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U.S. Naval Training and Distribution Center

      VOL.  IV-No.  25                                     TREASURE  ISLAND,  SAN  FRANCISCO,  CALIF ..                          SATURDAY,  AUGUST  4,  1945

      New  Fourth Street            ''Sad lad'' He's 1110·119 io Flt                            Coast Guard to Celebrate Its 155th

      Sidewalks Will Keep                                                                       Birthday Today; Oldest Service in Nation
      Pedestrians Off Street
                                                                                                                                The  United  States  Coast  Guard,
       To confine foot traffic to the side­                                                                                   oldest  commissioned  service  in  the
      walks in one of the busiest sections                                                        Re(ognize & Remember        nation,  will  celebrate  its  155th
      of  the  island  is  the  purpose  of  the                                                                              birthday today, August 4  in a  way
      new 18-foot sidewalks nearing com­                                                               this  Emblem           the Japs won't like.
      pletion  on  Fourth  street  past  Gal­                                                                                   Out  in  the  far  Pacific  invasion
      ley  K  and  Gymnasium  No.  1.                                                                                         fronts  Coast  Guardsmen  will  com­
       'L'he  need  for  such  a  project  has                                                         •                      memorate  the  occasion  with  re­
      long  been  felt,  owing  to  the  huge                                                                                 newed blows at the enemy.
      number  of  men  in  chow  lines  at                                                                                      Their  major  assignments  on the
      the  mess  hall  and  going  to  and                                                                                    European  front  finished,  they  will
      from  the  gym.  Heretofore,  pedes­                                                                                    mark another year of  putting their
      trians  not  in  chow  lines  have  been                                                      It means  the  wearer  has  an   fighting  surfman's  skill  into  diffi­
      obliged  to  walk  in  the  street,  con­                                                     honorable  discharge from the   cult amphibious landing operations
      stituting a  hazard to themselves as                                                             U.  S.  Armed  Forces   against  the  Japanese;  manning
      wen  as  oncoming  vehicle  traffic.                                                                                    troops,  assault  and  supply  ships;
      When  completed,  the  new  walks                                                                                       performing  escort  and  convoy
      will  allow  lines  to  form  on  the  in­                                                                              duties.  Withal,  they're  not neglect­
      board  side,  thus  leaving  ample                                                        Survivors of YMS              ing  their  traditional  peacetime  ac­
      space  for  passersby.                                                                                                  tivities  of  pr,otecting  life  and  pro­
       Turning the corner on either side                                                        50, Sunk by Jap               perty  on  the seacoasts  and  water­
      of the street at A venue H,  the new                                                                                    ways,  or  their  vital  wartime  as­
      "super  walks" will lead to the  Post                                                     Mine, Arrive Here             signment on Port Security.
      Office on  one  hand  and  Dispensary                                                                                     To be sure, there will be speeches
      No.  2  on  the  other.  Much  of  the                                                      As  part  of  the  Borneo  invasion   throughout the nation by a grateful
      congestion  occurring  on  Training                                                       force,  the YMS-50  was  engaged  in   people. And there will be a glow of
      Center  payday  will  be  relieved  in                                                    operations  when she  struck  one  of   pride  by  Coast  Guardsmen  from
      this  manner.                                                                             the  enemy  underwater  explosives   here  to Okinawa;  but  there  will be
       To,  complete  the  project  it  was                                                     and  began  to  settle  by  the  bow.   no pause in  the main job.
      necessary to remove  a good deal of                                                       Japanese shore batteries opened up   Today,  the  170,000  men  and
      the  lawn  bordering  the  sidewalks                                                      on  the  sinking  ship  before  the   women  wearing  the  Coast  Guard
      concerned,  and  Public  Works  De­                                                       decks  went  awash.  Her  crew  was   shield  on their  right  forearm  have
      partment,  not  wishing  to  destroy                                                      forced  to  abandon  ship.    earned  commendations  from  rank­
      perfectly  good  sod,  transplanted  it                                                     All hands aboard were saved and   ing Army,  Navy and  Marine  Corps
      in  small  squares.  You  have  prob­                                                     picked  up  by  surrounding  invasion   officers,  and  from  government,
      ably seen it looking as good as new                                                       craft.  They  arrived  at  Treasure   state  and  municipal  officials.
      decorating  the  grounds  behind  the  NOPE,  NOT  JOHN  BUNYAN  but Seaman  First Class  Dan  C.  Roberts  Island last week for reclassification   While  performing  vital  Port
      Administration  Building.     of the  Armed  Guard  Center,  age  18,  height  6' 7" and  still  growing.  The  and outfitting  prior  to going  home   Security  duties  on the  home  front
                                    lady in the· pi ture is Armed  Guard  Yeoman Jeanne A.  Miller, Y1c, who
     · Part  of  Overall  Project   stopped  gr,owing  at  5' 1".  (See  story  below).         for  30-day  survivors'  leave.   -vastly  increased  with  San Fran­
                                                                                                  On  the  bridge  of  the  YMS  was
        The new sidewalks are only  part                                                        painted  ten  flags,  indicating  the   cisco Bay now the main  funnel for
      of  a  paving  and  parking  area  pro­                                                   number  of  minesweeping  opera­  shipment  of  men,  munitions  and
      gram  instigated  by  the  lately  r'e­  When Dan  C.  Roberts,  Slc  went  everything  grows  bigger  out  here.   tions  the  ship  had  participated  in  supplies  to  Pacific  fighting  fronts
      tired  Commander  G.  A.  Miller.  through  boot  school  he  was  the   Sea  duty  brought  its  problems   before  the  Borneo  invasion.  Com­ -the Coast  Guard is_ continuing to
      According  to  the  Public  Works  despair  of  the supply  storekeepers.  his  way.  Passageways, aboard  ship   missio.ned  in  May,  1942,  the  vessel  write  a  brilliant chapter in combat
      spokesman, the project will include  He  doesn't  fit,  his  arms  and  legs,  which  are  small  for  a  normal  per­  during  its  combat  operations  had  zones.
      among  other  things  a  sidewalk  his  feet  and  hands  are  just  too  big  son  are  almost  out  of  the  question   shot  down  two  Japanese  planes.   In  every  major  invasion  since
      along  the  sea  wall  from  the  new  for the average clothing Uncle Sam  for  Seaman  Roberts.  And  how              the sneak Jap attack on  December
      Ferry  Building  to  the  Administra­ makes  for  sailors.  He  is  six  feet  would  you  like  to  hang  your  feet   7,  1941-be it North Africa,  Sicily,
      tion Building.  It  would  keep  sight­ seven  and  a  quarter  inches  tall,  and legs over the end of your bunk   PUBLIC WORKS SHOP   Salerno,  Normandy,  Guadalcanal,
      seers  off  the  street,  ·and  when  the weighs 225 pounds and at 18 is still  for  six  or  seven  months?  Not able   Tarawa,  Leyte,  Iwo  Jima  or  Okin­
      water transportation set-up is com­ growing, in fact he has grown three.  to  carry  his  custom-built  bed  RE-PAINTS TWO
      •pleted,  pedestrians  will  use  it  on inches  in  the last year.   around  with  him,  he "drapes"  not   TRUCKS PER DAY   awa-fighting  men  with  "USCG"
                                                                                                                              emblazoned  across  their  steel  hel­
      their way to the ferry.  Other  proj­  Stationed  at  the  Armed  Guard  "hits" the sack. Incidentally if any­          mets  have  manned  tiny  landing
      ects  call  for  the  paving  of  the  en­ Center on Treasure Island, he hopes  one has an extra pair of  socks size   Fourteen  men  of  the  Public   craft darting from giant transpo·rts
      tire  area  behind  North Galley  and  to  try  out  for  the  Armed  Guard  13½  he will accept any and all con­ Works Paint Shop are· assigned the
      the  surfacing  of  the grounds  in the basketball  team,  because  as  a  tributions.    task  of  keeping  the  eight  hundred   to enemy shores.
      rear of Transportation Pool garage. civilian he  played  for  Belmont and   He is ready to stop growing any­ official trucks and cars  of Treasure   With  a  minimum  of  fanfare,  the
                                    Los Angeles High schools  and  also  time,  but  nature  evidently  intends  Island  in  a  clean  condition,  which   Coast Guard has performed its im­
                                    Lord;s,  a city club in L. A.  He calls  to make a real man out of him and  means  new  paint  inside  and  out.   portant  wartime  services.  Few
                                                                                                                              know that this was the first Ameri­
      Navy Converts Army            Los  Angeles  home  and  seems  to  under  such  conditions,  what  can  a  They  must  completely  repaint  two   can service to take German prison­
                                                                                                vehicles  per  day  to  keep  up  with
                                    prove  the  Californians  boast  that  fellow  do?
      Conuete Barge Into                                                                        their  schedule.              ers  in  this  war;  that  a  Coast
                                                                                                                              Guardsman,  helping  in  the  rescue
                                                                                                  Assigned  to  the  Treasure  Island
     . Floating Gedunk Parlor  Entire Jap Navy Wiped Out                                        paint  locker  are  nine  sailors  and   of  Marines  trapped  behind  enemy
                                                                                                                              lines at Guadalcanal,  won  the Con­
                                                                                                about  sixty  civilians.  Robert  L.
      part of the Pacific a concrete barge,  By Carrier Raids on Kure Area                      Stone,  Ptrlc,  directs  the  sailo·rs   gressional  Medal of Honor  posthu­
        Somewhere  in  the  southwestern
                                                                                                                              mously;  that  a  Coast  Guardsman
                                                                                                while  Ray  E.  Dunn  heads  the
      once belonging to the Army Trans­                                                         civilian  workers.  Dunn  estimated   was  responsible  for  the  capture of
      port  Service,  is  floating  around   Japan  this  week  has  no  navy.  the Ise's sister ship,  Hyuga,  rested   the  paint  shop  monthly  does  about   the saboteurs who landed on Long
      armed  only  with  2,000  gallons  of   Not  one  major  unit  remained  in  on  the  bottom  off  tiny  N asaka   $15,000 worth of maintenance work   Island.from a Nazi submarine; that
      ice  cream.  Daily  it  is assaulted  by   condition to fight as planes  of  Ad­ Jima,  the  water  washing  over  her   on  the island.   a  Coast  Guard  'Splinter  Fleet"­
      the  smaller  ships  of  the  U.  S.  Pa­  miral John S.  McCain's Task Fo•rce  flight deck.   Besides  the  auto  painting  detail   made  up  of  a  small 83-footers ori­
      cific fleets.                 38  winged  back  to  their  carriers   Elsewhere  both  the  heavy  cruis­  and  the  maintenance  work,  the   ginally  d�signed  for  inshore  patrol
        Before  this  concrete floating  ice   after  the  third  strike  in  five  days  ers  Tone  and  Aoba  were  left  blaz­  shop  operates  a  furniture  repair   -rescued  more  than  800  survivors
      cream  parlor  came  to  the  Pacific,   on  Kure  and  the  surrounding  wa­ ing,  with  the latter's  stern  sinking   and  paint  office,  a  glass  works,  re­  of  ships  blasted  by  enemy  fire  at
      men  on  the  smaller  ships  didn't   ters of the  Inland Sea.   to  the  shallow  bottom.   An  old   stripes  the  stree�,  and  repaints   To  help  in  Port  Security  ac­
      have·  much  ice  cream-many,  in   With  a  radius  of  five  miles  of  cruiser  was  capsized  and  two  car­  building  fixtures.
      fact, · had  none.  For  instance,  one   Nippon':;;  "Annapo'1is"  at  Kure,  riers,  the  Amagi  and  Katsuraga,      tivities, thousands of patriotic Am­
      auxiliary  cargo  ship  recently  took  Japan  this  week  reaped  the  whirl- were  blasted  out  of  use.   Handkerchiefs  "Best   ericans  answered  the  call  and  en­
      on  ice  cream,  which  was  the  first  wind  sown  at.  Pearl  Harbor.   Three  submarmes  lurking  in  a             listed in the Coast Guard Auxiliary
      the  crew  had  in  eighteen  months.   Haruna  Wrecked     cove in the base area of Kure were   Seller"  at  Small     and  the  Temporary  Reserve,  per­
        All  kinds  of  ships  such  as  de­  Across  the  bay  from  Kure  city,   bombed  repeatedly  and  sunk.            forming  tasks  formerly  done  by
      stroyer escorts, minesweepers, sub­  the  great  29,330  ton  Kongo  class   Four  destroyers  were  also  heav­  Stores Last Month   regular  Coast  Guardsmen,  releas­
                                                                                                                              ing  these  men  for  combat  duty  at
      marine chasers, patrol era.ft, LCI's,   battleship Haruna was run aground   ily  damaged,  one  possibly  fatally,   It  is  an  amazing  revelation  that
      LSM's,  tugs  and  other  small  era.ft   200  feet  off  a  small  boat  dock,  in   with  her  stern  awash  and  afire,   76,374  handkerchiefs  were  sold  to   sea.  Ten  thousand  women  have
      pull  alongside  daily,  just  like  a   the  shadow  of  the  towering  ter­  plus  three  destroyer  escorts  and   'Preasure  Island  sailors  during  the   donned  the  silver  shield  as  mem­
      "drive-in",  and  take  aboard  ice   raced  hills  of  Eta  Shima.   the carrier escort Kaiyo.   four  weeks  of  June.  It  is  more   bers of the Coast Guard Spars.
                                                                                                                                The  Coast  Guard  is  truly  living
      cream  for  all  hands.         In  a  little  downward  pointing  Calamity  Day          understandable  that  over  63,000   up  to  its  name,  "Semper  Paratus,
                                    thumb  of  water  just over  the  neck   It was a day of total calamity for  pairs of  black socks were sold dur­  Always Ready."
      Clothing Allowance Boost      of  land  connecting  Eta  Shima  to  Japan, despite the toll her admitted­ ing the same period;  or that nearly
                                    Nishinomi  Shima,  the  10,000  ton  ly  more  accur,ate  anti-aircraft  bat­ 40,100  drawers  and  39,850  unde•r­
        A  $3  increase  in  the  quarterly   cruiser  Oyodo rolled over and turn­ teries  exacted.   shirts were  purchased.   90% to Pacific Area
      clothing. allowance  has  been  auth­  ed  her  steel  belly  to  the  setting   On  Honshu  itself,  thirteen  loco­  White  hats  were in  demand  too,   Ninety  per  cent  of  the  enlisted
      orized for  all enlisted  men--except   sun,  her  bow  down  in  the  silt,  her  motives and four oil tank cars were  because  the  files  disclose  that  ap­ personnel  to  be  assigned  duty
      CPOs,  cooks,  stewarts  and  band   screws out of the water.   destroyed.  Two  other  locomotives,  proximately  33,100  were bought  at  afloat  or  overseas  following  shore
      members, who receive a $1.25 boost.   Ripped  asunder  by  bombs,  the  three  hangers,  and gas  storage  fa­ 50-cents  each.  But all  in  all,  hand­ duty  survey  are  to  be  sent  to  the
      Enlisted  men  formerly  received  $9  Ise,  half  battleship,.  half  carrier,  cilities  were  damaged.  A  factory  kerchiefs were the top teller. Could Pacific  area  and  the  remainder  to
      each  quarter  and  OPOs,  cooks,  was  beached  on the southern shore  and  a  large  ammunition  storage  it  be  Treasure  Island's  "summer" the Atlantic, BuPers announced re­
      stewarts and band members $18.75.  of Kure Bay.  Two  miles  southeast,  depot  were  blasted  at  Ube.   weather?      cently.
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