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PAGE  4           THE  :MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JULY  28,  1945
                                    Transportation Pool           Activities  for               Emt1/een Gordon to Be Fet1tured Here
          THE  COVER                Employees Launch              Waves  This  Week

        Honoring  the  Waves  On Their  ,                           Saturday  - Bowling,  Tennis,
          Third  Birthday Anniversary   •  Recruiting Campaign    Swimming:  1000-1800.
      ............  ............... ..,. ... '   Aimed  to  relieve  the  critical  Sunday-Bowling, Tennis, Swim­
                                    shortage of drivers in the Treasure  ming:  0900-1700.  Trip  to  Russian
                                                                  River.  Bus  leaves  Stop  39,  0930.
                                    Island  transportation  pooI,  a  re­  Monday-Bowling, Tennis, Swim­
                                    cruiting campaign has been launch­  ming:  0900-2100.  Military  Review:
                                    ed by  the  drivers  themselves.  1630.  Birthday  Dinner,  Wave 'Gal­
                                      Inaugurated  Thursday,  July  19,  ley:  1800.  Wave  Dance,  Adminis­
                                    its  purpose  will  be  accomplished  tration  building:  2000-2400.
                                    through  drivers  recruiting  their  Wednesday  - Handicraft  class,
                                    friends  for  positions  as  chauffeurs.  Bowling,  Tennis,  Swimming.
                                    As  a  result  of  the  tempo  of war  in  Thursday  - Bowling,  Tennis,
                                    the  Pacific,  increased  demands  for  Swimming.
                                    transportation  have  placed  a  tre-  Friday-Golf,  Bowling,  Tennis,
                                    mendous  strain  on  the  local  facili-  Swimming.
                                    ties.  The  shortage of drivers forced  Saturday   Bowling,  Tennis
                                    authorities  to  call  out  a  group  of  Swimming.
                                    Seabees  from  Camp  Parks,  who
                                    have  since  contributed  admirably
                                    toward fulfilling all  orders.  Drivers
                                    are  urged  to  contact  friends  for Swim,  Live  and  Win
                                    these  positions,  for  the  need  for  The  Navy  has underscored  these
                                    additional  employees  will  become  ':hree  words  for  its  personnel  by
                                    greater  as  the  war  approaches � a  �mphasizing the fact that all Navy
                                    climax.                        nen  should  be qualified  swimmers.
                                      When  Helen  Wilson  was  called
                                    out  as  driver  of  one  of  the  many  Last  week  611  men  from  Pre­
                                    buses  assigned to an incoming pier  Jommissioning  Training   School
           Barbara  R.  Wallis,  SK1c   draft last week, she expected noth­  :ook  basic  processing  swim  tests.
                                    ing more than a routine trip. When  1esults  found  452  qualified  swim­
        The  inspiration  for  the  cover  of   she  reached  the pier,  however,  she  ners  and  159  who  failed  to  pass
      this  week's  issue  of  The  Masthead   sighted  her  husband  among  those  ·:he  third  class  swimming  require­
      is  none  other  than  one  of  our  own   returning Navy men waiting at the  nents.
      Treasure  Island  Waves,  Store­                              Your  Navy  does  not  believe  in
      heeper First Class Barbara R. Wal­  she was  a  bridesmaid and  greeting "suicid_e  squads";  it  feels  that  a
      lis.  A  very  attractive,  intelligent   her  brother,  an  Army  lieutenant man  who  goes  to  sea  and  cannot
      young lady with one of those  "out­  just  returned  to  the  states  after swim  is liable to the  same  dangers  BEAUTIFUL  BLONDE  premier  danseuse,  Emaleen  Gordon,  currently
                                                                                                 featured  at  the  "Copacabana"  in  San  Francisco,  will  be  a  part  of  the
      of-this-world"  personalities,  Bar­  being  a  prisoner  of  the  Germans. al?  a  man  who  goes  to  battle  with­  entertainment at the Wave  Bir.thday Dance,  Monday,  July 30.
      bara has been with the local supply   Barbara's  father  is  also  in  there out  his  gun.  For  this  reason  the
      department  since  October,  1943.   pitching  to  help  win  the  war.  He 159  who failed  to  pass  as  qualified
      Entering  the  Waves  in June,  1943,   is  a  radio  technician  servicing swimmers  will  report  to  tha  gym Industrial Dept.   PUBLIC WORKS NEWS
      she  attended  the  Navy  school  for   equipment  on  our  planes  as  they three  times  each  week  until  they
      storekeepers  in  Boston,  following   return  for  repairs.  do  pass  swimming  reqpirements. Shipfitters Get Ships     All  personnel  of  the  Shops  wish
      Junior  College  in  Sacramento,   Yes,  Mates, we  know you have a                                                      to welcome Lt.  E. A. Bullington to
      Calif., her home town. Barbara has  question. She is not spoken for, has  rail  to  disembark.  It  goes  without  Back on Their Feet   our  little group.  He  can sit  on our
      had  a busy week  posing for  photo­ several  good  prospects,  but  you  saying  that  Mrs.  Wilson  drove  on          desks  or  benches  any  time.
      graphs  for  The  Masthead  and  her  must  be  interested  in  swimming  ::louds  all  the  way  back,  with  her  Go  down  around  the  shipfitting   Ensigns  Wynn  and  Sharp  now
      home-town  paper  The  Sacramento  and  golfing  before  she  will  even ·msband  riding  in  the coveted  seat  department at  the Industrial shops  have  their  well  deserved  promo­
      Bee, attending a wedding for which  give  you  a  look  in.  behind  the  driver.          any  day  and  you will  come upon  a  tions to Lieutenant  (jg). Good luck
                                                                                                 scene of brisk, sometimes terrifying  and  we  all  hope  that  you  both  can
                                                                                                 activity.  Giant  cranes  lower  steel  pass  out  the  cigars  and  candy  in
      Neep Mt1cl,lnes Hummlng ... Stt1rt Your Recruiting Ct1mpt1lgn Now beams  into  place;  welding  torches                  the  near  future  again.
                                                                                                 flash  piercing  blue;  little groups  of
                                                                                                 men are huddled around blueprints,   It  seems  Bobby  Wilson  thought
                                                                                                 studying  them  intently.  Outside,  over _  the  marriage  problem  thor­
                                                                                                 tied  up  at  one  of  the  repair  docks,  :m ghly .  From  now  on  she  will  be
                                                                                                 lies  a  broken,  battle-scarred  vet- '.inancing  her  own little  section.
                                                                                                 eran of the sea. It is  for her, to get   Bill Stein, from the Design, came
                                                                                                her  back  into  action  that  men  and  up the other day to charm the girls
                                                                                                women  work  overtime,  sometimes  in  his  civilian  clothes.  How  did  he
                                                                                                night after night. Perhaps there are  look,  girls?
                                                                                                several ships docked out there, each   Remember  Paul  Mitchell?  He  is
                                                                                                with  her  crew  of  repairmen  work­  now  in  a  convalescent  hospital.
                                                                                                ing  against  time  to get  her  out  on   Okinawa  w�  his  stumbling  block.
                                                                                                  It  is  the  job  of  the  shipfitting   Mr.  Rathbun,  electrican,  runs  a  '
                                                                                                shop  to  study  blueprints  of  an  in­  little  store  in  back  of  the  ware­
                                                                                                jured  ship,  and  from  them  replace   '10use  and  seems  to  be  doing  good
                                                                                                her broken  members,  whether  they   business.  Cigarettes  too.
                                                                                                are  a  couple  of  half-inch  pad-eyes   Public  Works  has  its  superman
                                                                                                or  a  complete  new  stern  or  super­ too.  It  seems Walter Blair can tear
                                                                                                structure. The department must as­ phonebooks  in  four  pieces  with  no
                                                                                                sume  responsibility  for  completing  effort  whatsoever.
                                                                                                the  job  according  to plan.   Mrs.  Beale's  face  is  beaming
                                                                                                  The  shop  hasn't  always  been  so   more  brightly  than  ever  now.  Her
                                                                                                well - equipped   or   running   so   son has an honorable  discharge and
                                                                                                smoothly.  Less than two years ago   is  home.
                                                                                                it  was  nothing  more  than  a  hand­
                                                                                                ful  of  mechanics  working  with  an
                                                                                                equally small handful of equipment.  Dt1nce Tet1m Coming
                                                                                                Despite  this'  handicap,  however.
                                                                                                ships  came  and  left  as  scheduled.  For Wt111e 8t1/I
                                                                                                Many  returned  a  second  time  to
                                                                                                have  new  wounds  patched  up  and
                                                                                                be  placed  back  into  commission.
                                                                                                  Little  by  little,  the  Navy  ob 0
                                                                                                tained  more  men  and  equipment.
                                                                                                built  new  repair  docks,  and  in­
                                                                                                creased  general  repair  facilities.
                                                                                                With an original goal of 1,000 work
                                                                                                orders  completed  per  year,  the
                                                                                                figure  20,000  stands  little  short  of
                                                                                                phenomenal as the total  number  of
                                                                                                 jobs  turned  out.  Employing  more
                                                                                                than 100 men and women, the ship­
                                                                                                fitting  shop  has  become  the  heart
                                                                                                of ship repair facilities on Treasure
                                                                                                  In  order  to  lay  out  and  carry
                                                                                                through the vital ship repair work,
                                                                                                the  department  must  depend  on
                                                                                                 full  cooperation of  nearly all  other
                                                                                                departments  of  Industrial  division.
                                                                                                Machinists, electricians, carpenters,  MAARCYCA  �nd  Rene  Gunsett
                                                                                                welders,  burners,  flangers - these   have recently completed an engage­
                                                                                                                               ment at the Club Lido in San Fran­
                                                                                                are  only  a  few  of  the  men  and   cisco,  coming  here  from  the  Wal­
      TO RECRUIT  WORKERS for jobs pictured above­  erans can still work for the Navy.; filling positions as  women who do their share to make  dorf-Astoria  in  New  Y,ork  City.
      and  many  more - is  the  job  that  must  be  accom­  welders,  flangers,  sheet  metal  workers,  draftsmen,   the  record  of  Industrial  second  to   They  will  present  their  unusual
      plished  by  the  personnel  and  civilian  employees  of   and others.  Urge  your  friends  to  apply  in  person  at   routines  at  the  Wave  Birthday
      Treasure  Island.  Both  men  and women are  urgently   the  Branch  Labor  Board  in  the  Administration   none  in  efficiency,  spirit,  and   dance to be held in the Administra­
      needed  to  do  vital  war  work  here.  Discharged  vet-  Building.                      morale ..                      tion builtllng  n!lx.\  1\/lqntlay  nig,ht.
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