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PAGE  8           THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JULY  28,  1945
       Reviewl  Dancel Dinnerl Wave Birthday on Monday

                                    800 Waves to
      Open  Letter  to              March in Military              Clll/FORN/11 BORN /IND IRED                                 Lt.  Williamson
      The  Waves  of                 Review at 1630                                                                            Interviewed  On

      Treasure  Island                                                                                                         T. I.  Waves
                                      The Women's Naval Reserve will
        "As the Commander, U. S. Naval  celebrate  its  third  birthday  offici­                                                 Lt.  Irene  Williamson,  Women's
      Training  and  Distribution  Center,  ally  Monday,  July  30.  Highlight­                                               Reserve  Representative  for  Treas­
      San  Francisco,  I  am  taking  this  ing  the  celebration  on  Treasure                                                ure  Island,  took  time  this  week  to
      opportunity  to  wish  the  Waves  of  Island  will  be  a  military  review  of                                         talk on one of her favorite subjects,
      Treasure  Island  a  happy  birthday  all Waves to  be held at 1630 on the                                               "Waves".
      on  this,  the  celebration  of  their   Receiving  Ship  mustering  field.
      third  anniversary.  I  am  exception­  Commodore  R.  W.  Cary  will  take                                                "It  pleases  me  to  think  that
      ally  proud of  the service they have   the  review,  assisted  by  Lt.  Irene                                           of  the  80,000  Waves  now  in
      rendered  to  the  Navy  and  more   Williamson,  senior  Wave  officer.                                                 the  Navy,  the  800  we  have  on
      specifically  to  Treasure  Island.   Eight  hundred Waves  are  expected                                                Treasure  Island  are  a  representa­
                                                                                                                               tive  group  of  the  whole.  On  every
        "Two years and nine months ago   to  participate.
      the  first  Wave  offr::er  arrived  on   Following  the  review  the  big                                               station  in  the  United  States  anct
                                                                                                                               on  those  in  Hawaii,  the Waves  are
      the  island,  to  be  follcwed  a  few   birthday cake will be cut at Wave's
      weeks hter by yeomen,  pharmacist   Galley  and the  birthday dinner  will                                               living  much  the  same  as  we  are.
      mates  and  storekeepers.  This  orig­  be  served  at  1800.                                                            They work, play, eat, sleep and yes,
      . inal  draft  adapted  themselves  so   Waves  and  their  invited  guests                                              they  get  married,  too,  even  as  our
      well  that  island activitie-s requested   will  dance  to  the  music  of  the                                          girls  do.  It  is  true  that  on  some
      more  Waves  as  soon  as  possib 1 e.   Hunter's  Point  band  at  the  Wave                                            stations  fewer  liberties  are granted
                                                                                                                               while  on  others  there  are  less  re­
                                    dance to be  held in  the foyer of the
      From all parts of the United Staten   Administration  building  Monday                                                   strictions  than  here,  but  on  the
      they  reported  here  for  duty,  and   night.  Dancing  will  begin  at  2000
      today  eight  hundred  Navy  women   and conclude  at  2400.  An  excellent                                              whole  we  are  an  average  group,
                                                                                                                               and a group  of  which I am proud."
      are  replacing  men  badly  needed  in
      the  Pacific.                 floorshow  will  provide  entertain- THREE  PHARMACIST  MATES  FROM  SUNNY  CALIFORNIA  left  to   Lt. Williamson received her com­
                                    ment  and  a  buffet  supper  will  be  right are Mary  Holmes,  PhM1c of  Riverside,  Calif.;  Charlotte Morelock,
        "Their cooperation and hard work                           PhM2c and  Betty Juleen,  PhM2c both of  Hollywood.  See story below.  mission  in  September,  1942.  She
      during  the  past  months  have  been   served  during  the  evening. Decora-                                            was  formerly  a  professor  at  Mills
      invaluable  to  the  various  com-  tions  will  carry  out  the  birthday                                               College, Oakland, Calif., and makes
      mands which  they  serve,  and  I  am   All  Waves  on  Treasure  Island   Hospital  Waves   Facts  and  Figures         her  home  in  Alameda.  During  her
      sure  that  their  individual  com-  will  participate in  the  review,  and                                             three  years  service  in the Navy she
      manding  officers  will  agree  that   all  are  invited  to  the birthday  din­  From  Hollywood   About  T.  I.  Waves   has  seen  many  Waves  and  had  a
      their combined and continued effort   ner  and  dance.                                      Eight  hundred  Waves  should   good  opportunity  to  observe  them
      is  necessary  if  Treasure  Island  is                     Meet  On  T.  I.               possess  some  definite  similarities   on  various  stations.  Her  first  as­
      to do its share in  bringing our  war                         Three  hospital  corps  Waves  took  and  exhibit  some  unusual  factors   signment  was  to  the  storekeeper
      with  Japan  to  a  successful  con-  MARRIAGE RATE          time  out  last  week  to  talk  about  as  well. With this  thought  in mind   school  at  Bloomington,  Ind.,  fol­
      clusion.                                                    home.  Charlotte  Morelock,  PhM2c,  The  Masthead  conducted  a  survey   lowed  by  a  tour  of  duty  at  the
        "To  the  officers  and  enlisted   INCREASES              Mary  Holmes,  PhMlc  and  Betty  of a representative group and found   radio  school  in  Madison,  Wis.  She
      Waves  of  Treasure  Island  belong
      our  congratulations  for  a  job  'well  AMONG WAVES       Juleen,  PhM2c  are  all  from  down  out  some  interesting  facts  and   then  took  up  recruiting  duty  for
                                                                                                                               the Twelfth Naval District and has
                                                                   Los  Angeles  way,  Betty  and Char­ figures.  (By figures we mean those
      done',  and  the  hope  that  the  com­  The  last  few  months  have  been  lotte  claiming  Hollywood  as  home  which  can  be  noted  by  Roman   traveled  through  California,  Ne­
      ing fourth year of their service will   busy  ones  for  Treasure  Island  and  Mary,  coming  from  Riverside,  numerals.)   vada,  Colorado  and  Wyoming  pro­
      be  even  more  successful  than  the   Waves  with  matrimony  in mind. If  Calif.                                      curing  women  for  the  Navy.
                                                                                                  Forty  per  cent  of  all  the  Waves
      past  three  years  have  been."   Treasure  Island  can  properly  be   Charlotte  enlisted in  the Navy  in  on the  island  claim  the  west  coast   "Treasure  Island  is  one  of  the
        R.  W. CARY,  Commodore,  USN.   called  tropical  then  perhaps  it  is  Los Angeles in the fall of 1943. The  as  home,  and  twenty  per  cent  of  best stations for Waves that I have
                                    true that tropical isles and romance  girls were comparing notes on their  this forty  are from California.  The  seen,"  said  Miss  Williamson.  "Be­
      "SPINSTER SISTERS"            go  hand  in  hand.           reasons  for  entering  service  and  east coast  rates  second  with  thirty  fore  we  forget  it,  I  want  to  wish
                                      The  island  chapel  has  been  a  Charlotte  gave  her  previous  em­ per  cerit  followed  by  a  percentage  all the Waves on the island a happy
      TO COLLECT SOON               favorite  wedding  place  for  service  ployment  as  one  of  her  reasons  ..  of  twenty-five  from  the  middle  birthday  and  that  includes  those
        The  famous  "Spinster  Sister­ brides.  A  recent  survey  of  chapel  She  was  formerly  employed by  the  west and a small percentage of five  who  have  gone  from  here  to  the
      hood",  organized  by  hopeful  but  files  disclosed  that  in  the  three  Adel  Precision  Corporation  which  from the south. This would seem to  Fourteenth  Naval  District.  The
      temporarily  unattached  Waves  at  years  since  the  commissioning  of  makes  precision  instruments.  Her  indicate  a  definite  shortage  of  Waves  are  one  of  the  grandest
      the  Armed  Guard  Center,  is  about  the chapel,  one  hundred  and fifteen  job  was  to  assist  the  nurse  in  the  southern  belles.  Men  from  Texas  groups  of  women I  have  ever  met.
      to  pay  off.  The  charter  states  that  women  in service  have  taken  their  company dispensary, and her duties  will have  a  hard time finding  their  They  promised  to  serve  for  the
      when any of  the  undersigned  mem­ marriage vows in front of  its altar,  ranged  all  the  way  from  filing  of  soul-mates  on  Treasure  Island.   duration  and  six  months  and  they
      bers  violate  the  contract by  enter­ many  being  Waves  stationed  on  records  to  first  aid  for  burns  and   Our  girls  are  for  the  most  part  are  keeping  that  promise.  They
      ing  into  the  state  of  matrimony  Treasure  Island.     cuts.                         between  the  ages  of  twenty  and  have  made  a  place  for  themselves
      they  shall  take  the  rest  of  the   Things are  simplified too,  for  the   Leaving  her  job  as  a  social  and  twenty-three.  Thirty-five  per  cent  in  the  Navy  and  a  good  record  of
      "Sisterhood"  to dinner and foot the  busy  service  bride.  The  Treasure   medical case-worker, Mary Holmes  of  them  have  seen  their  twenty­ service.  This  is  not  only  a  happy
      entire  bill  for  the  organization.   Island  Hostess  House  provides  the   br-ought  that  experience  to the Los  fourth  to  twenty-seventh  birthday,  birthday  for  all  of  us,  but  a  ter­
        First member to break faith  will  perfect  setting  for  her  wedding  re­  Angeles  recruiting  office  and they,  ten  per  cent  claim  to be  anywhere  mination  of  three  successful years,
      be Thelma Mello, Ylc, of the Armed  ception  and  its  hostesses  are ready   needing  experienced  hospital  per­ from  twenty-eight  to  thirty-one  and the  beginning of an even  more
      Guard  personnel  office.  Her  forth­ and willing to  advise and  cooperate   sonnel,  sent  her  off  to Hunter boot  and  only  five  per  cent  can  claim  successful fourth. Yes, if you really
      coming  marriage  will  put  her  on  in  making  things  as  easy  as  pos­  school  with  the  recommendation  the  worldly  wisdom  which  belongs  want  the  truth,  I  am  enthusiastic
      the  list  of  honorary  members  and  sible.  The  Hostess  House  even  has   for  further training  in the hospital  to  the  ages  of  thirty-two  and  up.  about Waves. I think I have a right
      also  make  her  the  first  of  the  co­ a  bridal  gown  and  veil  for  those   corps.   An  unusual  result  of  our  search  to  be,  and  I  am  proud  to  count
      signers  to  execute  the  charter.   who find their prospective husbands   The last of the trio is the veteran  was  the  startling  fact  that  fifty­ them  among  my  friends."
        The  original  fifteen  members,  arriving  unexpectedly  and  them­
      thus  depleted  by  one,  wait  hope­ selves  with  no  time  for  trousseau   of  the  gr,oup.  Betty  Juleen  was  in  five  per  cent  have  had  educll;tion
                                                                  nurses'  training  when  she  enlisted  beyond  high  school  graduation.  Of
      fully  for  their  next  victim.  One  of  buying.          in  the  Navy  and  left  West  Holly­ that fifty-five per cent  ten per cent
      the  girls,  Marian  Sorenson,  has   Waves  who  have  met  and  mar­  wood  to  go  to  New  York  for  boot  are  college  graduates,  but  the  re­ Balboa  Park  to
      been  transferred  to  the  Ferry  ried  on  the  island  are  numerous,   training  more than  two  years  ago.  mainder  have  had  anywhere  from
      building  but  still  claims,  member­ and  some  weddings  add  a  foreign               one  to  three  years  in  university,  Be  Commissioned
      ship. All fourteen are busy guessing  flavor. A  recent  ceremony  found  a   Mary  and  Charlotte  were  to  be­  business college or special technical
      the  source  of  their  next  free  meal.  Wave  ensign  saying  "I  do"  to  an   come  better  acquainted  when  they   schools.  This  would  seem  to  indi­  The twenty-nine acre tract which
                                    officer  in  the  Royal  Air  Force  who   were  both  sent  to  Corona,  Calif.,   cate  that  since  a  large  percentage   comprises  the  new  Wave  housing
      S11,!te1•  St.  lV  ave  Dmiee   had been released a few weeks pre­  for  hospital  corps  school.  Their   are  from  the  west  coast  the  possi­  unit,  Balboa  Park,  will  be  com­
                                                                  class  was  one  of  the  few  to gradu­
        Waves  at  the  Sutter  street   viously  from  a  German  prison   ate  from  the  Naval  hospital  there   bilities  for  higher  education  are   missioned Sunday, July 29, at  1500.
      quarters  will  keynote  their  cele­  camp.  One  of  the  Waves  on  the   and  their  graduation  assignments   adequate  out  here.  Also  that  these  The unit,  which is located at Ocean
      bration  of  the  Wave's  third  birth­  chapel  staff,  Juanita  Hunnex,  Y3c,   sent them both  to  Treasure  Island.   girls are not only well-educated but  and  Phelan  streets  in  San  Fran­
      day  at  an  anniversary  dance  to  be   exposed to  all  this  romance,  chose   Charlotte  is  now  assigned  as  a   smart.  cisco,  will  accommodate  some  one
      held  Monday,  July  30  in  the  ball­  the  chapel  as  the  spot  for  her   secretarial  assistant  to  the  Chief   Thirty-five  per  cent  are  married  thousand  Waves now living  on sub­
      room  at  the  quarter!l.     marriage to her college sweetheart,   Nurse,  and Mary  works  on  records  which leaves plenty of eligibles and  sistence  and  in  other  quarters  in
        The  Armed  Guard  band  from   Donald  R.  Wood,  AOM2c.   and histories in the hospital record  according  to  our  figures,  young   the  Twelfth  Naval  District.
      Treasure  Island  will  provide  music   Interesting is the fact that about   office.  Both  girls  have  put  their  and  well-educated  young  women
      and special entertainment will be a   seventy  per  cent  of  these  service   civilian  experience  to good use and  for  any  and  all  interested  T.  I.   Nine  buildings  are  -planned  to
      part  of  the  evening's  program.   women  choose  to  be  married in  the                                             provide  Navy  women  with  bar­
                                    traditional white wedding gown. At   are  doing  work  they  like  and  in  suitors.      racks,  messing  facilities,  a  recrea­
       ........................  ' least _another fifteen per cent choose   which  they  are  proficient.   The  result  of  the  survey  is  pre-  tion  building,  administration build­
                                                                    Unlike  the  others  Betty  Juleen  sented  here  in  order  that  you  may
        Nav·y Accommodates          the  white  dress  uniform  of  the   came  to  the  Oak  Knoil  hospital  at  draw your own conclusions and de­  ing,  dispensary  and  sick  bay.
                                    Waves and the  remainder go  to the
                                                                                                                              Quarters  will  berth  both  officers
          Discharged Waves          altar  in  their  "dress blues."   Oakland,  Ca1if., for  her training  as  ductions.  The  Masthead  regrets   and  enlisted  women.
                                                                  a  corps  Wave.  Her  first  and  inter- that there is at present no accurate
                                      Yes,  Cupid  finds  plenty  of  work
                                    on  Treasure  Island,  and  even  as   esting  assignment  was  to  care  for  tally of  redheads,  blondes  and bru­  Each  barracks  is  divided  into
         The  Navy  department  has                               hospitalized  Marines  at  the  Oak  nettes,  but  should  such  figures  be  bays,  each  bay  accommodating
       fashioned  the  honorable  dis­  this  is  written  the  marriage  rate   Knoll  hospital,  and  lat"r  she  went  available  we  will  notify  you at  our  four  Waves.  Total  berthing  for
                                    continues to climb among the Navy
       charge  button to fit the needs of   Waves  on  T  .I.     to  duty  on  the  out-patient  wards.  earliest  convenience.   each  barracks  will  be  one  hundred
       its  feminine  personn�I.  The  but­                       An  Army  air  forces  lieutenant                           and fourteen.
       ton originally  designed  as a lapel                       changed  her  name  a  few  months  Navy  department  is beginning  the   Commissioning  ceremonies  will
       insignia  will,  in  the  case  of  dis­  Gee,  That's  Tough   ago  and  now  as  Mrs.  Juleen  has
                                                                                                third year  of  the Women's Reserve  include addresses by Twelfth Naval
       charged Waves, be made as a pin.   Arthur  Walsh,  movie  actor,  re­ been  re-assigned  to  the  Treasure  with  a  plan  to  recruit  civilian  wo­ District admin\strating officers,  de­
       It  need  not  be  worn  on  a  lapel,   ports  the  MGM  publicity  office,  Island  hospital  and  is  working  on  men  for  duty  in  the  Navy  hospital  vot�onal  services  led  by  Chaplain
       and  the  girls  are  authorized  to   screen roles." Seems he's had seven  record  office.
                                    "can't  get  out  of  uniform  for  his  patient's  records  in  the  hospital  corps.  Wave  hospital  corps  mem­ R.  W.  Truitt,  Captain  (Che)  and
       wear it  anywhere  on their cloth­
      ..  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  ....  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  straight  parts  as  a  soldier  or  a   strating  the  real  reason  why  the  city  proud of their  service,   tary band  .   '-
                                                                                                bers  are  doing  a  good  job  and' one  music  by  the  Wave  Quarters'
                                                                    These  three  Waves  are  demon­ to  make  Los  Angeles  or  any- (}ther  chorus  and  Treasure  Isliµid  milis
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