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U.S. Naval Training and Distribution Center
        THIS -WEEN'S
        NAYY                      .}~J~~
                                   ~                  T                            ASTHEAIJ
     ......  ............ ,
      This  column,  to  run  weekly,  is
    intended  to  supply  you  with  the
    maximum  amount of  news  with  a
    minimum  of  detail.  The  Navy  is  VOL.  IV -  No.  29         TREASURE  ISLAND,  SAN  FRANCISCO,. CALIF.         SATURDAY, AUGUST 25, 1945
    releasing. quantities of  interesting
    information weekly.  We could  not
    print it all  if we  took  the  new  12  Treasure Island Civilian Employees Commended
    page  "Masthead"  .and  printed  it
    every  day.  In  other words  this  is
    not  a  full  meal,  but  we  hope  it
    will   serve   as   an   interesting   NIIJ'S IJ/11 II T TliEIISIJRE /SlllNIJ POOl  INTRODUCING -                   Fleet  Admiral  C.  W.
    weekly appetizer.
              *  *  *                                                                                                   Nimitz  Echoes  His
      If your five-year level policy of                                                    A New Masthead
    National Service Life Insurance is                                                      It is  with  much  pride  that  the  Appreciation of Support
    about to expire, you have no cause                                                     staff o{The Masthead presents to
    for worry. All such policies, issued                                                   its Treasure Island readers a  new   In appreciation  of the  splendid
  '-- before January 1,  1946 have been                                                  • streamlined publication. For many   service  of  the  civilian  employees
    extended by law for another three                                                      weeks  the  staff  has  planned  a   of the Navy shore establishments
    years without change in premium                                                        bigger  and  better  paper  but  due   in  this  war,  the Secretary 'o!  the
    charges,  unless  converted  to  one                                                   to  the  shortage  of  materials  and   N~vy  has  issued  the  following
    of the  three  permanent plans.                                                        personnel  it was  impossible.  The   statement:
              *  *  *                                                                      end of the war did not in any way   "The shore establishments of the
      No,  the  Navy  will  not have  to                                                   lessen  the  purpose  for  which  the   Navy  have  completed  a  magnifi-
    bring  home  the  greater  percent-                                                    paper is published, therefore after   cent  task.  In  a  very  real  sense
    age of overseas troops. The Navy,                                                      many  weeks  of  hard  work  and   they have been part of the fight-
    the  Army  and the  War  Shipping                                                      planning, we offer to you, the per-  ing  Navy  and  their  contribution
    Administration  all  have  trans-                                                      sonnel  of  Treasure  Island,  a   to the total Navy effort has been
    ports which they ope·rate coopera-                                                     modern newspaper.           immeasurable.  The  faithful  dis-
    tively.  Since  the  Navy  has fewer                                                    With  a  complete  new  format,   charge  of  essential  duties  by the
    of this type vessel than the others                                                    including  nothing  but  the  latest   personnel  of  these  stations  and
    it  will  carry  some  but  not  most                                                  in  modern  design,  The  Masthead   their zeal for the task resulted ,in
    of  the  men  returning  from  the                                                     will  be  published  in  two  sizes,   meeting every demand of our op-
    Pacific.                                                                               eight or twelve  pages,  whichever   erating forces.
              *  *  *                                                                      size  is  necessary  for  that  week.   "On behalf of the Navy and the
      Do you have  44  points?  If you                                                     It is  designed for easy and  quick   Nation I  extend to you employees
    do  and  will  be  discharged  soon,                                                   reading since we  know your time   sincere  thanks  and  a  deserved
    BuPers asked this week that you                                                        is  limited.                 'well  done.' "
    check  up  on · your service  record.                                                   New  features,  supplied  locally   Commodore  R.  W.  Cary,  Com-
    If you  have had duty outside the  WATER-MINDED  EARLY-S~imming  instructions  as  well  a~  a   and by the Navy's new Ship's Edi-  mander, U. S. Navai Training and
                ·           t  b  , whale  of  a  time  are  the  features  of  the  weekly  Saturday  morning          Distribution  Center,  is in  receipt
    U.  S.,  app_ropr1ate  entry mus   e  "Kid's  Day" at Gym  No.  2  pool.  From  1000 'till  1100 the  kids splash   torial  Association,  (SEA),  are   of  the  following  dispatch  from
    made  to  msure  the  payment  of  their way to  becoming  better swimmers.  It's a  lot of fu~,  as the two   being added for interest, The car-  Fleet  Admiral  C.  W.  Nimitz  in
    mustering-out· allowance.    aquatic hopefuls above can attest to. Children of both officers and en-  toon,  "The  Wolf,"  by  Sgt.  San-
              *  *  *.           fisted  men  are welcome. The only  fee  is  a  pair of swim trunks.   some,  and  the.  popular  comic   which  the  civilian  employees  of
      The  Navy  took  the  covers  off                                                    strip,  "Male  Call,"  by  Milton   the  Navy  and  Treasure  Island
    radar the  past week and also an-                                                      Caniff,  both Army artists, will be   were  highly  commended  for  the
    nounced  that  the  Navy's  air   Scuttlebutt  Versus  Fact:  Discharge                continued since  they have proven   excellent  and  efficient  work  they
    branch  will  celebrate  its  thirty-                                                  to  be  very  popular  with  our   have done in support of the Fleet.
    second  birthday  during the week                                                      readers.                    The  Commodore  also  added  his
    of  August  26.  The  big  stories  of   Data  From  Tadcen  Personnel  Office           A  new local feature is a  weekly   congratulations to the civilian em-
    naval  aviation,  up to now held in                                                    "Sermonette"  by one of Treasure   ployees on  Treasure  Island for  a
    secrecy,  will  be  released for  pub-  Scuttlebutt was flying thick and  more  will  not  be  transferred  to  Island's 25  chaplains. Many Navy   job "well done."
    lic consumption.             fast on Treasure Island this week  s·ea or overseas duty at this time.  items  of  official  interest  will  be   The  message  from  Admiral
              *  *  *            and  speculation  on  the  Navy's  However, such men may be trans- found  in  our  new  "This  Week's   Nimitz is quoted  as follows :
      Work  on  95  ships  came  to  a  recently   announced   discharge  ferred  to  other  shore  stations  Navy"  column  on  the front page,   "The Commander in Chief,  Pa-
                                                                                                                        cific Fleet and Pacific Ocean areas
    halt  this  week.  In  addition  con- formula  became  more  and  more  within the U. S.  continental limits.  column one. Cartoons supplied by
                                                                                                                        most heartily echoes the message
    struction on 160 smaller craft will  startling as it emerged from mess  Alnav  196     SEA  are  "Helen  Highwater",
    not  begin.  The  contracts  which  halls,  barracks,  and  wherever   In  a  lengthy  Alnav  communi- "Stalemate"  and  "Striker",  to   of  the  Secretary  of  the  Navy  to
    were  cancelled  are  ones  let  men  had  occasion  to  gather.   cation,  the  Secretary of the Navy  bring more  smiles  to  apt readers   the employees of the Navy's shore
    months  ago  in  anticipation  of   The  possible  effect  the  war'·  has  set forth  details  of  the  plan.  of  comics.   establishments.  The  officers  and
    heavy future losses in the Pacific.   end . might  have  on  the  Navy's  Application  forms  for  discharge        men who .serve in the· Pacific  are
              *  *  *            personnel  policies  was  also  the  under  the  system  will  be  dis-                well  aware  of  the  contribution
      Allotment checks will be mailed   subject of not a .few  huddled  dis- tributed  by  the  Personnel  Office       made  by  those  who  labored  at
    on a  temporarily revised schedule.   cussions.           here  only at the official  go-ahead   CIGARET RATIONING   home  and  they  too  express  deep
    August  checks  will  reach  the                          signal  from  the  Navy  Depart-                          appreciation  for  the  support  re-
                                   In  an  attempt  to  get  to  the                       STOPPED  HERE;  JIMIT
    mails  on  the  third  of  September,   bottom of a  few  of the  more  dis-  ment.                                 ceived."
    September  checks  will  be  mailed   quieting  rumors,  The  Masthead  Some  Rates  Excl·uded
    October  4  and  those  for  October   jotted down some typical bits and   Paragraph  10  of  the  Alnav   3 PACKS PER  MAN
    will be mailed on the fifth of that                                                      Cigaret  rationing  on  Treasure   T.  I.  Liberty  Suffers
    month. Thereafter monthly checks   went  to  the  Tadcen  Personnel  states  that  the  immediate  needs
                                 Office  to compare notes,
                                                              of  the  naval  service do  not pres- Island  was  abruptly  snuffed  out
    will  be  mailed  regularly  on  the                                                                                Sharp Curtailment
                                   Scuttlebutt:  All  men  in  Treas-  ently permit the discharge of per- Monday,  August  27,  the  Ship's
    fifth of the month.                                       sonnel holding the following rates:  Service  officer  announced.   Island  night  life  is  on  the  up-
              *  *  *            ure  Island  ship's _ company  are   Specialist  ( C )-Classification   A  limit of 3  packs  per man at  .swing  as  a  result  of  the  August
      Sign of the week seen on a  de-  frozen  in  their  present  jobs  for   Specialist  (S)-Shore  Patrol   one sale was promptly initiated to  17 order curtailing the number of
    stroyer  in  the  South  Pacific:  A   at least six months,   Specialist  (I)  -  Punch  Card  forestall  taxing  of  current · sup- men granted liberty. Liberty lines
    large red arrow on the ship's side   Fact:  Outgoing  drafts  at  Re-  Machine Operator   plies.  Men  about  to  go  overseas  have grown shorter for the fortu-
    below  which  were  the  words,  ceiving  Ship  were  halted  tempo-  Specialist  (X)-Key Punch Op- are  eligible  for  one  carton.
                                                                                                                        nate  ones  allowed  to  stand  in
    "This  way  to  the  Big  Carriers,"  rarily  until  the  war's  end  was   erator       As  soon  as  the  business  of  them,  but movie and Ship's Serv-
    an invitation  to now non-existent  official,  Status  of  most  men  in   SK(D)- Storekeeper  (Disburs- punching  cards  stopped,  the  line  ice  queues have stretched consid-
    Kamikaze. pilots.            ship's  company  was  in  no  way   ing)                  dissolved  just as  quickly.  Instead  erably.
              *  *  *            affected,                      MaM-Mailman                of  the  expected  rush,  there  was   In  accordance  with  the  new
      Your  guess  is  as good  as  any-  Scuttlebutt: Because ship's com-  PhM- Pharmacist Mate   just a  slow stream of cigaret pur- plan, fifty per cent of petty officers
    body's but the  Bureau of Person- pany  is  frozen,  men  subje_ct  to   HA-Hospital  Apprentice   chasers.         and  twenty-five  per cent  of  non-
    nel says that the probable size of  the September 30 shore  duty sur-  Likewise,  male  and female offi-  Tobacco rationing was installed  rated men are permitted to leave
    the new peace-time Navy will  be  vey will  be  held indefinitely.
                                                              cers  of  the  Medical  Department  here in May.  Its sudden end took  the  center  each  night.  Men  who
    five  times  its  greatest  pre-war   Fact: The September 30 survey
                                                              with  the  classifications  MC,  HC,  everyone  by  surprise,  including  have been reported for any offense
    P.eace-time  size.  The  Navy  will  is cancelled,  but not because  sta-
                                                              H,  Chief Pharmacist, and Pharm- the cigaret manufacturers.   committed  ashore  will  be  re-
    need  some  30,000  more  regular  tion  personnel  are frozen,  On the
                                                              acist members of the Navy Nurse                           stricted to the base the remainder
    Navy officers.               other  hand,  men  subject  to  the   Corps  ar~  excluded  from  point                of the month.
              *  *  *            survey  will  be  shipped  out  as   system  provisions  until  further
      They  don't  care  how  long  you  needed;  there  is  no set date.  The             Complete Service               Every liberty goer-both officer
    were  an  apprentice  seaman!  If  scheduled  September  1  general   Shore  Patrol  officers,  military            and enlisted- is required to assist
    you  want  to  make  a  third  class  detail draft has likewise been dis-  government officers, and IBM offi- Records .   shore  patrol  in  suppressing  dis-
    petty officer rating you  must put  carded.               cer  specialists  will  be  reles1,sed                    order  even  though  he  may  be  in
    in ·seven months of duty as a  sea-  Scuttlebutt:  Personnel  with  40   only  on  approval  of  the  Chief  of   According  to  an  AlNav  re- a  leave  or  liberty  status.  Shore
    man  (first  and  second  class).  or more  discharge  points will not   Naval Personnel.   leased by the 12th Naval District,  patrol  have  been  instructed  to
    Time  spent  in  these  two·• ratings  be transferred from  their pr~sent              it  will  be'  the  responsibility  of  place under arrest any Navy man
                                                              Other  Exceptions
    must  add  up  to  the  necessary  positions,               Men in hospitals who are other-  commanding  officers  that  all  en- found  in  possession of an  opened
    seven months  or the $_78  will  not   Fact:  Men  with  41  or  more                  listed personnel in their command  bottle  of  alcoholic  liquor  in  a
    find  its way  to  your pocket.   points  and  officers  with  46  9r  Continued  on  Page  2-  have ~omplete, s~rvi_c!!  records.   public  place.
                                                                                                                        ' .,
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