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PAGE  8        THID  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  AUGUST  18,  1945

       lllt1medt1 Has Vt111devllle Sl,ow Ill RMS                   Stude.nt  Finishes            Yeomen Wed /It Cllt1pel       Benefits Off ice lists
                                                                   Landscape  Project                                          Eligibles For

                                                                   At  Y.B.  Dispensary                                        Family Allowance
                                                                     When  the  newly - constructed                              Under  the  Servicemen's  Depend­
                                                                   Yerba  Buena dispensary was open­                           ence  Allowance  Act  of  1942,  as
                                                                   ed last  summer  it  marked the only                        amended,  family  allowances  are
                                                                   sign  of  life  atop  the  barren  Goat                     payable  to  dependents  of  enlisted
                                                                   Hill.  The  land  upon  which  it  was                      men up to and including chief petty
                                                                   constructed  was  so  hard  it  almost                      officer  in  the  Navy.
                                                                   resembled  gravel.                                            Class  "A"  dependents include the
                                                                     The  senior  medical  officer,  ·Lt.                      wife,  the  divorced  wife,  and  the
                                                                   Commander W. H.  Scions,  called in                         child  or  children  of  servicemen.
                                                                   landscape   architect  Lt.  W.  L.                          Child or children include legitimate,
                                                                   Davies.  To  the  lieutenant  it  looked                    adopted,  or  stepchildren,  and  chil­
                                                                   like the ideal project with which  to                       dren to whom the man has stood in
                                                                   grade his proteg-e,  Arthur E.  Flem­                       parental  relationship  for  twelve  or
                                                                   ing,  CMlc.  Fleming  went  to  work                        more  months.  The  amounts  paid
                                                                   .early  in  November  with  but  little                     each  month  in  this  class  are  $50
                                                                   coaching  from  the  sidelines.                             for  a  wife,  $30  f:or  the  first  child
                                                                     In  civilian  life  Fleming  was                          and  $20  for  each  additional  child.
       IN  THEIR  FIRST  APPEARANCE  on  Treasure  Island,  the  Alameda   manager  of  the  Classen  Company                  A  divorced  wife  may  be·  paid  as
       NAS  "vodvil"  show  played  to  a  packed  house  of  RMS  students  at  the   nursery  of  Oklahoma  City,  which     much  as  $42  per  month,  but  never
       school  auditorium  M,onday  night,  August  13.  Pictured  above  are  (left)                                          more  than  the  amount  decreed  by
       The  Two  Jynxes,  (center)  Claire  McCormack,  singer,  and  (right)  Bill  specialized in  landscape design and     , court order.
        and  Consuel,o Sweeney, magicians.  Other members of the cast were Ted  contracting.  Before  entering  this
       Waldman,  harmonica  player;  and  Irene  Cromwell,  acrobat.  The  Ala­  business  Fleming  obtained  a  por­            Class  "B"  and  class  "B-1"  de-
       meda  NAS  ,orchestra  pr-ovided  the  musical  background.   tion  of  an  engineering  education                      pendents  include  parents,  brothers
                                                                                                  HONEYMOONERS  - Edward  E.  and  sisters,  and  are  classified  ac­
                                                                   but  not  enough  to  do  landscaping   Pnakovich and his bride, the former
       New Visiting  Hours Are Announced                           work.  With  the  actual  experience   Eva Bond, leave the Treasure Island   pendency.  Class  "B"  dependents
                                                                                                                               cording  to  the  degree  of  their  de­
                                                                   he  has  gained  during  his  Navy  chapel  following  their nuptial cere­
                                                                   duties  on  Treasure  Island,  he  is  mony  W,ednesday  evening,  August  would  have  received  a  substantial
                                                                                                 15. Both  Yeome,n  sec,ond  class  as­ portion  of  their  support  from  the
       Rules  Outlined               Small Stores Purchases        no,w  equipped  to  do  any  kind  of   signed  to  AGC  Personnel  Office,  enlisted man,  while class "B-1"  de­
                                                                   landscaping  his  business  will  de­
                                                                                                 they  will  return  to  duty  foll-owing
       For  Treasure  and            To Be Aided by Changes        mand  of him.                 a  brief  honeymoon.          pendents  must  have  relied  on  the
                                                                                                                               enlisted  man  for  the  chief  portion
                                                                     Assigned  to  the  dispensary  pro­
       Verba  Buena  Isles             Improved  service  to  purchasers   ject  last  November,  Fleming  com­ months,  finishing this fine develop­  of  their  support  or  more  than  50
                                                                                                                               per  cent.
         Visitors of enlisted men stationed   of  small  stores  is  expected  from   pleted  the  landscape  plans;  and  ment  at  virtually  no  cost  to  the   The  amount  paid  each  month  in
                                                                   supervised  the  project  which  in­ Navy.
       on  Treasure  Island  are  invited  and  major  alterations  completed  today   volved  moving  the  beautiful  lawn    the  case  of  class  "B"  dependency
                                                                                                   Fleming has been identified with·
       urged  to make  use  of  the  Hostess  in the East -end of the Clothing and   from  behind  the  Administration   many  beautification  projects  and   is a flat $37, and is the only amount
       House, following the announcement  Small  Stores  Building,  No.  215.  Building  on Treasure  Island to the   now  that  the  park  and  dispensary   paid  regardless  of  the  number  of
       of  a  revised  set  of  visitors'  rules   First  half  of  a  general  reno•vations  Yerba  Buena  hill.  In  order  to  do   are  completed,  he  has  been  assist­  d-ependents  in  this class.
       issued  early  this  month.  Guests  of   plan,  the  carpentry  alterations  this,  the  lawn  was  cut into  small   ing in the erosion control where the   In  the  case  of  class  "B-1"  de­
       enlisted  men  are  asked  to  meet   combine Issue Rooms Nos. 4,  5 and  sections  and  hauled  by  trucks.   large  cut  has  been  made  on  the   pendency,  the  amounts  paid  is
       them there, or  if  the  man does not   6 into one large unit.   When this operation was completed   north  side  of  Yerba  Buena  Island.   higher  and  is  paid  each  month  as
       rate  liberty,  the  pleasant  atmos­                       the  way  was  clear  for  the  con­                        follows:  $50  for  one  parent,  $68
       phere  of  the  Hostess  House  will   According to Lt.  (jg)  Andrew A.   struction  of  the  new  intra-island        for  two  parents  or one  parent  and
       provide  background  for  an  after-  Hennon, assistant supply officer for   bus  depot  and car-lot.   Commander Vann Is   one brother or sister,  with $11 paid
       noon's  visit.  Detailed  rules  for  small  stores,  Issue  Rooms  Nos.  1,   With  new  river  bottom  land           for  each  additional  one.  When
       Tr�sure  Island  visitors  are  set  2  and  3,  in  the  West  end  of  the   added  and  the  lawn  replanted,   New Training' and   there is no parent, $42 will  be paid
       forth  as  follows:           building,  will  later  be  combined.   Fleming moved in trees, shrubs and                for  the  first brother· or sister, with
       Guests  of  Officers          Consolidation  of  the  six  issuing   flower-beds.  His  job  was  finished   Tadcen Supply 0-fficer   $11  for  each  additional  one  .
                                                                                                                                 A  child,  brother  or  sister  must
         Civilian  guests  of  officers  must  rooms  into  two  large  units,  Lt.   when  a  watering  system  was  in­
                                                                                                                               be  under  18  years  of  age  and  un­
       be accompanied  by  officers  both  in  Hennon  said,  will  permit  complete   stalled.    Recently  returned  from  duty  in   married,  or,  if  older,  incapable  of
       and  out  the  gate;  otherwise  visi- stocks  to  be  maintained  at  both   But  across  the  street  from  the   England,  Lt.  Commander  D.  A.   self support by reason of mental or
       tors'  passes  must  be  prearranged  p aces.               dispensary  was  a  vacant  lot  filled   Vann,  Jr.,  SC,  took over  last week
                                                                                                                               physical  handicap,  in  order  to  be
       with  the  Pass  Officer.       Improved  retailing  methods  are   with  weeds.  It  se·emed  an  ideal   as Tadcen  Supply  Officer  in Build­  classed as  a  dependent.
         Visiting  hours  at  the  s.  o.  Q.  provided for  by  the alterations. In­  place for a garden. The patients at   ing  260,  replacing  Commander  H.   A  class  "A"  and  a  class  "B''  o-r
       Hospital  are  from  1400  to  1700  stead  of  stepping  up  to  a  counter   the  .dispensary  would  be  cheered   F. Hake.  'B-1" family allowance may be reg­
       daily.  Hours  at  any  of  the  dispen- and  calling  off  his  purchases  to  a   with  fresh  flowers  each  morning,   Overseas  sixteen  months,  Lt. istered. However, a class "B" and a
       saries  are  from  1400  to  1600  on  clerk, a customer will fill in his own   and  families  who  lived  within  the  Commander Vann's last assignment  class  "B-1"  allowance  cannot  be
       Wednesdays,  Saturdays  and  Sun- chit  and deposit  it in  a  slot. Store­  area would be free to use the park..  was  as  supply  officer  of  the  Port­ registered.
       days.                         keepers  behind  the  scenes  will  as­  Fleming  continued  his  work.   land-Weymouth   Advanced   Am­  When  only  one  class  of  depend­
       Gu-ests  of  Enlisted  M,en   semble  the  order  and  pass  it   He  built  a  rose  garden  from  phibious  Base.  In  the  Normandy  ents  is  registered,  the  enlisted
         Enlisted personnel  are  permitted   through  a  windo,w  to  a  checker   which  walks  lead  to  a  meadow  invasion,  the  new  supply  officer  man's  pay  account  is  checked  for
       to 'bring  guests  on  the  island Sun­  and  cashier,  who  will  hand  the   lined with flowering shrubs, shaded  served aboard a ship which arrived  $22; but when he has both class "A"
       days from 0900 to 1800 and on week   order to the customer.   by  giant  Eucalyptus,  and  planted  off  Omaha  Beach  on  D  plus  1  to  and Class  "B"  or  "B-1"  registered,
       days  from  1600  to  1800.  Arrange­                       with  small sycamores,  poplars·  and  provide  sleeping  and  messing  ac­ his pay will be reduced by $27.  The
       ments  for  passes  for  such  guests                       birches.  Benche's are being provided  commodations  for  small  craft  remainder in  both  cases  is paid by
       must  be  made  with the  Pass Office  Veterans' Job Rights   at points commanding a view of the  crews and -Sea  Bees.   the government.
       by 1630 the preceding day.                                  Golden Gate and in locations where   A  graduate  of  the  University  of   If  any  enlisted  man  has  a  de­
         Requests for admission of guests   Will Be Protected by   station personnel in their spare time  Pennsylvania,  '31,  Lt.  Commander  pendent  or  dependents  who  would
       of  enlisted  personnel  during  the                        can sit and enjoy both the view and  Vann's home is at Linwood Planta­ qualify for  family allowance under
       above  hours  must  be  approved  by   Selective Service Act   the park. Many of the flowers have  tion,  near  New  Orleans,  where  he  the  classes  stated  above,  he  is
       the commanding ·officers  of  the ac­                       been  contributed  to  the  project  by  raises beef cattle. The commander's  urged  to  contact  the  Benefits  and
       tivities  to  which  the  enlisted  per­  End of the war will not mean the   east bay garden clubs. Enlisted per­ wife,  Frances,  and  eight-year-old  Insurance  officer  of  his  activity,
       sonnel  are  attached  or  by  their  end of the Selective Service System   sonnel  completed  the  grading  and  son,  D.  A.  Vann,  III,  have  accom­ where  formal  application  may  be
       designated representatives.   entirely,  it  was  pointed  out  in   the  planting  during  the  past  six  panied him to  the  Coast.   made.
         Hospital  visiting  hours  are  from   Washington this week. The federal
                                     agency  will  continue  its  vital  role
       1400  to  1600  on  Saturdays,  and  of  protecting  veterans'  job  rights.  Teac!,er to Protege:
       Sundays.  Guests of  men  in  dispen­
       days,  Saturdays  and  Sundays  only  an  early halt and  Congress  or  the  ''Well  Done ! 11
       saries will be admitted on Wednes­
                                       Although  induction  will  slow  to
       between the hours of 1400 and 1600.  President  will end most other  pro­
         The Treasure Island brig is open  visions of the Selective Service Act,
       to  visitors  on  Sundays  only,  from  the employment  protection features
       1300 to 1600,  and such  visitors will  of  the  law  will  remain  operative.
       be  limited  to  members  of  the  im- Another permanent act provision is
       mediate family.               that  inductees  must  receive  the
         Visitors  of  officers  or  civilians  same  postwar  benefits  as  volun­
       quartered  on  Yerba  Buena  Island  teers.
       must  observe  the  follo-wing  regu­  Here  is  the  section  of  the  act
       lations:                      relating  to  jobs  that  does  not  be­
         Guests  will  be  admitted  without  come  inoperative  now  that  hostili­
       passes  and  will  log  in  with  the  ties  have  ended.
       Marine  Guards  at  the  gates  upon   "The director of Selective Service
       entering.  The  time  of  their  de­  shall establish  a  personnel division
       parture  will  be  logged.    with  adequate  facilities  to  render
         Dispensary visitors and guests of   aid in  the  replacement in  their for­
       officers  not  quartered  on  Y.  B.  I.   mer  positions of,  or in  securing po­
       will  be  admitted  in  the  same  man­  sitions fo,r,  persons who  have  satis­
       ner  as  on  Treasure  Island.   factorily  completed  any  period  of
       Guests  of  Enlisted  M ,en   their  training  and,  service  under
         Civilian  guests  of  enlisted  per-  this  act. "
       sonnel  quartered  on  Yerba  Buena                                                                         A  NEW  SPRING  DRESS  has  been  given  to  the
       Island  will  be  admitted  without                                                                         Verba  Buena  dispensary  by  Arthur  E.  Fleming,
                                                                                                                   CM1c, who first helped landscape Guadalcanal via
       passes  but  they  will  be  logged  in  low  the  same  procedure  outlined                                the  Seabee  route.  When  he  arrived  at  Treasure
       and  out  in  the  same  manner  as  for  Treasure  Island.  An  approved                                   Island  one  and  one  half  years  ago,  Lt.  W.  L.
       guests  of  officers.  Enlisted  guests  list  for  visitors  to  the  Detention                            Davies,  landscape  architect,  took  Fleming  under
       who  are  stationed  on  T.  I.  must  Barracks  will  be  at  Post  15.  Vis­                              his  wing;  taught  him  how  to  plant-flowers  with
       have I.  D. cards and liberty  passes.  itor.s  will  be  allowed  on  Sundays                              finesse.  The  above  pictures  give  evidence  to
                                                                                                                   Fleming's  teaching  for  these  projects  belong  ex­
         Visitors of enlisted personnel sta- only  between  the hours of 1300 and                                  c.i'-l�ively to  him.
       tioned on Yerba Buena  Island  fol- 1600.
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