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------------------------------------- THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  AUGUST 18,  1945                                                              PAG'.Ei  5
                                     vilian life  in the future  look prom- Saturday night and  a  trip  to Car- and  green  wilf  meet  and  have  handicraft classes at Barracks 232.
                                     ising.  We will go to press as usual  mel  is  scheduled  for  Sunday.  The  breakfast  together.  This  invitation   Two·  instructors  spend  each
                                     until  that  promise  is  fulfilled,  but  party is  dutch treat,  the  transpor- is  offered  "especially  for  you."  Wednesday  evening teaching  knit-
                                     in  the  meantime  "our .dreams  are  tation is on the Navy and once ar- Hope  you  can  go.   ting,  leather  craft,  how  to  make
                                     getting better all the time."  Yours,  rived  at Carmel,  it's every woman  Remember  the  Handy-Pandies?   slippers,  hats,  purses  and  almost
                                     too?                          for  he·rself  and  a  wonderful  time.   You  don't?  They  were  funny  anything  in  the  way  ()If  novelties.
                                     On  the  Way  t-o  Monterey   Special  Mass  This  Week-End   little  rhyming gags  that came  out  You  don't  have  to  bring  anything
                                      Fifty lucky Waves will leave this   St.  Boniface  church,  located  on  of  Hollywood  not  long  ago.  They  but  your  brain  and  a  friend.  The
        It looks as if the end might be in  weekend  for  points  south  on  one  Golden Gate  Avenue  in  San  Fran- haven't  anything  to  do,  however,  results  are  guaranteed.  Why  not
       sight  for  Waves  as  part  of  the  of  the  regularly  scheduled  trips.  cisco,  is  holding  a  mass  at  0900  except  by  virtue  of  their  name,  become a  "handy-pandy" today, to-
       Navy. Question is when? Venturing  The  bus  leaves  Stop  39  at  1330  tomorro,w  at which  servic,e women  with the fact that you  are  missing  morrow  or  next  Wednesday  at
       no predictions we can only say that  Saturday.  Accommodations  have  will  be  honored  guests.  Following  the  time of your life  if you are not  1830?
       the  prospects  of  returning  to  ci- been  provided  at Pacific  Grove  for  the  mass  the  girls  in  blue,  khaki  attending  the  Wednesday  night  Continued  on  Page  6  -


                                     standard bureau forms and publica- Mare  Island.            required  for  the  many  presses  in  cult  to  secure  at the  present  time
       SecNav  Order  Turns          tions  as  directed,  for  issue  to  dis-  Two  types  of  printing  are  em- operation.   and  great  care  must  be  taken  to
                                     trict activities  and ships, calling at  ployed;  namely,  letter  press  and   When work orders pile up a  tern- keep  it in  the  best _of  condition.  A
       T.  I.  Print  Shop  Into     12ND  ports.                  offset. This makes it possible to use  porary  priority  system  is  inaugu- personnel  shortage  exists  because
                                       In  other  words  under  the  new  ,whatever  system  is  most  efficient  rated.  All  work  for  the  fleet  nat- skilled printers  are  required to op-
       One  of  Biggest              system  the  plant  now  receives  to produce  the desired resuits. Let- urally  gets  first  preference.  Right  erate  this equipment. Lt.  Cornman-
         What  is  now  known  as  the  every printing order in the  district  ter  press  printing  is  used  where  now  the  Treasure  Island  shop  is  der  Halvorson  estimated  it  would
       Tweifth  Naval  District  Publica- and  determines  whether  the  job  is  new composition is  needed  and  the  handling  printing jobs for approxi- -be necessary to have  at least twice
       tions and Printing Office used to be  to be handled here, at Mare Island,  quantities are not too  great.  Offset  mately  200  activities  within  the  the  number  of  printers  to  obtain
       a  little job shop belonging solely to  or  by a  commercial  establishment,  printing is utilized when copy is to  district.  All  printing must be  done  maximum production. At present, a
       Treasure  Island.  This  majestic  and-when.  One  can  understand  be  reproduced  in its original form,  in  accordance  with  Navy  regula- full  crew  operates  the  plant  from
       transformation  took  place  in  pur- why  this  "parceling  out"  of  the  such  as  charts,  graphs,  photo- tions.   0800 until 1700 and a  skeleton crew
       suance  of  orders  issued  several  work  is  so  necessary  when  it  is  graphs,  etc.,  when large  quantities   Shortages of various  types often  takes  over  at  1700  for  anothe·r
       months  ago  to  all  Naval  Districts  realized  that  the  local  plant  has  are  required.   render  maximum  production  diffi- eight-hour shift. "Increased produc-
       by  the  office  of  the  Secretary  of  three  or four  hundred  printing  re-  The  T.I.  shop  has  the  necessary  cult  to  attain.  Personnel,  paper,  tion  could  be  obtained  with  addi-
       the  Navy.  Under  the  direction  of  quests  in  process  at  all  times,  in  photographic  and  plate - making  and  film  are  all  hard  to  obtain.  tional  trained personnel,  only,"  the
       Lt.  Commander  0.  C.  Halvorson,  addition  to  a  similar  quantity       all  the  plates  Equipment  is  naturally  very  diffi- Publications  commander  stated.
       this  Naval  District  is  the  first  to                    ii!ii!!!!iF~=    a    N~Ke..71 % JC.  ""'r'  t{Qv~i..s  - 9CL~
       complete the ordered consolidation.
       Formerly  there  were fifteen  print-
       ing establishments within this Dis-
       trict;  the  biggest being  located  on
       Mare  Island.
         As  a  result of an official  survey,
       however,  it was  accorded  that two
       large print shops would  be used. to
       serve  this  entire  district.  Because
       of  the  facilities  already  located  at
       Mare  Island  this  plant was  chosen
       as  was  the  enlarged  plant  at
       Treasure  Island.  The  printing  is
       handled by civilians at Mare Island,
       while  the print shop is operated by
       bluejacket  printers  at T.  I.

       T.I. Shop  Has  Four Departments
         Headed by Lt.  Commander 0. C.
       Halvorson who  has  seen  two years
       duty in the Navy, and was formerly
       vice  president  of  the  Mid-Western
       Press and Supply Company in Sioux
       Falls,  So.  Dak.,  the  Publications
       office  is  divided  into  four  sections.
       They are :  (1)  Publications Control;
       (2)  Forms Control ; (3)  Production ;
        ( 4)  Stock Distribution.
         The  Publications  Control  section
       furnishes  technical  and  edito·rial
       assistance  to  District  activities
       the planning of Publications.
         The  Forms  Control  Section  is
       charged with the establishment and
       coordination  of  control  and  stand-
       ardization of forms  within  the  dis-
       trict and to assist in  the  establish-
       ment  of  functional  control  files  by
       district activities.
         The Production Section processes
       work  orders for  printed  matter  in
       both publications and routine  office
       forms.  It  reproduces  material  by
       letter-press  and  offset  processes
       and  maintains  the  necessary  safe-
       guards to insure  security of  classi-
       fied  matter.
         The  Stock Section applies stand-
       ard  procedures  on  stock  control,
       warehousing  and  distribution  of
       printed  material  and  assists  dis-
                                     THESE  PICTURES  SHOW  the  clean,  well-lighted  print  s.h.op  which   mailing· room.  Lower  inset  is  the  cutting  department  and  l.ower  left
       trict  activities  on  such  problems.  processes  most ·Of  12N D  publications.  Upper  left  shows  Platemaking
                                                                                                  is the  office  of the  Plant Supervisor,  Chief  E.  W.  Carlson,  who  is  seen
       One  of  its  most  important  func- department while  upper  right  is  binding  section  which  puts  the  print-  at the desk.  Printer Bill  Barrickman  has his back to you.  Lower right,
       tions,  other than delivery and stor-  ing  together.  Circle  shows  a  close-up  of  Lithograph  machine-while  at   the  stock  room,  shows  a  small  amount  of paper  needed  for the  print-
       age of printed material, is to stock   center  left  the  same  machine  can  be  seen  1 i n  ,operation,  as  is  the,.rest   ing jobs.  It has been  estimated that to obtain  maximum  pr,oduction for
                                     of  the  letterpres.s  department.  Center  right  is  the  stock  section  and   the shops would  require  twice  the  present  number of printers.
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