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THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  AUGUST  18,  1945         PAGE  7
    Radio  Materiel  School         The Wolf                                by Sanso_ne
                                                      by C,mp  Newspaper Sen".C.              This  Week  It's  Fish,
    Carry  On
      The  long-awaited  day  is  finally                                                     Dogs  and  Pay  Checks          BMlc  at Station  Dance:  "Yes,  I
    here and RMS may well feel proud                                                                                        love  dancing.  Guess  it's  in  my
    of its contribution towards the ulti-                                                     At  Public Works              blood."
    mate  victory.  The  number  of  men
                                                                                                Civilian  personnel  at  Public   Wave:  "Then you must have bad
    who have gone  through this· school                                                                                     circulation. It hasn't gotten to your
    and  taken  their places  in  the  fleet                                                  Works have  had a  busy week.  One   feet  yet."
                                                                                              man,  a  plumber  quarterman,  has
    and  at  ~advanced  bases,  well-
                                                                                              devised a  new method for catching       *  *  *
    equipped physically and profession-                                                       fish.  He  drives  his  car  up  a  bank,   Asked  about  his  battle  experi-
    ally,  has  proven that conscientious                                                     turns  on  the  radio,  gets  out  his  . ence,  a  GI returnee summed up the
    study  and  application  has  been  its                                                   lunch,  picks  up  his  pole  and  with  situation  with:  "I  killed  just  as
    own  reward.  However,  now  that                                                         the  line  trailing  in  the  water,  re- many  of  the  enemy  as  they  did
    victory  is  ours  there  should  be  an                                                  laxes  and  waits  for  a  bite.  Only  of me."
    added incentive to students to apply                                                      drawback  is  that  so  far  he  has
    themselves  to  studying more ardu-                                                                                                *  *  *
    ously  for  there  is  still  a  job  to  be                                              caught no fish.                 Bargain Sale:  A  commando raid
    done. Everyone is subject to service                                                      '  Joiner Paul Maffein lost his tool- with  bloomer;:;.
                                                                                                                                       *  *  *
    for  six  months  aft-er  the  duration                                                   box  and  put  some  bloodhounds  on
    and  it  is  in  the  inte·rest  of  each                                                 the  trail.  Since  dogs  eat  meat,  he   "I  don't  need  none!"  said  the
    man  to avail  himself of the  oppor-                                                     provided  them  with  steaks  for  en- lady of the house, befo,re  the sales-
    tunity  to  still  be  of  service  to  the                                               couragement.  Conclusion  was  that  man had opened  hi.s  mouth.
    United 'States Navy. A  recent arti-                                                      the  dogs  were  no help,  while  they   "How  do  you  know?"  he  re-
    cle  taken  from  a  New York  paper                                                      ate  the  steaks  he  found  the  tool- torted.  "I  might  be  selling  gram-
                                                                                              box- where  he  had  left  it.   mars."
    states  "the  Navy  is  planning  a                                                         Public  Works  pay  checks  are
    post-war strength of 50,000 o~cers                                                        being handed out at 4 p.m.  on Fri-      *  *  *
    and  500,000  men  maintained  by                                                                                         Ration  Board:  "What's the mat-
                                                                                              days  now.  If you  come to the win-
    voluntary_ enlistment and universal                                                       dow  before  that time  you  cause  a   ter  with  your  tires?"
    military  training."   It is  obvious       "You  have  some  very annoying  habits!"     bottle-neck  in  the  whole  process.   Motorist:  "The  air  is  beginning
    that  radio  technicians  are  still                                                                                    to  show  through."
                                                                                              If the timekeeper must stop to talk
    needed  and  will  continue  to  be                                                                                                *  *  *
     needed.                                                                                  to you  she cannot hope  to get you   Just how long the Japs could last
      For information to all hands the  and the organization is contemplat- honor of competing in the Commo-  your check on time. Wait until four   was not a  matter of months, weeks,
     following  is  quoted  from  a  recent  ing a  monthly visit to RMS.   dore's  Trophy  Cup  championship.   o'clock  and  give  both  the  other   days or even hours. It was a  matter
                                                                                              fellow,  the timekeeper and yourself
     Alnav:  "Commanding  officers  are  RMS  Boxing  Smoker    Our  own  welfare  department  will                         of Nimitz.
     authorized  to  discharge  reservists   In  accordance  with  its  plans  to  furnish  th e  fu nd s  to  run  off  our   a  break.   *  *  *
     in  the  RT  and  ART  rating except  hold a  monthly boxing smoker, the  tourney. It is requeS t ed  th at all men   Frank  Shields  has  lost  his  dog!   During  an  unusually  heavy  air
     those  holding  temporary  warrants  welfare and recreation department  who have  not already signed up  to   She  is  a  black  and  white  cocker   raid  a  London  warden  ran  to  the
     and commissions-for immediate re- has  chosen  Tuesday,  August  28,  do  so immediately with  N.  J.  Bar-  spaniel,  and Mr.  Shields would  ap-  opening  of  a  shelter  and  called,
     enlistment in  the regular Navy for  to  present  the  August  boxing  tosic, Sp(A)2c in Barracks 25  dur-  preciate  your  help  in  getting  her   "Are there  any expectant mothers
     four years.  Applicants must be  ad- smoker with a  program full of fast  ing  th eir  military period.  We  plan   back.  He  may  be  reached  at  Ex-  in here?"
     vanced Radio Materiel School grad- moving bouts and entertainment. A  to run our tournament so that each   tension 139.   After  a  brief  pause  a  feminine
     uates  between  ages  of  18  and  31,  card of 7 all-star bouts will be sup- participant will  be competing with   Public Works personnel will have  voice  replied:  "Hard to  say,  we've
     well  qualified professionally, physi- ported  by  the  Mahlon  Twins  who  every other man included. The win-  a  chance  to  become  Blood  Donors   only  been  down  here  for  a  few
     cally  qualified  in  accordance  with  will  fight  a  return  engagement.   ner will  be  the  individual  who  has   this  Friday,  August  24.   If  you  minutes."
                                                                                              wish  to  give  your  blood,  will  you
     Medical  Department Manual,  with   Boxing  fans  who  attended  the  the  highest  total  number  of  pins
                                                                                               sign  up  before  Wednesday,  Au-       *  *  *
     good  conduct  records.  Reenlist- last smoker are looking forward to  totaled  over  a  period  of  twelve              Would  somebody  tell  the  mess
                                                                                              gust  22?
     ments  shall  be  in  permanent  rate  a  repeat  performance  from  many  lines.  The  top  eight  men  will  be      cooks that we  don't mind  bones in
                                                                                                Last  but . not  least  is• a  farewell
     held  at  time  of  discharge.  Imme- of  the  contestants  to  provide  an  used  in  the  Commodore's  Trophy        our  chicken  soup  but  don't  you
                                                                                               note to Frank Bartalini, electrician
     diate  advancement  to  temporary  evening  of  knockdowns.  Forty  Cup Championship.   '                               think it's carrying it a  bit far when
                                                                                              leadingman.  Frank  i.s  going  into
     rate  held  at time  of discharge  au- minutes  of  professional  vaudeville,  RMS  Volleyball   business for  himself,  and  his  abil-  we  find  the  feathers,  too?
     thorized."                    including acrobatics, singers, danc-  With the interest of a  big league
                                                                                               ity  and  personality will  be  missed   *  *  *
     Jam  S~sion                   ers,  and music will provide an eve- game, Company 69B defeated Com-                       Milton  Berle's  slogan  for  blood
                                                                                               at Public Works.
       In  their  first  appearance  on  the  ning  full  of  entertainment.  All  pany 70A for the RMS Regimental           donors:  "If you can't  be a  private,
     island, the Alameda Naval Air Sta- hands  are  urged  to  remember  the  Volleyball  Championship  on  Tues-            be  a  corpuscle."
    /  tion  Orchestra  headlined  a  vaude- date and attend the program which  day,  August  7,  1945.  We·aring  the                 *  *  *
     ville  show  Monday  night  at  the  promises to provide plenty of sport  victor's  laurels  are  the  following   More  Ships  Available   Husband:  "Let's  have  !Orne  fun
     RMS auditorium. Their jive-packed  and fun.                 men: Reynolds, H.K. ; Oren, W.W.;   With  New  Navy  Tools   tonight."
     aggregation  provided  a  "strictly  RMS Tennis Tournament   Mullins,  R.  K.;  Seal, H. R.;  Lee,  A.                   Wife:  "O.K., and if you get home
     hep"  program.  Musical  director  of   The  finals  for  the  Commodore's  E.;  Mercaldi,  W.  B.  (Captain);   The  Treasure  Island  Industrial  before  I  do,  leave  the  hallway
     the band, Bill Phillips, CMus,  acted  Tennis Tournament were played off  Schoner,  H.  M.;  and McMorran, ;r.   department has worked for the past   light on."
     as MC. In civilian life Bill was con- August  10  against  the  keen  oppo- C.  RMS has  really become a  "hot  months with only one objective-to   *  *  *
                                                                                                                              Many a  plea fo-r  leave is sound-
     nected with the film industry. Many  sition  of  N.A.A.  The  teams  were  bed" for  volleyball.  In the  recently  get more ships to points where they
                                                                                                                             just sound.
     big-time orchestras are represented  well  matched,  but  RMS  came  out  completed  Double  Round  Robin  are  needed  in the  least  amount of
     in  the  outfit,  which  demonstrated  on top again under the able coach- Volleyball  tournament,  coached  by  time.             *  *  *
     considerabl-e  talent  among  its  in- ing  of  CSp(A)  Caslavka  and  CSp(A)  Paige,  ~ "hich  started  on   One of the important divisions of   Daffynition  of  the  Week:  Opti-
     strumentalists,  highlighted  by  a  CSp(A)  Harkins.  It was  a  clean  _June  18  and  last~d  until  July  17,  this activity is the shaping depart;   mist- A  crossword  puzzle fan who
     resounding  drum  solo.       sweep  with  RMS  taking  the  two  a  total  of  52  teams,  consisting  of   ment.  Its  job  is  to  cut  and  shape   starts  out  with a fountain  pen.
       Real  applause  greeted  the  offer- singles  matches  along  with  the  416  players,  played  for  eight  see- steel to fit  the  needs of  repair and   *  *  *
     ings of  Claire McCormack and her  doubles.                 tion  championships . . A  total  of 288  maintenance  men.  These  workers   Schoolboy  answers·  to  examina-
     "sophistication in  song,"  while  the   Dougherty,  J.  G.,  RT3c,  Co.  85,  contests  were  scheduled  with  a   were  without  tools  for  many  tion: "Your legs is what if you ain't
     graceful acrobatics of Irene Crom- winner of the RMS Singles Tourna- total  of 570 games played.   months  and  had  to  rely  qn  elbow  got two pretty good ones you can't
     well  held  the  audience  breathless.  ment,  took  his  match  after losing  RMS  Softball   '   grease  and  ingenuity  when  equip- get  to  first  base  and  neither  can
     A  magical touch was added by Bill  the first  set,  4-6,  6-3,  6-3.  Hines, V.   In the second half of the Ameri- ment was hard to get.   your  sister."
     Sweeney,  who,  after  obtaining  a  M.,  RT3c,  Co.  70,  won  out  with  a  can  Softball  League  RMS  suffered   They have recently acquired two
     "volunteer"  from  the  audience,  6-2,  6-1,  clinching  the  singles.  The  a  setback  at th~  hands  of Tadcen.  drill presses, large and small shears,
     managed  to pull  a  pair of  unmen- doubles team, consisting of Gordon,  In  spite  of  twc>  homers  and  two  knuckler,  rolls,  punch  presses  and
     tionables  from  the  sailor's  jumper.  F.  L.,  RT3c,  Co.  79,  and  Glaves,  J.  3-base hits, Tadcen nosed out ahead  the tools to make the previous work  Recognize& Remember
       Harmonica  artist .Ted  Waldman  V.,  Slc(RT),  Co.  90,  made  off  by  the score  of  6 5,  In  the  second  of hours,  a  matter of minutes. The
                                                                               7                                                    this  Emblem
     proved  very  versatile  with  the  in- with  the  doubles,  6-2,  6-0,  placing  game played,  R~~ had no trouble  new  equipment  went  to  work  on
     strument,  which  was  an  excellent  RMS  one  trophy higher in  the  rec- at all  in  beating Frontier Base  by  the rehabilitation of the famous old
     medium  for  projecting his  comical  reational  sports  program.   the  score  of  3-1).  Stevens,  our  Delta King  and  Delta Queen.  Fre-
     stage   personality.   The   "Two  RMS  Bowling  Tournament   pitcher,  was  almost  untouchable  quently  on  shears  and  press  as
     Jynxes,"  songstresses  and  panto-  Radio Materiel School has taken  and  there were  no  threats  of  runs  many as 1,000 cuts were made and
     mime experts pmvided an amusing  on a  much  brighter outlook for all  in  any  inning.  RMS  got  all  their  shaped,  and  if  you  talk  the  steel
     sequence of popular melodies. Their  of its sport enthusiasts  as  now we  runs in the second inning and since  language  this  spells  achievement.
     slapstick   harmonizing   brought  are in the midst of one tournament  both  teams  played  errorless  ball   The new tools are on the job and   It  means  the  wearer  has  an
     many encoz,es.                after  another.  We  have  just  com- there were  no more scoring oppor- they  are  only  one  more  way  to
                                                                                                                                honorable  discharge  from the
       Bandleader Phillips and his gang  pleted a  tennis tournament and will  tunities.  Hylton, Honissen, Laurens  help the Industrial division  sustain
                                                                                                                                    U.  S.  Armed  Forces
     pres~nt  a  new  show  each  month  now plunge into  a  bowling tourna- and Wise are the mainstays of the  their hard-won record of efficiency.
     within their  tour of  naval  stations  ment. It is e}!:pected that more than  team  and  the  rest  of  the  team  is
     throughout California and Nevada,  50  men  will  participate  for  the  rounding  into  a  well-knit  unit.   "Send  The  Masthead  Home"
           Male Call                          by Milton Caniff, creator of "Terry and the Pirates';

                            YE:5; SIR, YOU  KNOW   NO  SHADOW BOXIN'  P~ELIMINAl</E-5   . WELL, '7Hf:  SLIDES. INTO   URE-~UT  WI-I   THAT~  THE  KIND THE
                            HOW  IT IS •••  YOU'RE   -51-!E~  FULLY  PACK.ED  AN' WEA/2.IN'   Cl.05E ORDER  WIT/-/  YOU   OULD  A D1':EA   OTl-!Eg  eiLJYS  ALWAYS
                            SNOOZIN' AWAY  AND     SOMETI-IIN' 50FT  AN'cooL WUICH   - THEN  ·you'.~.E  FEEL! N  1   T/.JAT  MA   TALK  ABOUT!  I  KfEP
                            Tl-115  BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL   YOU  CAN'T  'GEE  THl<OVeiH1 sur   I.IKE  85'  PolNT5 ••• AND,oH,          D/Z.EAMIN'  I  JUST
                            DOLLIE  5HOW5  UP  IN   Wl-llCH  Ybu · CAN  T-ELL  BY  THE   SOY,  5/R ••• YOU  FOLLOW               fLUNKfD  THE  FIFTH
                               fULL  COL..OIZ. •••   WAY  ~l-lE  £.J PPLES  HER      ME/  DON'T  Yoo, 51g, '?                    GRADE  A0AIN -AN'
                                                              You  KNOW  __ M_M_I-I_M ..... ,
                                                    El.BOW? -
                                                                                                                                   I'M  SIC/:::  OF  IT f
                                            -=·     WHAT  r  MEAN,S/R?   0O -oN;.;
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