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      JAPAN:  OPENED BY IIDM. PERRYIN 18641 ~MASTHEAD,SATURDAY,AtiGUST                                                             •    ,,
                          ClOSED BY IIDM.  NIMITZ IN 194S'c!!!~~~~~n~l:s· s~~~~.~~~~;=tth~

                                                                JAPAN-Traitorous to those who  O       0               h shore.  Then  he  sees  that  he's  to
                                                                befriended  her;  sadistic  in  war;  5 00 Marines a Mont
                                                                mystic  in  Religion;  fanatical  in                      listen to a  talk over a  PA system.  1
                                                                Shintoism;  whose  policies .of  con-  Casual  Company No.  l, Marine  That  doesn't  make  him  feel  any '
                                                                quest  have  been  outlawed  by  Barracks,  Treasure  Island,  han- better because he figured that he'd
                                                                peace-loving  nations.   A  great   ·                     left PA systems when he left his
                                                                power  reduced  to  its  lowest  com- dles,  efficiently  and humanely,  on
                                                                mon.  denominator  by  pillaging  an  average of 5000  men a  month  ship.
                                                                militarists,  imbibed  with  the  lust  returnin·g  from  the  Pacific  war,   But  the  cigar-smoking,  stocky
                                                                of .domination.              according  to  an  article  by  Ser- sergean  ma3or who's making the
                                                                                             ,geant Norman Kuhne  in  the  cur- talk  knows ·a  few  tricks  with  a
                                                                                             rent  issue  of  "The  Leatherneck,"  mike.  An ex-radio announcer and
                                                                                             Marine Corps magazine.       e1it~ftaiRer  who  learned  how  to
                                                                                               Marine  activities  on  Treasure   gauge\:.iu9ience  reaction  on  the
                                                                                             Island represent but a small grain   vaudevi'l{e~circuit,  Sgt.  Maj.  Cole-
                                                                                             of  sand  on  a  vast  Navy  beach,   man  sool? has  his  listeners  con-
                                                                                             Sgt.  Kuhne  writes.  With  the  ex-  vinced that T.  I.  isn't such a  bad
                                                                                             ception of a  small guard and bar-  place after all.
                                                                                             racks  detachment,  Corps  op~ra-  There  are  a  few  of  the  usual
                                                                                             tions  are  confined  to  two  c~iia'.1  pre~iminaries  and  then  Coleman
                                                                                             companies for the accommodation  qtljcikly  Kets  to  the  part  of  his
                                                                                             of men in transit to and from the  ,vrelcoming'  address  that  brings
                                                                                             Pacific.  Casual No.  2 handles cas- down the house. It goes something
                                                                                             ualties  and  prisoners.  Casual No·.  like  this:  .,
                                                                                             1  plays  host to  the  great bulk  of' ·itiberty  Every  Night
                                                                                             Marines  moving  through  San   "Men, liberty goes he·re at 1600.
                                                                                             Francisco.                   You  rate  it every  night  and  it's
                                                                                             Traffic  Eastbound  Now      up  at 0750  the next morning.  All
                                                                                               Casual Company No. 1 has been  of your names will  be on  the lib-
                                                                                             operating  since  September,  1942,  erty list today  and  you  can, pick
                                                                                                                           .•,-su·  t  /~,>
                                                                                             and with few exceptions has han- Up::Y?,JJ liberty cards at the c_om-
                                                                                             dled  all  Marines  returning to the  pany office. at 1600. Men going to
                                                                A  SUPERSTITIOUS  people,  Japs  States  by way  of Frisco ·of  ship- San  Diego  don't  rate liberty,  but
                                                                regard  the  fox  as  sacred;  they   ping out through that pdrf 'rn the  they  will  bEl  on  their way within
                                                                built this  huge  idol  in  its  likeness.
                                                                                             early  days  of  its  operations  mos1;  24  hours."
                                                                                             of  the  traffic  was  headed  toward   The  man  who's  homeward-
                                                                Want to  Win 6  Grand?       the Pacific. Today the',direction is  bound generally  has these  things
                                                                                             reversed and outbound men make  in mind:  To get some greens and
                                                                Just  Write  a Book          up  a  ·s111all  portion,,.M  those  mov- ,dress  shoes,  to get his  pay up to
                                                                                             ing through T . I.  ·        .. elate,  to pitch some liberty and be
                                                                  New York_:Announcement was
                                                                made  of  the  United  Service  Book   :  With the experience <?f  handling  on his way to where he's going.
                                                                                             on  an  average  of  509.0  men  a
                                                                Contest, open  to past and present                          In the normal course of events
                                                                                             month  (in peak month'~:.the num-
                                                                members  of  the  armed  forces  of                       this  takes  about  three  days  at
                                                                                             ber has gone to 9000)';" Casual No.
                                                                the  United  Nations,  in  which  a   1  has  developed  it~-· job'  into  a   T.  I.  First step  is  drawing  gear,
                                                                $6000  cash  prize will  be  awarded   smooth  working  routine.  To  the   which  means  clothing.  That hap-
                                                                for  the  best  book-length  manu-  men  passing  through  Casual  No.   pens  in  the first  couple  of hours.
                                                                script,  fiction  or  non-fiction,  on   1 it's strictly an NCO show. That's   "They  take  their  time  about
                                                                any subject received  on  or before   because  the  commanding  officer,   clothes  and  you  can  get  a  good
                                                                June 30,  1946.  The winner,  whose   Major  Chester  R.  Milham,  feels   fit,"  a.  Private  First  Class  just
                                                                work  will  be  published  in  six   that the Marines passing through   back  from  the  Fifth Corps  said.
                                                                languages,   will   also   receive                        "And on three days a  week those
                                                                                             the casual company will feel more
                                                                royalty and film  rights.                                 wo~en  ( the A WVS)  will  sew  on
                                                                                             ·at ease  if their contacts are with   your   chevrons   and  shoulder
                                                                  If  no  entry  is  considered  suffi- other enlisted men. A staff of nine   patches free."
                                                                ciently  worthy,  the  prize  money  NCO's,  sparked by Sgt.  Maj. 'Bill
                                                                will be divided into six fellowships  Coleman,  keep  the  wheels  rolling   lwo  Flag-Raiser Handled
                                                                for deserving contestants. Thomas  at high speed.           Recently  Casual  No.  1  had  the
                                                                                                                          job  of  moving  out  a  platooff of
                                                                Y. Crowell Co., 432  4th Ave., New  Sergeant  Is  Mike  Artist
                                                                York  16,  N.  Y.,  one  of  the  spon-  When he hits T. I.  and gets into   dog handlers and their dogs. This
                                                                sors, will provide information and  his first  line the homeward-bound   posed some real problem~ since a
                                                                                                                          couple of dogs were liberty hounds
                                                                entry forms.                 Marine  is  likely ,.to  feel  a  little
                                                                                                                          and-when  they were refused per-
                                                                                                                          mission  to  go  ashore  they . raised
                                                                                                                          plenty of hell generally.
                                                                                                                          '  . The  dog  platoon  was  on  T.  I.
                                                                                                                          for about five  days and every day
                                                                                                                          the dogs had to be exercised.
                                                                                                                            Shortly after the Iwo Jima op-
                                                                                                                          eration,  Casual No.  1  had its real
                                                                                                                          "rush"  assignment.  That  was  to
                                                                                                                          get  a  man  processed  and  on  his •
                                                                                                                          way  within  20  minutes.  He  was
                                                                                                                          Pfc Rene Gagnon, one of the men
                                                                                                                          who  took part in  the flag  raising
                                                                                                                          on  Suribachi  and  who  had  been
                                                                                                                          ordered  back  to  Wasliington  for
                                                                                                                          various official functions.
                                                                                                                          Men  on  Two  Hours'  Notice
                                                                                                                            During  the  day  every  man  in
                                                                                                                          the  casual  company  is  on  two
                                                                                                                          hours'  notice  to  ship, out  in  the
                                                                                                                          direction that he is going.  Conse-
                                                                                                                          quently, he has to stand by around
                                                                                                                          his barracks,  take showers,  write
                                                                                                                          letters,  read  letters  or figure  out
                                                                                                                          some new ways of killing time. If
                                                                                                                          he hasn't had the word to ship by
                                                                                                                          1600, he's free to take his liberty ..
                                                                                                                            When he;s  ready to ship out. of
                                                                                                                          Casual No. 1,  the average Marine
                                                                                                                          will  have  his  clothing,  pay  and
                                                                                                                          other·  records  up  to  date.  H~'ll
                                                                                                                          have  orders  to  his  home  or  new
                                                                                                                          station.  And,  while  he  will  have·
                                                                                                                          seen  few o.f the wheels go  'round
                                                                                                                          that make T. I. operate, he'll real-
                                                                                                                          ly  be  thankful  that  they  turned
                                                                                                                          in high  gear.

                                                                                                                            You  haven't  had  a  real  hang-
       NAGASAKI,  MAJOR  CITY  of  Kyushu,  in  the  south·ernmost  Jap·  H l,ROH ITO,  IDOL' OF  SHINTOISM-Will  popu.lar  suffrage  remove   over  until . you  can't  stand  the
       home  islands,  was  the  second  target  o.f  Atomic  Bomb.  This  shipyard  this last symbol of aggressive' Japan?  Adm: Halsey  has a  new saddle
       was  leveled.                                             for  the  white  horse.                                  noise made by the Bromo-Seltzet.
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