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THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JULY  28,  1945         PAGE  7
     Treasure Isl  and Loses Skilled Artisan                                       CROSS WORD ·-"--------------------------------·

       Th�  Navy  lost  one  more  chief  vases  and  crosses  on  the  altar  of
      recently  when  W.  E.  Van  Erp,   the  Treasure  Island  Chapel as  well   1-Swabs  51-Ocean
                                                                                         52-Smooth  consonant
      CM, was discharged from the serv­  as  the  fire  ·screen,  and  irons  and   5-Burro  53-Remnants
                                    fire tools for the Commissioned Of­
      ice.  Chief  Van  Erp  has  been  on   ficers'  Mess,  th�  Officers'  Recrea­  8-Copied  54-Misjudge
      active duty in the Navy since  July   tion Center and  the Hostess House.   12-Elliptical  55-First garden
      of  1942.  In  June  1943  "Van"  re­ Treasure Island has been fortunate   13-Fiery        DOWN
      ported  to  NTSchs  where  he  has  to  have  such  a  skiiled  artist  and   14-Defy  1-Fashion
      been  an  instructor  in  the  welding  one  who  has  been  so  generous  of   15-Remove  2-Once more
      school.  Van,  a  skilled  metal  arti­ his  own  personal time to donate so   16-English drink  3-Line  of  cliffs
      san, contributed a great deal of his  many  artistic  objects.  Chief  Van   17-Climbing  plant  4-Rain and snow
  V   own time to designing  and  making  Erp,  who  owned  and  managed  an   18-Indians  5-Villain's  exclamation
      ornaments for  the  chapel,  and  rec­ art  metal  shop  before  he  entered   20-Exhausted  6-Join
      reation centers for  officers  and  en­ the  service,  plans  to  go  into  busi­  22-Salaries  7-Harsh
      listed personnel. He made the brass  ness  again  in  San  Francisco.   24-Man's  name  8-Counselor
                                                                  26-Hearing  organ       9-Ache
                                                                  27-Hard  substance     10-Sea eagle
      Treasure Island Sailors       Armed Guard Sinks             31-Broadest            11-Act
                                                                                         19-Afternoon  naps
      Really Like Gedunks           Albany in 7-3  Contest        33-Optical illusion    21-Highly  esteemed
                                                                  34-Put forth
      • Morning,  noon,  or  night,  sailors At Treasure  Island   35-Dog                23-Irish  saint
      like  ice  cream.  At  least  they  like  For  six  innings  it  was  a  no-hit,   36-Turf  24-Adoring  wonder
      the  way  it  is  made  at  the  Ship's  no-run  baseball  game  for  Armed  40-Depreciator   25-Number   38-Poetry            42-Lean
      Service  No.  1,  for  that  little  eight  Guard  chucker  Smith.  But  in  the  43-Health  menus   28-Ornamented  39-Fire-arm  44-MusicaI sound
                                                                                         29-In  the  past
      by  twelve  room 'does  between  six  seventh  stanza  he  weakened  and  46-Kiln   30-Guided             40-Pittance          45-Observed
      and  ten  hundred  dollars  of  busi­  although  the  Gunners  defeated  Al- 47-Fabric   32-Missions      41-Steady            48-Nominal  value
      ness every day of  the  week;  cater­  bany  Landing  Force,  7-3,  the  dam- 49-Floating  ice   33-Cup
      ing  to  an  average  of  3:bout  eight  age  that  met  Smith  in  that  fatal  50-Loan   35-Life's  work             (Solution  on  Page 5)
      thousand sailors  every ty,elve-hour  episode  undoubtedly  took  some  of                                              -Courtesy Dell Publishing Co.
      day.                          the poise  out  of  his  pitching.
        Selling  for  ten  cents,  the  one                       TIie Island  Trotter                                        Aug.  3  is Golden  Glove
      product  of  the fountain is a cup of   The  Gunners  were  enjoying  a
      not-frozen ice cream which usually   three-run  lead  until  Smith  became                                              Entry Deadline -Both
      comes in two flavors;  chocolate and   a  little  wobbly  on  the  mound,  and
      vanilla.  What's yours,  mate?   fell  prey  to  an  Albany  three-run   If  you  were  charged  with  the  have  seen  their  share,  they  should   Divisions Still Open
                                    splurge.  But  the  Albany  rally  was   responsibility of establishing a Navy  go  home;  others  could  carry  on.
                                    short-lived  as  the  Armed  Guard   Discharge Point system, upon which  Points should be  given  if  a  man  is   Boxers will  taper off to some ex­
      Yanks Lousy as  Lovers,       came  back  in  force  to  score  four   factors  would  you  base  the  critical  married  and  his  age  should  be  tent  this  week  in  preparedness  for
                                    more  runs  and  clinch the  game.
                                                                                                                              the  Golden  Gloves  all-star  boxing
      Some French  Girls Say          The  game  was  played  on  the   score?  Why?            taken  into  consideration.  I  think   tourney  that  commences  August  6.
                                                                                                the  system  should  be  set. up  right
                                    Treasure Island athletic field Wed-  Harry  Bfackwell,  SK1c,  Disburs­  away  and  all  old  timers  who  have
        Are  Yanks  lousy  lovers ?   nesday.                     ing.  I  think a  point system for  the                       "A fair sized entry  with  the pos­
        Some  French  girls  think  so,  ac­                      men  of  the  Navy  should  be  set  up   fought  from the  start,  are married   sibility of  more contestants by  Au­
      cording to  a  poll conducted by  the                       in  a  manner  such  as  to  equal  that   and  at  least  25  years  old,  should   gust  3  is  expected,"  states  boxing
      Parisian weekly, "Saturday Night."  ably  drunk,"  French  girls  believe.   of  the  Army.  I  would  have  a  crit­  go  home.   head  Charley  Pinzone.
        Many  Yanks,  according  to  the   Another  complaint  is  that  Gis   ical  score  of,  say, 75,  and· give one   William  E.  Unter, SK3c, Salvage  The  Senior  division  will  be  clus­
      poll,  are  either,  "too  loud,"  "too  1re  "unable  to  distinguish  respect­  point  for  every  year  of  a  man's   Depot.  A  system  should  be  started   tered·  by  top-notch,  experienced
      devil-may-care"  or  "too  unbear- able  women  from  the  other  kind."   age.  Two  points  for  every  month   right now, based primarily on  time   ring  men  while  the  Novice  class
                                                                  overseas  and  five  for  every  battle   in  service.  In  peacetime  men  join   will  exaggerate  the  aggressive
                                                                  of  major  importance.  Ten points  if   for  a  certain  length  of  time.  This   mixer.
      FLEET CITY FABLES                       By Ted Droke·       he  is  married,  or  for  every  de­  war-duration  is based on  "National   Get  your  entry  in  by  August  3
                                                                  pendent.  I  am  regular  Navy,  tho,   Emergency"  which may easily last   to  Charley  Pinzone  in  Gym  No.  1.
                                                                  so  I  wouldn't  be  affected.   for  another  five  years.  The  draft   Support  your  fighter.
                                                  '\)-ri/\1(:-(f  -  Gene Manzo, MaM3c,  Post  Off ice .    started  five  years  ago.  With  the
                                                                  I  would start  a  discharge  program   Japanese  situation  the  way  it is,  I
                                                                                                think the Navy can  start a conver­
                                                                  as  soon  as  the  Navy  could  spare   sion  plan  now,  giving  those  men
                                                                  the men. I would base it on number   who  have  been  in  for  three  years
                                                                  of months in service, with credit be­  or  more  a  chance  to  go  home.
                                                                  ing given for number of dependents   Especially  if  they  have  families,  He  was  seated  in  the  parlor
                                                                  and  number  of  sea  engagements.   dependents, or have seen heavy ac­ And  he said  unto the  light­
                                                                  With  a  critical  score  of  100,  I   tion.  The  Navy  is  big  enough  to  "Either  you  or  I,  old  fellow,
                                                                  would  give  one  point  for  each   carry  on  without  them  now.  Will  be  turned  down  tonight."
                                                                  month  in  service;  fifteen  for  each                                * *  *
                                                                  dependent;  while  for  every  battle,   Larry  Martin,  MoMM1c,  Public   After  a  thorough  examination,
                                                                  I  would  give  five.         Works  Garage.  The  main  basis for   the  Navy  doctor  eyed  the  tall  and
                                                                                                a discharge  plan,  which could  start
                                                                    Robert   S.   Meinhardt,   SK3c,  now,  should  be  on  time  overseas,   very  thin  boot  in  silence.
                                                                  Armed  Guard.  I  would  base  the  with  battles  as a  runner-up.  I  had  "Well,  doc,  how  do  I  stand?"
                                                                  critical  score  almost  solely  on  de- 31  months  over  but  some  of  the  asked  the  boot.
                                                                  pendents.  Older  men  with  children,  men  have  had  fifty-one  or  sixty­  "Goodness  knows,"  replied  the
                                                                                                                                         *  *  *
                                                                  and  those  with  dependent  parents,  one. I would sectionalize the oceans   doctor,  "It's a  miracle."
                                                                  should  be  getting  a  discharge;  and  if  men  have  been  in  a  section
                                                                  especially  if they  have seen  lots  of  during the time it was a battle area   Definition  of  the Week:  Parasite
                                                                  service.  Reason  is  that  the  Navy  I would give five points per month.   -A  person  who  goes  through  a
                                                                  is  pounding  the  very  shores  of  If  they came in later,  I would give   revolving  door  without pushing.
                                                                  Japan  which  &ho·ws  the  defensive  them  two  points  per  month.  Mar-  *  *  *
                                                                  war of the Pacific is certainly over.  ried men and men  with dependents   The  grammar  teacher  wrote  on
                                                                  Our  Army  must  defeat  the  bulk  of  should be allowed points, about ten   the  blackboard,  "I  didn't  have  no
                                                                  the  Japanese Army  on  Jap  soil,  yet  for  each,  although  age  shouldn't   fun  at  the  seashore."
                                                                  they  have started their demobiliza- make  much  difference.  My  reason   Then  she  turned to  the  class  and
                                                                  tion  p  1  a ns.  W'th  thi  ·  m  m m                     asked, "How should I correct this?"
                                                                                        ·  d  I  am  is  that  when  Japan  falls  everyone
                                                                  sure  the  Navy  could  set  up  a  sys- will  want out quickly. To avoid the   A bright youngster quipped,  "Get
                                                                  tern and start discharging men now  resultant  confusion,  I  think  the   a  boy  friend!"
                                                                  without impairing  her  fighting effi- system  should  be  set  up  now  with
                                                  Courtesy  Fleet   ciency.
                                                    City  News                                  a  high  critical  score  of  ninety  would be consistent. I have a plural
                                                                    Herbert  Krebs,  S1c,  Frontier  points  which  could  be  lowered  by  reason for thinking the plan should
                                                                   Base.  I would say combat duty and  one  or  two  points  per  month.  By  start  now.  First,  because  of  the
        HYou're_ out of bounds,  sailor-I'll  give you  just  and  hour  an' it   time  overseas  should  be  the  major  the  end  of  the  war  everything  morale  of  the  men,  and  secondly,
                        half  to  get  out  of  here."            influence  in.  any  such  plan.  Men  would be running smoothly and the  the Navy could plan their post-war
                                                                  were  drafted  to  fight.  After  they  conversion  to  peace-time  Navy  problems  much  easier.
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