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Tttln MASTHEAD,  SAWRt>AY,  AUGUST 18,  i945

        W11ter Colors Are Forte ol lndustr/11/ Artist

                                                                                  •  •  •
                                                                             Divine  Services
                                                                    Treasure  and  Verba  Buena  Islands

                                                                                                      BANKING  FACILITIES         Treasure  Island  Theatre  N-o.  1
                                                                                                        WESTERN  UNION
                                                                                                                                  Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.
                                                                                                          PosT OFFICE
                                                                                                                                Last  Showing  Tonight
                                                                                                       WAR  BoND OFFICE             "STORY  OF  G.I.  JOE"
        BLACK  ON  WHITE  fails  miserably  to  do  justice  to  this  carefully                    Alt 4 services  located  in  Bldg.   Burgess Meredith, Robert Mitchum
        drawn  water col,or by  Bill  Irving,  a  sheet  metalsmith  at  Industrial  De-              258,  Ave. H,  near 4th St.
        partme•nt.  It  is  Clear  Lake  Lodge  at  Nice,  Calif.,  scene of  Mr.  Irving's   SUNDAY  SERVICES                  Sun.-Mon.,  August 19  and  20
        last vacation.                                                                                          *                      "CAPT.  EDDIE"
                                                                            Protestant  Worship           SMALL STORES
                                                                    Treasure  Island  Chapel-0930  and  1030                    Fred McMurray       Lynn Bari
                                                                    Communion-1130  (Chapel)
        OPERAT~ONAL                   SPARE  TIME  ARTIST  H ospital  Chapel-1000                   Bldg.  215,  10th  St.,  between
                                                                    Theatre  No.  3-1030                  Aves.  Mand N .       Tuesday,  August  21
        TRA!N~N G SCHOOL                                            Embarkation  Ship's  Service  Chapel  0700   *                 "CARRIBEAN  MYSTERY"
                                                                    Yerba  Buena Island Theatre--0930
                                                                             Catholic  Masses         TELEPHONE CENTERS         James Dunn         Sheila Ryan
                                      Bill  Irving  Has  Pai_nted   Treasure  Island  Chapel-0630,  0720  a.nd
                                                                    Theatre  No ..  1_.:_1030       Recreation  B~dg.  263,  9th  St.   Wed.-Thurs.,  August 22 and 23
                                      From  England  to  Hawaii     Hospital  Chapel-0630 and  0900         and Ave.  H .           "OVER  TWENTY-ONE"
                                                                    Embarkation  Ship 's Service Chapel-0600
                                                                    Yerba  Buena  I sland  Theatre--0830   Bldg. 174,  4th St. and Ave.  C.   Irene Dunne  ,   Alexander Kno'X
                                                                    Confessions  (YB  Theatre Office )  0800   (Band Circle)
        Sports                          Born  in  Scotland,  educ~ted  in   Mormon  Study  Group
          Three  winners  in  the  Golden   England,  artist  for  the  Canadian  Theatre  No.  2-0930          *               Fri.-Sat.,  Aug.  24  and  25
                                                                           WE&XDAY  ACTIVITIES
        Gloves  b6'xing  tournament,  Gus   Intelligence division during the last   Daily-Masses  ( Small  Chapel,  Treasure   RAILWAY COACH TICKETS   'GEORGE  WHITE'S  SCANDALS'
        Marmesh of OTS, Jackie White and   war- that is the life story of grey-  I sland)  1150  and  1630   AIRLINE RESERVATIONS   Joan Davis     Jack  Haley
        Rodriguez  of PreCom,  reached  the   ing, hard-working Bill Irving, sheet   Daily-Confessions  (Small  Chapel,  Treas•   TRAVELERS' CHECKS
                                                                       ure  Island)
        finals laJSt Wednesday night. At the   metalsmith at Industrial shops.   Daily-Masses  (Hospital  Chapel)  0645           Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  2
                                                                    Daily-Masses  (Embarkation  Ship's  Serv•
        compl-etion of this tournament these   For  him,  painting  has  been  a   ice  Chapel)  1600   ·   INSURANCE           Last Showing  Tonight
        boys will  be  bidding for the cham- life-long  passion  and  source  of   Daily-Protestant  Worship  Service--1430   Bldg. 174,  4th  St. and Ave.  C.   "KEEPER  OF  THE  FLAME"
                                                                       (Embarkation Ship's Service Chapel)
        pionship in the Diamond Belt Tour- pleasure  since  the  days  when  he  Monday-Blessed  Virgin  Sodality  (First   Bldg.  221,  11th  St.,  between   Spencer Tracy,  Katherine Hepburn
                                                                       Monday  of  the  Month)  1800  (Small
        nament.  J. J. Coates,  Sp,(A)3c,  ref- studied  at  Darlington  College,  in   Chap el)          Aves.  G and H .
        ereed  the  Golden  Gloves  matches  England. Even now, on his days off   Tuesday-Miraculous  Medal  Novena,  1830      Sun.-Mon.,  Aug.  19  and  20
                                                                      '(Large  Cnapel)
        and  was  introduced  as  the  unde- from  working  for  the  Navy,  Bi1l  Tuesday-Christian  Science  Group,  1800   *
                                                                       (Chapel  Reception  Room)      SmP's SERVICE No .  1        "INCENDIARY  BLONDE"
        foated '  welterweight  champion  of  packs  up  his  brushes,  colors  and  Tuesday  -  Holy  Name   Society  1915     Betty Hutton   Arturo de Cordova
                                                                       (Small  Chapel)
        New  Jersey.  Coach  Coates  urges  drawing  board,  climbs  the  highest   Wednesdays  -  Christian  Servicemen' s   Bldg. 152,  9th  St. and Ave.  C.
        the  support of  all  OTS  fight  fans,  hill  he  can  find,  and  splashes  all   League,  1830  (Chapel Reception Room)   Tuesday,  August 21
                                                                    Wednesday  -  Organ  Recital   (Hospital
        so  come  on · down  and  cheer  the  colors  of  the  rainbow  on  paper-  Chapel)  1215  and  1400    *                       "WILD  FIRE"
        boys  to victory ... The OTS soft- wi th remarkable  agility.   Thursday  -  Chapel   Choir  Rehearsal   SmP's SERVICE  No .  2
                                                                       (Chapel  Gallery)  1800                                  Bob  Steele   Sterling Holloway
        -ball  team,  coached  by  Lt.  A.  C.   World  War I  found  Bill  in  Can- Friday-Wave  Singers  Rehearsal  (Chapel   Bldg.  8, 5th St., between Aves.
                                                                       Reception  Room)  1800
        Eddy,  won  the  softball  champion- ada working for the Canadian gov-  Friday -  Mormon  Study  Group,  1830   Mand N.   Wed.-Thurs.,  Aug.  22  and  23
        ship  of  Treasure  Island  and  the  3rnment in the Intelligence division   (Chapel  Gallery)                            "HER  HIGHNESS  AND  THE
                                                                    Friday--Jewish Services  (Hospital Chapel)
        Physical  Training  Ifopartment  is  of  the Air Force. Doing topograph-  1900                                                    BELLBOY"
                                                                    Saturday  -  Confessions  ( Small  Chapel,
        trying  to  obtain  awards  of  gold  ical drawings based on photographs
                                                                       Treasure  Isl&nd)  1400-2000                             Hedy Lamarr     Robert  Walker
        baseballs  for  all  participants.  Iri   taken  from  the  air  was  his  job.   Saturday-Co.nfessions  (Hospital  Oha.pel)
        , the  final  game  of  all  leagues,  the   Apparently the Canadians liked the   1800-1900   WANT  ADS                 Fri.-Sat.,  August 24  and  25
        OTS  team  placed  second,  losing   job he did, for he was retained after                                                  "STORY  OF  G.I.  JOE"
        only  to  the  "A"  League champs  of   the  war's  end  to  paint  landscapes            FOR  SALE -  Navigator's  watch.  Burgess Meredith, Robert Mitchum
        Tadcen.                       glamorizing Canada for prospective  WAVE  ACTIVITIES  •  • •   Telemeter  stop  hand,  luminous
        Englneering                   tourists.                                                     dial,  practically  new,  17  jewel.   Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  3
                                                                    Continued  from  Pa,ge  5  -
          It's  hail  and  farewell  to  Lt.  W.   Growing  restless  to  do  some                  Call  EX  3931,  Ext.  105.   Last Showing T,onight
        R.  Watkins of the Engineering De- painting on his own, Bill settled his   Just  Between  Us   FOR  SALE-1937  Graham  Coupe  'GEORGE  WHITE'S  SCANDALS'
        partmE:nt.  Lt.  Watkins,,  a  very  ac- accounts,  packed  his  trunks,  and   Hooray  for  the  "All-Stars"   in very good condition.  $425.  Call  Joan Davis   .Tack  Haley
        tive  member  of  our staff for  quite  was  off  to  Hawaii.  He  found  the
                                                                    Victory was ours and they brought   Ens. Dolan at Piedmont 8739J.
        a  number  of  months,  has been as- islands  an  artist's  paradise,  and
                                                                    home the bacon . . . Busiest place is  WANTED-1934 or 1935 model six- Sun.-M,on.,  August 19  and 20
        signed  to  duty  afloat  in  the  ca- applied  his  skill  to  the  multi-col-
                                                                    T.I.  Dispensary No.  1  ... They are   cylinder automobile.  Contact Lt.   "YOU  CAME  ALONG"
        pacity  of  chief  engineer  .  .  .  Re- ored sunsets, and the palm-studded
        placing Lt. Wa_tkins we have Lt. E.  beaches  of  a  peaceful  Hawaii.  It  taking care of all ;12ND  dischargees   E.  M. Hazzard,  Ext.  30.   Robert  ·Cummings,  Lizabeth  Scott
        N.  Weatherly,  who  has  completed  was here he studied under Howard  •  •  •  RMS  personnel  office  relaxed     .       Also  Monday,  August 20
        thirteen  years  of  sea  duty,  and  to  Hitchcock  and  had  his·  work  ex- this  week  ... They  finally  helped   LOST  and  FOUND   ICE  FOLLIES  REVIEW
        whom we extend· a  hearty welcome.  hibited  several  times  at  art  gal- Chief  Wargo  to  get  his  man  .  .  .                  1730
                                                                                                    Gear  and  articles  bearing  the
        Navigation                    leries  in  Honolulu.  In  the  mean- oops!  beg  pardon,  his  woman  ...
                                      time,  he  was  working  as  a  book- The lady?  Why  Mad~e Swecker of   follo•wing  names have  been  turned
          No  news  from  the  Navigation                                                         into  the  lost  and  found  property   Tuesday,  August 21
        Department  this  week  as  W.  W.  for  a  sugar  plantation  course ... T.  Mello is  busy saving   bureau  located  in  the  Security   "BEDSIDE  MANNER"
        Hart, QM2c, reporter for The Mast-  owner.  You  see,  while  Bill has sold  pennies  ... this  is  the  week  she   Office,  Building  No.  222,  Treasure   Ruth Hussey   John  Carroll
        head,  has  been  transferred  to . the   a -great many  of  his paintings,  he   pays off  the  "Spinsters"  . .. After   Island.  This  property  will  be  re-  Also  Stage  Show
        hospital  for  diagnosi.s'-he  might   has  never  cared  to  rely  on  them   a temporary shortage· of paper nap- turned _to  the  owners  upon  proper  "SAN  FRANCISCO  VARIETIES"
        even  get  OUT!  Come  to  think  of   as his source of income.  He would,   kins we  are  again  in the gravy .. .  identification:   1900  and  2015
        it, that is news! Hart has been with   instead,  rather  reserve  painting as   (something  wrong  with  that  sen-  H.  R.  Lindsey,  PhMlc;  M.  J .
        us  since  July  1943,  during  which   a  hobby,  a  source  of  just  plain   tence,  but  you  know  what  we  Roberts,  S2c;  J .  W.  Odom,  Jr.;  K.  Wed.-Thurs.,  August  22  and  23
        time  he  has  rounded  up  news  for   pleasure and  relaxation.   mean)  ... Lady o'f  the press is Lt.  E.  Davis,  MoMM2c;  J .  C.  Wads-  "PRIDE  OF  THE  MARINES"
        the  OTS  Masthead  column  and  in   Returning to the United States a   Elizabeth  Budd,  who is  new in  the  worth,  SM3c ;  L.  W.  Ramos,  W.  H .  John  Garfield   Eleanor  Parker
        addition  served  as  a  capable  in-  few  years  later,  Bill  made  San   12ND  printing  office  on  T.I.  .  .  .  Brown,  BMlc ;  B.  H.  Moulton,  H .
        structor.  He  has  done  a  splendid   Francisco hi.s  permanent home.  He   More  new  faces  belong  to  Fern  A.  Juergens,  Slc;  E.  N.- Matte,
        job and all  his shipmates wish him   has been employed by the Navy for   Getz,  Mary  McCorn  and  Georgia  QM3c;  J . Butchko, V.  G.  Lankford,   Fri.-Sat.,  August 24  and  25
                                                                                                                                  "ON  STAGE  EVERYBODY"
        good luck . . . Herman 0 . Ammann,   over a  year now, and practically all   Hurst,  all  new gunne·ry instructors  S2c;  H.  W.  Spears,  GM2c;  Sites,   Peggy Ryan
        CY,  has  been  appointed  to  fill  the   of  his  spare  time  is  devoted  to   at AGC ... Radio girls aren't com- MM3c;  F. R.  Brooks, Sp(X)2c;  Bo-  Jack  Oakie
        vacancy  left ·by  Hart as  Masthead  painting  and  further  study.  John   plaining  about  their  "midnight  tello,  Cox.
        reporter  and  from  all  indications  Garth  has  been  his  teacher  while   hours" these days ... they have had   The following  articles  have  been   VERBA  BUENA  MOVIES
        the  Chief  really  has  a  nose  for  in  San  Francisco,  and  samples  of   their  ears  glued  to  those  receivers  reported  lost:
        news.                         his  water  colors  and  oils a re  ex-                      · Ring,  25  wallets,  2  ID  bracelets,  Last Showing  Today
                                      hibited  yearly at the  Sequoia Club   all week  .  .  .  What woman doesn't
        OTS  Kaleidoscope             ,gallery.                     love to be on the inside track?  . ..   4  seabags,  3  handbags,  3  watches,   "OVER  TWENTY-ONE"
          The  Confidential  Reading  Room                          Shirley  West  has  taken  to  dia-  4  travelers'  checks.   Irene · Dunne   Alexander Knox
        has  temporarily  lost  its custodian,   When  we  asked  him  where  he   monds,  we  hear  .. .  Doris  Lipton
                                      spent  his  last  vacation,  his  keen
        Lt.  ( according  to  ALNA V  185-45)                       married her Mavine  this  week  and   A  beautiful  young lady lay on a   Sun_.-M-on.,  August  19  and  20
                                      eyes  lit  up  and  he  started  to  de-
        Mary  I.  Simpson.  Lt.  Simpson  can                       Urith  McDonald  seems  to like  the  bed in the  receiving ward,  her, only   "ON  STAGE,  EVERYBODY"
                                      scribe  the  beautiful  scenery  sur-
        be  reached  in  Reno,  Nevada.  Just                       sound  of  wedding  bells,  too  .  .  .  covering  a  large  white  sheet.  Two   Jack Oakie   Peggy Ryan
        visiting,  boys!  ... Lt.  R.  A.  Stock,   rounding  Clear  Lake,  upstate.   Nice  step  up  for  Madonna  Schlei- upstanding  young  gentlemen  in
        former  head  of  the  Communica-                           ger .. .  She now owns the chair of  white  passed  by  and  were  struck   Tuesday,  Aug·ust 21
        tions  Department,  will  soon  be   And  then  there's  the fellow  who  Captain's Writer at OTS  .. .  Mary  by the young lady's lovely features.   "CABIN  IN  THE  SKY"
        leaving us, having received advance  offered  his  girl  a  Scotch  and  sofa  Mars  was  working  overtime  this  One  of  the  young  men  drew  back  Lena  Horne   Eddie  Rochester
        notice  from  BuPers  of  release  to  and  she  reclined.   week ... General delivery mail has  the  sheet  and  carefully  examined
        inactive duty ... Leaving the Gun-                          been doubled up and the MaM's are  the  patient  from  head  to  foot.   Wed.-Thurs.,  Aug.  22  and  23
        nery Department is Eldan L. Burns,   The  rhumba  combines  two  very   having  a  run  for  their money  .. .   "Do  you  think  you  will  have  to   "YOU  CAME  ALONG"
        CFC,  who  goes  to  Santa  Cruz  for  different  features  of  two  very  d.if-  Good  news  is  the  arrival  of  Ens.  operate?"  th; girl asked anxiously  Robert  Cummings  Lizabeth  Scott
        discharge  .  .  .  Does  anyone  know  ferent automobiles.  From the front   Dorothy Noonan  .  .  .  Miss  Noonan  after a  fow moments.
        if there  is  any  connection  between  it  glides  as  smooth  as  a  Cadillac,   is  a  lady  with  ideas  and  they  all   "Oh,  you'll  have  to  ask  the  Fri.-Sat.,  August  24  and  25
        Margaret Cook, Sp ( G) 3c, and "Miss  from  the  rear  it  shimmies  like  a   spell  fun  for  T.I.  Waves  ... You  doctors,"  said  one  of  the  young   "PRIDE_ OF  THE  MARINES"
        Mark 14 Sight of 1945" ?      jeep.                         will  be  hearing from  her soon  .  .  .  m!;ln  cheerily.  We're only visitors."  John Garfield   Eleanor Parker
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