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CHAPEL ..                    THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY, AUGUST 25,  1945        PAGE  3
                                        /                         DIVINE  SERVICES
         SERMONETTE                                          Treasure and Verba Buena  Islands  Veteran Receiving  Ship Officers
                                                                                          Detachment, Retirement Claim Two

                                                                                                                        Receiving  Ship  lost  two  of  its
                                                                                                                      best-known  officers  last  week
            BY CHAPLAIN E.  C.  CARVER,  Frontier Base
                                                                                                                      through the retirement of Captain
        The long-awaited Armistice  Day of World War II con-                                                          Hans  Ertz,  executive  officer  for
                                                                                                                      the  past  16  months,  and  the  de-
   fronts  us  with  a  great  temptation-to  live  our  own  li~e  and                                               tachment of Commander Harry F
   let the rest of the world go  by.                                                                                  Hake, supply and commissary oi-
                                                                                                                      ficer since April 1940.
        As  events  seem  to be  bringing  an  era  of war  to an  end,   Sunday  Services
                                                                                                                        Captain Ertz reported for duty
   nations _are at work formulating plans for the post-war world.   Protestant  Worship                               as executive officer in April 1944,
                                                              Treasure  and  Yerba  Buena  Islands
                                                             Treasure  Island  Chapel-0930  and  1030                 and since  that time has seen  the
        The thrilling and reverberating words  "cease firing,"  for  Communion-1130  (Chapel)                         rapid  expansion  of  RecShip  into
                                                             Hospital  Chapel-1000
   which  we  all  longed,  cannot usher in a new world overnight  Theatre  No,  3-1030                               one  of  the  largest  on  the  West
                                                             Embarkation Ship's Service Chapel  0700                  Coast.  Living  conditions  of  en-
   The armies may be dissolved, and there may be many material  Yerba  Buena  Island  Theatre--0930
                                                                     Catholic Masses                                  listed  personnel  both  attached  to
   changes,  but ~he  human  heart will  have  its  day. What then   Treasure Island Chapel-0630, 0720  and           and passing through  the  activity
   will be  sound plans without sane minds?                  TheS:tre  No.  1-1030                                    have  been  constantly  improved
                                                             Hospital  Chapel-0630 and  0900                          under his direction. He has placed
        The great  requirement is going to  be world cooperation   Embarkation  Ship's  Service  Cr.ape! -            great emphasis on  the  rapid pro-
                                                             Yerba  Buena  I sland  Theatre--0830                     cessing  of  men  returning  from
   and  internat:ional  mindedness.  The  task  will  be  to  put  this  Confessions  (YB  Theatr e  Office )  0800
                                                                                                                      overseas in order that they might
   ideal  into  action.  Nations  have  decided  that  there  will  be   Mormon  Study  Group                         begin  that long a,nticipated  leave .
                                                             Theatre  No.  2-0930
   action.                                                                                                            with  a  minimum  delay.
                                                                  WEEKDAY  ACTIVITIES
        If we are going to have this international mindedness, we  Daily--Masses  (Small  Chapel,  Treasure   Commander  Harry  F.  Hake   Graduating  from  the  Naval
                                                               I sland)  1150  and  1 630                             Academy  with  the  class  of  1912,
   are going to have to recognize  all men  as  our brothers. This  Daily-Confessions ( Small Chapel, Treas-
                                                               ure  I sland)                                           he  has  ·served  on  almost  every
   is  not a simple thing, but it is the task of each one of us. We   Daily.:_Masses  (Hospital  Chapel)-0645          type of naval vessel and a,t several
                                                                         (.Embarkation  Ship 's
                                                             Daily- Masses
                                                               Service  Chapel)  1600                                  shore stations. During World War
   may  well  begin  with  the  attempt  to  ~id  our  own  individu_al  Daily -  Protestant  Worship  Service -
                                                               1430  (Embarkation  Ship's  Service                     I  he saw duty on a  gunboat in the
   thinking  of  narrow,  provincial  attitudes.  It  means  that  we   Chapel)                                        European  Theatre  and  on  a  de-
                                                             Monday-~lessed Virgin  Soda!ity  (First
   must practice the great insight of the Hebrew-Christian tradi-  Monday  of  the  Month)  1800  (Small              stroyer  in  the  Pacific.  Placed  on
                                                             Tuesday -  llfiraculous  Medal  Novena,                   the retired list in 1933, the veteran
   tion that "I am  my  brother's keeper." We cannot  be  like the   1830  (Large  Chapel )                           naval officer was recalled to active
                                                             Tuesday-Christian  Science Group,  1800
   African native who calmly watched a man drown only to reply   (Chapel  Reception  Room)                             duty at the  outset of the  present
                                                             Tuesday  -  H oly  Name  Society,  1915                   eme·rgency.
                                                                (Small  Chapel)
   when asked why he did not attempt a rescue that, "He is  not  Wednesdays  -  Christian  Servicemen's                 Subsequently  he  has  served
                                                               League,   1830   ( Chapel  Reception
   of my village."  ,                                          Room)                                                   with BuShips,  Navy Department,
                                                             Wednesday-- Organ  Recital  (Hospital
                                                               Chapel)  121(;  and  -1400                              and in the Pacific as commanding
        We in the service have an important function in promot- Thursday  -  Chapel   Choir  Rehearsal                 officer  of  CUB-7.  He  was  pro-
                                                                (Chapel  Gallery)  1800
   ing this international mindedness, for many of us have become   Friday-Wave Singers  Rehearsal  (Chap·              moted to commander and later to
                                                               el  Reception  Room)  1800                              captain  for  temporary  service.
   ~roadened  where  once  we were  narrow.  Our outlook  on  life   Friday-Mormo.n  Study  Group,  1830                Commander Hake first enlisted
                                                                (Chapel  Gall ery)
                                                             Friday  -  J ewish  Services   (Hospital
   extends beyond the hills and the rivers of our childhood homes.   Chapel)  1900                                     in  April  1905  as  an  apprentice
                                                             Saturday-Confessions  (Small  Chapel,
                                                               Treasure  Island)  1400-2000     Cap_tain  Hans  Ertz   seaman  and  has  served  continu-
        All of t~s  have something to tell the folks back home.  Let  Saturday-Confessions  (Hospital  Chap-           ously since  that date.  He  was  in
                                                               el)  1800-1900
   us,  then,  go tell them.  Let us  be the instruments for  bringing                                                 the_ crew  of  the  USS  West  Vir-
   to pass .a world-outlook  among the people of this  land.  That                        WANT  TO  MAKE               ginia  when  she. made  the  cruise
                                                             Correction                                               -around  the world  with  the  Great.
    is no,t a task; that is a privilege.                                                  EASY  MONEY?                 White Fleet.
                                                               Last- week's "Question and Ans-                           Advancing  steadily  through,
                                                             wer"  column  should  be  corrected   Of course everyone is interested.  yeoman  ratings,  he ·attained  CY
   Navy  War  Bond              At The  Chapel ...           in two respects.             in easy money- show us the blue- before  reaching  the  age  of  22.
                                                               EnHsted  men  in  the  regular  jacket  who  isn't.  The  Masthead  Five  years  later  he  was  boosted
   Purchases  in  July                Protestant  Services   Navy  who  at  the  expiration  of  is  offering  -money  for  your  to  pay  clerk  and  has  since  been
                                  Chaplain  Roger  M .  Rice  will
                                                             enlistment  immediately  re-eniist  thoughts.  No  muscular  labor  promoted  through  the  ranks  to
   Total  $82,002,255)  on  "Making  Life  Sing   are  not  eligible  for  the  payment  whatsoever  is  necessary  -  just  commander,  Supply  Corps.
                                God's  Song" at 0930 ne·xt Sunday,
                                August 26  in the Treasure  Island   of  mustering  out pay.  Provisions  submit ·a  worthwhile  question  to   In  World  War  I,  Commander
     With  approximately  one-half                           for the payment of mustering out  be  used  in  our  weekly  -Island   Hake  served  as  supply  officer  on
   the  record  breaking  91-million-  Chapel and at 1030 Chaplain Her-  pay are set forth in the Bureau of  Trotter column and a  $2.00  trade   the  USS .Kansas.  His  last  shore
   dollar  Independence  Day  cam-  bert  L.  Rice  will  speak  on  "But   Supplies  and  Accounts  Memor- certificate,  good  at  any  Treasure   base prior to coming to Receiving
   paign  volume  included,  July  reg-  Deliver  Us  From Evil."   anda,  Art.  21-40(14).   Island  Ship's  Service  store,  will   Ship  here  was  the  naval  station
   istered the  third highest monthly   At  both  services  the  Chapel   Clothing  allowance  for  enlisted  be yours.   ·   at Olangapo,  P.  I.,  where he was
   total  in  the  history  of  the  Navy  Choir  will  sing  "P eace  I  Leave  men  who  make  a  chief  petty of-  Write  your  suggestions  today   disbursing  and  supply  and  ac-
   War  bond  program,  with  $82,- _With You"  (Roberts)  as a  special  ficer's  rating  is  $250,  payable  to  The  Masthead,  in  care  of The   counts officer.
   002,255.50.  This  brought  the  cu- anthem.  William  Jorgensen,  Cox,  thirty  days  from  date  o-f  enlist- Island  Trotter,  Welfare  Division,   He  assumed  the  post  of  Rec-
   mulative total  since  the  program  U.  S.  C.  G.,  will  be  guest soioist  ment. Reference :  Executive order  Tadcen  and  if  your  question  is   Ship supply officer with additional
    .vas  established to $1,389,206,768.  from  Government Island.  He will  9356  modified by Executive order  selected for  use  the  two  bucks  is   duty . as  commissary  officer , on
     Of the July total, $45,993,649.25   sing  "I Will  Lift Up  Mine  Eyes'_'  9583  dated  July 1,  1945.   yours.  Duplicate  awards  will  not   April  30,  1940.  Receiving  Ship
   were  cash  purchases,  $20,389,700   (Watkins).  As  an  organ  pre,lude,             be 'made.  Be sure  to include  your   personnel will  especially miss  the
   were civilian purchases under the   Ross McKee,  Sp (W)2c wiUplay a   Marriage is like a  bath- by the  complete name and address so the   holiday  menus  served  by  the
   payroll  savings  plan,  and  $15,-  composition  of  Allan  Gastren,  time  you  get  used  to  it- it's  not  ce11tificate  can  be  forwarded  to   Y.  B.  I.  Commissary  department
   618,906.25  were  allotment  pur-  PhM2c,  "Swedish  Lullaby."  Gas- so hot            you.                         urider the directi.on of Commander
   chases by uniformed personnel.   tren  is  organist  for  the  Hospital                                             Hake.                    . ...  :
     July results reflected a  four per   Chapel at Treasure Island.
  '--<.ent increase over the correspond-  Theatre  N-o. ,_3'
   ing month last year, but the com-  Chaplain  Rainus  A.  Lundquist
   paratively slight increase was due   will  conduct  services  in ·Theatre                                           Nazis' Bigotry May Have
   chiefly to the fact that the  entire   No. 3 at 1030 Sunday. Topic of his                                           Cost Them  Use  of  Bomb
   Independence  Day  campaign  of   sermon will be "One Won One."
   1944 was included within the total                                                                                    Washington-Nazi  Germany's
   for that month.                                                                                                     anti-semitic philosophy may have
     The  $406,613,754  figure  for  the  session  of  the  Secretary's  flag  in                                      cost  her  the  use  of  the  atomic
    "'.rst seven months of 1945 showed  July,  by maintaining for two suc-                                             bomb,  the war's _most sensational
    an increase of 37 -per cent overlhe  cessive  months  90  per  cent  em-                                           weapon.
    same pei:iod in 1944.       ployee  and  10  per  cent  payroll                                             the secret to t:},tis  most
     The  Navy  Yards  again  led  the  participation.                                                                 devastating  of  weapons,  of  war
    program in July,  1945,  with their   Effective  allotments  by  uni-                                              was  Dr.  Lise  Meitner, , a  woman
    combined efficiency index of 109.2  formed personnel as of July 31 to-                                             physicist whom the Nazis expelled
    per  cent,  followed  by  the  Naval  taled 2,341,858, of which 1,941,768                                          from Germany as a  ''non-Aryan." .
   Air  Statiom with  107.1  per, cent.  were Navy, 296,000 Marine Corps,                                              With her associates she had been
    Charleston  was  leading'  Navy  and 104,090  Coast Guard. The un-                                                 working  in  the  Kaiser  Wilhelm
    : ard,  while  NAS  Corpus  Christi  usually  high  increase  of  59,500                                           Institute  of  Berlin,  bombarding
    once again headed the air stations.  new  allotments  marked  the  July                                            uranium atoms with neutrons and
    For  the  entire  naval  establish- performance.                                                                   then  submitting  the  uranium  to
    ment, 92.7 per cent of the civilian   All-otment purchases during the                                              chemical analysis.
   · personnel  invested  10.8  per  cent  month  were  $12,380,287.50  by   . "  ... Is  your  ski.n  alluring?  ••• Do  you  find  others   Dr.  Meitner then went to Swe-
    of gross pay in bonds.      NavY-,  $2,347,012.50  by  the  Ma-  clustering  around  you,  eager  to  be  near  you?  ...   den  where her mathematical  cal-
     Depot  of  Suppli~s.   Marine  rine Corps, and $891,606.25 by the   This  amazing  lotion  will  make  you  more  attractive   culations played a  vital part in the
    Corps, Philadelphia, regained pos- Coast Guard.                                  than  ever."                      unlocking of atomic  energy.
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