  passing  of  war-
                                          crue  any  additional  leave,  every
               All  permanent  employees  shall                       week will  be  reduced  to  40  hours  fweactrof  the termination of the Jap   time  restrictions.  This  statement
             be oredited with leave at the rate   effort  should  be  made  to  arrange   not  later  than  September  15,  at   on   industrial   activities   is  supported  by  recent  advices '-./
             of  two  days  per  calendar  month   time  off  for  the  employee so  that   which  time work  in  excess  of  40  throughout  the  country have  ap-  from  the Navy Department."
                                                                                                   peared in the local press and been
             plus an additional one-half day in   he  will  not  lose  any  leave  due   hours shall be authorized only for
                                          him.  Such an employee  should  be                       broadcast  over  radio  networks,"
             March,  June,  September and  De-                         urgent  work  or  to  meet  dates  of   the  admiral  pointed  out:  "What-
             cember  to  employees  who  were   advised  by  his  shop  or  office  of   completion established by operat-  ever  may  develop  in  other  parts
             continuously employed for the en-  his annual leave status so that he   _ing  forces.  Discontinue  Sunday
             tire  quarter-year  ending  in  such   may  arrange  for  his leave.   and holiday work except for serv-  of  the  country,  it is  obvious  that
             months.  This  amounts  to  a  total   An  employee  who is  to  be  sep-  ices and real emergencies.   on the Pacific Coast these predic-
             of  twenty-six  (26)  days  per  cal-  arated  from  the service,  whether            tions are unjustified,  especially in
                                          voluntary or involuntary, shall be                        respect  to  those  activities  con-
             endar year. Temporary employees
             shall  be  credited'  with · leave  of   entitled  to  the  unused  annual           '  ducted  by the Navy in support of
                                          leave  standing to  his credit.   HQSPIT AL · NOTES·  the forces afloat and ashore in the
             two  and  one-half  (21/,) · days  for                                                                                           *
             each  month  of  seryice.  After  the                                                                                  BANKING FACILITIES
             first  month  of 'service  such  leave                                                  "That  job  was  by  nO'  means   WESTERN UNION
             may be credited at the  beginning   Public  Works  D~pt.   Dances  for  Patients       ended on V-J Day. There is still a   PosT OFFICE
             of the month in which it accrues.                                                      tremendous supply problem to  be
             War  Service  employees  are  not  Picnic  At  Marsh  Creek  Held  Every  Fortnight    met in connection with the forces   WAR BoNn OFFICE
             considered  temporary  and  earn                                                       that must be retained at the bases   All 4 services located in Bldg.
             leave  on  a  permanent  employee  Hailed  As  Huge  Success  At  T.  I.  Hospital  by  RC   that have been won and that will '   258,  Ave. H, near 4th St.
             basis.                                                                                 be  required  to  support  the  allied
                                            Despite  the  confusing  medley   Many temporarily disabled vet-  control  of  affairs  in  Japan:  Even   *
              :,During  the  present  emergency                                                                                         SMALL STORES
             period,  the  granting  ·of  annual   of  groans  and  exclamations  of  terans  here  can  pursue  their   when  most  of  the  personnel  and
                                          approval,  the  general  outcome  of  favorite  pastime  of  "twirling  the
                                                                                                    supplies  overseas  have  been  re-
             lea{re' has  been  curtailed  to  some   the  picnic  held  at  Marsh  Creek  light  fantastic."  Dances  for  pa-  turned to  this  country,  work will   Bldg.  215,  10th  St.,  between
             extent. ·Request for  annual  leave   Sunday, August 19, for the civilian  tients  are  held  every  two  weeks   continue  in  the  overhauling,  re-  Aves. Mand N.
             must _be made by the employee to   and  enlisted  personnel  of  the  in  the  hospital  classroom  on   converting,  and  maintaining  of   *
             his supervisor at least 24 hours in   Public Works Design and Admin- Treasure Island.   the  largest  Navy  and  maritime   TELEPHONE CENTERS
             advance.  Every  effort  should  be                                                                                                            '--"
                                          istrative  Sections,  was  rated  a   These  dances  began  last  Sep-  tonnage  in  the  world,  and  in  the   Recreation  Bldg.  263,  9th  St.
             made  to  give  the  employee  the
                                          unanimous  success.  Anyway,  the  tember and are now a  part of the   salvaging,  storing,  and  disposing   and Ave.  H.
             time  off  when  he  prefers  it,  so
                                          :>nly  "groaners"  were •those  indi- regular program  provided })y  the   of  equipment  and  supplies,  in-  Bldg. 174', 4th St. _and Ave. C.
             long as it does not interfere with
                                          viduals  who  had indulged  in that  hospital Red  Cross staff.  The last   cluding  surplus  aircraft  and   (Band Circle)
             the  operation  of  his section.  The
                                          most tender of sports-horseback  dance  was  Thursday,  August  16   ordnance.
             minimum charge for annual leave                                                                                                  *
             shall  be  one  hour  and  additional   riding.           from  1900  till  2130-and the next                        RAILWAY  COACH  TICKETS
             leave  shall  be  charged  in  multi-  With all the opportunities for a  one  will  be August 30.                     AIRLINE RESERVATIONS  ,
                                                                         Girls  from  the  Dance  Hostess  Cross-Word  Answers
             ples of one hour.            day  of  fun,  it's  no  wonder  that
                                          the  enthusiasm  was  at  a  high  Committee  of ·  San  Francisco                         TRAVELERS'  CHECKS
               Civilian  employees  will  be
             granted  annual  leave  in  one  cal-  level.  Swimming  in  fresh,  clear  Chapter Red Cross are brought to                INSURANCE
                                          running water and just plain hik- and  from  the  dance.  Refresh-
             endar year for vacation,  rest,  re-  ing to enjoy the scenery aided the  ments of ice  cream, cake, coke or          Bldg. 174, 4th St. and Ave. C.
             cuperation and personal business,   sports end of the picnic. The high- punch are  served by RC's  Cookie             Bldg.  221,  11th  St.,  between
             divided  as  follows:                                                                                                      Aves.  G and H .
                                          light in sports,  however,  was  the  Brigade. Music is furnished by one
               1.  Two weeks for vacation,  rest  baseball game;  the hearty young  of the island bands.                                      *
             and  recuperation. Such time to be  salts of the bell-bottomed trousers  Rose  Marie Show                              SHIP's SERVICE  No, 1
             taken  when  work · permits.  Vaca- featured  on  one  side,  and  the   Eight  members  of  the  cast  of            Bldg. 152, 9th St. and Ave. C.
             tion leave should begin and end in  stalwart  civilians  and  gold  braid  "Rose Marie"  visited the Hospital
             the  middle  of the week  wherever  as  their  competitors.  Naturally  Wednesday, August 15, and put on                         *
             possible,  because of  travel  condi- the  latter  team  did  not  stand  a  shows  in  three .wards.  The  enter-     SHIP' s  SERVICE No.  2
             tions. The two .week period will be  chance  against  the  rugged  sailor  tainment was  under  the  auspices         Bldg. 8,  5th  St., .between  Aves.
              charged as ten  leave  days in  the  boys,  but oddly enough\  the score  of  the  Armed  Forces  Entertain-                 MandN.
              case  of  per annum  and per diem  ended  up  14  to  3  in favor  of  the  ment Committee,  12th Naval Dis-
              employees.  For the  benefit of the  civilians and gold braid. Two who  trict, and presented by the Hospi-
              employee, 1t is recommended that  contributed  to  this  noble  victory  tal Red Cross Recreation Workers.
              one  week  of  this  time  be  taken  were  Lt.  Bennett,  who  really   Tom  Halligan,  emceed,  Melvin
              as vacation and the other week be  pitched  a  wicked  baseball,  and  Allen  and  Kathleen  Ellis  sang  The Wolf             by Sansone
              reserved  for  rest  and  recupera- Lt. Lenger, who caught same.   novelty  numbers.  "Indian  Love   Copyri1ht  1945  by  l.eoflard  S,nsone,  dittribut•d  by  C,mp  Newspaper  S.rvic•
              tion.                         What is a  picnic without young  Call"_ and  "As  Time  Goes  By"
               2.  Six  working  days  for  per- love?  With  spring in  the  air and  were  vocalized  by  Gloria  Curron,
              sonal  business.  Such  time  to  be  "Arky" Linebarger,  Sp(X)lc, and  while  Milton  Groff  did  some  ex-
              taken at the rate ·of one-half day  his  sorrel  topped  girl,  Carol,  no  cellent  impersonations.  A  dance
              per month or one full  day in two  one  was disappointed and  they're  routine  by Betty Schwab and Lee
              months.  This  leave  should  be  all  still sighing in  silent raptures  Dell had the bluejackets practical-
              given  on  days  other  than  Satur- over  this  amiable  twosome.  But  ly falling  out of their bunks.  The
              days·.  It  is  recommended  that  John  Henry,  Sp(X)3c,  our young  next  AFEC  show  will  be  August
              nothing less than a  half day's an- irresistible  casanova  had  to  turn  29,  1300 and 1530.
              nual  leave  at  a  time  be  given.  all  his  attentions  to  ;,Penny"  for
              During the first year of service an  one  day,  and  left  many  girls   coffee  and  cokes.  Lt.  Bullington
              employee  may  not  take  more  blubbering  openly  and  mumbling   gets full  credit for being MAA of
              leave than he has standing to his  something about "being cheated."   the grill and satisfying his hungry
              credit.                       TJ;lere  is  alway~  someone  to  be  companions  with  his  cooking  tal-
               Emergency  leave   shall   be   gossiI).e.d  about  in  whispers  after  ents.
              granted only when an unexpected   each  picnic,  and  this  time.  we   The picnic was set ahead so that
                                           point  the  guilty  finger  to  Jean  that bragging bum from Brooklyn
              emergency  prevents  an  employee
              from  coming  to  work;  such  as   Sawyer  and  Esther  Wood,  em- _:_Anthony  Calvanese,  Sp(X)2c,
              death in the Immediate family or   ployees  of  the  Pu_:tJlic  Works  Ad- could  parade · his  charming  sister
              critical  illness  usually  involving   ministrative  Office.  They  shame- Anna ,to  all  pr¢sent.  He  proved
              hospitalization  of  a  member  of   lessly  monopolized  the·  hobby  that something beautiful grows in
              the employee's immediate family.   horses on the· merry-go-round and  Brooklyn besides  a  tree.
                                           just  sneered  as  the : ·little  tykes   So  the  tired,.  but  contented  ad-
              When  such  an  emergency  arises,
                                           stood  weeping  their  poor.'  little  venturers  were  homeward  bound
              the· employee  must notify his  su-
              pervisor  within  two  hours  after   hearts out.        with full  stomachs,  aching  limbs,
              the  beginning  of  the  shift  on   The  hungry  enthusjasts . really  and  grateful ·.  hearts  ldr · F.  M.
              which  he  is  assigned  to  work.  satisfied  their  appetites  with  an  Shepherdson,  better  known  as
              Upon his return to work,  the em- ideal  picnic  lunch  of  hani,  ham- "Shep\  who  really  worked  hard '   "Don't  leave ... There's a girl  for everybody!"
              ployee shall be interviewed by his  burgers,  hot  dogs,  potato  sal~_d,  to  make  the . picnic  the  succE!ss
              shop  personnel  officer  to  deter- potato chips, cake, onions, pickles,  it  was.
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